Zambia’s modern banknote review

so get a pebble just a Glen bag with
some new banknotes and these are the
banknotes off its ampere as you can see
he says ambien in the actual banknotes
and these design is actually been in
circulation since 1992 so a path for the
redenomination that happened in 2012
there hasn’t really been that much
changing these banknotes so here I have
the first series and this was the older
so the redundant nomination was one new
quarter equals 10,000 old kwacha so this
one is pretty much worthless with 100
kwacha equals one ugly so we have the
smallest denomination that they have
currently used that it’s d2 kwacha
and as you can see as a security feed
today and that’s actually on both sides
the Dove and VOCs and it’s also and ugh
both sides as you can see different
parts of it are colored and when you
hold it up it should actually form one
color series and you can see the
watermark is a live that’s a fishing
Eagle this bird here as you can see and
that is actually on all banknotes and
it’s actually yellow branch with the
black bird actually goes quite well yeah
each of these series has a different
tree but those trees do not have a name
on that you know I’m not too sure what
species they are there would be trees
that living in Zambia but they most
likely also occurred in other parts of
Africa as well and if we look they have
a two bars and then these for the
visually impaired and
when you go to Zambia the odd series
come from 20 to 50,000 kwacha the new
series comes from 2 to 100 Saudi 20 50
and 100 does coming bo series but how
you actually differentiate between the
new and old series is that the
denomination here he’s surrounded by
like a badge or something like that this
one doesn’t have anything in the
background the designs would be
different like the plants and a trees I
should actually get a twenty fifty and a
hundred Quadra so I can make a
comparison old individual but another
thing is is that the 20 was only issued
in 92 in 2003 15100 stopped being issued
in 2010 in 2011 so there are no dated
2012 series of the old series any 2050
crotches that are actually dated or all
2012 plus for the new series and if we
have a look at the other side of the
banknote you can see they have a that’s
my tree spring book oh no rollin
antelope so it does have the animal
there and the Independence Monument so
an African person breaking chains which
are represent colonisation and here we
have some females selling fruit
vegetables in the market which would be
a common place in Africa although I’ve
never been there
cable would still have to wait and then
we had default crotches so this has an
equivalent value of one Australian
dollar so their fourth quarter equals
one dollar and as you can see it’s cute
features actually get a lot higher so we
still have a simple security Fred Bo
easy on it and the POC there and need of
and you would see that the branch here
it’s the same color sexual 3d and it’s
another difference type of tree in the
fishing eel fishing Eagles also in the
coat of arms and also the flag next you
can see has a three lines would have
visually impaired this one’s a purplish
night this car is more a greenish black
great black actually something like that
and you see that it’s serial numbers to
letters and didn’t an amber these do not
have the date in the serial numbers so
here we have a plant it looks like a
tarot and another plant and then we have
a line just sauce on the five thousand
Crutcher the old series in the
independence monument this one has
colored security fruits which I’ve been
used for about a hundred years so that
is a nice Big Mac and you have these
patterns are beautiful beautiful Bank
Mac in the highest denomination I have
is the ten crusher so it’s about two a
strand of and as you can see it’s secure
for it actually gets a lot better okay
you have the dove up there and
patination down there long like a modern
pattern and the watermarks all pretty
much the same for thirteen and one for
nominations then we have to Earwood a
change to actually blue was black before
the branch is black the trees brown so
they’re introducing more this is the
nominations got more
intricacies in the actual printing you
in the pakis tree is actually purplish
color and on the back we have a
porcupine so in Australia this has the
equivalent type of habitat is an echidna
and as you can see it has lots of spikes
to protect itself then we have weight
looks like weight anyway in wheat
harvesting in the background and here we
have just room down below we have who
actually printed it into uses a gosh she
can’t or whatever and Devrient I know
that’s in Germany what does the other
ones have a printer so this one has the
same same printer that’s a bit hard to
tell no it’s a different printer but I
can’t actually tell well actually in the
five culture is Road Ron is Shinde so
that’s in no Netherlands not in Norway
and then in fact net print of the
Netherlands so those are my three
denominations of the Zambian kwacha
they’re quite a nice series I quite like
it in the future I’ll make more videos
on Zambia
I’ll think that serious that I have
anyway i’ll they blink to end below it
there’s ambient banknotes on ebay the
patient ones just have a browse and see
what types paint is actually have for
sale and you go set Sambia has every
issue anyway like to say thank you very
much for watching my video
awesome paint that clicked in time give
it a thumbs up and subscribe to my
channel thank you and bye bye


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