What are Airdrops Cryptocurrencies in 3 MINUTES ⏰ – Airdrop Explained Crypto ⛱

What about if I tell you that you can
earn free cryptocurrency in a
completely legitimate way? Doesn’t it
sound great? Well that’s called an airdrop
and I’m going to explain it in two
minutes right now! An airdrop is when a
blockchain project gives away free
tokens. Literally! There are two types of
different airdrops. The first one is when
users hold the cryptocurrency at one
point in time. They take a snapshot of
the whole blockchain (ledger) and know who’s
holding and gives away a relative amount
of the cryptocurrency compared to what
they hold. For example I was holding
some NEO and recently I got free
Ontology (ONT) tokens. And I was pretty glad
because right after that Onthology kept
rising! But why are blockchain projects
giving away free cryptocurrencies like
that? Well in that case it creates a
community of fidelity by rewarding the
loyalty of the users. Now the second kind
of airdrops is used to replace ICOs
if you don’t know what an ICO is, we
made a video about it so make sure you
check it out. So if you followed our Weekly
Reports, you know very well that Google
and Facebook banned cryptocurrency ads
especially ICOs. ICOs were used
to launch a cryptocurrency project and
it did that mainly by using ads but now
that ads are banned, instead of giving money
to Google and Facebook to run their ads
they’re giving money to you to spread
the word. In that case you don’t even
have to hold any cryptocurrency to get
some tokens. You just have to achieve
some steps that they ask you to do like
following them on Twitter and you will
receive your your tokens real soon. So as
you can see airdrops are really useful
for these projects, and you can profit
from it. Where can we find some airdrops? First we need to get ourselves
informed about the latest projects and
news I also advise you to take a look at
airdrops.io (link in description)
where you will see all the past, current,
and future airdrops, with a quick
description of each airdrop and the
steps you have to achieve to profit from
it. You can also subscribe to our Channel
and we’ll tell you about the hottest
airdrops coming. Of course you have to be
careful, never give your private keys or
any other personal information. Also use
a secondary email address. If they are asking
you to send a certain amount to an
address, be aware it’s a scam. The whole
point of airdrops
is to get FREE cryptocurrencies! The only
way you need money is to already hold
some coins. But never to send it somewhere.
Try to do your own research too. You don’t
need to do a lot of research but at
least try to find some people who
reviewed the cryptocurrency and the air
drop, or who already did it. Note
that this industry is not regulated so
they have absolutely no reason in regard
to your jurisdiction to send you the
amount they promised you, other than to
trust that they’re getting from you. So
don’t be surprised if you don’t receive
anything. That’s it for this quick
explanation guys if you want more like
that please like, share, and subscribe and
I’ll see you in the next one


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