The Beyond Bitcoin Show- Episode 73- Fentanyl & China, Envy is not healthy, Democracy, Talmud

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today is August the 31st 2019 strong
hand I’m confiscating what bitcoin is
the next bitcoin personal responsibility
is a new counterculture deferral
gratification conviction Golden Age
strive for greatness ambition avoid
mediocrity ok yeah so I’m live I hope
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questions so let’s talk about a short
term thinking impulsive solutions when
it comes to america and all that
political waste of time we hear a lot of
the short term impulsive solutions but
dan Crenshaw whose representative from
Texas he just smacked it all down but
he’s a long-term thinker he says
abolishing the electoral college means
that politicians will only campaign in
and listen to urban areas that is not a
representative to that that is not a
representative democracy we live in a
republic which means 51% of the
population doesn’t get to boss around
the other 49% and that is what people
forget that this is not a democracy
and democracy just because it’s a nice
pretty word that people paint flowers
around it is it is nasty
it can be nasty 51% can steal from 49%
of the people and Dan Crenshaw knows
that’s not the way that you run a
country and that’s not the way this
country was meant to be so there’s all
sorts of people who like you saying you
know the people don’t understand what a
democracy is no no people understand
what a democracy is and the United
States is not a democracy and the United
States should be proud of it and I’m
glad to hear uh Dan Crenshaw laying the
Smackdown there and reminding everyone
that we don’t we should just because
people don’t like the way things are
doesn’t mean you impulsively change
everything okay if it ain’t broke don’t
fix it and if you think it’s broke just
because you’re not getting your way just
was your little kid be patient because
in the long run the you don’t know when
you’re gonna need the minority and when
the majority can boss you around and
steal from you you don’t want to that is
not freedom that is not freedom when a
majority can steal from a minority all
right so moving on there is a website
cool were and again this is all linked
to below Dan quick that was a great
tweet by Dan Crenshaw simple and to the
point he’s the guy with the eye patch if
you see pound that like button for that
eye patch all right let me check
something right here oh yeah so cool
world’s have you have you heard of that
YouTube channel
it is a YouTube channel about space a
really smart guy who’s I forgot where
he’s a professor at I think he’s
Australian I hope he’s not straight but
he’s based in America the point is his
site had deals with exomoons a lot but
he deals I know exomes I was so cool but
he also in a video that I’d link to
below he talks about a a subject matter
turning Jupiter using Jupiter as an
antenna to send back videos from
satellites okay he develops practical
concepts where you will be able to use
the earth as a tellus
where you going to be able to use
Jupiter as a as an antenna the Samson
back things that can be done right now
that could be so cool and he’s just in
motion coming up with these ideas and
you can understand them even if you
don’t like space you can understand this
I like this I like this kind of thing it
isn’t the government solving people’s
problems it’s an independent dude coming
up with ideas that are smart and are
reasonable and are practical so check
him out I I enjoy that channel a lot
people ask you know what kind of stuff
do you look at when you’re not looking
at Bitcoin well there you go
cool world’s link to below now here’s
someone who’s in motion who’s this stoic
Emperor says some people spend their
whole lives waiting for the sound of a
starting gun that never goes off don’t
wait pull the trigger yourself I like
that attitude man you don’t wait around
for that
starting gun so don’t wait for someone
to tell you yeah now’s the time to start
your life now’s the time to live your
dream no you got to do that you’re you
pulled the trigger on your own starting
gun in your own race and you start it
now man what now is the best time that
take to get going and be in motion you
don’t need anyone’s permission to be an
entrepreneur to change your life to
start again it is it’s up to you you’ve
got that power independent thinker you
don’t need to be part of a mob
collectivism is the default
individualism is the accomplishment all
right by the way Scott Adams the Dilbert
guy who’s got videos out there that deal
with all sorts of current events I will
say this he agrees with my terminology
one of my sayings always be learning
always be learning and always improve
your talent stack as he would say
nothing you become a better person more
well-rounded you’re able to you know
start a new life if you need to and
that’s why you should always be learning
and you just increasing knowledge to me
it gets me going in May
makes me gives me a buzz and I think
that make definitely makes a person more
independent and more things you know the
last questions you have to ask and less
you don’t you don’t have to be reliant
on other people who know you’ve learned
it for yourself don’t be wont to rely on
someone else to take care of your issue
for you okay moving on Penn Jillette I
saw him on a Joe Rogan show the other
day and I didn’t link to that one below
but you can find it and she said he was
talking about the danger of associating
herself too much making everything a
team sport I mentioned this before but I
just wanted to point out he he was on
the same page as me it definitely leads
to envy and it’s just it’s a waste of
your time if you get too much into
making every single aspect of your life
like Democrats versus Republicans you
putting yourself on the team us versus
them being independent person make your
own decisions you don’t have to you know
the rock people versus the rap people
you don’t have to get into these petty
these petty disagreements because your
team doesn’t agree with the other team
okay solve your own problems don’t get
into these group gigantic group
arguments it’s a total waste of time and
again you will find yourself sometimes
aligning yourself with a group and
getting into bigger bigger issues but
again try to try to avoid there are
dangers to these making everything a
team sport it can really waste your time
all right now teach your children well
how about that for what we’re about to
talk about we’re going to talk about
this fetanyl issue that so many people
are talking about that this this
terrible drug called fentanyl is
produced in China and it is a lot of it
is brought into the United States
now it’s an opioid and a lot of people
end up using it because they’re using
other drugs like heroin or coke even
sometimes and they’re already drug
addicts now again fentanyl has a real
purpose okay it is a prescription
medication for people that are in pain I
mean it does serve a real purpose for
people who are really sick so with all
of this in mind
okay talk about teen sports China versus
the United States as an individual you
cannot become a drug addict you’ve got
to teach your kids the horrors of heroin
and hardcore drugs because once you
become a hardcore drug addict at this
point you might get slipped some of this
fentanyl in there okay and it could kill
you it is it’s incredibly potent but you
personal responsibility is the new
counterculture here and a lot of people
aren’t gonna like to hear this but it’s
not it’s not China’s fault when it when
a drug addict Odie’s on fentanyl I mean
they’ve already taken some steps in
their lives where they become heroin
addicts or where they become coke
addicts and when they’re just they need
it every day and they got themselves a
bad batch that had some fentanyl mixed
into it okay now so children everything
in a child’s life it they’re very
precious and impressionable when they’re
you think they need parents they care
for them you can’t if you’re not ready
to have a kid don’t have a kid if you’re
a single person and don’t have a kid
okay they need two parents and when you
you start saying well this is just as
good this is second best if you’re
second best raising your kid the
likelihood that they’re going to get
into trouble that they’re going to get
into drugs increases if they get into
drugs there’s a chance they’re going to
become drug addicts once you’re a drug
they get into this stuff and it leads to
a really nasty situation so we have
people out there so here we go
someone says fentanyl is incredibly
potent drug a few dozen people with
backpacks full could supply all of the
opiate addicts in the US for months
claiming that China could stop or even
slow down that flow even if they
dedicated every single resource they
possess to the job is simply ludicrous
now someone else says if people point
out they think that China is trying to
kill Americans that this is a master
plan again this is
team sports China wants to defeat
Americans by sending vetting all over to
kill Americans
okay let’s logically think about that
for a second if if that is what China
was trying to do if they’re trying to
send lots of fenton all over here to
kill Americans and to weaken America
that way does that week in America if a
bunch of drug addicts all of a sudden OD
in America does that week in America I
mean it’s it’s a sick thought I mean but
I’m just trying to break this down to
the people to think that china is trying
to it is trying to this is some master
plan to destroy America they’re letting
their people sell their all in the
making money okay they’re they’re making
money they’re they’re selling this drug
sometimes it has a legitimate purpose
okay for pain killing and everything
this is not a master plan if if your
theory about this being a master plan
that China is trying to kill all of
America’s drug addicts that doesn’t hurt
America if all of a sudden all the drug
addicts in America tight I know it
sounds pretty brutal but America would
be stronger I think that’s just that’s
just the fact and so they’re not yeah
that’s not the reason this is being
allowed to happen okay it’s its
financial it is it is a financial
situation over there but again it comes
down to it’s there’s demand there’s a
demand for it in America
personal responsibility allows people to
sit saying no we’re not gonna have a
demand for this
we’re gonna watch after our kids if we
are drug addict so we’re gonna seek help
here we’re gonna not get any we’re gonna
cut the heroin out and I know I know
it’s hard I know it’s hard if you’re a
drug addict already that’s why you got
to raise your kids right that’s why if
you’ve got a friend and you and is it’s
a loved one you don’t try to intervene
and try to but know the China there’s a
lot of people saying that you know the
Chinese or killing Americans it’s
Americans they’re killing Americans it’s
it’s drug addicts I mean this is
something when you’re drug addict this
is this is a risk you take when you’re
getting the drugs this is a risk you
take and I know it is it is horrible to
do obviously it’s it’s horrifying to
lose a child to a situation like this
but the Chinese didn’t make your kid
come here an addict that’s it’s brutal
it is it is it is brutal but a personal
responsibility is uh it can it can
appear to be brutal but if you take food
if you have that independence if you
really control your own life you won’t
end up blaming people for problems you
it’s a good feeling to take personal
responsibility you have less problems
when you do take personal responsibility
over your life so again it’s this
fentanyl thing a lot of people have come
up with conspiracies and whatnot about
it it does it boils down to some
personal responsibility there and yeah I
let’s let’s raise raise your kids right
if you’re not ready raised you’re not
ready to read have kids don’t have kids
yet okay look after your own all right
what’s this all here and here this is
the brutality I mean this sounds brutal
I’m abusing that word now but and this
is another thing with Americans that has
led people down to being a drug addict
people are sad people are down people
are down and they think a magic pill is
gonna solve everything life is not that
simple a magic pill is not going to save
everything if you’ve got that mentality
you’re going to end up in these
situations where you get hooked when you
think you need outside help where you
think you need magical magical pills you
gotta something magical pills that would
solve a dollar thing okay they just they
send you down a spiral of destruction
here and we are living at a time and so
I linked to an article below
with 5% of the world’s total population
the u.s. consumes 80% of the global
opioid medication spokesperson gang
Shuang told reporters on August 29th if
the US really wants to solve its
fentanyl problem it should put its own
house in order
well boiling it get that down to the
next level you know you’ve got to put
your own house in order okay it is in
the United is that the United States
does need
it’s own house okay the United States is
an abstract concept the right the
individuals within the United States
have to put there they have to put
everything in perspective
life is great what a golden age you have
access to credit to luxury vehicles to
so much stuff
life is great you don’t need to get into
these drugs you don’t need to dull the
pain with a magic pill there is no pain
life is beautiful all right so here is a
tweet by dan held all right he says what
does dan held here said whenever someone
starts talking about fair competition or
indeed about fairness in general it’s
time to keep a sharp eye on your wallet
for it is about to be picked Marie and
Rothbard said that yeah so yeah be
careful of the politicians preaching
fairness or anyone coming in with a plan
well it would be fair if the rich gave
to the poor if we made the right now
that yeah they’re about to steal from
you so good reminder there by the
deceased amore Murray Rothbard
but Dan held shared that tweet now I
will have to say this people that Envy
is not healthy Envy is not healthy so
those with a lot of envy they’re going
to be they’re gonna have some health
issues okay mental health issues
physical health issues if you are
jealous and so in in the modern world
where we have this in our income
inequality in the United States there is
in an incoming for in a college yes
there is and I said it doesn’t matter it
should not matter to people
but in this in this society where and
the United States has more in our income
inequality than a lot of other Western
countries we’re more free than a lot of
other Western countries but the people
value their wealth and stuff okay and so
in this situation where people are
valuing their wealth and stuff and they
don’t think they have enough they then
become envy envious of other people and
that does get them sicker
so people have point
now in countries with high levels of
incoming inequality you do have more
health problems there are more mental
health problems that is not the internet
income inequalities fault that is the
farm of people who are envious they need
to understand there is no reason to be
envious of buildings there’s no reason
to be envious of a millionare you put
your hat on house in order
you can be successful there’s no because
Envy Envy is only gonna get you sick
it’s only gonna get you ill and you’re
not gonna be able to progress or
anything worry about your own self do
not worry about income inequality it is
not it is not the problem it is it is
not a problem at all
again that we have such high income
people they have produced so much for
the world
and so much comfort in the United States
such a golden age they in in countries
three countries like the United States
with income income equally there’s just
a you can get so much stuff you can live
so comfortably so comfortably and it is
thanks to the wealthy people it is too
so don’t be jealous of them try to
understand the situation
try to understand try to better yourself
don’t get obsessed with envy
okay and so then you will not care about
any quality income inequality and you
will be a healthier person and you will
be in motion now did I get everything in
yeah so so yeah the people who are
envious do not understand what is making
them more envious that it is their
obsession with stuff that they’re
measuring their wealth and stuff if they
can just break it down and say you know
what my happiness does not equal stuff
luxury vehicles that does not that has
not equal happiness they’d be better off
psychologically okay
oh yeah I just I just combined two
things here so content overlooks this is
so funny it it exemplifies my own how I
uh pay attention how I learn on the
Internet as many of you know I watched
the ben shapiro show like every day at
2:00 at speed of course but when I say
I never even I never see it at all I
sucked for a second I saw them the other
day and I saw you had the key pop on his
head the yarmulke on his head
and I totally forgotten that he wore a
yarmulke totally forgot I I don’t forgot
about it until I saw it again and that
is how often I look at the screen when I
am taking in YouTube videos and it’s
just it is unfortunate I’m so there’s so
many other people tell you the color of
his yarmulke you tell you so many things
about the way people look on the web can
tell me about my hairstyle the other day
or whatever it is
content overlooks and that is that’s how
I take in the bench of pure so I’m I’m
getting information I don’t care what
the heck venture mirror looks like at
all I don’t even know what the heck Ben
Shapiro looks like that is my that is my
point there so that that’s a that’s I
mean and if you’re a podcast person then
yeah you’re just listening and that’s
great and you can get these shows in
podcast form at sports maestro calm
pound that like button so and and what I
want to say if you watch that’s the old
way of watching TV people used to watch
TV and it was just it was mind-numbing
they just they looking at the pictures
they’re looking at the fancy sets of
graphics so I’m gonna tell you this if
you’re still if you’re taking in the
internet the same way that you’re
watching TV it’s not going to end up
much different for you okay your life’s
not gonna end up much different than if
you were just plopped in front of a TV
watching some sitcom if you’re taking in
the internet that same way just like
whoo look at this yarmulke look at his
hair look if that’s what you’re getting
out of all this you might as well just
watch TV you might as well watch repeats
of cheers or The Cosby Show or whatever
is on cable I don’t know cable might as
well just do that instead instead of
getting the Internet the Internet
provides a learning
opportunity for people and if you’re
going to treat it like TV if you’re
gonna have that TV mindset you’re not
gonna learn a darn thing pound that like
button okay so yeah we do live in a
golden age where people supposedly that
the people in the low brackets okay gay
in any incoming income inequality
country in this golden age they can have
luxury vehicles and they again they they
don’t understand
that that desire for luxury vehicles
getting into debt that that is just
making them slaves and that is just
giving putting more pressure the more
they care about it the more pressure
their debt but they do have that if they
had the mindset where they were like
okay I am not getting any wealth by
getting these luxury vehicles let me get
some wealthier but then I can still get
the luxury vehicle and my happiness is
going to go up I’m going to save I’m
going to have long-term thinking I’m
going to accumulate real assets they’ll
break out of that vicious cycle of just
like I’m jealous I’m jealous I need to
get more stuff I’m jealous I’m jealous I
need to get more it because it’s just a
never-ending spiral and they will never
get out of the jealousy they would just
end up with more and more debt more and
more stuff more and more stress more and
more sickness so yeah I combined a few
things and that other thing I said all
right moving on who’s this G Singh huh
have to believe it is a good tweet have
to believe your greatest work is still
yet to come otherwise what’s the point I
think it’s a great attitude there yeah
you always got to be thinking like my
best is yet to come tomorrow is gonna be
a better day tomorrow I’ll be able to do
more work tomorrow I’m gonna make a
better video tomorrow I’m gonna run even
more tomorrow will be better
that’s I mean always ain’t aim high and
keep on doing keep on competing against
yourself beating yourself I mean if not
well if he isn’t getting any better
things aren’t getting any way but then
what’s the point what’s the what’s the
point man
IIIi think you should that’s the beauty
of life you every day can be better
everything can be better constantly
getting better for you possibly you
better being better if you’re using your
brain if you’re in motion so I’d like
that attitude
I like that tweet I like that again you
know sometimes you don’t accomplish what
you had to do that day maybe it wasn’t a
good day hey there’s another day how do
you you can do it just use that brain
rely on yourself don’t depend on other
people to solve your problems if you get
stuck in that situation it won’t be a
better day your own Brooke was on the
bench Shapiro some days special talking
about Ben Shapiro I have link to it
below and what I’ve been loving I’ve
been loving your on Brooke lately and
one of the things I gained from him and
I think he said something like this
inequality is a feature it’s a feature
it isn’t it isn’t a bug at all
inequality is it it would be bored if
everyone was equal if everyone was equal
that would be boring then what would be
created there be nothing new everyone
would do the same thing it would be
terrible that we had people that can
specialize in certain fields and can be
completely better than so many of the
other people and produce so much that
others who could never dream of
producing that much could benefit from
it’s a feature it’s a feature to the way
things work so again in the income
inequality you see people doing better
in sports you see people doing better in
all sorts of fields that’s great that’s
great you find a place where you’re
unaware you’re better than everyone else
I mean it’s inspirational for me I think
it’s inspirational for Euron Brooke to
see these people with so much success
out there in being shown to the world in
the terms of income income inequality
alright let’s see we got Zach band dare
I see said something Oh
22 years old I got but okay yeah I can’t
really say you said a word there I’m not
gonna say that word but then it wasn’t a
question anyway so you anyone with a
question you do this to each other I
asked you a question
Zach thanks for the comment all right um
I remember all my links are below saw me
on Twitter at Tec HB alt moving on
sack what is this I have written down
here sacrifice sickness yeah it is a
sickness sacrifice is a sickness to
sacrifice for others to sacrifice for
others that you do not know do you feel
the need to sacrifice for others you’re
guilted into sacrificing for others that
you don’t know it’s a sick it’s a
sickness it’s a sickness that it infects
so many people they think that is the
ultimate you know to base their life
around you know to be to be Mother
Teresa or something to live for others
you got to live for yourself first okay
you got to take care of your own
business baby but if you if you think
that it’s all about sacrificing for
others then you’re gonna think someone’s
gotta sacrifice for you and you’re gonna
think it’s totally valid that that rich
person sacrificed for you that you steal
from that rich person and that isn’t
valid that is totally wrong you can’t
that’s why you can’t base it on that so
people that have to need to have a non
guilt foundation where they understand
they don’t need the sacrifice and it’s
an important core belief and this this
is easy to explain to people too because
a lot of people don’t understand
economics you just you break it down
that way they will get it some people
will get it alright
and speaking of golden age we’ve got CMB
we were speaking of golden age
beforehand CNBC article here and this
just shows what a world we live in the
Qantas hopes to have a New York the
Sydney and a London London to Sydney
direct flights up and running by 2022
those will be 19 our flights okay
they’re run right now they’re Qantas is
a testing 19 our flights and that is
just what a world we live in that will
soon be able to travel if you’re in New
York if you’re in London you’ll be able
to take a direct flight to Sydney
Australia pound that freaking like
button you should be thanking the Lord
you’re alive all right let’s get that
when we have James clear
oh no competition only competition that
a lot of people are getting these days
there’s a lot of people they work for
the government
not there’s no competition there’s
there’s a lot of people involved they’re
just they’re just walking through their
lives working at jobs where they’re just
mindless zombies there is no competition
they’re just satisfied with themselves
and so a lot of people that only way
they got they get competition these days
is through social media zingers and yeah
the trolling and stuff it’s it’s not
very productive at all I mean so you can
say yeah I won that battle I uh I I had
a social media zinger on Twitter on
YouTube in the comments section that’s
not real competition dude that’s just
you being a troll and again I mean
you’re trying to compensate for for
being unsuccessful but what you’ve got
to do is compete against yourself if you
competition does get get the blood going
it gets you going there so compete
against yourself be better than you were
the other day so a lot of people you
know it’s a trolling or whatever ripping
on people social media I beat them
that’s competition I don’t makes me feel
nah dude it’s it’s it’s a so look it’s a
little hit it’s not it’s not productive
what are you producing there by singing
somebody on on social media so be a
better person than you were the other
day come up with new ideas compete
against your old self be wealthier than
your old self I mean there’s a lot of
ways you can measure it be happier than
your old self competition it gets you
going now again if you’re in the
workplace if you’re working for a
corporation or if you’re an entrepreneur
you are competing very nicely there
you’re trying to make the best freak’n
product out there you’re making the soap
just the product that most people are
going to buy so you’re competing against
your competitors who are also trying to
do the same exact thing you’re doing a
lot of spaces some spaces are more
crowded than other that’s France so
there are people that do that still but
we are living in a world today of
abundance where a lot of people aren’t
involved in endeavors like that so they
take it out on social media they take it
out in social media and again do you
have to work in a competitive
environment you don’t necessarily have
in competitive myron if not compete
again compete against yourself make
yourself a better person he does it gets
it going it can make you a stronger it
makes you a more independent person
competition does sometimes and there are
definitely healthy forms of competition
there’s some sickening forms of
competition also all righty uh the
social media zinger is being met you
know I bested him I burned him it’s ego
nonsense all right so James clear said
your actions are your real priorities
and that is a great point you can list
all the things you want to do you can
have a huge to-do list and you know and
rank everything on that list you know
this is the this is what I want this is
my goal this is my big this is what I’m
gonna do this is what but then what did
you actually do what do you actually do
and that was your real priority that was
if you go through the day you have a
list of XYZ things to do things you
actually did those are your priorities
and a lot of times if you take a few
steps back you’re like those are my
priorities all that stuff that I did a
day in this monotonous boring day and
then you’ve got a you’ve got to make
sure the next day you really do stuff
that you want to do that and the things
that you do what you intended your
priorities they do B and then at the end
of the day if you didn’t then yeah those
are your priorities so again really
James clear he’s got a lot of these good
things your actions are your real
priorities be in motion people be in
motion and see what your priorities are
and if you do nothing all day then I
guess you don’t have any power if no
actions what are your product and that’s
why people get down you got to be in
this I didn’t write this up very nicely
oh yeah
two last things here scapegoating
scapegoating is a coping mechanism for
people who think they are helpless okay
and you’re not helpless first but
there’s so many people that get into
these situations where they feel like
they’re helpless I can’t get a job it’s
their fault it’s the elites fault I
can’t do this it’s the elites fault I
don’t have it it’s X Y Z’s fault
I don’t have a job and they they are
helpless they are helpless because they
can’t take care of themselves and there
are so many people so and there are a
lot of big talkers out there too they’re
totally helpless because they all
they’re doing with their big talk is
they’re just blaming other people
they’re scapegoating scapegoating
scapegoating scapegoating and if you
drill down to it they’re just helpless
people and all they have to realize is
no you’re not really helpless you can’t
take care of yourself you’re not just
floating in space and says someone can
capture you and leave you one away and
and and tell you what to do no you
decide what you’re gonna do all right
you are not helpless and if you’ve got
to add to that you’re not helpless then
you can take your tear yourself you’re
not gonna get into all this nonsense
scapegoating stuff and spend all your
time blaming the government blaming the
the elite blaming just all this made-up
sand there’s so much of the doom stuff
on YouTube also people eat it up because
so many people are helpless scapegoating
is a coping mechanism it’s just a coping
mechanism so boil down to what your real
problem is you’re helpless okay you feel
like you can’t control your own destiny
but you can control your death own
destiny so with all that in mind there’s
one last video out there that another
guy I’d like to watch Henry
Abramson he has videos on Jewish history
and I um I thought I could send them to
my father I knew about it before my
father knew about it but my I I love
sending him to my father and I so wish I
could still send them to my father
which is something I any time I watch
those videos I do think about that I
wish I could because my dad was really
into that stuff at the end there but the
latest Henry Abramson video that is out
there is one that is not it’s it’s
explains what the Talmud is that’s all
it does
he’s starting a series that explains
what the Talmud is it’s it’s a and it’s
very simple what it is it’s not
mysterious it is it’s law commentary it
is law commentary that is what it is and
it’s tremendous but uh it’s nothing too
out of the UN a yeah I think it’s it’s
quite unique but it’s gigantic
compendium of law commentary but so many
that the things you hear about it people
blame stuff all the time again these are
the scapegoats these are the people that
are helpless the simple answer is out
Washington reproduces video you’ll
understand what Tom who it is it’s
pretty simple um it’s it’s law
commentary but again it for me it helps
maybe it’ll wake some people up to like
why was I blaming all my problems on
this this thing I gotta take some
personal responsibility here this is
just like some law books
what anyway so check out check that out
that is linked to below
alright everybody that was the beyond
Bitcoin show we went beyond Bitcoin
always a lot of fun doing these Saturday
shows I gotta call my friend it was his
birthday yesterday yeah i’m adam meister
the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
of course i’m calling him on the over
the computer because i don’t have a
phone pound that like button bang that
bell but i’m a divisive disrupt meister
bitcoin meister all that cool stuff
TCH p LT is me on twitter a new show
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button i will say hi to you dudes in the


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