VIDEO: Soldier Attacking Protester at Funeral

this david beckham instant and even
package dot com as you know the leper
about churches known for believing that
the death of american soldiers there dot
punishment because the united states
except gay people tell that the people
help paper
there’s no marriage equality can still
be fired for being gay but putting that
there was a funeral war uh… lesbian
staff sergeant donna johnson
as is often the case the west for a
baptist church decided to pick it
and this time
it didn’t go as it often does luis this
time away for a baptist church member
was tackled at the funeral
and uh… they were actually tackled
they were stomping on an american flag
and there was a soldier they’re
attending the funeral who didn’t take
kindly to it broke through the line and
actually hit one of the protesters that
stomping on the flag as he was being
arrested two other soldiers rescued the
flag i have three videos of this okay
the first two you can’t really see
what’s going on that well but you can
hear the cheering when the title takes
place pittsburgh one is the best angle
except it’s very blurry so let’s just go
through them here’s the first video and
this is this is a west for a baptist
church member getting tackled
for stomping on a flag at a gay soldiers
colored rushes in and then resupplied
or the person off of than the person to
the ground
police cannonball
so that’s part one
let’s try to get a better angle on this
thing louis if we may
all right let’s take a look at this
answer this one more audio cameos so
they’re going to die
and then you get a knock-down the that
never came back to you
the other people very agitated weeks
getting involved you can really fear
right out there i mean it’s pretty good
year with your listening anchor you
check out these videos
and then lastly this is the best angle
but it is very blurry we see it actually
from the side
and you see the guy run straight in and
then all hell breaks loose
women who is getting involved
quality product not by a i’ve been very
clear over the years lewis and i still
think that this
that uh… i never advocate physical
at the same time it’s hard to really
care too much about a whisper about the
church member getting tackled for
protesting with god hates fags at a
soldier’s funeral yeah i don’t care i’m
you know i’m surprised it doesn’t happen
more often do you know that it’s always
a risk
uh… when they go out and just these
people off
they want to stop the hurt american flag
i mean it seems like clues because the
country is enabling
about things that happened by admitting
homosexuality right so what are the move
to iran
bottom of that iran would happen
yeah i mean it sounds like the whisper
baptist church should really move to
iran because
uh… their stance on homosexuality
seems the more in line with
uh… be one of the opposite
you know the other interesting thing
which is concerning is that the west for
a baptist church might be able to get a
successful lawsuit here they’re all
lawyers and they’ve been known to be
and i would not be surprised if we
actually see a lawsuit against the
individual tackle them although it would
probably be argued pretty clearly you
know it was an emotional response at a
time of grief and it would really go
anywhere but you can’t put a past them
to try to file a lawsuit get money out
of this
rates uh… i’m sure that you know their
words and the family so
might be easy for them

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