What’s YOUR Self Worth? Fear of Failure,Perfectionism,Imposter Syndrome,Dunning-Kruger Bias Vlog 1

This one, is just free-form.
This is a challenge for me to do
And the reason I’m making this video is because I went to a yoga class
And in the beginning of class
She said something to the effect of set your intentions
Kinda like, what do you wanna get out of this class?
You know, a lot of yoga teachers ask things like that.
And I had nothing
I’m like thinking i’m here to stretch today , just to do some yoga.
Nothing is coming up, right?
But in the middle of class
And throughout I had a whole ton of emotions and thoughts pouring out and processing
I left that class with a lot of clarity
And that’s what yoga does in general
It’s not uncommon for that to happen
But this time, while I was doing all this stuff in the yoga class
I was enjoying all of it, I was feeling great
And you know, a lot of these things, I do already
I do yoga like pretty much everyday
on my own without going to a class
I don’t make enough yoga videos.
And I’m totally capable of making them
But I have this fear that I’m not gonna do the right thing
So I’m like crippled by perfectionism
And I feel like I don’t value my own self worth
I feel I’m afraid, not just of failure but I don’t want to mislead people, I don’t want to be irresponsible in how I make people move
Or the thoughts I put into their head.
So I end up being less productive in a sense
Because …
You know, you’re a creative being, you want to create, you can’t help but to create, that’s what you are
You are a creator.
I don’t care if you don’t think you’re not creative.
(“Oh I’m not a creative person”)
That’s not true
Everyone is creating something all the time.
Even if it’s just turning oxygen into carbon dioxide.
However you wanna think of it
All right? So…
Where was I with that?
That’s also called the “Imposter Experience” (Imposter Syndrome) where..
You don’t wanna do the wrong thing because you’re afraid of being found like you’re a fraud.
And this is actually super common
Something like 70% of people have this thing.
So that makes people overwork and be perfectionists
And a lot of other symptoms.
And it’s also a combination of that and the Dunning Kruger effect.
Where people who maybe are not the smartest think that they are pretty smart.
And the people who are actually genuinely really smart often think they’re not smart enough
Maybe this is why the smartest people in the world are not politicians.
Maybe… or maybe it’s because they know, they have to put up a facade
But the reason I also mention this is because there are a lot of YouTubers.
People who make YouTube videos all the time
And all they do is they have this camera
And they’re going about their day
Making vlogs (video blogs)
And they’re talking about NOTHING
Like NOTHING of significance
Or… Idk..
Maybe they are. Maybe it’s interesting.
But the reason I think people find it interesting
Is because those people are just
letting themselves be free
And showing their personality
And just by that virtue alone, it garners some sort of interest or following or whatever
And then people like me, who refrain from doing that because it’s too spontaneous
Things can go wrong, I need the perfect setting, the audio is not good enough right now
The lighting is not perfect, I’m not wearing the right clothes, oh I haven’t shaved or whatever, you know?
There’s like a million reasons that would prevent me from…
[snaps fingers]
Finalizing, executing, shipping
Whatever you wanna call it. (Sending it)
Just create something, wrap it up and send it and move onto the next thing.
Again it ties into self worth.
It would be amazing to be able to make a great living just by making yoga videos
Because that means I’m doing yoga
You’re doing yoga
Everyone feels happy, right?
And ofc it’s not just yoga, I’m giving yoga as an example because I was in the yoga class
And it’s a phenomenal experience when you get to move your body and process emotions
So let me go back to that yoga class since I mentioned it
That yoga class, I started out without really any solid intention and I left with all this clarity about
Ohh wow
Should not be afraid
All of this is fear
All of this that prevents me from doing things: It’s fear.
You know how they say live your life like it’s your last day?
I don’t really follow that specifically because then I would be too self-destructive if I REALLY thought today was my last day
The way I like to think of it is like if this is my last MONTH or WEEK
What would I do?
And I just need to…
Be a little more fearless, confident…
Not being afraid of being confident because I naturally am confident but to show that I’m confident
Just following my heart and doing the right thing.
All I need to do is TRUST
Trust everything.
Trust the whole process.
The whole journey.
It’s all a learning experience, there is no failure.
Everytime something doesn’t work out, you’re getting closer to the thing that IS going to work out.
I hope that was helpful in some way
Just me speaking out, connecting with my audience, connecting with myself.
Hopefully that stirs something up in you
And helps YOU as well to just move forward in life
To just keep on keepin’ on.


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