The Beyond Bitcoin Show- Episode 85 (Pt. 2)- Buttigieg & Blacks, Vice Presidential contenders, cars,

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alright guys
all right so where did I leave off
beforehand I talked about PBJs the mayor
of South Bend Indiana and
and I I what I want before I say this
politics it’s mostly a waste of time do
not value your wealth in political
candidates do not waste your time or
your money throwing money at them and
there are a lot of men out there that
are throwing money at Peapod a judge and
he is he’s very good at fundraising and
he appeals to a demographic I think a
gay men feel there well this is their
been openly gay president so a lot of
them feel the need to like throw money
at this cute gay man out there if you
don’t have any kids
and you don’t have a spouse or whatever
you got a lot of extra money you
shouldn’t be given at the people who to
judge okay
he economically isn’t looking out for
you okay he will tax you you should be
buying Bitcoin instead of but you’re not
gonna listen to me do many many gay men
are not gonna listen to me they a lot of
them get caught in the emotion that was
first gay present it’ll be so great
I let let me just give money to him
instead of buying pick which is truly
use two thousand dollars to people to
judge does not accept helping go to
judge you should find big fun with that
two thousand dollars who knows what that
will be worth in four years at the end
of trumps term what we will see so let’s
talk specifically about a issue that’s
come out with with people who to judge
that the media seems to and so you can
learn a lot from politics so I do want
to say this if you analyze politics as
as a way of looking at the way the 80
percenters think the way the 80
percenters get emotion emotional how the
media manipulates how who the media
likes what the media thinks of certain
demographic groups you can learn from
politics that way and if it makes you a
stronger hand the longer-term thinker
someone who knows not to waste their
time on this but just to get to garner
important information from this that
that is not a
it’s not obvious so I’m gonna talk about
how you get some important information
that I have gotten out of this entire
situation and it’s good to know what
it’s good to learn what mainstream
society is thinking what they supposedly
care about their feelings over facts
type both ways so Budaj edge is he’s
young he’s smart he’s gay and he can
raise a lot of money and he has a lot of
people had the first were like oh he’s
raised all this money he’s not gaining
the polls well that the money has bought
has bought support at this point
yeah people fall for they get all these
flyers in the mail they see how they
know his name now for name recognition
the advertisement advertisement stuff is
good so he’s been working for it and and
he doesn’t he doesn’t go out he he does
not act flamboyant or anything like that
so white working-class people they see
this smart guy who was in the army they
give him respect he’s from the Midwest
and give him respect
and so he’s doing well in an Iowa polls
and in New Hampshire which are white
states these are white states but what
the media is bringing up and because the
media did the white dominated media
because most people in the media white
must people meteor-like
do they hate themselves and they don’t
want there to be a one-day one up now
not all that most media is it many
percent maybe most isn’t it but there’s
a lot of women they mean mainstream
media does not wanna have a white male
Democrat candidate okay they just think
they can’t they can’t stand it they
can’t stand it and so this guy even
though is gay it’s it’s too much he’s
too clean cut
day or night so they are bringing up
something happened in South Bend you had
an issue with black people once I even
know what it is if you’re in charge of a
city remember within that has a large
black population you’re gonna get into
different demographic groups you’re
gonna have issues they’re gonna be issue
sometimes they’re not they’re not gonna
be happy with you all the time I don’t
know what exactly it’s just like saying
when Martin O’Malley ran for president
he was the mayor of Baltimore he was the
governor mayor
and people could have brought up but he
had issues with black people at times
they did it because he was a total non
contender he would he’d worry better off
running now and by the way if P if P
puta Jess was a gay he would just be
Martin O’Malley
but a smart okay let’s get to the point
let’s get he’s not going to be able to
shake this black thing I mean black
people are not voting for him they do or
not so in order to win the Democratic
nomination you have to have support from
black you can’t you can’t lose all the
states South Carolina and all these
other states you need the support of
lankey now right right now Biden has it
and then the media they’re not too keen
on it him either now but they hate it’s
Buddha Jed’s they hate more they hate
more so I shouldn’t say they’re not I
think they would allow him to become the
nominee they would allow Sanders to
become the nominee but he’s a
straight-up communist but he is but I
mean a parent I mean it’s the media
you’d have to think they wanted to be a
woman they’d want it to be Kamala or the
what’s-her-face er but there’s no
legitimate black man and they here’s
what blue Jets have if he wants to do if
he wants to go around the media and this
is an idea for it because you have to
also have to take in the county politics
right now I am the Democratic field I
think I’d say that half the people are
running for vice-president at this point
okay and Cory Booker is definitely one
of those guys Cory Booker he’s not gonna
get the nomination for pretendin that
becomes a Democrat he he’s a black guy
and he’s a Rhodes Scholar apparently but
he’s not getting the nomination he’s
running he’s running out of money
while this Buddha judges is just
swimming in money so keeping in mind
vice-presidential thing Buddha Jed’s
should go to go to Booker and they can
arguments and stuff apparently from what
I’ve heard but be like hey dude dude
you’re not becoming president you want
to become vice president I know you
don’t like me but
but let’s do something unprecedented and
say Cory say you’re dropping out of the
race but you are being my not near my
vice presidential nominee right now
right now it’s starting now we’re doing
this early no one’s ever done this
before and so then all of a sudden now I
would assume Cory Booker has a
tremendous ego and won’t want to be the
vice won’t want to like give it up right
now to this sky to this a guy he might
feel as inferior to him but if you could
drop his ego I think it would work I
think it would work I think black people
would say wait a second we dis boon
Jed’s he’s promising us the Booker as
the vice president there that’s his
black card that’s that’s good enough
okay I don’t want to demean black youth
and their many smart black people out
there but among them the voting class
the voting class all these the voting
class of all races okay there it’s all
superficial nonsense so this will get
many many black voters like okay that’s
good enough for me there’s a black face
there and that’ll be them to be the
first black vice president oh nice okay
this time we couldn’t have a black
we’ll have this day guy but at least
Cory will be there and like the way they
could go about marking wing sounds chu
is like we’re gonna be a president and
vice president but we’re not gonna agree
all the time it’ll be like in the old
days when it was like George Washington
and John Adams Thomas all that when the
vice president and the president didn’t
necessarily get along they were of
different parties back in the video
things have changed since then they but
it would be more like that instead of
you to them and he would bring also you
know in 1980 Ronald Reagan and George
Bush did not like each other at all
people forget this if you look at the
history books but if you look at it
Rock the the establishment wanted Bush
has become the president of the United
States he was up at Ronald Reagan was an
outsider and he was favored by the
people and Ronald Reagan they argued all
the time we go in the debates and Ronald
Reagan let him be the
president I guess as a consolation to
that but I don’t ever like I doubt they
ever like each other but so this would
be something like that where and Bush
understood that like you know what I
don’t like this guy I’ll put up with it
and then I could become president one
thing and he did so Booker but again
they didn’t announce their partnership
early on they didn’t they had a forced
partnership much much later on this
would be something very very unique
now with this then with other candidates
all of a sudden pair up who knows who
knows what would happen but I’m gonna
say this they did the media and so many
people in a Democratic Party are
obsessed with keep did they don’t like
white men they do not like one white men
and they did they don’t want one at the
video they think that’s a horrible
representation of the Democratic Party
I mean it’s ray it’s racism against
white men is it’s really disgraceful but
hey they can do what they want to do I
will say this if they’re logical and
most of them were just totally emotional
in order to beat Donald Trump you’re
gonna have to have a white man okay you
really are because the people in
Wisconsin the people in these Midwest
states these working-class men Oh Harris
nigger who I want her to be my leader or
what’s her face uh Elizabeth Warren I
want her to be look at her you think a
beer-drinkin man is gonna vote for her
they will they will vote for Budaj
they dig well I don’t forget about the
gig he doesn’t present himself as a he’s
a lot of you say well it would be your
drinking man don’t like gay men probably
but he doesn’t present himself and he’s
a Midwestern ER and he’s associated okay
so we spent a lot of time on talking
about that yes oh yeah politics is all
about gimmicks and marking marketing is
lowest common denominator type of stuff
then uh but but this is giving you some
insight into like the general feel of
the general population of something they
care about of this soap opera so I’m
giving these the players in the soap
opera Booker and
from Budaj edge a little advice there if
they want to uh that would be a big
threat to trump because also Buda Jets
debating Trump he could do that he could
do that the others oh my god I think
Trump wouldn’t really humiliated it
imagine if I do actually becomes the
nominee I I seriously doubt he will
because of the the dislike partially
because of the dislike of white of white
men but also because I think people are
saying that they’re gonna vote for him
now is they never heard him speak he
doesn’t make much sense anymore from
from from what I the clips that I’ve
been brought to my attention again I
don’t waste too much time in but is it
exercise in studying the psychology of
voters I again when I talk about
elections and voting it just shows how
frivolous it is it’s superficial it is
and how glad I don’t know I mean I don’t
value my wealth I I know they don’t
control me I they don’t control me the P
I control myself it doesn’t matter who
is president
I’m just given some advice there based
on these on frivolous demographics that
people seem to care so much about this
superficial what the guy looks like what
are what the whatever would what they
have below the belt that’s if it’s a man
or or or a woman okay you should pick
the best this is not what this is not
what politics is about the best the best
is it’s not what it’s about okay
Oh so go ahead black mulberries I keep
talking about this black noir berries I
mentioned up at the end of yesterday’s
show at the end of the previous part one
of this show I’m bringing it I’d love to
eat them since I was a kid and I didn’t
mention jokingly on another show that I
think they can serve to soften your
bowels if you’re constipated and they do
actually they do and I actually I
noticed the benefits of that so but I
bring this up again because there are a
lot of people out there that believe in
colon cleansing and by the way I do not
believe in I there are people out there
that think stuck it’s stuck in your
colon it is rotting away there and
getting you sick for years and years and
years I don’t believe that I know I
don’t believe that you know you
swallowed some gum when you’re six and
it’s still in there and you need a
special colon cleanse you can pay $50
for some liquid drinking fruit cleanses
your colon constantly okay you eat some
fruit every once in a while it’s gonna
it’ll move some of the stuff out of
there even if you eat tons of bad food
and do many comes a bit free it doesn’t
get stuck there it doesn’t make you sick
when it’s in there it might take a
little longer to get out but it gets out
it it gets out of you it might not react
well it might inflame your colon but
it’s not stuck in there so this whole
colon cleansing thing I don’t believe in
as in it’s like getting stuff that was
been in you for 20 years okay but to
keep to keep things moving smoothly and
regular range so there’s no inflammation
try out the up the mall berries its
biggest free it’s free you’re not paying
some dude from some fifty dollar
concoction out there that probably does
not this little to mix a little a no
difference and just Indian Apple will do
the same thing as those concoctions out
there that people are talking about all
this holy cleansing and me I I don’t I
don’t buy the colon cleansing stuff I
believe you can just do it a fruit and
mulberry is seem to be really good at
that so let’s talk about keto real fast
we talked about
how Carl Jena denature say keto can keep
people healthier now get rid of flu I do
believe in a high fat you know mid-level
protein low carb you don’t have the
necessary getting the ketosis but it is
it is good for you it keeps you healthy
and getting into ketosis every once in a
while is is a good thing are being
constantly in it it seems to be a very
good thing to for people I think the
biggest takeaway is if you eat a lot of
processed sugar stuff you’re going to be
how about that how about that that’s
instead of saying Iquitos gonna cure you
I can a bigger guarantee a more likely
scenario is eating all the processed
food and sugar it’s going to be sick
yeah for sugar from fruit that’s
different okay that is different than
you know rice krispies and nonsense and
bread now I don’t say that I’m not
saying to be a fruit a terrier name or
anything but I want to bring up a
specific example of my own life I I do
like to when I do my own my strength
days I have mentioned this before the
day I do my interval training I only
have afterwards I’ll have a my one meal
of the day and it will have there the
least amount of fruit for the whole week
it might only be like a small-arms or
too small on trees or a small orange and
some strawberry they’re very low
something that would keep you in ketosis
if you were already into ptosis so I
decided to time it this week so that my
straight meal would be my straight day
would be the day before I leave so that
I will go into my way over 48 hour fast
starting with my sprint day deal with
very little very little carbs in me so
and part of the reason is is because I
have a lot of bananas left so I would
have I’m gonna finish them all at once
alright and so instead of going into my
fast with a bunch of fruit in me
more so than usual I’m going to do the
complete opposite and go into a fast
longer than 48 hour fast within perhaps
in the state of ketosis who knows but in
a very very low car usually I don’t go
into my long fast
the day after I do my sprints I don’t
think I might have may have never done
this before
will it make that bigger difference in
my in my life and my health personally
because I I mean I fast I know it
probably won’t but it is interesting
something to consider if if you’re doing
a longer fast and you want to get into
ketosis – from last meal to be as low
carb as possible and to do your interval
training that day so that the the so
called I don’t say damaged yeah the the
not so great not so great factors that a
bunch of fruit brings upon you will be
canceled out okay fast though be cancel
my bananas will be canceled out faster
doing this okay I think people like that
people like to hear different techniques
of mine there I’m trying a little bit of
a different technique and no don’t don’t
eat a bunch of bananas all the time as
you will you actually will gain weight
bananas are really uh they think they
are heavy in terms of carbs how about
that here is something that some of you
private some people will care about
breaking and if you’re watching this
taped and you don’t like a subject
matter please be playing this into X and
be willing to jump around I know not
everyone likes to hear about fast and
not everybody won’t book was to hear
about politics
this is beyond big again if you don’t
want to if you only want to hear about
big point that don’t watch to show
because this is beyond big point show
there might be a little bit more crypto
talking here who knows I have my
schedule but here this is this story
actually broke a few weeks ago I’ve been
meaning to bring it up and now that I
got this extra part to of a show to do I
got the opportunity so
enjoy a federal judge has ruled that
suspicionless searches of traveler
cellphones laptops and other electronic
devices when we cross the US border are
unconstitutional yay this is an enormous
victory for privacy up until now the
government has had unfettered access to
search travelers electronic devices when
they enter the u.s. going forward the
judge said searches must require
reasonable suspicion a much higher
standard that the devices contain
contraband that’s pretty cool if this is
true if then I haven’t heard that much
more about this because I guess the
media doesn’t care about I care about
things like this I don’t want to I you
know when I when I entered Canada once
they searched my laptop and they they
had no reason for doing so so I really
want to want them doing that in America
and apparently they can’t do that so
that is good for all the people that are
worried about their treasures being
searched I guess this means they can’t
get into them unless they suspect that
you’re some dealer of narcotics but most
of us they don’t have reason to think
that we’re narcotics or any sort of
dealer I mean there’s no really
going to go further so the require
reasonable suspicion reasonable
suspicion who most of us there is for me
the reasonable suspicion that I’m not
compassionately do with narcotics
there’s none at all none none at all so
I don’t anticipate my laptop ever being
searched by they it’s never been
searched by them the Americans I don’t
keep crypto on there first of all but I
wouldn’t like that to happen you know to
be held over to have your laptop
searched so this is good for journalists
because journalists have been not
they’ve got some issues apparently all
right Ness link to below auto expenses
and in cars are major places where where
welfare dollar inflation
has has been noticed okay cars go up
their prices go up every single year so
those of you who are addicted to the
welfare dollar and have to keep up with
the Joneses and who don’t like well the
people there are a lot of people that
say that the United States camp can’t
keep on printing the dollar because it
causes inflation and I say it causes
inflation and things like that welfare
dollar people care about like cars and
fixing their cars well there you go
there’s my exit so for me a guy who
doesn’t have a car it’s just like I’m
I’m eating my popcorn and watch and I
don’t value my wealth in dollars I put
dollars are not for savings dollars are
not for savings but there are a lot of
people that save in dollars and then
have to keep up with the dollar in
inflationary products like cars is they
need to get the newest and greatest one
and so my point is and people are just
willing to accept it they keep on
accepting the 80 percenters they don’t
complain that the dollar keeps from
getting printed and that they because
they see people getting these cars and
they keep on coming up with new ways to
get today to buy these cars also so
again this is another example that the
dollar printing and the current dollar
welfare dollar system that rules the
world it’s gonna keep on going so go to
this link below more more creative
finance you know that said this link
below show you can look up the year you
were born and how much a car cost back
then and in terms of and just you can
see the the eighty percent or inflation
that has happened in cars and how no no
problem at all the system will continue
but it’s interesting them to see how
much cars cost the year you were born
and how much code price has changed for
this for this because people keep on
they have no problem of the system
alright here are two headlines from
Drudge and one explains the other
richest 1% close to surpassing wealth of
middle-class second headline is more
borrowers going underwater on car loans
so the richest 1% they don’t live their
lives that way the middle-class they
keep on going into greater and greater
debt or car loans thus thus the richest
1% is closest surpassing the wealth of
the entire middle-class because the
middle-class is opting into situations
when they’re they’re getting rid of
their wealth so of course at envy
one-percenters they know how to retain
their wealth and use their wealth to get
more about so they’re going in opposite
directions but you don’t have to hate
the 1% it’s your own fault if you’re if
you’re borrowing more borrows going
underwater on car loans you don’t need
the latest and greatest car you don’t
need the latest and greatest form of
debt financing for cars you don’t need
that and that’s that’s bringing the
middle-class down they’re opting into it
and the 1% have nothing to do is
something so that’s why you have that
statistic they’re very much related but
people people want to blame the 1% the
the people who go in the car that they
can’t take responsibility for themselves
and because of that the car prices will
keep on going up as I said before and
the dollar the welfare dollar isn’t
going anywhere because people would
rather blame the 1% and they’d rather
have go in the car debt then in fact
changing their ways and not and using
the dollar as something as a tool to get
real assets they don’t want real assets
they want fake assets so they could brag
to their friends about that fast car
some sighs there are two there are more
than two sides to a story
and it takes a thinking person to find
the other options and also in in a large
enough population or a large enough
situation they’re going to be multiple
correct answers but you just gonna have
to think and again I bring this up
because the media likes to simplify
things either you hate Trump or you like
Trump either he’s evil or he’s or he’s
the greatest
thing and there’s there’s nuance to so
many there’s so much nuances so many
arguments out there at times there’s
there’s there’s a one or two but this
usually yeah if you’re thinking person
you can see why I’d like that policy and
I like that but you can pick and choose
different different people you don’t
have to be so set in your ways because
you’re not thinking your blood your
blindly following when you think there
are only two sides to a certain issue or
two sides to a story
at times there can be but just just use
your head and it’s as so many people are
blindly buying into stories now they are
just blindly buying into them and I
think the people who succeed the most
are the ones that are like okay well
this backsides got a pony this person’s
got a point and maybe side one is right
but the other ones aren’t Satan and yeah
you know 10% aside to is right also
alright so and and or look there’s
there’s a third the rub the real answer
isn’t what the mainstream media aren’t
the options that the mainstream media is
there’s a third answer you got a thing
always keep that in mind always keep
that in mind here’s a tweet from neva a
society that believes that wealth is
created through lack of privilege fruit
through luck or privilege will eat
itself alive a society that believes
that wealth is creative through luck or
privilege will eat itself alive well I
think we are living right now and in a
in a society that believes that that
wealth have created through luck or
privilege which is which is incorrect
which is which is incorrect are we
eating ourselves alive we don’t the
general society as a whole doesn’t have
much of a brain left it’s a brain eating
disease but we’re still alive society
society will go on society the modern
society that we currently live in in
this golden age where there’s so many
comforts where the welfare
rulz it won’t fall apart there can be
plenty of haters that believe in those
rumors as long as the 20 percenters keep
on producing and they understand they
know how to keep on creating wealth
we’ll be fine
at least of 20 and left let the let the
the people in debt go more into debt and
keep on hating that that sustains them
for some I don’t understand it so
society III have a more positive outlook
but I do agree with the basic premise of
that statement that it’s it’s
unfortunate when society believes that
wealth is created through longer
privilege when society has gone down a
rabbit hole that much but it has and
that’s why these demagogues can win
elected office because the 80 percenters
the people who don’t produce think I’m
gonna vote for this person and all my
problems are going to be solved the
wealth will be redistributed the luck
the luck of though the luck of the
wealthy will come to me footages will
bring me the luck of the wealthy and
they’re wrong Safa Dean says your wealth
like your health is largely the
consequence of decisions you and your
forbearers took it is not a score in a
game against others okay so that’s
that’s you know you know incoming
inequality don’t don’t be jealous you
don’t have to it doesn’t bother you that
Bill Gates makes more money hating
people richer than you he goes on say is
exactly as dumb counterproductive and
detestable as hating people healthier
than you hating on people who stop them
who stole their wealth is it and this is
a little different
hey do people who stole their wealth is
as helpful to you as hating on people
who gain their health
you’re better off learning to shut up
and focus on yourself exactly there are
people who stole wealth okay there are
people who steal and tricked other
people and scam people
don’t worry about that don’t obsess over
them don’t try to say all rich people
are like them you worry about yourself
and you figure out how to get richer
okay shut up and focus on yourself
I like that I’m talking about the golden
age we live here in the modern society
and social media affecting politics and
politics just becoming a really
tremendous not thinking soap opera and
if you look back on time you can
remember in the early 90s when news news
was pretty pure before the news was news
okay drama started entering news okay Oh
Jay Simpson Nancy Kerrigan there’s the
line the dividing line between gossip
and news started to slowly go away and
but still you know you had your news
stations and they were the source of
truth TV was the source of truth so you
know you had some drama creeping in but
you still had the news and then the
internet started it came about in the
late nineties should we say and at first
it wasn’t legit at all but then it
became more and more legitimate in the
the main players and the traditional
news and drama space had to understand
the Internet and people started getting
news from there and
there was more drama started coming to
TV more superficial stuff that catch
people’s eye because the internet was
taking away pure news from people and
but we still had politics and
politicians still relied on the TV what
those Talking Heads said sure they threw
some more drama into it some more
mindlessness into it but the cable TV
the main TV stations that still had so
much influence over the elections you
didn’t have to put too much money in the
internet and then finally the final
evolution the internet is like
dominating politics I don’t exactly know
when it happened but I guess it had to
do array had to start around the time of
Trump and now this election they the old
players want to regulate the internet
want to censor the internet so they go
back to TV so they get back into the
drama the TV is now than not I mean CNN
is just all that is that news it’s just
drama now it’s just pure pure biased in
the days of Peter James it wasn’t
emotion he might have been a little
biased at times anyway but it wasn’t
flamboyance in terms of be biased I mean
now it’s just in your face there’s no
shame about it because just there’s
desperation all around because anyone
out there can go on the internet anyone
can pay for an advertisement on the
internet anyone can get on Dave Rubin
show anyone can get on really little
shows it’s the decentralization of news
sources and is having a tremendous
effect on the people who value their
wealth in politics and it’s it could
really rewrite it’s already rearranged
things in a major way by having Trump as
president because he is not from that
political class he’s not I mean he’s not
a I’m not saying he’s a good guy or
anything like that but we’re in the Wild
Wild West here and all sorts of entities
are trying all sorts of things to censor
and you gotta stand there but you gotta
admire guys like on a certain level like
Kerber who won’t who won’t allow these
people to say who he can take money who
we can accept advertisements from so it
has been such a wild evolution since OJ
Simpson and the internet starting to
start becoming big in TV started you go
you look back on the 60 in the 60s that
the news that was all there was there’s
three stations that’s how you got there
noon and so if there was written if they
were lying about something that was it
now nothing like that could ever could
ever happen again
it’s cool and I will say that keep on
even if you don’t like certain people
out there allow them to have their voice
allow them to have your voice if the
censoring stuff is emotional nonsense
but it’s it’s catching on it’s catching
on among among the youth they don’t
believe in freedom of speech at a time
it’s it’s tragic because we are now
living in a time where we have the
ultimate freedom of speech from the
internet when every people can’t just
say well the I can’t get my word across
anymore to a lot of people because the
the three main TV stations they don’t
believe in my third opinion well if
you’ve got a third if you’ve got a third
opinion now you just throw it out there
on the internet that’s just the beauty
but definitely the me
so this 2020 election they are spending
much on social media and in much
advertising and this was something in
2012 that was not a good thing
in 2008 especially so who what will turn
are we gonna enter a time in 2024 when
TV is just a total joke we’re worthy and
newspapers are a total joke when it
comes to politics where it’s gonna all
be the Internet we will see we will see
what happens
rules of engagement on Twitter rules of
Twitter engagements found that like
button first of all what
do you this is from woo Mik
okay rules of Twitter engagement do not
respond to negativity do not feed the
trolls continue to provide value the
tables will turn in due time your time
is too valuable
trolls squander their time and addictive
crud a loot a losing trade time is the
only scarcity that a Bitcoin there you
go people
that’s create Charles don’t create they
destroy I’m like that with people who
who say they want to destroy all coins
you’re basically trolling all up coins
at that point it’s a waste of time
let let people create don’t be a troll
and if you are a creator you’re going to
encounter trolls ignore them ignore
ignore ignore and so you can you can I
know sometimes you’re tempted I have a
I don’t reply the trolls on in the
comment section and it just says a lot
about you when you have trolls you mean
something they destroy all they do is
destroy they create nothing they get
pleasure out of wasting people’s time so
Twitter especially I don’t I’m gonna
participate in there’s long Twitter
conversations I just learn from it and I
post on there I post so people find out
about me I love to retweet good ideas
I’m creating I’m creating it every every
aspect I’m promoting people to be
producers producers in life don’t be a
troll ignore the trolls so you can
produce more and you know don’t if you
if you’re a Bitcoin er and you’re don’t
worry about the all coins keep on
producing on the Bitcoin side don’t
don’t troll the haul all coins don’t try
to mine alt coins just to destroy them
that’s such a waste of resources
alright we’re honest and the show and
web a Pew Research Center report found
that self-employed Americans and the
people working for them together
accounted for 30 percent of the nation’s
workforce or 44
jobs in total at 2014 and this is
actually still true in 2019 I believe I
linked to a 2019 thing sorry I shouldn’t
even said a 2014 part about it
but but here’s a deal 30% 30% that’s
very close to 20% and they said that 30%
number is not just the people that start
their own business but the people that
are working under them – so this kind of
gives me hope I know not all 24 centers
are self-employed and it’s not about
that but if 20% of the nation can be
self-employed that’s very impressive
this very impressive and it should give
you guys hope if you think you’re a 20
percent IRR and you’re tired of working
for the man look 20 percent of a nation
is cellphone employee and starts their
own business there still is that
entrepreneurial spirit among 20 percent
of the nation again it’s that magical 20
percent of them so it just is should
give you it should give you hope for
those people that rule down and if
thinking all I’m never gonna be able to
not work for someone else but plenty 20
percent is a large number 20 percent
producers that’s what keep the world
that’s what keeps the world running okay
so it’s it’s a large enough number that
you could really be a part of the 20 to
30 percent of the people who are
self-employed so I’d like to bring up
when I see familiar numbers like that
finally we’ll talk about think spot the
Jordan Peterson we’re talking about
social media before we’re talking about
censorship before he wants to create a
social media platform where free
thinkers can just post anything and
where other people can comment and it
might have something to do with
cryptocurrency and people have asked me
about it it’s ts not today it still is
in beta
you still need a beta invite but I am
getting email I’m not on it yet because
I’ve not got the beta invite but
apparently there are people on it and
here is the and people ask me about it
so I’m going to leave you with this
update that they sent over email that
many people don’t know alright thank you
for continuing to wait patiently to join
think spot our team is working hard to
complete the initial platform
development as we build our community
our media library currently has over
10,000 hours of audio content and
thousands of videos including many
things spot exclusives and live
streaming events all registered users
can access the majority of content on
think spot for free and we are in the
process of developing new features
during our beta period that allow our
users to publish various types of
content we are continuing to onboard new
users each week and are on track to
achieve our goal of extending
invitations to everyone on our wait list
by the end of the year once our beta
period is complete we will remove the
wait list and open our platform to
everyone so ok they have there are
people on it now it’s clearly not many
people it’s clear that they’re taking
their time about it which is good they
want to have a polished product and then
eventually everyone will be able to get
on so right now if you’re on it you’re
very lucky but these do have a wait list
you should sign up for weightless
because maybe you’ll get an early chance
to get on and play around with it
clearly I haven’t so I wish them all the
luck in the world they seem like they’re
doing they’re going about this in a
smart slow not impulsive way long term
thinking type of way they won’t have a
product that is smooth they are
deferring gratification by not allowing
everyone on there so you should defer
gratification be patient I hope it’s
great I really I really hope it’s great
I hope of challenges YouTube I hope it
gives me another platform for this type
of stuff from my podcast for the visual
stuff everything and again I thank Ankur
again for the podcast go to sports my
comment can we listen to all my podcasts
which are just that the YouTube videos
turn into podcast plus some extra audio
for you ok that is it guys I’m flying on
the plane I’m on my way back to
Baltimore I hoped you enjoyed yeah I
know it’s Monday you’re not supposed to
get a B on Bitcoin show it needed a part
two we’ll be back to the regular one big
on Tuesday I will be tired as anything
and then we’ll be back to total normal
on Wednesday and yes things are not
normal all over the world right now
because it’s Thanksgiving week and lots
of Americans are taking off consider an
opportunity to get your voice out there
because there’s not as many loud
Americans on social media taking up a
bunch of space you should take up more
space now okay pound that like button
i’m adam i should pick one meister the
disrupt meister let’s subscribe to the
channel click on the squares pound that
like button have fun see you


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