The Beyond Bitcoin Show- Episode 77- Bernie Sanders Billionaire envy, pets are pricey, dream big!

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I was not around for yesterday’s show it
was pre taped it was during uh it was
during Shabbat or it was right before
Shabbat I was preparing it’s been very
nice to be back but the family here in
Baltimore I forgot to mention on
Thursday that I saw I talked about some
of the people I’d seen I when I landed
in Baltimore and I got picked up at the
light rail stop I forgot to say I was
immediately taken to my grandmother’s
house and she is doing quite well so
that was really one of the first I saw
her before I saw my younger relatives so
I forgot to mention that the other day I
just wanted to point that out but so
people were you know they like they like
to hear grandma updates and it’s the V
on Bitcoin show so why not I’ve been
totally disconnected from Bitcoin uh-huh
since I uploaded Friday show so it’s
great to have Abby on Bitcoin show
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jon said he he loved the the caitlin the
show yesterday right yes hey he caught
her he base best of her david first
though the chat it’s all right bad
you’re out on the west coast it’s a
little earlier there it’s late here on
the east coast you’re you’re probably in
enjoying an adult beverage so you’re
forgetting which woman you heard talk on
the show yesterday all right so let’s uh
let’s get into this article about Bernie
Sanders uh-huh Bernie Sanders what’s he
up to here in this envious dude or he
plays off of people’s Envy at least
Bernie Sanders unveils new wealth tax
plan and he says billionaires should not
exist pure envy who cares if
billionaires exist or they don’t if it’s
their business buying own business dude
but yeah he’s got a wealth tax sets up
he one up Elizabeth Warren’s wall tax
and again if you’re rich he just wants
to take money from you if even if you’re
not making money anymore you’ve got a
got a lot of wealth you got a big house
he wants to just tax it if you’ve got a
if he considers you wealthy okay but he
isn’t a billionaire should exist and
this is taken seriously in today’s world
it is unbelievable that was I it it
would have been considered unbelievable
in 1999 when the internet was coming out
or something like that that this we had
twenty years later we’d be talking about
billionaires shouldn’t exist and Bernie
Sanders that nut from Vermont would be a
major candidate
for president and that these this is
what we deal with it is a world of envy
a world of enemy and it’s unfortunate
that people have to be envious and they
can’t improve themselves because wow
we’re living in such a nice time and and
yet in this beautiful time of such
technology where these billionaires have
brought us incredible technology many of
these billionaires have become
incredibly wealthy Bill Gates Mark
Zuckerberg they have changed the world
technologically Elon Musk who whoever
they brought such comfort to this world
but they shouldn’t exist the he doesn’t
understand the incentive structure of
capitalism or maybe he does it he just
wants to win a presidential election
that’s probably what it is
he knows that the 80 percenters you can
get them envy is a strong emotion envy
you can get people to vote for you that
way oh well just my thoughts on the
whole thing it’s a big big big show to
me I’m just watching it as an outsider
pound that like button well so these are
these people that they’re like I’m poor
why are billionaires rich why can’t I
stop being poor well you keep going out
to dinner but we’re gonna talk about
that but look at this I know some people
are gonna take offense to this but
Americans spend an average of 126
dollars in nineteen cents a month on
their pets and dogs they spend $140 a
month on average Americans that’s a lot
of money over time okay that I mean over
a year that’s over a fifteen hundred
bucks with the dog I’m with uh with the
average pet there yeah it’s uh and some
of these people who say they’re poor who
are envious of the rich they got all
they got two dogs they got big dogs
pit bulls how much does it cost to pay
you to feed a pit bull and there they’re
saying and they’re on welfare and why am
i poor you don’t a dog is a luxury yes
yes it’s a luxury and it cost quite a
bit and yeah and and some people just go
all out on their dogs hey it’s a free
it’s a free world
okay personal responsibility is new
culture if you were
by your dog clothes and everything be my
guest but then I’m and then if you say
you’re poor while I pour white the rich
should be taxed where is that coming
from dude in personal responsibility you
don’t have to close your darn dog learn
how to budget your how to budget learns
how to prioritize
prioritize get real assets a dog is not
a real asset
a cat is a I mean they’re I like cats I
like get me I don’t like dogs but I I
can understand why people if you can
afford a pet get a pet but they are so
my point in bringing all this up is
there are so many Americans out there
that they can’t they can’t afford that’s
they really can’t afford that’s all
and uh I see uh you you said you Sagami
and I love seeing him in the chat it’s
great to see you he says watch tulsi
gabbard overtake the top three democrats
and i know you like her no she’s not
she’s not going to she’s not even gonna
be in the next debates that they again
did they want to vote for people they
think are gonna win they don’t want
controversial people she’s she’s you
know she’s not promising them a wealth
taxes she’s not promising them free
stuff that doesn’t really work in
election land it’s it’s not a it’s not a
pretty world over there it’s it’s the
world of let’s bribe let’s try not to
offend anyone and bribe the voters who
Adam talking doll dogecoin yeah that’s
closest closest dogecoin you’re gonna
get here when I’m talking dogs on beyond
Bitcoin and found that like button but
yeah a dog some of these coins aren’t
quite doggish I gotta say I what do we
have here seventy three point our story
3.5 hour fast it was the perfect timing
for it I gotta say I started in Israel
on Tuesday night I had dinner and then I
had a very late flight on Wednesday
night I saw I didn’t eat all of
Wednesday and then you land in New York
on Thursday
get to Baltimore Thursday afternoon
they’re already at 48 hours by that
point because the time zone difference
and I was tired and I slept quite a bit
I woke up to do the show
went right back to sleep and before you
know it is the next day and it’s almost
the afternoon which is 72 hours because
in Tel Aviv it’s night I bought it’s a
seven-hour difference and that was you
know I got it 270 3.5 hours I felt great
it was very good fast you don’t eat on
the plane you don’t want to eat on the
plane the plane ride was like 11 hours I
think it’s longer when you’re coming
back when you’re going west it’s it
takes a longer time because the winds or
something so yeah Tel Aviv to New York
is 11 hours then you get on a plane a
short plane ride to Baltimore and I’m
gonna talk about that plane ride in a
second what I found on the shorter plane
ride and I also have to say whoa yeah
that that the gate for the Baltimore 2
or the New York to Baltimore flight on
Delta last gate at the terminal you got
to be in shape to do that thing baby or
there’s actually I know there’s some
terminal bus but I didn’t bother but
that’s our thing okay so so moving on uh
as you could all see I’ve got a big
smile on my face
my mom always tapi I love life I realize
that we’re in this golden age and I
think it’s a good perspective to have a
life that this is the most comfortable
humanity has ever been poor people all
over the United States of America have
answers to everything in their hand they
have cameras and have video cat their
phones do everything for them okay now I
don’t even have one of those darn things
I don’t have one of them but you do know
that so many of them do and it’s it’s
just amazing but yet there are so many
do there’s different type
there’s the do Murs then the Doomer is
they not that many do MERS are just like
all the world’s gonna end I gotta get
gold oh I’m waiting for the collapse
they’re usually guys and that’s their
thing whatever but then we got these pro
panic prison people with the climate
stuff and they’re just always looking
for a bad way a bad way of looking at
the world and a negative way oh it’s
you know if there really is a climate
problem there’s so much opportunity out
there to make profitable businesses that
will clean the environment and this is
not about forcing people to do stuff but
be an entrepreneur if you think if the
world is if we’re gonna have some
climate challenges environmental
challenges make make some money off of
it and at the same time though at the
same time is it is the world that should
you be in a wild panic when we do have
billionaires out there very rich people
who have figured out all sorts of other
problems for us okay there are all sorts
of people figuring out all sorts of
problems I just saw light outside that
freaked me out but okay I know it is
what oh you might have saw something my
face there but yeah guys I I just did
there been some current events lately
where you see these young people they
are just totally panicked that they’re
living on edge and why why I think part
of it is because we’re so comfortable
now we’re being very or some people are
being very nitpicky about everything
they need something to worry about they
need something to worry about no you
don’t need something to worry about to
become obsessed about getting the
productive endeavors that that’s what I
say it is a golden age and take that
perspective on like take a few steps
back it’s the world is a falling part
and we’re going to talk about space at
the end of this show and and how it
relates to well I think how it maybe
could make some of these people that are
panicked about the environment and who
might feel claustrophobic on this planet
I mean it that’s amazing yeah I think a
lot of people they don’t travel a lot or
they’ve never driven across the United
States there’s so much open space out
there people so much beautiful I think a
lot of people are City centric and they
they’re more prone to think that
everything’s falling apart but I was
living in dirty cities alright so on the
plane coming up from New York to
Baltimore the small smaller Delta plane
I I go into the to read the Delta
magazine and in the Delta where the
Delta magazine should be is the new your
girl here let me hold this up I make
sure you can all see it here all right
there having been all right look at this
shirt – it’s one of these you haven’t
seen this one for a while so be with
zere is made out of zeros and ones just
want you to see it it’s linked it below
all the shorts you can buy or link to
below so the New Yorker so I don’t
usually read in New York or of course I
don’t I want to buy a magazine and I
wouldn’t buy a $9 magazine
oh.nothing dollars for a magazine oh my
New York elitist I guess they’re buying
it I guess they’re buy I mean there’s so
much free information out there so yeah
total waste of money especially when I
can get I that I get it for free so
there are some there’s some interesting
stuff in here and I’m sure you go to if
you’re on the streets in Manhattan I bet
you can find this for free outside of a
convenience store in the garbage can or
something like that and it’s not dirty
or anything like that if you really want
to read it this is something you could
dumpster die for I’m sure easily if you
wait a week or whatever I don’t know how
often that comes out you can get an old
Edition definitely for free now but I
did read this story though ideas in the
Jonathan Lagarde believes a wild
imagination could save the world now
this guy is definitely this Jonathan
Lagarde dude is a liberal bias pretty
sure he’s a liberal politically liberal
okay so yeah that’s his business
whatever but he talks about in Africa
having delivery drones in the air yeah
because they don’t have good roads in in
certain parts of it most of Africa bad
roads why not make drones legal there
and entrepreneurs will come in and
create these drones that did that move
it vital resources from one village to
another and they just you know just like
they skip landlines they skip roads they
go straight to drones I mean we don’t
have drones delivering things yet here
in in the Western world they could be
ahead of us and I thought you know this
is a Britain he talks about the
bureaucracy and I
the African leaders want their bribes
and everything really unfortunate then
maybe maybe I just thought this this is
really this is a good idea
there’s a guy I probably don’t agree
with this guy politically or whatever
and that’s just awesome that that
someone you can best don’t you shouldn’t
judge people by their political ideology
if they got good ideas they got a good
ideas okay and so this this guy you
should you know ignore a person’s good
ideas because they’re pudgy how about
that so I’d like this attitude that he
believes a wild imagination to save the
world so he comes up with wild ideas and
that just reminds me I mean tonight
people are talking about SpaceX and Elon
Musk and I love I love guys like that I
love people who think big who and people
say oh no that can’t be done we can’t go
to Mars we can’t have African drones in
the skies delivery drones no let’s do it
this is the Golden Age that’s that’s the
attitude I take not that the world is
falling apart and it’s about the Bern
and we must be forced to not eat cows
anymore okay
all right I like cows I’ve been having
some cow lately have a cow man
pound out like button here is he tweet
from Travis no no no this is some guy
named Amir said this and this is another
guy that’s bit dreaming big
this guy was behind Airbnb Travis Clinic
colonic has said his kitchen rental
startup cloud kitchens could be worth
2.5 billion dollars now up from 450
million in early 2018 okay I don’t care
about that and will be bigger than uber
oh wait is he one of the founders of
uber this guy where did I say I didn’t
say Ober
I said Airbnb I don’t know what this
dude Travis kalanick was about either
uber Airbnb and so this is a very
interesting idea this kitchen rental
startup called cloud kitchens now I am
NOT a person who eats out and I
encourage people to save money by not
eating out and not getting delivery but
80 percenters are going to do what
they’re gonna do and they people getting
their welfare dollar they
valuing their wealth sand dollars and
they are spending machines so why I mean
hey man if we’re living in this world
where they keep on spending spending
spending spending so why not cater to
them why not make it cheaper to do
deliveries so this guy is created a
system where different uh restaurants
could just set up there in a big ugly
warehouse little cubicles they all share
it cuts cut down on cost and and
everything’s delivered from this one
location by a generic delivery service
so it saves money you can look up cloud
kitchens I thought it was an interesting
idea and again and again it’s stuff
nothing I would ever use nothing I knew
you were either but uh it’s it’s it’s
good in this in in the current
environment where people want the food
deliveries and in a lower cost not that
do these people’s they don’t care about
cost if they cared about cause they make
their own darn food all right
it will he’ll lower the cost for the
producer for the people who own the
restaurants at least how about that
they’ll be happier so here’s a tweet
from Benedict Evans when I don’t know
how are people asking questions here
all right here we go no yeah Roman Q
says do you know if Baltimore has paid
the Bitcoin ransomware no they never
paid it and cost them millions of
dollars I’ve talked about it in other
shows they never paid it they fixed it
eventually it cost millions and millions
and millions of dollars it was it was
absolutely ridiculous so no they did not
they did not pay would be ransom which
wish I didn’t say that word but okay
YouTube doesn’t like that word pound
that like button for YouTube being
completely ridiculous like that we’ll
see how that how that works but yeah
Baltimore could have paid that Bitcoin
and it would have cost a lot less but
hey it’s Baltimore being Baltimore what
are you gonna do yeah Adam stay away
from eat someone says stay away from
women eat once a day don’t live until
and today okay if you used to say bye
and he says
used to say by a whole 20/20 but now you
say 20 20 20 now you say 20 21 no I
don’t dude you see this is this is this
is the it uh it’s this an example of a
guy is impulsive here I
I still say don’t sell your big coin
until after 2020 yet never sell your
Bitcoin I say never sell it
the Bitcoin had we’ve lived through this
before you don’t pay very close
attention okay
remember the 2016 having we went up get
after having then it went down a little
bit then by the end of the year you know
2016 it had gone up and then 2017 was
the big year for huge year for Bitcoin
so I have talked on the show about the
two hundred ten thousand block theory
and if the two hundred ten thousand
block theory remains true then in 2021
which is two hundred ten thousand blocks
from 2017 Bitcoin will be worth more so
then it was at it it will be at a new
all-time high that is what I’m saying
so I’m saying I’m saying 2021 will hack
if the if the theory remains true and I
think it will that November 20 21 we
will definitely be at a higher point
than twenty thousand than ninety
thousand six hundred dollars now I’m not
saying I say you know what I’m not
saying that that’s don’t sell your
Bitcoin until then I you can’t it well I
actually I I am saying we’re do anybody
you said but not saying twenty stay away
from women and we say what’s this a coin
you used to say buy and hold until
twenty Lab I’m saying at the dudes don’t
you should hold on as long as possible
that is what I am saying guys want to
say but if you must sell for someone new
reason and I guess sell in 2020 but I
think it’s ridiculous to do so I think
maybe what you were trying to get at is
that I was saying that all would be
great with Bitcoin in 2020 that would be
the all-time high or something like that
and that is not I was not saying that
was going to be the all-time time high
in 2020 that is what I was I was
definitely not saying that but no you
don’t have to stay away from women
people I mean this guy that this guy
says this about me he thinks like I
haven’t lived the life or something like
that dude I had banged plenty of women
okay we’ve talked about that um pret own
past shows I’ve done I drank and party
like a freakin rock star okay
and it’s just it’s fleeting dude it
means so little in life I’ve lived a
life and I can tell you that doing
unhealthy things it’s not it’s it’s a
drug it’s it’s it’s really pat it passes
so fast that’s you deferring
gratification saving money so you could
don’t have to work dude I don’t have to
work I don’t work okay because I bought
Bitcoin because I saved money this is my
job dude I travel around the world okay
so you’re saying like not eating you’re
poking at me for not eating that’s a
healthy thing so I don’t get cancer when
I’m 45 years old okay okay you why don’t
you ask some people that are suffering
from cancer right now if they would
rather not you know no they wouldn’t
rather rather not drank and I’m not
eating a bunch of horrible food when
they were in their 20s and done
intermittent fasting then or now have
cancer as fat why don’t you ask mention
that okay and I’m sure he’ll tell you
what he rather been doing you know
instead of doing unhealthy things and he
became slightly overweight who knows
what brought on his cancer or whatever
but um you know there’s there’s
something to deferral of gratification
here so you hitting me up on the 2020
2021 I haven’t I haven’t changed a line
at all okay but the the whole concept
that you don’t get that so many 80
percenters don’t get is saving and
holding and you if you don’t have to
spend don’t spend it I’m traveling it on
the whole world or they do without
spending any of my Bitcoin why because I
plan and I don’t buy dogs and I don’t
eat out and you don’t need to eat out to
be happy and you don’t need to do drugs
and drink and spend lots of money on
women to be happy or have a woman to be
happy okay dude so I know you think you
have said and like many other 80% oh
bitcoin what’s wrong with it it’s it’s
going down dude
that’s why you’re gonna be poor dude you
have to you have to have long-term
thinking you have to understand what
savings is okay and dude if you haven’t
noticed I have completely messed that
concept and it’s paid off quite well for
me and so I did
but just because hey it’s it’s a good
life now or whatever doesn’t mean I can
die I’m not still gonna try to improve
my life by doing intermittent fasting by
doing healthy things by by not drinking
by not doing ridiculous drugs or
whatever everybody’s doing out there
today okay
I’m I’m trying to be on this planet as
long as freaky possible and in a healthy
and healthy mood in the healthy mood so
this is this is this is a thing a lot
idiots like you I shouldn’t say idiots
80 percenters like you because some 80
percenters are idiots um you you think
that not eating is is is that that’s
you think healthy is what going to
McDonald’s or you do doing what the
government tells you you eat a bunch of
sugar Phil Phil foods because it’s happy
because the candy tastes good yeah candy
tastes great dude
candy tastes great whatever man it innit
if you have no self-control that you
can’t eat for 24 hours that you can’t
eat for 48 hours
you’re that weak I mean that’s that mean
I have I have little respect for people
who who don’t have self-control who have
no self-control I mean this is the world
we live in what I’ve been describing is
a world of people who do stuff there are
so impulsive they must have it now they
must have it now and so you don’t get it
Eddy this whole everyone my shows is
about not having it now you don’t have
to have it now to be happy you don’t
have to have it now to be wealthy in
fact to become wealthy
you’re not Bennett you’re gonna have to
wait on some things you’re gonna have to
be able to save and create new things
and savings helps you create okay so
there you go there there’s a little
comment on you right there I mean do do
what you’re gonna do personal
responsibility is the new counterculture
but for you to say this the 22 I begged
I changed my thing from 2020 to 2021 no
the having stoked
20 it’s still a very important thing I’m
not selling my Bitcoin no matter what
but the need the the all-time high
there’s no guarantee that all fine is
gonna be broken in 2020 I never said
that that’s not what the saying was
about that’s not what the saying was
about all right and so yeah what a
clarifying people don’t sell your
Bitcoin for as long as possible for as
long as possible okay
Twenty twenty Twenty twenty one twenty
twenty five I don’t care hold on to it
as long as possible because you know you
could have been like Eddie or whatever
in back in you know Oh a truck drop to
the 300 I’m selling it now when I was
saying hold onto it for as long as
twenty twenty having okay so that’s what
I was saying back in twenty twenty
having when it was seven hundred dollars
twenty three so you you just get some
goal in mind so you don’t do some
ridiculous thing like this guy saying to
do spend it on women and booze or
whatever ridiculous ridiculous you see
how about if I would have spent all my
money all my Bitcoin are on women and
booze in 2016 then I have nothing now I
have nothing instead of its and now
because we’re 8,000 dollars I mean it’s
it’s you don’t see you don’t see the
logic in it you don’t if you don’t
understand that if you don’t you haven’t
learned from what already what’s going
on in Bitcoin I don’t know what else to
say I don’t know so yeah we got a little
bit of Bitcoin in here too we got a
little bit of Bitcoin in here so III
know this is any guy thing he’s been in
he he was alright at one point but he’s
become like this dude who’s impulsive it
was gold I should get gold bowel or
something all right
so Roman Cuse said another awesome I
mean Eddie if you want me to answer your
questions you got to play that you got
to pay the troll tax do us do uh do uh
Western we call it super chat you’re a
troll you’re a troll tax guy and you
I’ve had people pay the troll tax before
so Roman Q another awesome show with
Caitlin long she has been outstanding
for the last two times you have to have
Giacomo on the show again after he does
his content but he did his quantum fun
presentation he told me actually he I
think it’s not online yet he told me the
something is done III think he said it
wasn’t a lot as I met a man in person in
Israel it was great Talmud like button
where is mention these days some someone
says he sees been around he just made a
new video I haven’t had time to watch it
yet let me see if there are any all
women okay women leash off your money
yeah many women leash off your money
this is true many many do I many do it
you don’t need a wife dude you don’t
need a wife now your wealth in Bitcoin
you don’t value it in women okay you
down alright moving on I I was we got
other things to talk about here so I
talked about the I was gonna talk about
Benedict Evans saying I lost save this
one for next time it doesn’t it’s it’s
linked to below it’s just about PCs and
phones and the Golden Age alright Dan
Rodricks in Baltimore says he’s a writer
for The Baltimore Sun he has an article
and actually the rebuttal article is
linked to below
we need a billionaire what is this hang
on have a benefactor provide one billion
dollars annually about a third of the
city’s operating budget to maintain
essential services while Baltimore
property owners get a major cut in taxes
so Dan Roberts who is a liberal who I
believe he likes Bernie Sanders Bernie
Sanders who says billionaires don’t
shouldn’t exist this guy this possible
Bernie Sanders supporter says that a
billionaire should just give a billion
dollars to Baltimore annually just for
the heck of it just for the heck of it
to bail out Baltimore
why was ad a guilt I guess out of guilt
I mean and this is this is the world
that we live in today that the people
are supposed to make financial decisions
based on guilt you’re supposed to help
out people that have or no relation to
you there’s that you’re supposed to be
willing to give half your salary of them
or something I mean uh I will say this
at least this this idea is not a
government bailout it’s like hey we’re
Baltimore we’re poor
rich billionaire spend your money here
we’re not forcing you to do it but give
us a billion dollars it’s better than
like federal government bail us out
taxpayers pay about Palace a yeah but
it’s still what what does the
billionaire gonna get out of he’s gonna
get like this little some of these
billionaires do get jollies out of stuff
like that so I mean maybe it’s worth a
shot dude it’s it’s worth a shot I guess
but the rebuttal said let me just lower
the property taxes and people will move
to the city and there’s you get rid of
some of the you some of the useless
workers there’s all only useless workers
in Baltimore City I mean when they had
the when the city was being held hostage
by that are rare people weren’t working
and the city was working fine all right
all right so very interesting this it’s
come to this in a major in a major
united states city they have to beg they
have to beg billionaires for for money
guilt guilt some billionaire this is
this is taken as a logical law this is a
logical solution that people oh well
maybe maybe that will happen you know
Melinda Gates has given a lot of money
to Africa maybe they’ll give money to
Baltimore who knows I mean you can’t
rely on benefactors dudes you can’t rely
on rich benefactors you got to do it
yourself first responsibility is a new
counterculture Baltimore figure it out
yourselves you you brought this on
get out you dug this hole get out of it
okay I want to say that Bitcoin idealist
out there think all people are motivated
to get in the Bitcoin and they’re not
right actually people want to fit in and
they just want to be comfortable and
they love stuff the dollar is so
convenient credit cards are based around
it so no people aren’t there logical
people are motivated to get into Bitcoin
okay logical people who know about
savings in deferral of gratification
and they can see wow this is real money
this is there’s only gonna be 21 million
of it this is of course of course but
and then bitcoin idealist think well
everyone everyone has to see this
everyone has to see how how great
bitcoin is and they’ll be motivated to
get no they’re not like that they don’t
they don’t see it at all they want to
fit in they want they want to get their
big houses with their with their money
with their dollars get paid in dollars
they want to keep up with the Joneses
get their big SUV so you get to take the
kids to all the the fancy restaurants
brag to their friends get the latest
gadgets so no they’re not gonna get big
they’re gonna go to you they’re gonna be
stuck in the welfare dollar world move
move to the best area so they can go to
send their kids to the best government
school yeah and I I’ll save that one for
next time
so uh because we’re now we’re running
late oh yeah I’ve been on for a little
while here what do we hit let me see if
there were any other questions but no it
seems logical to us to 20 percenters oh
yeah everyone’s gonna get into Bitcoin
it’s good ever it’ll be a Bitcoin
ization everyone in their right mind it
makes so much and yeah for us it makes
sense for everybody should make sense
but most people uh know most people
aren’t motivated at all by the they
can’t they can’t see the long-term
benefits they don’t see they want an
immediate benefit they went with Bitcoin
they want it now they wanted immediate
benefit and they’re like what why am i
buying this money in the sky what’s it
doing for me now now I went under and
they say well I can buy this Porsche
with my dollars that’s giving me a jolt
of happiness now I can get a bunch of
alcohol and uh it’s giving me a jolt now
so many this is norm onyx says so many
of our political problems in the US
would be resolved if we reaffirmed and
regain some non central
policy setting norms we aren’t supposed
to all agree that’s why we have 50
separate states this simple idea is
being lost in a frenzy for control yes I
love that now again I don’t like
politics but states should go their own
way that’s the way it was meant to be
people should not be control freaks and
care with someone in that the people of
Montana should be doing exactly the same
thing the people in Illinois should be
doing we should all live under the same
exact federal law saying federal
everything’s federal dictated by the
federal leadership for all the same all
the states are saying everyone’s in the
same everyone’s got to fit in no no that
says I this is go your own way that’s
what the states are there supposed to be
experimental places so this guy brings
up if people could just back off and say
you know what I I’m an I’m an abortion
I like abortion I live in New York we
have abortion in New York we have
abortion in California Montana they
don’t have abortion look but that’s a
don’t go to out Montana debt I’m not
gonna go to Montana because I can’t get
an abortion if you yeah don’t don’t let
every state be its own experiment okay
but most people that are involved in
political scene they can’t just let it
go they just can’t let it go if it’s if
if it’s another state they think they
got a mind there that that states
business they got a care they live in
Vermont they got to care what’s going on
in Alaska and that’s unfortunate go your
own way be independent being that the
states can be independent of each other
you as in it these people are
collectivist that’s a very definition of
collectivist on the federal level and
again collectivism is the default
individualism is the accomplishment all
right and the last thing I want to say
was dr. Robert Zubrin was on Fraser
Kane’s Universe Today Show and it was a
great ending of the show it’s it I’d
like dr. Robert Zubrin he’s a big
dreamer also he wants people to move the
Mars he wants people to move everywhere
he’s a really smart guy and he
says that what we’re current what’s
gonna bring down earth is that bad ideas
bad ideas uh and some of these bad ideas
revolve around and and the bad ideas
lead to the mentality of countries
people with in different countries
saying we’re gonna have we’re gonna have
it out one day we’re gonna have to have
it out with China one day it’s just
there’s not room enough for the United
States and for China on this globe you
know they do things their way we do
things our way there’s not enough room
for us we’re gonna clash there’s gonna
be a war it’s gonna that that bad idea
mentality that’s going to have we’re
gonna have to have it out mentality that
we’re with the real we’re their limited
resources they’re only limited resources
and the United States is either gonna
win or China is gonna win or Russia’s
gonna win or whatever it’s gonna be and
that’s what he’s got a point there that
with that closed-minded mentality that
that that it’s limited that this this
scarcity mindset it’s a it’s a you gotta
have an anti anti scarcity mindset
people with space there is no roof on
the earth okay
he brought that up there’s no roof on
the earth all of the powers are on this
planet if they fear a clock if they feel
claustrophobic that you know there’s not
enough on here for us and the Chinese
well go into space that will help cure
some of the people’s and we were talking
beforehand about the environmental
people who think everything’s going to
go to heck on this planet well if we go
out into space you won’t feel as
claustrophobic that there there are
other resources out there you if the
earth goes to down the tubes well you’ll
we will be on other asteroids and the
earth is gonna go down the tubes will
have space stations this is the beauty
of space it gets it gets that anti
scarcity feeling away gets rid of it it
gets rid of uh you know the
claustrophobic the feeling the panic
prison feeling that countries have and
we’re gonna have to have it out one day
it’s just there’s not enough land out
there there’s plenty of land out there
but people just they don’t see it
but if they expand their mind in the
space maybe they will see it that way
okay i’m adam meister that’s the show
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