Using the Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich as Currency at Wendy’s

Yes, there’s a sticker on it that says, “be
back soon.” And I don’t know, all these
people are about to be disappointed. if
I have… I have so many questions. Okay, I
need to sit down. Um… Wow.
Let’s, um, let’s just recap everything
that just happened. So today I’m gonna
tell you the story of how I used a
Popeye’s chicken sandwich as currency. So,
I’ve heard all this hype about the
Popeye’s chicken sandwich, it’s back today,
it’s Sunday, November 3rd, so this is its
first time back. We got this idea to go
to Wendy’s instead, but I was like, you
know what, I just want to see how bad the
Popeye’s is. We pull up to this Popeye’s
and it’s actually not that bad of a line.
Like there’s probably, we’ll just say 12
cars. Like 12 cars. It’s really not like
this line is really not bad we just
pulled in my voice is really
high-pitched for this video we pull it
to the drive-thru and as we make our
progress through I start noticing that
there’s a giant like tape sticker over
the chicken sandwich on the menu that
says like be back soon
there’s a sticker on it that says be
back soon and I don’t know all these
people are about to be disappointed if
so I get nervous and I’m like crap army
and all these people about to be
disappointed we pull up to the order
thing and I asked do you have the
chicken sandwich
to which she responds unfortunately here
we go here’s the moment of truth okay do
you guys still have the sandwich did you
say unfortunately yeah this is like this
is stuff I can’t just make up like this
actually this is crazy
so then I asked if there’s a limit on
how many we can get cuz I want you know
both my buddy and I want chicken
sandwiches so then she tells us she was
gonna tell me that the limit was two but
it was actually four so thank you to the
Popeyes manager because you just saved
us what’s the limit for and without that
fourth chicken sandwich this story
wouldn’t have happened so I ordered four
and I’m like okay whatever thinking that
he you know he’s gonna have the chicken
sandwiches with me and I’m like we’ll
take care of toppings later cuz I don’t
like pickles and they find pickles on
the sandwich well sure enough he doesn’t
want to eat them so we pull up to the
window and she says that’ll be like 17
dollars and I’m like hold on are you
making these with the whole chicken like
I didn’t ask for a rotisserie chicken
sandwich I just want a chicken sandwich
from pop box hey can you do me a solid
can you look up how much a chick-fil-a
sandwiches I get that like do I have to
pay a premium because I’m getting a
holey sandwich on Sunday 305 for a
chick-fil-a sandwich I’ll go to take him
to Wendy’s because he is his foodless so
I have to you know I want to I want to
make sure that he is fed as well and you
know we’ll go through the windes
drive-through like we anticipated doing
so we pull up to Wendy’s and I’m sitting
here reviewing the chicken sandwich and
the drive-through
by fire it’s actually pretty good
is it worth the 4 dollar price tag
so I’m sitting here in the drive-through
window like he’s passing me his card to
pay for him and I’m like crap I’m
sitting here mid sandwich eating and the
guy says oh you got Popeyes and I’m like
yeah do you want a sandwich
and he’s like no not the one by my house
was sold out and I’m like fam do you
want a sandwich and he’s like he does
like a double take and he’s like yeah so
we passed him a sandwich and he’s like
y’all want some lemonade like I feel
like I was doing a drug transaction
because it was so like secretive and
low-key I used this this Popeye sandwich
to purchase a lemonade like bro and then
you see his co-workers come up and look
at me like what’s going on here what’s
happening and I’m like yeah so he like
he goes he hides the sandwich and then
we get the lemonade and we go about our
day I used one of these in exchange for
a lemonade now for the review of the
sandwich I’m not a food reviewer on the
vlogger so I don’t know how this is
gonna go this is not like a these
pickles I’m not gonna leave to some fat
pickles burger you see how thick that
pickle is the dog is get out of here you
can’t have this but I’m not here for
help I’m here for Popeyes okay now that
we’ve taken half a cucumber off the
sandwich let’s get right into the biting
okay I got to say the presentation it’s
pretty smashed but this is a huge hunk
of chicken like this is a big hunk of
chicken one is nice and pillowy it’s
fluffy it is it has a good amount of
flavor in it but it’s not overpowering
the chicken is powerful there’s just
some stairway to down chicken first time
I Popeyes in like five years
I’m satisfied and even though there was
a long line they still made it through
okay and the Wendy’s guy thank you did
he give you like extra sauce yeah he
gave us extra sauce that’s my vlog I’m
just gonna cut it here I’m not gonna do
now show cuz I’m hungry


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