Zambia’s 1980s banknotes

so hello fellow banknote collectors here
you going today my name is Glenn and
today I am back with another video about
the Zambian banknotes
so we’ve seen mean banknotes have been
lots of issues and this one is the issue
issue between 9 and 86 and 88 the 50
quite sure which is this one here at the
back he was issued in 1986 because of
inflation so like this year a lyon one
lyon coin i showed in an earlier video
this one has a dictator so this is
Kenneth Wanda he was president of Zambia
from 1964 to 1991 and ran 1991 the
Soviet Union imploded so it split up
into various countries and they’re no
longer supported the well the more like
he come in the side of politics and then
the United States had no intentions of
supporting dictators so there was a lot
of um demand on dictates from around the
world to implement democratic reforms
and he was one of the casualties
unfortunately he’s still alive and it’s
probably quite a boring person now
dictators I just think that in the bits
oh yeah but anyway this is about
banknotes so here we have the african
fish eagle I believe it’s the African
fishing Eagle and it is actually bent on
saving banknotes for quite a long time
this was the first issues actually
having in full on ever banknotes they
actually had ever as a watermark or as
another type of feature so and he also
he’s on the coat of arms which is up
there and it’s also in the same place so
it’s a national bird of Zambia and
here’s the coat of arms down here
they still youth and in the center of
this series is a plant and a flower
there’s found in Zambia and as you can
see that’s actually a Katy and it’s one
in the watermark on all these banknotes
is Kenneth Wanda
so the has a security Fred
so it’s I promise to pay the bearer on
demand one kwacha which is a bit weird
if you’re gonna pay someone on demand
one Quattro be like it go over a silver
coin but this is one quarter here so you
just paid them so we can do is pretty
good enough on the reverse we have some
cotton farms so there’s females looks
like they’re off it looks like a male
probably mixed mixed gender picking
cotton cotton is a major crop in Zambia
and down below
it has Thomas DL over in England who
actually prints all of her
Zambia’s banknotes since independence
and here is the this is actually one of
the first banknotes Oh God to kwacha has
a little bit of a bendy so it has the
same features just different flower and
then different colors of this when he’s
green this one is like a purplish car a
bit colorblind so my colors might be
different than yours also this computer
what process colors different okay
before we get on to risk let’s look at
the serial number so if you see on the
serial numbers it has a B C so C has D
on the 10 Y on the 20 and F on the 50 so
on all the different denominations the
leather is different than it goes in
alphabetic order and that’s a feature
you probably not unique to Zambia but
with this denomination and serious
that’s just the way it goes
so yes I said this is the first thing
beYOU know I actually got I don’t know
if you got got it back in the 90s when I
got it through a newspaper and that’s
how actually gotten to banknote
collecting and on the back it has a
school and a female teacher with her
student teaching probably literacy how
to write how to form sentences and this
would probably be its most likely a
school in probably Osaka but as for the
school of this I do not know if anyone
knows with our school is be great to let
us all know thank you
ok so here we have the folk culture so I
have these in numerical sequence Oh 21
22 23 24 and 25 so you can still buy
these in little bundles because well
when they change a banknote she could
have actually got these in bundles and
this signature here is actually the last
what is signatures in your buns those
are the same oh let you know if your
signature changes and here has looks
like it might be a toggle bottle okay
see ya
I am Not sure of death as it’s a reddish
color actually looks better on the
dishing eagle we fire different colors
then the two only had the green color so
do Sun has security Fred in the
watermark and on the back it has a dam
this is actually the Kariba Dam looks
quite nice this will be used to produce
two things will be as water supply for
towns and and also for irrigation on
farms in yeah if they produce cotton
they definitely need irrigation and also
as a supply of power and as you can see
has a work road infrastructure around
near it looks like it’s a traditional
fish a bird so food crops as well on the
mask so not a bad bank name not quite
like that
so the one good thing about Zambia
notice that they have things about
Zambia and here we have another fell on
d-10 Karachi and I have another run of
five faint notes today 76 to 80 then
this is a hundred and twenty nine d so
the letter never changes on these
banknotes it’s always a day on the pen
and on the bank we have the Bank of
Zambia which is in the sucker and looks
like a more of a modern design pretty
boring if you ask me generally win it
when you’re competing against older
designed buildings and these have got
gum nuts but you Calypso not native to
Africa so it’s probably another type of
plant related to are you clips in my
beads they’re not or this flower so I’m
not too sure the flowers I would love to
know because those flowers look awesome
so that is detain culture and back in
the 1980s these still would have been
worth a fair bit of money probably at
least fourteen strain
was so here we have the 20 culture it
has e as a litter and beautiful yellow
flower and as you can see the bang
that’s pretty standard features like
these security features here and on the
reverse we looks like tobacco sorry I’m
also using the website to get
information on it yeah that might be
tobacco or could be tea
so and in Africa if you see
documentaries you see a lot of people in
rural areas carrying stuff like this
it’s more of a traditional way of
carrying items and probably not to seen
Africa all over the place all over the
world because really it’s just a logical
thing to do yet sir yeah if you need to
carry something some pretty heavy you
thinking support your very breaking
sport certain weight so know one thing
you also look up it’s a safety so any
interesting serial numbers and here we
come to the last banknote so this is the
50 Karachi
so all the previous ones were issued in
1980 and this one was issued in 1986 to
do with inflation then later on that you
should hire you banknotes in have a
series so when I get them I will
actually do a video and the next series
will be this one so we’ll worry about
that later and it has a nice beautiful
purple flowers and oh he’s turned bloody
bread mmm Kenneth Wanda and on the
reverse this is the National Assembly
Parliament building yeah that was a
guess at the moment because I had to
look it up on the website and it has a
Liberty monument which is actually on
all Zambian current same unites
here it is as well it’s only on 50
question here so since this time they’ve
all had the fishing Eagle and well the
Liberty monument also started to become
popular and this banknotes are quite
easy to get there’s not expensive
and if you’re interested in Sami bangers
I recommend that you start off with
getting these ones the ones earlier on a
bit more expensive the next series is
cheaper the series they include the
polymer ones so from 92 to 2011 they to
get expensive depending on the
denomination and the current series
while well they hide their nominations
more expensive so what is the exchange
rate of this one so currently you can
get 50 no a Crutcher eight to nine
kwacha for when a strain doll and that’s
read denominator and it was read
denominated in thousand to one so 1000
is 10 degree 100 is 1 degrees so this is
half and the queen I don’t even ever
gone for that so this one has a strange
rate of a bit few half a cent just so
rounded up half-assing so I can’t really
spend this and it’s no longer legal
tender so I wouldn’t worry anyway I like
to say thank you very much I do sell
coins and banknotes in the links down
below and I like to say have a awesome
bringing that click in time people
because clicking banknotes is awesome
have fun please subscribe and leave a
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