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Like a boss
Live from the USA hoping you get paid every day this stuff boasts a Bitcoin the creased Oh of creeped up
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Everybody today is gonna be a quick little follow-up on the video. We did yesterday litecoin took moon LTC to the
USD on a 343 if you didn’t watch it
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Real quick before we get about of here. I wanted to go through some of the surveys that I did, right
I had um one on Twitter Facebook and YouTube and I simply said how much will litecoin be by the end of 2018
You know, I for one think will be you know, a little bit above
$100 on a quick break out and it’s interesting. So we kind of got two sides of it. We got a little dichotomy, right?
Most of the people 54% say over $100
Say under which is basically about 1/3 of those people say under
$60, right. So 50% up here
One third of those people down here
Right, and so you’ll see that over the next two
Same thing
over a hundred thirty six people under sixty nine people
So is either a moon or the garbage can one one left, right?
over a hundred fifty one percent at the bottom under sixty
Twenty percent so it’s very very interesting, right?
We either going to the moon or we going to the to the garbage can with this one, you know, so only time will tell
Again jump on over to that video. If you haven’t seen it. Let me know what you think in these comments
Are we gonna be over a hundred or under sixty?
And you already know what time it is
Once I get over a hundred likes on this video somebody in them comments is gonna win some free beat Bitcoin, right?
I wanted to do a chart with you guys. If you don’t mind I put this on Twitter a couple minutes ago
I said what chart would you like to see in my next video?
I’m an OP coin rich the comedian said an accurate one
So I sent him one say don’t be a hater the world’s full of haters
Don’t be a statistic and it turns out he was just joking. So he’s pretty cool guy pretty funny guy. Um,
But crypto hub over here. No free eff
say it strat and Berge, right my man say LTC, so I had to send them, you know, the
Video length yesterday. We already be at that one
so let’s jump on Burge from Amman crypto hub right xvg to BTC own 343
Complements at a boss method boom. Boom. Let’s see what we got first things first
I can’t really
Get a clean
Representation from this cycle. So this cycle over here. All this energy is basically wiped out
I can’t I can’t really get anything outside of saying that we’ll have a big moment in November. That doesn’t really help
So we’re gonna go
Kind of off this energy right here
Let’s see what we get this one
That’s a lot better, right
That’s our start, that’s our stop
Morning likely
We could come down I like to do this
Double down on it
Look at that just like clockwork couple things you want to know, right?
This is our
Duration right and in order to get those two points, I just did two seven and seventy-seven
for our zero our seventy seven under our two 31 but a one
All that energy one plus two is gonna give us three see that that’s where all that energy
Exterminates that extinguishes basically the energy from this big cycle right here finishes
right there right next
I take our break down right there 7-under 77 I take the maximum of
Our 231 do a Fibonacci one time
What do we got? You see that all of that negative energy?
finishes right there
What does that mean the verb that means?
That this box right here that we’re in right now
Is the best box to buy it?
Because it’s inside this box that it’s actually recreating a new cycle, right this started at the beginning of October
It’s gonna finished around October 12th
And Virg will be well on its way
To making some money again in the crypto verse, right?
sometimes you
Get something like that
You see we’re coming up onto another cycle there this is like a macro macro
Look at that put it at that intersection again right there
You can even
Make two of them take it down to the seventy-seven right one goes down one goes down kind of get this little lag effect
This is where we’re gonna be breaking out at
Once both of those two lines go positive
you’ll see verge filling that energy right there and that’s gonna last until
Probably March of next year
Whatever line that is
February Valentine’s Day. Mm-hmm
So between now and Valentine’s Day is a great time to buy it. So there you go guys. That is how you chart
like Oh
coughs OH
It’s a real quick before we get up out of here y’all getting a full feature presentation today
If you appreciate it, hit the thumbs up button once we get a hundred somebody getting paid BAM
Profit packets on the left-hand side Birds is on that list
I can’t tell you how easy it is to get paid when you got you know
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Birds is on the private package list
If you want to know what else is on that list jump on over to bolts of Bitcoin
Dot-com scroll down to the crypto boss method packages right there the profit package
$25 birds is one of the coins for October 2018. I need to update that text right there. I just sent this out yesterday
October 2018
this is a new list top seven coins in the market verge is one of them if you want the other six there goes for
You 25 bucks
if you want to give the list every week you have
Seventy-five and then if you want to step the game up put down two
So you could pick up six boss alert messages group is open as well
I just had about a two hour meeting with the software team. We got we got we got we got some amazing
Undertakings underway, and I look forward to the great unveiling
Later in the year
And so again boss a Bitcoin comm for that I’ll go ahead and post this chart
to my page on
pink or on
Trading do so if you’re just getting set up
Go down to the description click on that link for trading view type my name in BT Kelly 1203
So, there you go
Birds is definitely a very good coin to get right now
We’re gonna go along on it and
We are
Man, I miss that whole thing up. I’m had to retype it
I’m I had to rewind this video so I could see what I typed. I’ll put that on my page again
Tradingview BB Kelly 1203 and click the link in the description jump on over to Facebook number one Bitcoin group in the world
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But that being said at that time of day signing out Bose boy BK no matter where you stay Brazil to Bay
California all the way back out boo. Jerk money. Good night. Good morning and good day. Thank you for joining me
Thank you for your time
Show me some love in the comments
Let me know what you want the next chart to be do that for me
Do you appreciate mine till we meet again stay cryptic y’all?
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