Vidya – 27th November 2019 – विद्या – Full Episode

‘Come, Vivek.’
‘I’ll give you a grand welcome.’
‘Your family members
won’t even…
…find your dead body to
conduct your final rites.’
‘If you feel…
…that by killing the people…
…government will agree to
your terms then you are wrong.’
‘But still,
if you want to kill anyone…
…then kill me.’
‘Nanku Singh, no bomb
blast will take place now.’
‘Because Vidya…
…has defused that bomb.’
‘Vivek Vardhan Singh is safe now.’
‘According to some people…
…Vidya’s prayers
played a vital role…
…in making this
miracle work out.’
‘If you win over Vidya Singh…
…then I’ll consider…
…you a real man.’
Come, Kalindi.
You’ve come at the right time.
I was about to call you.
Amazing, Kalindi!
You were just outstanding today.
You’ve spoken so well.
Well said!
I remember every word…
…you said.
And I’ll remember this forever.
Why are you worrying?
Have I ever beaten you?
No, right?
Then why would I beat you today?
Kalindi, actually…
…love you immensely.
Please forgive me.
I used to love you.
Till now.
Because till now, you…
…used to consider
your husband a man.
But you’ve questioned my…
…manhood, Kalindi.
How could I love you now?
But I must admit this.
Even the toughest guys…
…don’t dare to…
…speak in front of me.
But you did it…
…with utmost courage
like a lioness. Wow!
Your words…
…have hurt…
…my mind, soul…
…and everything.
It has hurt me very badly.
I don’t want to forget…
…this pain.
I want to remember…
…this injury.
I need your help.
I hope you will help me.
Hit me.
I married you…
…and brought you here.
I’ve fulfilled all my
duties as a husband.
I respected you and gave
you a status. But you!
You are having negative
thoughts about me.
Take. And hit me.
I want wounds on my body.
I know that…
…your values won’t
let you do this.
Kalindi, but you’ll have to do it.
You’ll have to hit your husband.
You’ll have to injure me.
Hit me.
Hit me!
Make sure I have
wounds when you…
…hit me. Hit!
Nanku, let me apply the ointment.
You are wounded very badly.
It will be a problem.
Please understand!
The wounds will remain fresh.
So that they can remind me…
…of my vengeance.
I don’t want to forget about it.
That I want to seek
revenge from…
…Vidya Singh.
She has caught the
eye of the villagers.
She hasn’t answered them yet.
The villagers would
only be thinking…
…that there’s something…
…going on between
Vidya and Vivek. – Jagat.
Make her say what she hasn’t…
…said yet.
But, make her say it in a way…
…what we want the
villagers to hear.
And that’s what they will hear.
How do I do that?
Get your people to work.
They must be sitting lazy,
enjoying food and drinks.
But tell them not to use guns…
…and weapons this time.
This time our weapon will be…
…the rumors that we spread.
Come out!
– Dharma!
Hey, Dharma! Come out!
Dharma! Come out!
Come out, Dharma!
– If you don’t come out…
…then we’ll break
the door and get in.’
Such people…
…ruin the culture of the
village and our community.
Every girl and guy
in the village…
…will start acting
like them due to them.
God knows what
disgusting lessons…
…she must be teaching
our children…
…when she herself
is like this.
Before the culture of our
village gets ruined…
…we should kick
her out of here!
Come out! Break the door!
Break the door!
Hey! Throw stones! Break it!
‘Come out! Open the door!’
– What…
What are these people saying?
– ‘We’ll break in!’
This is all because of you.
‘Come out!’
You stood on one feet and
prayed for Vivek, right?
See, the villagers are here…
…to kick us out of here.
You already snatched
our son from us.
Take away our home
from us as well.
I’m going to talk to them.
Don’t try to act too brave.
You don’t know what
they are capable of.
Once they get too upset, you can’t
even imagine what they’d do to you.
They are asking you what
relationship you have with Vivek.
What will you tell them?
– What do I tell them?
I’ve already mentioned
that there is…
…nothing as such
between Vivek and me.
Goddess Durga is a
witness to my truth.
She knows what my truth is.
How can they accuse me of
doing such a thing then?
Mother, I’m going to face them.
Because I didn’t
do anything wrong.
What do you want?
Why are you all doing this?
Wow! Look how innocent she acts.
Don’t you know why we are…
…doing this?
– What are you doing with him?
You don’t answer us.
How dare you question us?
What you’re doing is not
allowed in our community?
Listen, English teacher…
Have you forgotten your morals?
Do you think you’re an English
woman to do whatever you want?
You are spoiling our
village and community.
Kick these shameless
people out of here.
Kick them out of here!
– Kick them out.
I performed a ritual…
…for the safety of Vivek.
How is that a sin?
The children whose culture,
you say, will get ruined…
…wouldn’t have been alive
today, had Vivek not saved them.
Don’t make up stuff.
Don’t try to hide your sins.
Do you understand?
Go away from here.
Or we will burn you
and your house…
…to ashes.
You pretend to be very nice.
Then why don’t you tell us…
…what relation do
you and Vivek share?
Answer us.
Yes, tell us.
I have said it in the past,
and I am still saying it that…
I will not answer this question.
No one will dare
to touch Vidya…
…or her family.
What do you all think?
You can do whatever you want
and no one will say anything?
Which era are you living in?
Ma’am, you are from the city.
Don’t interfere in our matter.
This is how us villagers are.
And this is how we will be.
This is our society.
You should be ashamed
of a society…
…which is punishing
someone for no reason.
And, that someone…
…who has done so
much for your kids.
And you are
questioning her ethics?
We are not questioning.
We are aware of everything.
We are punishing her.
– What do you know?
You know nothing.
You have all made this up.
And you think you are all smart?
I can send you to prison…
…for what you are doing.
Anand, call the police.
Come on guys!
She is the DM’s mother.
She is showing her power.
Let’s go.
Dharma, are you
threatening us with police?
This is wrong.
She will go back to the city.
But you and your family
has to live among us.
Think about the future.
It is pointless
to deal with them.
Let’s go.
– Sure.
What did you do?
You made things worse.
Something keeps happening
with our family everyday.
What are you saying?
These people…
…are questioning her ethics.
Instead of going against
them you are accusing me?
This is how it is here.
I have to follow these rules.
You will leave from here soon.
We have to live here.
If these villagers stop the
supply of food and water…
…then where will we go?
Ma’am, I request…
…you to please go,
I will come to meet you.
– Ma’am…
…please try and understand.
She will not be at peace…
…until she ruins
our reputation.
Crying in front of Goddess
Durga will not reduce your sin.
You washed the
marks on the wall.
But how will you get
rid of the doubts…
…the villagers have
about you and Vivek?
…I am saying the truth.
There is nothing between us.
We are not educated.
But we know everything.
There is no sound until
two vessels hit each other.
There is no smoke without fire.
I have no idea what relation
you have with Vivek.
Goddess Durga is the
proof of our relationship.
She knows what the truth is.
I look at Vivek like God.
He is just like God.
He has done a lot for Deogarh.
He has done a lot for me.
He saved my life.
He gave me a reason to live.
He gave me a aim to live life.
Please listen to me.
I am saying the truth.
If I ever have any other
feelings for Vivek…
…then I pray to
God to take my life.
Mom, you…
Thank God you regained
How are you here?
I am here to meet the District
Magistrate of Azamgarh…
…Vivek Vardhan Singh.
I forgot to take your appointment.
You’ll never give me
a straight answer.
I can give you a straight answer
if you ask me a straight question.
My only son is in a hospital.
You have been short and you’re
asking me why I am here!
Sorry. It’s my mistake.
I didn’t give you
a straight answer.
When did you arrive here?
When you had been hospitalized.
You have regained
consciousness after four days.
Four days!
I thought I would never regain
my consciousness. – Hey!
The next time you talk such
nonsense, I will slap you.
Don’t try to be too brave.
Did you never think about me?
Didn’t you realize
what I would have…
…gone through…
…had something
happened to you?
After your father’s demise,
you have been my only support.
I did not think of anything!
He passed away at a young age.
And if something bad would
have happened to you…
…did you ever think
how I would have survived?
Who? Who told you?
That you’ve grown old.
Who said so?
Your age is registered
incorrectly in all the documents.
I didn’t want anybody
to flirt with you.
You are still as
hot as Alia Bhatt.
Stop flattering me.
No one can talk like you do.
I’ve learnt it from you.
What happened?
– Nothing.
I just felt a slight pain.
…when I had got shot…
…I could see your
face before my eyes.
All I was thinking is…
…what would happen to
you if I were to die.
Who will look after you?
Whom will you irritate?
Whom will you slap?
Whom will you feed ‘Aloo
Parathas’ loaded with ghee?
Who would look after
you when you grow old?
That is all I could think about.
Nanku! Everything is messed up!
Vivek’s mother is just like him.
She appeared out of
nowhere when our men…
…reached there to
instigate the villagers.
She threatened the villagers
with police action.
I said to our men to
get out of there and…
Jagat, why do you get
so worried all the time?
Don’t worry. All is well.
By doing this, Vivek’s mother…
…has added fuel to the fire.
In fact, we will benefit
from this incident.
Don’t worry. And eat this apple.
‘Vidya Singh,
just wait and watch.’
‘I will teach you
a harsh lesson.’


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