The Beyond Bitcoin Show- Episode 53- Proud to have never heard of Nipsey Hussle! Bitcoin culture!

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let’s jump into the new again this show
will talk a little bit of bitcoin but
this is people like to hear my opinions
on political subjects cultural subjects
and just my lifestyle health and
everyone knows i’m for baltimore
originally and i’m gonna be here for the
next month before I go back to Los
Angeles and something that’s going on in
Baltimore is and I talked about this
last week I thought the may the mayor of
Baltimore is embroiled in a cobble
controversy she apparently she came up
with this book idea called healthy Holly
and numerous organizations apparently
bought the book from her hoping to gain
influence from her now she is only been
the mayor since 2016 she was in politics
beforehand so this has been going on for
a while most of the books were never
so they contributed to some business
that sort of existed and that’s that’s
not cool that’s not ethical
and at first it just appeared to be one
organization but it goes a lot deeper so
I thought she was going to be able to
survive this thing because Baltimore’s
really corrupt well apparently uh well
she still thinks she can survive this
thing guys you know most people of
consciousness of conscious yeah most
people with some ethics um they would
they would resign
she’s taking a leave of absence she’s
saying she’s not feeling well
so the City Council President Jack Young
who some of you may remember I got no
argument with him in Artscape at 2011 on
the streets of Baltimore I we got into a
verbal argument it was about another
issue anyway and that’s not the solution
of things don’t get in verbal or genic
Jack young pray knows who I am
mayor pube probably might know who I am
but that doesn’t who cares who I am I’m
not even in Baltimore anymore I did the
smart thing there in Baltimore still so
where the guys deal with this Sir Jack
Young is going to become acting there oh
the City Council people have turned are
actually saying she should resign so
this is pretty big because everybody you
might not know it Baltimore but everyone
in politics is a Democrat so they’re
turning on their own and so this is this
is a big thing
still she hasn’t resigned this I mean so
I link to it below that’s what’s going
on in Baltimore that’s why you’d want to
be involved in politics it is dirty it
is corrupt even someone like Mayor
Catherine Pugh who doesn’t seem as dirty
as the rest is worse than how she
thought she could get away with this and
it just reminds you if she thought she
could get away with this then what is it
what’s everybody else in politics
thinking they can get away with in
Baltimore it makes you happy you you
don’t that’s what you don’t plant
yourself in one place that’s why when I
was planted in Baltimore with my house I
had to pay high taxes I would get fined
for all these little things for
violations on my house I get fined for
violations on my house they’re taking
bribes from everybody and everyone and
then they don’t even resign so I could
complain about it all day and stay in
Baltimore or I could travel around the
world like I do not own a house in
Baltimore I position myself financially
where I could just laugh it
these fools and I don’t have to get in
arguments with Jack Young on the streets
of Baltimore anymore at arts escape like
I did in 2011 um anyway so yeah that’s
what you gotta do you you you you can’t
get obsessed with politics and if you do
you you go down the drain with them you
know what it’s a dirty dirty thing and
it’s fun to be an outside observer of it
and kind of laugh at the whole thing and
know that yeah I I did the right thing
getting the heck I mean if you’re in a
corrupt place you’re gonna you’re gonna
dis a price there’s a price to pay
living in a corrupt place when you own
an asset like real estate at least okay
they’re gonna tax you they’re gonna find
you they’re gonna get your piece because
if you’re a real estate owner you’re
considered wealthy in these uh in these
holes in these cities where this kind of
stuff goes on they don’t care about you
they want the masses to vote for them so
you know they raised money through
bribes and then they uh you know who
knows how they and then all the all the
people with nothing keep voting for
these people and they end up with
they still have nothing and then the
people with something we slowly get our
something taken away unless we take
ourselves away and then we get to enjoy
our something and we get more and more
of something and I got into Bitcoin and
III if you’re for Baltimore I can only
advise ya ditch that real estate game
the Bitcoin how about that and then you
don’t have to worry about with mayor
Pugh and and healthy Holly books what’s
going on and what Jack Young is doing
Jack Young is your mayor sort of kind of
moving on pound that like button what do
we got here uh this is about Philly some
of you might this tweet here that I’m
going to quote it’s all linked to below
I talked about a couple weeks ago how
Philadelphia is proposing making stores
won’t be able to ban cash they must
accept cash and this tweet sums up my
opinion on the whole situation
banning cash is a bad idea preventing
stores from refusing to accept cash is a
bad idea too
it is now banning cash that would be
what a government a government would try
to ban cash like India has tried to do I
don’t agree with that no that’s that’s
not good that’s I but again if you’re in
Bitcoin you have to worry about such
things but at the same time the
government saying to stores no you you
must accept cash that’s forced they why
should a store be forced to accept cash
why it their extent they’re accepting
legal tender through the credit card
through through another other means and
if they don’t if it’s if the competitors
will pop up that will accept cash and if
accepting cash is such a good thing then
they’ll do very well so uh III don’t
think I agree with this tweet totally
that the government the government
shouldn’t be stepping into this mess at
all and the government shouldn’t be
banning cash at the same time cash
should cash should always be available
cash should be out there I don’t know
why a store wouldn’t want to want to
take cash I mean there are certain
reasons they want they don’t want a
certain clientele they what up a very
high-end clientele that’s their business
if they want to be a high-end store and
where they only are going to accept a
American Express then that’s that’s
their prerogative I the government
shouldn’t say you can’t do that
government gets his hands and too many
things again but if you’re in a Bitcoin
overlay you don’t have to worry about
this stuff
if you don’t like the government like I
didn’t like the government of Baltimore
you just leave you go somewhere else
where it’s uh where it’s friendly and
I’ll tell you I wasn’t going to talk
about this but this just reminded me you
know there there are all these people
talking about banning the electoral
college which is just a short term a
short term it’s a short-term thinkers uh
prerogative basically eat this is the
United States is not a democracy it’s a
constitutional republic okay
so no not every vote counts in the same
way if every if it was a democracy from
when you voted for president okay then
all the presidential candidates were
just campaign in the urban centers where
they could get the most votes in Los
Angeles New York in Chicago and they
would control the country it’s it’s 50
separate states okay it’s 57 so Wyoming
is gonna get it set
south central los angeles angeles all
chicago they they do not have more power
than Wyoming Wyoming has more power than
them that’s the way it’s set up that way
50 separate states so what you can do if
you care so much about who’s elected
president and the way that the president
is determined if you care so much then
move to Wyoming then your vote will
count more okay but no they’re never
gonna do that they’re never gonna do
that at all
now there there’s some entities who try
to fill States with people with
immigrants basically sending certain
people to Minnesota and Maine and etc
where what the heck these people what
are they doing in Maine in Minnesota now
that that is a way around this
and that’s why yet you have to if you
care much about the how America is set
up if you care about the constitutional
republic set up and maybe you don’t then
yet you you do need a a real immigration
program I mean that this got rules like
where you can’t fumble in a bunch of
illegals and then send them into Maine
or Minnesota and then you change the
demographics it’s just just so you can
alter some votes that’s not what this is
about again and I would be again I would
be for open borders if there was no
welfare state but there is I mean that’s
a big that’s not the world we’re living
in there’s a huge social welfare state
here and that’s why people want to come
here that is why people wanted now if
there was no social welfare state then
people would want to come to the United
States to work hard and the land of
opportunity like in the old days that’s
why all the immigrants came around
nineteen hundred million 1910 and all
that it was there was no wealth welfare
state but again let’s take it as it is
there’s a huge welfare state to eat so
we can’t live in the world of open
borders we can’t live in that world
because either if the country is to be
sustainable all right so I didn’t even
mean to talk about that stuff today and
again if you’re worried about this kind
of stuff get yourself in position where
hey if things turn into socialism
full-fledged socialism the United States
you would just take your treasure and
just go
Australia or wherever anywhere you
choose or just don’t have a home just go
from place to place like I do it’s
possible it is possible you just got a
prep you just gotta prepare yourself
it’d be a long-term thinker and you
think about some of these issues all
right I just was I just received these
super chat let’s see one dollar from
Dane Kinchin he said a lot of things uh
and he didn’t say anything but I see
he’s tweeting and he’s putting a lot of
other things in there three percent err
all right well Thank You Dane you very
very much for your I don’t know if he
wanted me to say anything or not as you
didn’t say anything that moving on
moving on so we talked about healthy
Holly we talked about banding cash
Andrew yang okay
so Andrew yang is running for president
he is a is a Democrat he’s a ubi guy
Universal basic income and he answered
on his website he answers like every
question he deals with every single
issue imaginable now I don’t like you VI
I know I know I think if you’re bi
replaced every single welfare program
that would be okay that would be okay
because it would be a lot cheaper to
administer now that’s not what he’s
proposing I believe he wants there to be
a value-added tax aid to fund that and
that’s no good another tax come on now
but but I give this Jude a lot of credit
he is a peer on the Ben Shapiro show
tomorrow I’d link to it below so you can
watch it starting on Sunday and I gave
him all the crate in the world he’s good
this will help boost his campaign this
will this will boost his campaign yeah
at the same time I’m kind of curate is
gonna win I’d like to see him I’d like
to see but what he would do
I’m I don’t think the world would end if
he got some of these well first of all
if he did you bi correctly like I said
that would be very interesting to see
what happens
you know the the 80 percenters wouldn’t
work the 20% of would work with a
country fall apart right away it’s
interesting i and i and i would of
course be ready to leave and and because
i you know i thought you might well that
bitcoin that could easily easily
sorry but I think the guy is sincere at
least he isn’t he isn’t a corrupt
politician like Catherine Pugh and just
I mean she’s not a fake like some like
everybody out there even that the mayor
of South Bend Indiana
Pete buddy Chang or whatever his name is
what what a last name especially for who
he is
I don’t see how I got well anyway Pete
butter or whatever is buttered
chugga-chugga chugga-chugga choo-choo
butta butta butta he is a terrible last
name I mean if you’re gonna be up if
you’re mean if you’re running for office
you got to be marketing savvy but okay I
guess he person you know he’s proud of
his heritage and everything what was I
gonna say about Pete button check oh
yeah even he’s think he’s talking to an
african-american audience of some sort
he starts talking like Ebonics and stuff
daddy all the candidates are doing is
that I mean when Hillary did it it was
like so blatantly obvious I mean they’re
they’re all doing it they like they
speak in this Ebonics tone when they’re
speaking and the audience likes it they
appreciate it I can’t I can’t believe it
so it’s humiliating it’s it’s really
humiliating when these these white
people speak you and an AOC whether they
start speaking buttocks in front of a
black crowd just to rile them up and
they think it’s gonna get them but I
guess it does get him votes black people
yeah I mean you should you should laugh
in these people’s faces if they they
talk down to you in that manner
I hate it’s unbelievable it’s
unbelievable children to the a ben
shapiro played a quote of his and begged
do not point it out that he was dead
that people but a true or true go was
speaking in Ebonics but he was I know he
Banach Swan from Baltimore come on now
yeah and he was speaking in the in that
tone again it’s disgraceful that um it’s
even called Ebonics that has been
legitimized that this is an acceptable
way of talking yes is a ghetto it’s a
ghetto talking style people should aim
higher than that and then they’re not
talking that style I don’t think it’s
everyone can talk in a respectable
manner if they so choose and to take
when you already talk in in a normal
with a normal accident you start
speaking that way to talk to a black
audience it’s just
it’s bad but Andrew yang does not do
that I give him how that like might even
mean to talk about the Ebonics things so
and you know the cool thing about being
in the Bitcoin overlay you know I bet
most of you couldn’t even speak like
this like I am now talk about Ebonics
you would be scared you lose your job or
something I could say anything I wanted
I mean like Jack Young he talks a
horrible Ebonics it’s it’s bad he’s got
a bad accident and I mean hooking up
look him up on YouTube I mean that I
guess that’s just the way he learned and
he’s bought a more easy that it
catherine pugh she spoke pretty well
she’s pretty alright when you hear
Elizabeth Warren speaking Ebonics to
black people he’s just like oh my god I
also bought it so bad and you know even
Barack Obama with he mistreated black
right he would start speaking anybody
god it’s it’s human how could it be
acceptable if you as a Jewish person his
stomach started like speaking to me you
know if I was a synagogue and all of a
sudden some like politician came in and
started speaking like oh and just don’t
I got like talking like some ghetto Jew
I’d be like I’m like get back out of
here get the Hecky what are you gonna do
why are you degrading me like this I
start speaking some like on some
Guinness stuff I don’t know okay so
let’s talk about onions let’s talk about
onions I really like onions you know i
i’d like eat onions as like a hand food
i think i’ve been shown this before i
just want to mention again when i am
eating my meat I gotta eat like a whole
onion I gotta eat a whole onion so good
they’re good for you too man so I don’t
know I don’t know if you guys are able
to pull that off or not I don’t know if
you guys already reported but I think I
do love love onions and as many of you
know I’ve used like garlic also but but
look if you can’t get into the garlic
into the onions it just adds this sob
that’s such a nice flavor I’m thinking
about it right now
and by the way I’m starting a 44 hour
as I gotta go tomorrow I’m going on a
little road trip
I bet if it leave early in the morning
after synagogue and I’ll be back at
night then I’ll do the show but I will
be out of Baltimore for most of tomorrow
for those of you who care but that’s why
I just won’t be able to eat tomorrow at
all so I won’t eat again till Monday
yeah I mean again when I flew in of
course I did a 40 I mean I’m gonna get
I’m gonna skip 30 days this year I I
think that’s my goal is to skip a month
of eating with my again as mostly you
know I say fast 22 hours at least every
single day but then there’s certain
times when I just skip old you know it’s
a 44 hour fast and then very
occasionally we just had eight I just
had 80 hour fast do check out the
archives I talked about it on the mode
be on Bitcoin show so speaking of 80s I
mean let’s talk about 80 percent or
culture okay
80 percent and again these politicians
appeal to 80 percent nerd culture but
they want the voters they so many of the
voting population of course are 80
percenters are just like to make
decisions on emotion and you know what
what’s fitting in now there’s this guy
named Nipsey Hussle I’m on ESPN comm
trying to see what the score in the
Oriole game is okay that’s why I go to they just check the Oriole
scribe and I don’t read the other stuff
and I see some dude named Nipsey Hussle
has been killed or died and I know I’ve
never heard of this guy before and then
I see it like ohndud I don’t know if I
saw it on Fox News or CNN or draw I
don’t know where but I sold somewhere
that you knit see who’s this Nipsey
Hussle guy who I’ve never heard of that
but why is it a big deal he was killed
what’s going on I I don’t know I just I
don’t know and here I it says on the
ESPN link to there the undefeated which
is actually a site that targets it
targets black people which is fine they
ate it’s like black black sports or
something like that black sports figures
it talks about but Nixie also is not a
sports guy NFC he okay
Nipsey Hussle loved the culture and
basketball was his favorite tragically
the artist went from courtside to being
on player shoes in remembrance so what
is this glorifying this type of stuff I
am so happy I did not know who he was
because he thinks it’s nonsense why
waste your time on someone like this I
mean this is what 80% of culture like
I’m gonna go watch the basketball game
and I sell merchandise i’ma I create
fashion I’m an R I rap or it’s so
mindless it’s so mindless it’s such a
way but yet most people many people know
who he was but he died his neighbor’s
all over the place oh so this is what
80% of culture is this is culture
this is you hates personal
responsibility is it is the new
counterculture if you want this to be
your culture Nipsey you call
Nipsey guys getting shot in south
central to be your culture that’s your
choice that’s your choice it’s not very
productive it’s not very productive I
mean it ends in death I mean it to Nate
when you take it to an extreme when you
take it to an extreme it it ends it ends
in death and to care about what the
Kardashians are doing or with the latest
I don’t know who these people I don’t
know what makes up 80% or culture okay I
don’t I’m so proud of that fact that I
am I am immersed in productive culture
bTW into Bitcoin culture okay and you
had the choice to do that now I said and
now my videos I don’t target any
specific audience I mean I’m giving out
information so obviously those who enjoy
information anyone black white asian I
don’t care again I’m talking about
there’s a sports site in caters to black
people white people can read it on I
read it when I was trying to figure out
who this nipsey guy was but right here
this is the cool thing about Bitcoin it
does not discriminate it does not try to
discriminate it does not try to target
and you you I’m proud that I know who
the Winklevoss brothers are and I didn’t
know who Nipsey Hussle is and I think
being in the mindset of knowing who the
Winklevoss brothers are you will be a
lot more productive in life you really
are you should try to aim to be them
instead of aim to be somebody like that
who gets shot in South Central Los
Angeles okay the Winklevoss brothers
aren’t gonna get soused they don’t sit
they they don’t get shot in South
Central Los Angeles I mean they put
their cells in on a path
to riches and any you should aim to be
them aim to be them and there’s so many
more people hate on the wink of eye then
probably but again then then hate on
nipsey or whatever maybe I don’t know
but I mean like the wink of I are like
the ultimate like enemies now of the
world crowd right you know these D
hoping very good-looking wealthy white
guys I mean those are the and these are
productive smart men anyone woman man
black boy they should aim to be these
people and say what are these guys do
right what they do right they got in the
Bitcoin they might own 1% of all the
Bitcoin ever to be made this is awesome
stuff again Bitcoin does not
discriminate that’s my culture baby that
mines the new counterculture baby is
personal responsibility I’m in the
Bitcoin culture which is all about you
know being your own bank personal
responsibility so yeah there that that’s
my commentary on Nipsey Hussle and yeah
hopefully I’ll never hear about him
again as I never I really I had never
heard of this person before never never
and there’s so many others that I’ve
never heard of before but of course I
can’t mention them was I I don’t know
their names so if you know all these
peoples names who I don’t know the names
of I would advise you learn about
Bitcoin more and don’t waste your money
on tennis shoes and sitting courtside at
an NBA game or whatever I mean you can
get those things once you like save
money and are productive and stuff like
don’t go into the whole 80% our culture
is is about beat getting the debt so you
can know who all these dudes are so you
could follow
Nipsey Hussle and the Kardashians and
who else all right
and again that’s why I love I love being
in LA cuz I’m not a part of when I’m in
LA I just observe all that stuff I’m so
happy that I’m not part of it I’m not
wasting my money on all that nonsense
I’m living I’m living the true
counterculture when I’m there the
personal responsibility Bitcoin
counter-clock sorry so we got a video
out from you Ron Brooke why does
everyone hate Israel it’s called it’s a
good one you guys should definitely
watch it it’s linked to below
you know something and and this some
people see success and just think it’s a
horrible thing and that one must have
something wrong to get that success just
like with the wincle by brothers they
see it’s a horrible thing they’re
successful it’s horrible that is real
success they must be oppressors they
must have done something wrong and and
they’re both there’s victims and we must
support we with the visits the big table
if you’re if you’re uh if you’re doing
well you must be Haiti you must be you
must be an oppressor and we must we must
support the the opposite side and you
know success is evil success is evil in
the 80 percenter world in the in the
woke world I didn’t like that word at
all but yeah they go into that on why
why I mean Israel is is a success I mean
it’s it’s a successful United States has
hated all so it’s a success and people
just uh it’s a sickness in this world
today just to you know if their success
something must be something must be
something must be wrong with that they
must be doing something wrong let’s
let’s pick on let’s let’s pick on them
let’s uh let’s find every fault with
them and try to vilify them yeah okay
that’s waste your time if you want to do
that you can do that you’re not stopping
Israel you’re not stopping United States
you’re not stopping the wincle my
brothers ok you can hate on them all you
want and create scenarios where and
you’re just wasting your time
you should try to emulate you should try
to emulate successes so again
scapegoat scapegoating is your instead
of building yourself
you tell you tear down other people you
out of envy so I mean that’s that’s I
mean we live in the Society of so much
scapegoating so much scapegoating people
spend so much time tearing down other
people to make themselves feel better
out of envy when they should be just
building themselves up build yourself up
because if you tear down some someone
you’re not going to become better you
you think you’re gonna bring them down
to your level that’s disgusting and I
you won’t be able to either as true
successes will not be able to be brought
down from your hate ok and again you’re
much more productive by building
yourself don’t worry about what other
people are doing don’t worry
don’t have envy don’t worry about income
inequality you build yourself up you
will raise your income
and you’ll just be a happier person and
I’ve talked about this scapegoating
before on so many different levels it is
it is definitely a disease that uh it’s
frightening it’s spreading people cannot
take personal responsibility people
can’t build themselves up anymore
alright and if ever and we would talk
about ubi and yeah ubi is not gonna most
of people accept ubi they’re not gonna
be able to uh build themselves up either
no they won’t
it’s not it’s not a solution but I think
it’s better than the current welfare
state if if it just replaces the current
welfare state okay if it again the
overhead costs would go down incredibly
if you just cut everybody $1000 if
everybody’s on welfare now you just
simplified and just gave everybody a
thousand-dollar check every month or
whatever it is that’s all it is you
don’t need to see what they qualify for
what type of wealth or they are just
just all the people who don’t want to
work just you get money go away
just stop up others I mean maybe it
would come some people down it would it
would decrease their jealousy and envy I
think it might it might come some people
down for a bit at least I just can’t I
can’t imagine being one of those people
where you just like I don’t want to be
productive I’m a hater just give me a
check so it’s so not me man I I don’t
know I mean you got to strive for
greatness people people have different
everyone’s entitled to their own
prerogative I guess but again
purse responsibilities a new
counterculture if you want the
government to take care of you dude
you’re gonna have to deal with the
consequences it’s it’s not too good and
here’s something from jeet this from
deep no this isn’t from gee no this
isn’t for retweeted this actually Jeet
was on the show again on Friday check it
out I think they will call this period
of history the social war it’s not a
conventional fight between geographical
factions in the physical world instead
its global Idol on ideological
war fought on social media every day
with Twitter as both newspaper of record
and public war zone well well I do agree
that is going on there definitely is a
social war you don’t have to participate
in it it’s a total waste of your frickin
time okay so when he described it is
going on people are spending hours upon
hours on Twitter you know arguing about
various silly things and that they’re
not gonna be able to change they’re just
a car now some people have found ways to
profit off of it and you know they’ve
made themselves into big big big
characters in be in the space in the
social war space big influencers and
they’ve been able to monetize that a few
people are going to be able to do that
it’s a waste of time it’s unproductive
it isn’t you know people arguing on
Twitter it’s it’s not gonna change very
much at all you you got to change
yourself you’re not gonna you’re not
gonna be able to change other people you
really you really aren’t it’s it’s
especially all on Twitter I mean it’s
it’s it’s very impersonal it’s not faced
up they just read your thing and then
just move on and yourself be productive
always always think that thing think
about like dude I spent five hours today
on Twitter arguing what could have I
been doing we have been doing a lot can
we buy an Bitcoin alright moving on this
show is taken all right there’s
something I found out about I forgot on
I was gonna Isaac off their author show
or one of his face shows i watch
event horizon maybe see no lytx and i
linked to a sino linux link below see no
linux target cellular sina seen a
process in which damaged cells rather
than dying preserve persist to become
toxic to cells around them all right
cellular seen seen has been shown to
drive multiple age-related diseases so
Kate see analytics are medicines or
maybe even foods that destroy the cells
that cause cancer and really bad things
is a new relatively new field Sina Linux
so remember the name I think it will
become big I hope it becomes big these
these medications or or whatever they’re
to come up with will target the
mechanisms the cells that create
age-related diseases and if they were to
be able to get rid of those I mean
people would live a lot longer here we
would have a whole new lifestyle this is
this is cutting edge type of stuff and
so I never heard that term before and
there it is
now going back to and look it up it’s
linked to below you learned something
new every day that’ll be a big thing in
the future I don’t think I mean
pronounce senior lytic sino lytx se and
Oly TI CS the hoot I talked about this a
hoot party I’ve been talking about it
for a few months now in Israel and it’s
like a libertarian party and but it’s
kind of a religious party too it
combines a lot and it’s and they have a
pot legalization is something that
they’re talking about a lot well it
looks like they’re gonna make the Israel
Israeli Knesset and they also have
people that have talked about Bitcoin
their number three guy so I mentioned
that on one of my Bitcoin shows so this
could this could be big
Israel is a very western state and if
they were to get some people that might
start talking Bitcoin on there and maybe
change the Bitcoin scene to be even more
friendly in Israel that would be great
at the same time I want to on a
political level uh these guys are not
conformist Moshe Feiglin is the guy in
charge there
this dude stands for something this dude
again I don’t like most politicians at
all they’re horrible I’ve talked about
so many that are terrible but this guy
is more like Andrew yang and in the
sense that he he’s a real person from
what I can tell so the Wall Street
Journal has an article the potential
kingmaker in Israel and
ultra-nationalists who wants to legalize
pot and so they’re describing Moshe
and the common ultra national
and again that’s just a poison the well
he’s not a liberal he’s not he’s a he’s
not a he wouldn’t be a Democrat in the
United States let’s put that way so the
Wall Street general I guess isn’t I mean
this guy’s as a proud Israeli this guy
knows that Samaria
he lives in Samaria which is great which
is awesome and he you know he doesn’t
play games by night by calling Samaria
and Judea other names but the funny
thing is they call him a name they climb
an ultra-nationalist that do they call a
OSI an ultra socialist I mean once an
ultra nationalist the guy is in Israel
he believes in Israel I mean there’s a
lot of dudes that bug me are they all
ultra-nationalists I guess I mean what’s
an ultra socialist I would think that a
OSI would be an ultra socialists or
Bernie Sanders isn’t he an ultra ultra
ultra he’s playing with words but I mean
it does work the media they know what
they’re doing if they wanted they they
want to influence up an article check
check out is a hoot for yourself again
if you’re in Israel I hope you’re voting
for for them I guess this on Tuesday is
the election I think and again you know
I I am not big in the politics at all in
any country but in Israel it matters a
little it’s very small country and so
guys like that can make a difference in
could help out the they have a lot of
social there’s a lot of socialism in
Israel – it’s a socialist country
basically it’s basically a socialist
country so this could this could help
them out they have very high taxes and a
guy if if he would have gained some
power and then maybe even when they come
become Prime Minister oh my god it would
be great yeah then they become a Bitcoin
friendly state by that country by that
time that’d be awesome
all right tied to trying to tie to tried
to tie it in the Bitcoin there so
finally one last thing this is a tweet
from Arrington
it’s about Zuckerberg before I read then
all right oh I forgot
this shirt oh my god did I mention the
shirt I love this shirt it’s from all
good all good labs and they were linked
to below it’s a really I like the color
the shirt and it is a Bitcoin shirt it
says do your own research so it is it’s
a Bitcoin shirt this is their way of
it’s a Bitcoin shirt rusty that’s what
they do
check them out below because I only wear
Bitcoin shirts on the show or at I
occasionally it’s a really nice color I
love this it’s like an aqua green blue I
don’t know I’m not an artiste I’m an
artiste of Bitcoin not an artiste of
traditional artiste of colors and
painting you should see my handwriting
all right it’s an abomination my physics
teacher said back in high school
all right so Zuckerberg finally calling
for tighter internet regulations when a
large company calls for regulation what
they really what they are really
requesting our regulatory cost that
serve as barriers to entry protecting
them from upstart competitors it means
nothing else ever now Beth Shapiro
actually talked about this too
Soderbergh saying yeah regulate us
regulate us yeah he wants the government
to regulate them because they’ll
there’ll be no other competitors in the
future no one will be able to join they
become a to get in and become a
competitor of Facebook it’s a and it’s
hard tighter internet regulations gets
rid of all sorts of competition so no we
don’t need that they want it eliminates
competition when they’re calling for
when when wealthy companies want the
government to interfere there its
interfere on their side and that is not
capitalism when you get the government
to do favors for you at all that that’s
as fascism oh I mean it’s it’s terrible
when the government picks favorites
that’s a that is fascism and he is yeah
of course he would he would want
regulate ashore regulate they’re not
going to regulate him out of existence
they’re going to regulate the future
competition out of ever existing so
that’s why he’s a fan of Act and it is
not that is not part of capitalism
over-regulation the government
interfering that now when the government
interferes it’s going to it picks
winners it picks winners and he he’s
this very smart guy and he knows that
they regulate him in his industry he’s
gonna be the winner and that’s and he’ll
have an unfair advantage that’s that’s
what happens with the government the
government steps in day they tilt the
scale towards someone all right that’s
enough i’m adam meister the end so yeah
don’t worry about that stuff get into
the bitcoin overlay where if you know
your country ever goes in that direction
you can just leave if you’re ever
unhappy with your city with your
situation you just pick up and leave
with your bitcoin that’s your asset
that’s your asset you can take anywhere
with you getting tied down with a house
it’s a rest man it is a risk aren’t
getting involved in some company owning
a company that can be regulated out of
existence it’s it’s a risk its it could
be taxed out of existence in a
jurisdiction it’s a risk a bitcoin you
can run with that thing baby
alright i’m adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
remember subscribe this channel like
this video share this video check out
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a new a new show every day here I’ll be
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late see


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