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news first piece of news and only piece
of news is we’ve seen something similar
to this before but a German consulting
firm has launched a blockchain platform
for medical data management so another
good use of the blockchain another big
consulting firm another big company is
now using the blockchain in order to
make their lives easier which I want to
keep emphasizing so much for everyone
who is losing faith in cryptocurrency
and losing faith in you know blockchain
and don’t you know thinking you might
sell or something like that
before you do check out all of the use
cases that blockchain is having in all
of the changes and huge changes that
it’s making in so many so many big big
companies and small companies and all
types of companies but I just wanted to
keep that news article in there a little
bit of positivity first now let’s take a
look at the overall market let’s skip it
this a refresh see what the market cap
is currently at 260 billion dollars
Bitcoin dominance 44.1% so Bitcoin
dominance falling a little bit the
market cap is up from yesterday but it’s
not up a lot if you guys can see the
last 24 hours
every most things are up however most
things are not up not up by a lot now
one chain is doing big moves which I
absolutely love you guys know I’m a fan
of one chain I actually told a lot of
you guys in in consultation calls if you
guys want a consultation call one a
portfolio review linking in the
description but I told you guys about
one chain and ever since then it has
been absolutely killing it up 24 percent
this week so I’m very very happy
ontology also had a great week and
urghhh had a great week and we’re gonna
be talking about verge actually right
now so right here you guys can see
versus chart a verge is recovering very
very well and this is due to the
announcement on their Twitter that they
were going to have a very very big
game-changing partnership now the reason
I want to talk about verges I’m not
saying that that isn’t gonna happen it
did actually just break over a billion
dollars in market caps 1.26 now ranked
number 19th overall with a trading
volume of almost half a billion dollars
four hundred twenty four million dollars
in trading volume last 24 hours and
that’s because of all everyone buying
into the buying into the rumor no one
really knows who the partner is with
except for them I guess no one really
knows the partners with it could be
game-changing but the reason I want to
talk about this is to keep an eye out
because as everyone always says in
crypto by the rumors and actually say
this in stocks too in most investments
by the rumors sell the new so be careful
when it comes to the actual announcement
day and when everything gets announced
because things usually don’t go up at
this rate and never come back down so I
just want to keep that clear make sure
you guys and I am gonna keep you guys
updated on what the partnership April is
when it gets revealed but for now I just
want to say make sure you have your
trade set make sure you have stop-loss
is safe you know how to work those just
to minimize your risk if you’re buying
to hold for a long time again verge is a
privacy point I think privacy coins
could do very well in 2018 but if you
guys are buying into it for that reason
then I would suggest you know just kind
of enjoy your position but if you guys
are looking to make a quick trade and
you guys want to get out before it
starts to correct start thinking about
when that is right now and usually not
every time but usually this happens one
or two days before the news is actually
announced because everyone’s made such
big gains already from the you know here
or here all the way up to here people
have already made so many gays so much
gains that they are going to start
selling so make sure to keep an eye out
on that I don’t want to see you guys
lose money but and when it comes to like
trades like this sell the news
either rumor is probably the safest
thing you can do now
ripple is another one I wanted to talk
about so you guys know ripples under 50
cents and there’s actually been some
pretty interesting news that’s been
coming out recently that I’ve been
reading into which is kind of cool but
first of all wrinkles chart you guys can
see has been plummeting this whole time
it’s barely up anything today it’s at 48
and a half cents from an all-time high
of like three point three point one
three point six five dollars so it is
down so so much one of the biggest drops
out of the top on all points out of the
top crypto currencies still on a 19
billion dollar market cap still ranked
number three but it is falling so so so
so much and the news that I found that I
thought was really interesting is this
is rizz ripple about to become another
etherium so they found out on Ripple XR
piece they found out that the ripple XR
PS ledger might be an accidental
aetherium so it’s an open source and a
decentralized platform and apparently
they can host I SEOs through their
ledger which is actually really really
interesting so for only the second time
in its history an attempt at tokenizing
ripple XR PS ledger through an initial
coin offering is being seriously offered
by a group not formally associated with
the company now there have been people
from the company saying that they’re not
really interesting and they’re not
really interested in that here we go but
ripple isn’t interested in promoting or
supporting icos on the ledger but it’s
cool to see that there’s been this kind
of area with ripple that they can
actually host icos and become another
ripple now obviously in that category
you would have yeah you have you have to
compete against the likes of Ripple neo
and so on and so on but there it is some
pretty steep competition however that
might be a point to look at when it
comes to ripple kind of making a
reversal maybe if they decide to
implement this now by the looks of it
they are not looking at taking this
seriously another company is thinking of
doing it but it shows the use case of
ripple now at 48 cents ripple does seem
outrageously under
even though I personally you guys know
don’t own any ripple ripple does seem
still very undervalued and with news
like that I’m interested to see where
they take it I know again that news by
no means is game-changing news
groundbreaking news it’s gonna moon
that’s not what I’m saying I just think
the idea is interesting and they after
the fact that I didn’t have I had no
idea about it I don’t know if you guys
did but I had no idea about this
whatsoever that they could actually do
that so pretty interesting now another
thing to check out is the volume of
ripple is like a third of the volume of
verge right now which I thought was
absolutely crazy I just noticed the
ripple being the third ring verge being
19th ranked but yeah again if things are
starting to level off it looks like
again this is happening with the whole
market maybe in time for a reversal but
I think ripple buying in at this price
feels if you interested I know I get
questions all the time on this for those
of you interested buying in ripple at
this time it’s probably not a terrible
terrible idea it will probably make a
good amount of recovery you might when
the market recovers and when the market
hasn’t reversal but guys again don’t
forget I’m not a financial advisor and
this is not financial advice this is
just my opinion on these altcoin so make
sure you do your own research before you
put your money and anything and don’t
just listen to someone on the internet
with their opinions right but um okay
let us look at the technical analysis
now before we end off the video again
things are moving relatively sideways
one thing that I did want to point out
though that thought was kind of
interesting that I noticed is if we put
a line right here we are kind of trading
in towards this intersection right here
hoping to see a breakout at some point
between these two lines so that’s kind
of what I’m hoping for again things are
just moving sideways we’ve kept up this
is basically the 260 billion dollar mark
cap 200 between 250 and 275 market cap
with Bitcoin between the prices of you
know six thousand six hundred and all
the way up to seven thousand four
hundred but roughly between like six
thousand eight hundred and seven
thousand to one hundred basically is the
price that we’re kind of floating in
between now this is just we’ve had some
days of green some days of red but
overall it hasn’t been too
much and it hasn’t been enough to be you
know super super happy about we’re still
waiting for that breakout period and we
came close to 20 day moving average
yesterday or at least closer to the
20-day moving average but now we are
back down here the day ended over here
and now again we’re trading near the
mark I believe Bitcoin is six thousand
nine hundred eighteen point nine dollars
on coin base right now so again not too
much to look at when it comes to
technical technical analysis today we’re
kind of still waiting for a move so kind
yes so not really just too much I can
say other than just kind of showing you
guys and keeping us moving daily
checking it out and seeing what’s
happening but still waiting for that
breakout I think the next move is in the
upward direction a lot of people think
it’s in the downward direction I guess
we will see personally though like I
said I think it’s going up so guys
hopefully you enjoyed the video if you
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see you guys tomorrow for another video

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