THE TRUTH about the #SuperBowl ⚡ Live News Headlines | FREE BITCOIN Predictions 2018 Eagles Patriots

Check-check you guys should be able to hear my voice
I’m uh in this countdown and we will be good to go
How’s it going everybody what up what up?
Bringing a chat on the screen now. Just trying to get it loaded up and everything
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But it’s pretty good. It’s pretty nice
You know so far so good, right?
So like I’ve been downloading like all my old programs, and I just got the software program for streaming I
Just downloaded that you know like a couple minutes before I came on so I’m on this
Hopefully beat you my last live stream from the MacBook from the crapple
and that’s why it’s going so slow right now, it’s
painstakingly slow
But hopefully it looks good on your end. That’s all we can hope for with this thing
Oh what up mr.. 305 good see
Hmm almost got it with that one and like do these cool effects. I have no idea what I’m doing right now
It’s like these secret settings on this thing you need to like use to like make it work. Just right
Yeah, I got a new microphone that good long ago. I just haven’t used it
last couple videos
Or maybe it was just too far away
Ronald yon, oh, man you you you like hold it down for this super chat. They’re not letting you do it anymore
YouTube is hatin
That’s all that is I need to just go ahead swim, and be done with it
Because I got at least two or three lawsuits I could go and get them all
I really don’t make no sense though
Let’s go ahead, and I share this to our Facebook group, too
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All right, so we gonna get this thing shared on Facebook. Oh
I’ll say hi to coach. He actually just got she could just got back in
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I think she’s met him because she’s been gone all day and I was on here doing the video, but she got back
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Oh right all right
Yeah, I do need to make I’ll make a video about Colombia we actually just posted
Let me see let me see let me see let’s get this thing changed out
And we actually just posted a new vlog
But where I talked about Colombia?
so if you just type in on YouTube became Colbert goes right there as a new blog where we
Talked about I talked about Colombia, and my you know
Trip. It was pretty amazing pretty incredible
What’s going on KRT? I see you holding it down
getting them in line I
Let’s go ahead, and uh get this thing underway, let’s see here
My people my people it’s about that time live from the USA hoping you get paid every day
this is the
When the creased oaf Creek though, it’s your boy, BK, and if you don’t like me you must not like money
Thank you for joining me everybody on this Super Sunday
Evening um as you already know Bitcoin is is a taking a little break right now
you know just hanging out down in the gutters comes an
Eight thousand seven thousand six thousand somewhere around there, you know where she stops nobody knows
but long way, you know I think it’s a great time to really take an opportunity to really talk about the
Macroeconomics and the opportunity at hand not only for you. You know as a person, but for us as a people, right?
That’s what I’m gonna be talking about with this issue. You know hopefully you’ll get some value in information from it
Thank you for joining me and let’s get this thing going
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because first hand I
Recognize that this is a very pivotal
Time in our society as a people
There are many cycles changing. It’s a big transition right and that’s what I want to want it to speak about today
So if you haven’t done it already hit that thumbs up button
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I said I noticed food didn’t you know I’m saying Here
I am trying to empower the people and this this dude got got a bit connect referral code
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So if you hit that thumbs up button it helps a lot if you copy and paste the URL
To this video and text it to anybody you know that helps as well
And that’s really what we’re here to talk about guys is that uh you know in a bigger scheme of things. There’s a lot more
Important things happening than what’s happening on that field right now, right?
I don’t want to
you know I have to be mindful of my illusions but uh
The era of decadence is upon us and for those of you that know history
recognize that decadence
precedes the fall of a great empire, and it’s happened over and over and over again and
While we may have two hundred some million people in the country tuned in you know to some sports
Spectacle taking place between some painted stripes on a football field. I’ll tell you right now. I’m not one of them I
like to get paid
Not give my money away and just by you paying attention
To a sport you are actually paying that person you are in turn transferring your energy your currency your
Attention span is actually a band of energy, right?
And so I choose not to pay attention to two things that are
deliberate and intentional of no value to society
And and before the haters come out the woodwork
I know you know we might what we might have some some some people watching this from their mama’s basement
You know it might be halftime or something like that
You know so let me just go on ahead and address y’all real quick cuz I I could feel the haters coming right now
But what we got is a situation
to where
You know a lot of y’all don’t even know oh
Yeah, Clady y’all don’t even know
That’s a boy put in work on that football field. You know I’m saying not too many people God wanted him, right
Not too many people you know elevated themselves to be one of the best
pound-for-pound athletes in the country, right
And so when I tell you it’s a game
I’m saying that because I was one of the best players in the country of that game, right
Do you research
University of Wisconsin
2003 to 2008 I
Had that old man Barry Alvarez sit at my kitchen table
He came he game. You know they were coochie, and I’m you know I remember this to this day
I told the guy I was like alright if you want me. I’ll go
Tell Barry I want to hear him say it
He got on that plane flew to North East, Ohio sat down and my kitchen table said Brandon we want you to come to, Wisconsin
I said good so-oh
Yums and off, I went I spent about 20 years or so of my life
Perfecting my craft at football, right
And it’s by
Divine intuition
That I’m no longer playing that game, I think I would I think that I’m of much more value
Not playing that game than I ever would have been to society by playing that game
Right so so the path that brought me. Here is the path that took me away now. I’m able to sit back
And watch the full football game in almost 10 years now
That I understand economics and now that I understand societal influences and now that I understand the blockchain I
Can see firsthand how lost we are as a people
Because at the end of the day, that’s that’s the truth about the Super Bowl is this just a game I
Guarantee you three things are gonna happen in that game. There’s guarantee. You could write it down
Guarantee three things that go happen in a Super Bowl
It’s gonna be one thing is it’s gonna be an amazing play an amazing catch
amazing touchdown amazing
Enough the middle boom
Truck the middle linebacker go score a touchdown right go be amazing play somewhere some point in time
It’s gonna be a blown call like oh my god. I can’t believe that ref made that call right
And then at the end of it that
Class gonna go to zero okay. I’m gonna be over right so you. Go. Have a good play you gonna. Have a bad call and
Then you guys zero on the clock
That’s it
This game has been played
Ten thousand times before today all they do is change the colors and the logos on the helmet
So why do we give it so much of our attention
Right this is
The opportunity that we have
Because I tell you guys once we change our values then we change our worth
Why is it that that Pretty Boy Floyd?
Quarterback they got that pansy cheatin
Justin Beaver hair heaven
Rub the balls at a sinner before you get the high quarterback they got
Why is it that he get paid in 20 30 40 million dollars a year
But then you go ten minutes away to you know one of the schools in uh Brooklyn Queens to make a South Side
And they can’t even afford school books
What does society value
This is what you have to ask yourself
And this is that’s decision ultimately each and individual one one of us needs to make to
Determine the value that we’re able to receive
down the line because if you value what the masses value, then you by definition are of no value
This is how it works, right?
So ultimately
this leads us to a crossroad and so and
understanding that I want to make sure
That everybody knows
At the end of the day, it’s just the game
And that motherfucker over there is rich
He’s good. He could care less if he win lose or draw he gonna
He gonna have himself a time tonight on y’all behalf cuz y’all paid him 42 million dollars
Everybody else stuck like truck trying to figure out how the next month’s rent gonna get paid
Do not pay attention to it cuts just by paying attention to it you in turn
Transfer your currency your value your energy
That’s the truth about the Superbowl because the minute people stop paying attention to it is the minute that they go out of business and
I understand firsthand that it’s a lot of backdoor games that they play
To keep the money coming in that’s a lot a lot a lot of things they do to
Suppress people like me and to be honest
that’s probably why I’m not playing football anymore because I
Didn’t fit into the square hole that they tried to put me in and they knew that I had a football coach to him you
Think you’re smarter than me
Hi there. Now. I know I’m smarter than you that ain’t got nothing to do it with football dough you know
Cuz if you don’t fit into their program notice, it’s a program, it’s a regimen
You are not an individual. You are a gear in a machine as a player. You don’t speak right?
That’s why for 20 years. They don’t to this day. They still can’t even take the helmet off you take your helmet off. That’s a
$15,000 fine you know now that don’t nobody even pay attention to football that much outside outside of today
They let these guys run around and do 30 second team
Dances and celebrations in the end zone like they’re struggling. They’re grasping for straws
This is the truth of their business model is it’s about to go out of business
That’s the truth about it
Right I dedicated almost 20 years of my life to pursue in that game. I understand how it works
I understand how that business works. I understand how to economics work, and I learned from
Schwöre bit look I’m objects Warbeck NBCUniversal vice president University of Notre Dame professor
University of Notre Dame athletic director
Firsthand how the business of the NFL works
And it is that keep the public the common folk?
indoctrinated and
While all those companies with every logo advertise it on every other 30-second commercial was getting over on you
That’s the truth about it
So now
You got a decision
Cuz I think it’s probably judging off the clock probably about another hour and a half left that spectacle they call a Super Bowl you
Know somebody go run across the field with a trophy and is gonna be banners flying and confetti
Streaming and you know people go laugh at the commercials
You know not because they funny just because they think they should laugh because that’s what people do
Do you got a decision
change your values changing words I
Would have heard
All you see is that as crack at a sheep walking in front of you
But like God
but if
We do that some resources for everybody that’s new to our community
I welcome you I don’t always talk like this but again
I think you know this is I’m trying to let you guys know. This is a pivotal time. This is a crucial time
We don’t have time to be distracted. We don’t have time to be demeaned
We don’t have time to keep Tom Brady in business
Because he ain’t ain’t employing none of us
Tradin view calm eye
This is the resource for charts a lot of the charts. I post straight on there
I’ll get better about posting a lot of those. This is a newer resource team
At BK crypto trader, I’m gonna. I’m gonna commit to post and probably two or three steam it posts a week
I’m going into going into this next cycle
Just to build out these different platforms. You already saw it at number one Facebook group in the world
22,000 this is probably our biggest asset right now as a people. I’m just being able to come together and
You know get information out right if you’re in the chat right now do me a favor shout your country out
I’m coming back to you guys in 30 seconds and then last thing basta Bitcoin calm
for the different resources a
Lot of people just getting set up. Maybe you lost a lot of money. Maybe you bought Bitcoin around Thanksgiving Christmas 18
19,000 and now it’s down, you know seventy percent you don’t know what to do well
I got I got I got the the list for you
Crip topless report and the dream team right Bato is using the boss method and those will build you back much faster
Then trying to figure it out on you know
Right I tell I tell you guys all the time. I’m gonna made a lot of money. You know no no no
Lost a lot of money, and it’s by losing money
That I learned how not to lose money
Right a lot of people a lot of people can attest that it’s a lot of expensive lessons taught in cryptocurrency
And while I value the ability to
Community when when huge multinational conglomerates intentionally
Take value from the people that willingly give it to them, and that’s what’s happening today
And that’s why my TV has been off
That’s why that helmet is on the ground right and and if you
Y’all can’t even see that. I got like three helmets up there right autos are coming down
Right all those helmets are coming down that was a page in my book
That has been rewritten, right?
The more we understand
What we can do together?
The less they can keep us distracted with some ball game
So let’s go ahead, you know I’m saying shout our people out. Thank you for being over here with me I
Appreciate it
Don’t here. We go. We got crypto karlie in Melbourne. That’s pretty cool
I like then they want Carlos holding it down for 305 big Aaron in Canada
What up, what up, Dallas, Texas South Korea in the building Montana us say two terms?
Aaron from Canada yes tier two I got you. I got two we talked up before the year good to see
Jack lees city was going on Columbia big cats
What’s up, man is good see beautiful beautiful country down there in Columbia for everybody that didn’t that doesn’t no
I actually just got back from Columbia. It was
amazing right
Incredible right and so one of the things here. This is actually what I wanted to do as well. Let’s check this out
one of the things you can do is a
type in
Number one research we got just type in on Google tart like a boss and that’s gonna get you a playlist that I did
26 videos
That about 30,000 views right and then other one is if you type in BK and Cove that’ll be uh
That’s a nice little vlog that you know me and my pretty young thing put together. You know just to a
document our travels and our experience
And you know learning how this crypto work and travel in the world and really just enjoying each other right and everything that life
Has to offer so we posted that that’s down there new vlog from BK and Cole
Or you could just type it in on Facebook became : and that’s the blog where I literally go in and about 10 20 minutes
talk about Colombia with videos pictures artists a beautiful beautiful beautiful country right it was incredible I
Know we got Jeffrey holding it down. Thank you sir, Vancouver, Toronto
Utah town two times back-to-back Hollywood yes sir, Melbourne, Oregon and
That being said guys is that time of the day signing out? This is the boats boy BK?
No matter where you stay Brazil to the bait telephone. I ate all the way back out to jerk Monday. Good night
Good morning, and good day. Thank you for joining me. Thank you for your time. I appreciate
you know the ability just to sit here and talk with you if you appreciate that I do me a favor copy and paste the
For this video like I said YouTube because I turned off my advertisers
I don’t want them putting no bit connect referrer Cold’s on my people I said no
They intentionally suppress my videos
So I need you guys to help get the word out because they’re not pushing me to the top of any algorithm
I can I can assure you that right so if you uh
Text this URL to somebody tweet. It steam it. I don’t care
The more people we got the better right because as long as they have all the money
Then we have all the power because once we change our mind. We change our value. We change our way, right
I’m gonna stay positive. You know I’m saying we got a crypto clown in in the building if you don’t like it brother get lost

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