The 1 Bitcoin Show- Litecoin Summit! BTC PoW change? Peter Schiff, MGTOW, In motion!

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
welcome to the one bitcoin show today is
July the 3rd 2018 strong hand oh yeah
baby long term thinking in motion oh
this is a time to be in motion people
it’s hot town summer in the city baby
here in the East Coast Baltimore City
baby Baltimore County say to Maryland
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so let’s jump in the Manu dal he says
many of the he’s got a tweet out there
most of the top 1% can barely use their
iPhones properly that is to our
advantage they will be slow to adopt
slash trust Bitcoin with their money
they will be guard presently join us
eventually at substantially higher
prices hey I’m no hater over the 1% I
know a lot of you are and the point of
this is that there are gonna be some old
school people that are like yeah I’m not
into the technology but they will
eventually join us at substantially
higher prices so that is what every
value our wealth and fiat yeah you got
to worry about that I guess we’re
already in at one Bitcoin equals one
Bitcoin but yeah the one person and the
one percenters will pay that’s the glory
of being a 1%
they’re so darn rich they’ll pay those
high prices in terms of Fiat and let
them do that let them delay don’t worry
we’re the long-term thinkers
we’ll wait around until they’re here
they’ll join the party soon enough might
not be until the 2020 having pal that
like button if I’m looking in the chat
right now just for the heck of it and I
see yes for motivation there and I’m
like thinking to myself why is he here
isn’t England playing right now in the
World Cup I mean aren’t they in the
middle of the game
I always says last advice third foot
might even see what he had there all
right that they said stare dude pal that
freaking life button all right and yeah
by the way I am actually rooting for
those Jews are so passionate over there
that well I’m not that I mean I want to
see them riot basically but everyone
knows that your way is my team that is
my team it is Uruguay and we’ll talk
about that on another show but in that
and the game is going on right now I
don’t have another score off I’d like to
see England yeah it can end up being
England against Uruguay in the finals
that would be great that we get but hey
I’m Way all into Uruguay don’t worry but
I’m just in it you know I’ve got a lot
of English viewers too so I got a you
know I gotta give them some love there
Andy but your ways it to your ways a
little teeny country it means so much
more to them if they were to win it
obviously England is like one of the
fourth or third most influential country
on earth I mean whatever okay well I
just went on the tangent there but it’s
July the third and it’s hot outside and
I ran through that with bags of
groceries oh yeah oh yeah why no I’m not
driving no car I’ve only been in a car
like three times now in the last few
days and before that I had been okay I
hadn’t driven a car for two months
unbelievable all right let’s get back on
track here what the heck all right Tour
de Meester has a tweet out there
Bitcoin is an economy unbound by
geographical constraints it has a
growing population of people saving in
it just saving in transacting in it and
building businesses on it it
virtual continent a cloud-based new
world could bitcoins economy grow to the
size of the US economy I think so that’s
what he said
dudes that just like puts you know if
you watch my Saturday show the be on
Bitcoin show you should watch it all
time I talk about entering the Bitcoin
overlay join us in the Bitcoin overlay
it get opt out of the mainstream 80%
Society 80% economy joy the 20
percenters over here and Tori 8 yeah
bitcoin is an economy unbound by
geographical constraints we are in a
whole new world where the 20 percenters
are playing you can check out my
Saturday’s show if for more elaboration
on that but it kind of what he said
reminded me of that but it’s also
interesting to see could bitcoins
economy go to the size of the US economy
that will be interesting to see that
well right tomorrow most likely to March
July the 4th it’s a national holiday
United States and already everybody’s
like taking off you know when I was
running through the streets of Baltimore
County he there’s hardly anybody driving
around Harley no one’s working I mean
people are saying because it’s hot
outside that’s no excuse they’re taking
off early it’s a long July 4th week /
weekend I guess but tomorrow the guys
from Venezuela should be on the show at
noon so I should have my Ben as well as
show at noon now here is a link from
Breitbart Venezuela further protests as
country begins running out of water so
that’s a headline from today I will ask
the guys who are freaking in Venezuela
if they are running out of water so this
should be I mean we’re gonna hear it
from the horse’s mouth ok so but they’re
gonna talk about Bitcoin they’ve got
differences some like – some like this
some don’t like all come anyway I mean
maybe Jamie and Jamie is gonna be I
don’t know if I’m saying his name right
I’m sorry Jamie fine máximos gonna be
there and of course Gabriel and maybe
they’ll all start arguing but no they
love each other you know they’re
Venezuela brothers then as well it
doesn’t have a good soccer team they got
good baseball players
from down there though whoa we pound
that like button okay
and by the way you know as I’ve gotten
older here and and become a world
traveler yes
soccer is better than American football
it is it’s more civilized it’s it’s just
it goes by faster it’s it you should
take your kid if you’re in the USA and
you gotta take him to us paid sporting
event taking the sea soccer it’s much
but it’s high class it’s high class I
like soccer more than football now I
know watch the Ravens anymore as you all
know um but uh yeah you know it’s it’s
it’s good for your long-term thinking
because if you play the football you’re
not gonna have much of a brain left at
if you play soccer yeah you’re not gonna
get injured in the head at least from
from what I understand I I played soccer
in high school yeah I definitely have a
soccer body right you you wouldn’t
expect like Adam Meister yeah that guy
looks like he was a linebacker doesn’t
yeah yeah he really does look at this
shirt look at this shirt no people are
you gonna carry you guys are come off
conspiracies about this shirt it’s a
joke okay the dude who made the shirt
it’s I’m not gonna say what company
that’s making fun of there but it’s
ironic all right all right let’s move on
here oh this is a tweet from we really
did well tech ball and this is about
being in motion people this whole
broadcast is about being motion tech
ball taught me and I’m tech ball fight
around twitter follow me on twitter te
CH b alt taught me that you don’t have
to be a developer to have a massive
impact bring what you can to the table
and we will have a massive feast
if solid is your thing we need salt to
hash tag Bitcoin all right dude so if
you’re a marketer come onto the table
there’s so much in the cryptocurrency
Bitcoin space whatever you want to call
the space everyone can treat can
contribute everyone can be in motion you
can sell freaking t-shirts you can have
events and we’re gonna talk about events
in a second and first we’re going to go
back into my archives which you can see
it disrupt meister comm oh here’s a
here’s an example of a
short-term impulsive thinker you know so
the way YouTube works if someone
comments on an old video of mind that
that’s like the number one comment in my
comment section in my you know when I’m
checking it through the creator
interface so I see some dude who says
he’s a midtown who says he’s a man he
kiss commented on my every migt al
should own at least ten Bitcoin video
that I made on March the 8th 2016 when
bitcoin was worth four hundred and
fourteen dollars again one Bitcoin it
was one big point but let’s put it in
the fiat perspective here so this dude
this is a class and now this guy might
be a midtown this guy might be a man but
that doesn’t make him smart and that
doesn’t make him awesome and that
doesn’t make him part of the 20
percenters he is an impulsive type of
thinker here so let’s go on to what he
actually said under this video the big
the big coin just fell from its throne
total crash in fact I’m mint al but I’m
invested in stocks on companies founded
by and run by man instead has worked
great for me so are you has your
investment strategy of investing in
companies run by men on the traditional
stock markets has that paid off better
than had you bought 10 Bitcoin for a
total of four thousand one hundred and
forty dollars or March the 8th you have
to hope spa to leave a comment like that
under a video where I’m telling men to
buy Bitcoin at four hundred fourteen
dollars a piece now you know how much
bitcoin is work today in Fiat and you’re
saying that Bitcoin has fallen I mean
are these people even awake I mean this
is short-term thinking right here he yes
bitcoin has gone down from 20,000
nineteen thousand whatever to whatever
it is now seven six thousand seven
thousand dollars a
dude from your comedy in a video where
it was $414 come on bad people have no
perspective at all it crashed
oh yeah it’s sure it crashed it was for
two $14 dude alright so um what else do
we have here oh yeah I I was gonna talk
about England I already talked about
England you having a blast out there
what’s the score in the game guys I
don’t even I came in do the super chat
tell me the score the game if you’ve got
a question do the super chatter I answer
a question um okay so yeah I have been
since I’m in Baltimore and been doing a
lot of family events type of thing so
tomorrow I’m gonna hang with the family
a lot also I’ve been away from this
compute for my I’m checking crypto stuff
for about 24 hours I wasn’t getting my
usual Phyllis stuff but I said I mean
when I come back after 24 hours of not
checking my email oh my god there’s so
much to catch up with I mean I’m good
this I’m glad to see people it’s
constantly in motion and his tour said
it isn’t it’s worldwide dudes and I’m
not just because I’m with the family
just because its fourth of July I’m
still I’m not gonna not be in motion I’m
still doing this show every single day
baby I got a break but the news does not
stop and you only get this kind of news
right here this is original type of
stuff so by the way send me for all you
guys in motion that are making events
real-life events you can invite me to
your event maybe I’ll come but tell me
about your event and I will mention it
and there is a guy in Boston I’d link to
his event below it is July the 19th and
iíd just it’s called Bitcoin for
beginners so that’s seen I’m not gonna
be in Boston in July and I’m going to be
in US they’ll be in Edmonton in Injil on
July 19th but go to his event I’ll link
to it below so here is it annabet a big
event that’s not a Bitcoin event it is
called the global litecoin summit like
coin summit dot
it is going to be held at the South San
Francisco conference center the 14th
through 15th of September okay so that’s
in between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur
so if you’re Jewish you may attend no
problems there
and I gotta say it’s being held at the
South San Francisco conference center
where I spoke at an event in in January
and I found this I liked it it was very
convenient I stayed in an air B&B in
South San Francisco South San Francisco
is not San Francisco as a suburb of San
Francisco it’s a city I call it it’s a
city south of surfaces but still close
enough the point is is that that date
September for those dates September 14th
and 15th and I actually know someone
who’s expecting to have a baby on the
15th of September a former or former
girlfriend financially it’s not my baby
and no no that’s that’s a possible
litecoin pump date for all you guys that
care so much about litecoin of your Fiat
and all these people ask me about
litecoin there’s your hint of the day
your Meister hit litecoin hit of the day
I don’t talk about litecoin often but
charlie is gonna use speaking there so I
guess it will be a great event so for
all you litecoin fanatics put your money
where your mouth is travel to San
Francisco attend the event I don’t know
it’s gonna pop maybe they’ll pump that
day again building up to this climactic
litecoin event the fourteenth and
fifteenth of September South San
Francisco baby yeah I mean it’s their
baby I walk to the place that’s the way
you do it and my buddy Christian he
drove me to he drove me to there that’s
where I met Christian that dude got into
motion and now look he’s got he’s making
deals through my show he’s been on my
show he’s a writer now I mean it’s check
his life has changed so much was meeting
me in South San Francisco at that event
and he went out of his way to be in
motion to meet me that’s what happens
when your emotion all right Brooke
goodness I’m going wild here yeah price
porn I called I call it okay there some
of you guys I you know we’ve used
June porn how some people are just
obsessed with like the rule is gonna end
its Fiat price porn you guys can’t get
enough of people saying it’s gonna be
ten thousand damar it’s gonna be six
thousand tomorrow’s gonna be 69 69
tomorrow what’s it gonna be on September
I mean it is it that that’s what it is
to you it’s it’s porn to you and you
guys cannot be so obsessed with the Fiat
price but yeah the Fiat price corners
look that’s a new a new term buy at the
big point my sister here and andy
hoffman and cryptical and
again you can follow it’s linked below
Andy Hoffman’s Twitter I don’t link to
it below but you could find him easily
on there um he’s got an article out
there where he says no witchcraft is
believed more by 80 percenters than
technical analysis so again that gets
into my whole Fiat price porn thing the
80 percenters they that again there is
some object I mean there’s something to
be said to an aspect of technical
analysis okay but you cannot become
obsessed with it you cannot become
obsessed with it the price every day you
can’t worry about it every darn day you
don’t know there there could be huge
events that totally spike the price so
much of it is is not predictable one
Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin people but
there and yet there’s like there are
good tech if you were a real trader then
you got to know about CTA
I guess but 95% of you aren’t real
traders and never will be and it’s not
worth trading your precious Bitcoin at
all and tone although I have not watched
on the show since he’s had the woman
co-host on it because it’s completely
ridiculous white knighting and stuff I
mean had that’s not the tone isn’t
awesome dude and he said he’s good at
technical analysis and everything like
that but I don’t I mean you can’t you
can’t get obsessed with the people you
cannot get obsessed with that type of
stuff it’s it’s it’s Fiat Price porn it
really is and it’s witchcraft it’s a
certain level of witchcraft for the 80
percenters be a 20% or have a strong
hand pound that frickin like button and
so yeah Calgary I am going to be in
on on Sunday I’ll and on Sunday Monday
and Tuesday I’m so you can tell I forget
happy about it
Monday and Tuesday is the Bitcoin rodeo
Bitcoin rodeo calm so thankful to BTC
Betty for you know hooking this up and
hold on Friday BTC Benny will definitely
be on with this weekend big coin show
hopefully we’re gonna have a Bitcoin
rodeo even I’ll still be in Baltimore
then we’re gonna have Bitcoin rodeo guys
on there hopefully vortex will come on –
I haven’t asked ya I haven’t asked I
only have BTC Betty so far so Alberta
I’m coming to meet ya I am so pumped I
am so pumped about it and so then so the
9th of the 10th is a Bitcoin rodeo calm
look it up it’s a cock big whole rodeo
back people saying Bitcoin rodeo calm so
you can check it out next day I’m going
to be in Red Deer which is gonna rock
the 3rd largest city in Alberta I’m so
happy to be the only Baltimore Ian
that’ll be there then and who though a
bar more than ever to visit there now
and then Edmonton meetup is July 12th
and I’m really looking forward to
hanging out with the guys in Edmonton
I’m staying there don’t all guess the
second because there’s some root there
guys in motion from what’s there there
coin what is it for coin fork fork fork
fork or die die oh what’s it called oh
god it’s like to Valon that my Steam it
Paige I’m butchering their name right
now what does this fork something for
crypto dividends baby whatever and
that’s what I’m gonna be speaking about
cryptic dividends at the Bitcoin rodeo
they they wanted me to speak about birth
the dividend so I’m speaking about it
and I realize everyone ivory I mean to
meet Francis in person – it’s gonna be
awesome and Rudolph
Rodolfo Novak over how about having club
Ricardo for Dolph Rodolfo Novak who’s
been on the show before all right let’s
talk about Matt Odell
went on a a big Twitter storm about
truth of work change how these dudes are
threatening a proof-of-work change for
Bitcoin he says proof-of-work one one
shouldn’t be changed except as a last
resort I agree with that bit Maine is
losing control of sha-256 mining they
less of a threat than they used to be
and that trend will continue
the threat of a proof-of-work change
alone has been enough to keep bit man in
check if they and says Luke – jr. and
Cobra Bitcoin want to test this new
using a minority fork of Bitcoin or in
all coins so be it
nobody can stop them so that there it is
people if you want to you know I think
Matt is a little annoyed that they’re
kind of footing Bitcoin by saying
scaring everybody that there should be a
proof-of-work change if you guys want to
approve work change go to fork off well
your crypto dividend make us wealthier
as Bitcoin holders so check out Matt
Odell and it’s linked to below check out
Matt Odell’s Twitter or a storm on that
I thought it was very informative
ok finally one of those finally Erik
Voorhees who I I’m not a fan Erik
Voorhees because he was a B cash he
wanted you know he’s a big blocker was a
big block or whatever he was he debated
Peter Schiff with with Bitcoin you know
and I here to tweet from Eric and I’m I
didn’t watch the debate I am no
intention of watching the debates a
waste of my time um but he says me and
Nick carry of blockchain comm helping
Peter Schiff with his first Bitcoin
transaction ever had a great time at the
debate tonight Peter was reasonable and
curious and it was an honor and
privilege to share the stage this
evening so there’s a picture of uh Erik
sending uh Peter Schiff Bitcoin
so there’s your news right there Peter
Schiff has some Bitcoin now and I ain’t
out maybe there’s some hope for Peter
that that I just thought it was
interesting I know a lot of you like to
hate on Peter Schiff and whatever teach
his own I want to worry about Peter
Schiff too much but I think it’s funny
that I at least Eric somehow got him get
some Bitcoin Aaron and it’s good to know
that they
on good polite terms or whatever in
their debate whatever they had okay
again one last reminder August the 18th
I’ll be up I 95 in Philadelphia with Ken
Bozak at the crypto coined con-com
that’s linked to below get your $45
ticket below by using the bitcoinmeister
45 discount code all of that is a link
to below everybody the best holes were
bought in bear markets pound that
freakin mark pal mad freaking market no
pound that freaking white button
subscribe to this channel and everyone
have a great fourth of July and have a
great time watching the England game if
you’re in England and found that like
button i’m adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister have
fun with your families try to eat
healthy hit i’ll say hi to you guys in
the chat right now don’t drink beer

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