The 1 Bitcoin Show- Libra hearing eve! Mnuchin speaks, Tether, gold, Litecoin & the Dolphins, Q&A!

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calm this weekend bitcoin was great with
giacomo on friday check that out I’m
working on another good one coming up so
I want to make it very clear that I
think any entity on this planet they
should have the freedom to print their
own money out of thin air why not let
the market decide this is where the big
boys play and now that is what
cryptocurrency gave the world the gift
to the world so any any Joe Schmo cannot
praise own money out of thin air and let
the market decide now we have au visa
government individuals who wanna
regulate who want a monopoly on money
and that’s what the hearing is gonna be
about tomorrow okay yes the long-awaited
United States said it Congress whatever
you want to say hearing on Libre is
tomorrow we’re on it’s hearing Eve Libre
Eve here and they don’t want Facebook to
be able to print their own money they
already know is cryptocurrency thing is
out of the box and they can’t stop it
they can’t stop the decentralized ones
and they’re gonna try to do they’re
gonna try to smack down the
decentralized ones but they want
nation-states to have a monopoly on
money and cryptocurrency
this is saying a big no-no and now these
huge corporations which in many ways are
already as powerful as nation-states
they want that last power that last
jewel of the money per of the printing
and so these senators and congressmen
and president are going to say all sorts
of things are going to talk about
national security threats and then
there’s some that are just going to
virtue signal and say oh you’re making a
rich richer and what about the poor
people what about the children what
about the drug dealers what about the
children oh it’s it’s horrible the black
market just anyway most of the people
won’t make any sense at all but the 80
percenters will think they’re making a
lot of sense and so there’ll be some
entertainment value
I’m warning you all though because it
probably the Fiat price of Bitcoin is
gonna be all over the place
during the next two days just bunches of
speculators playing on people’s fears
and hopes on what what’s when what
Center have said what another Center
said trying to interpret it one way or
the other icon that like button Brian he
says he’s in beautiful Wiltshire UK and
yeah I want to visit there one day I’ve
only been to the UK once
heywhat excluding the time the many
times in the airport just set foot in
the regular part of England other than
the airports once so yeah I guess
don’t waste you I’m not gonna watch the
hearings I’ll just get the cliff notes
but I’m giving you a little bit of a
preview there so Bloomberg article here
minuchin plans briefing on
cryptocurrency regulatory issues
Treasury secretary Stephen Venusian said
the Trump administration has very
serious concerns about Facebook Inc’s
proposed cryptocurrency Libre which has
already drawn the ire of President
Donald Trump and Democratic lawmakers
this is indeed a national security issue
Minuten said in a briefing the reporters
at the white hat to reporters at the
right White House we will not allow
digital assets service providers to
operate in the shadows okay so that’s
some pretty great broad statements there
they’re gonna try to regulate
cryptocurrency they’re not gonna be di2
friendly toward Facebook coin the
Facebook people are gonna get smacked
around a lot tomorrow so if you’re a big
hater Facebook a Facebook then I guess
you’ll get some pleasure from that but
me personally I want this Libre thing to
happen I am the more the merrier this is
where the big boys play it will get more
people into Bitcoin but again I’m not an
investor in facebook so whatever happens
happens but I’m a long-term thinker and
I know it will eventually happen that
these tremendous corporations the United
States of America will have their own
currencies whether they be very much
like PayPal or getting toward Bitcoin
now manoosh ins briefing is actually
linked to below you can watch the whole
thing for yourself Matt Odell gave a
very nice son expect them to use illicit
activity playbook terrorism drugs etc
expect a push for KY CML everywhere they
can force it in Bitcoin ban unlikely for
the foreseeable future
feels like Steve has been stacking SATs
pound that like button yeah he probably
hats I mean he’s no no he’s not a fool
he isn’t buying gold I’ll tell you that
133 no script says I’m starting to think
the announcement of Libre was the shot
heard around the world uh that’s
interesting take on it it woke people up
I wanted to wake even more people up
Johnny and Weiss is Bighorn Meister he
says this is San Francisco I mean I’ve
been there many
but I don’t want you to come here
because there’s too many crackheads
crazy weird bull here it’s not safe dude
I’m from Baltimore and it’s much
there was a methadone clinic got shot up
in Baltimore today
it’s worse than San Francisco trust me
I’m I love saying I love San Francisco
I love I think it’s awesome uh-huh this
hill those hills are amazing now was it
what it once was no probably not but
it’s still great it’s still better than
Boston Walker but I love the Baltimore
that’s where I’m from people born and
raised Baltimore huh you know what a
white person says they’re born and
raised in Baltimore Maryland of a
certain age they mean they were raised
in the county and that’s me
so those no no there’s a difference
between Baltimore County Baltimore City
anyway we won’t get into all of that
okay so there should we talked about
that and toward the Meester’s take on
the new chin just told when you should
just told baby boomers that it’s okay to
buy bitcoins since it will be regulated
since if we regulated well and it’s akin
to money gram PayPal etc you know I mean
that’s a positive way of looking at it
that the the the regulation seal of
approval that might come out of all
these congressional hearings eventually
might make baby boomers very comfortable
with getting in the cryptocurrency now
and they’ll be all this retail interest
all these newbies are gonna flock the
coin base all of a sudden after these
hearings is they’re gonna feel safe
about the situation
who knows maybe that maybe that’s a
long-term benefit of all of this also we
shall see I’m not a fan of regulation
this is where the big boys play we I can
I don’t need anyone to protect me from
my Bitcoin yeah
protect me yeah so big coat here is
another of a classic tweet a new tweet
but it’s classic already instant classic
that basically says bitcoin is living
Gold’s dream this is for Barry Silbert
who apparently is a pretty big player in
cryptocurrency found that like button
gold bugs right now where’s our White
House press conference
that really sums up the gold situation
all these years gold
everyone’s gonna run in the gold gold
gonna shake up the whole system gold is
gonna bring the dollar down Gold’s gonna
bring the government down didn’t they
ever have hearings about gold no they
don’t give a darn about gold not at all
what’s goal is gonna do a good house
that threaten house that threaten the
United States of America is monopoly on
money okay or on nation-states
off printing their own money no
cryptocurrency gives every Joe Blow out
there and every tremendous powerful
corporation the ability to print their
own money that’s why they’re having a
hearing on it
that’s why bitcoin is living goals dream
that’s why we’re living in the future
right now and this is what if this is
what money has evolved into and it is
very exciting and it’s very interesting
to see the government how they try to
weasel out of this thing how they try to
have they attempt to mess it up but
they’re not gonna mess it up and
Facebook will be more powerful than most
nations on this planet and we were
entering a new post national realm now
again the United States of America will
still be the most powerful entity in the
world for the foreseeable future
hey but we’re
have companies and coins and
colonization of power there because all
the power has always been for those of
you obsessed with power and you
shouldn’t the assessment power but it’s
all being concentrated in the
nation-state it’s for for this era of
the modern era
should we say now it’s a nice
congressman tomorrow and they think they
won’t be able to do nothing about it
they it’s maybe slow it down here and
there and have their little tape so they
can get some bribes from certain people
but the work it’s changing it’s exciting
and I know a lot of you hates Facebook
but you should be cheering Libre on you
should be tearing libro on butter
cookies again it’s they’re not going to
be able to fight Libre and all the
and Bitcoin at the same time they’re
gonna have to pick their poison and
right now they’re clearly picking rerun
to pick on and eventually they’ll start
hitting on some of these centralized
well what that what’s that lead out in
the open that won’t be hit on it all
Bitcoin and dump them take little shots
in it but it’s easier to hit on Libre
and ripple and whatever else is out
there for as long as ripples out there
at least so and let’s talk about tether
real quick because again a my fan and
tether in terms of that it encourages
people to do reckless trading no I don’t
like that I don’t like the back any of
their wealth in dollars and thus they
value their wealth and tether and they
feel the need to sell their Bitcoin but
I’m afraid I’m frickin offended by
selling if you’re doing it as a trader
okay totally offended by selling it’s
not just the line it’s a way of Lex okay
and but but the one thing that tenders
got going for it right now it already is
it’s already got power beyond that of
certain nations because yes it’s been
able to print its own money and a lot of
T’s are really really frustrated with
that because they printing their own
money and they let the market decide and
the market of 80 percenter trader had
said almost unanimously that these guys
can printers
Heather as they want and it’s worth one
u.s. dollar now somebody who that makes
no sense it’s gonna they’re just pretty
enough in there but that sounds fair
no it is fair the markets decided a
bunch of 80 percenters who trade who
value their wealth in dollars say that
what tether is equal to one dollar deal
with it deal with it deal with it and
that’s why it sued by the state of New
York because of some company has come
out of nowhere
and become more powerful than countries
on this planet okay because they could
say we can print this thing called
tether and it’s equal to a dollar and it
is equal to a dollar that’s like dudes
that’s like they printed it out of thin
air it serves a purpose for trading
Bitcoin trading all coins and a bunch of
people are sending over and over and
over again we believe once Heather
equals one dollar and that’s the
revolution that’s going on right now and
that’s why they’re gonna be trying to
take down believe and that’s why their
attempts to take down tether have been
tremendous and let’s cheer together on
for that for that one thing that they’re
doing I don’t like that it’s all about
training and whatnot but but what they
have done is revolutionized currency in
people’s minds have gotten people out of
it it doesn’t have to be a nation state
that says this is worth this no it can
be a company that says yes we’re
creating something it is worth a dollar
now in the parasite was a little
mistaken I said Panama did something
very similar where Panama does is you
need US dollar basically in Panama they
have a currency called the Balboa though
which is only in coin in the third form
of coins so they just can’t print up a
bunch of Balboa’s and say they’re equal
to a dollar they have made some Val boa
coins and said they’re equal to $1.00 so
on a smaller scale they have printed
money out of thin air they’ve coined
money out of thin air and said it’s
equal to a dollar and everyone is says
it is stage those coins in Panama just
like they accept the US dollar now a
better example which I also brought up
in past that shows that the power of
tether is in Namibia then the million
dollar is printed
out of the blue and they say it is equal
to one South African Rand and indeed and
I have seen this in person because I was
in the maybe a in November 2016 you can
use random or you can use the million
dollars okay and they’re equal now if
you go outside of Namibia and go to
South Africa and try to sell your
Namibian dollars they give you a 25
percent they’re not gonna give you as
much South Africa gram okay
25% less South African man huh so there
and you can’t use Namibian dollars
anywhere else on earth
but in the maybe and maybe in South
Africa for that where they will it will
be worth twenty twenty-five percent
thus just going back to my main point
again tether and Facebook are more
powerful than Namibia okay that’s we’re
already we’re already there okay we’re
basically already there
maybe that Heather because again it it’s
only a it’s only cryptocurrency people
are using tether right now maybe that’s
a little bit of a exaggeration but and
when Facebook gets this this Libre thing
going there’ll be no doubt in your mind
that Facebook could Bob I’m the maybe
yeah okay control I’m him it’ll be more
powerful than the maybe if it already is
alright I think that was all the stuff I
had on my uh yeah so again this is the
power this is the this is what
cryptocurrency has brought to this role
the true revolution the ability to print
your own money and let the market decide
and as a market decides it’s worth a
dollar then it’s worth a dollar and it’s
gonna threaten a lot a company a lot of
countries a lot of these numbskull
countries that deal it they just print
keep on printing and printing their
their their lunar currencies they’re
gonna fall what they behind the these
cryptocurrency in these countries and
these companies because these companies
actually have a product and a service to
sell that they’re gonna base their coin
around and again Facebook coin is gonna
say we are worth we are worth a basket
of currencies whatever that means I mean
it’s gonna it’s gonna be a dollar amount
is where it’s gonna boil down to and
guess what the market is and then it’s
going to be very threatening to the the
nation-state based world economy you
know the United States should really
have to worry about
hate States Senate and Congress is doing
what all these other minor country
should be worth
we don’t think Unites States now has
nothing to worry about it’s all the
third world countries think I don’t look
not too worried about the United States
of America they should be bowing down to
the congressman tomorrow saying you know
what you’re actually saving us a little
bit of time here we get our act together
there you’re gonna delay this Facebook
coin thing before they totally make our
coins obsolete but of course they’re all
haters they’re not going to care at all
the United States is doing the dirty
work for them and they’re not going to
change and they’re all going to go down
the toilet
and they deserve to go down the toilet
if they can’t see this coming and yeah
they’ll be yeah but don’t worry they’ll
have a mix of Chinese control grid
controlling them and the they’ll still
be hating on the unite it’s good for
that good for that but anyway personal
responsibility is a new counterculture
if you’re in one of those countries
right now watching this show with one of
those third world currencies get out of
that third world currency find a way to
get big point I’m assuming you’re
watching to show you already have and
make it real easy for yourself so when
the Chinese implement the control grid
on your country because your corrupt
leader already saw that the Chinese he
already every African state has artis
has already taken loans and the Chinese
don’t give away loans for free they’re
gonna come back for the collateral and
you’re the collateral so since you’re
the collateral better have your big
point so when the time comes for the
Chinese to claim their collateral you
can get out of there or you can live
under the control red and if you enjoy
there’s some people in control codes I
tell you that’s your choice
all right so and again it’s not like the
Chinese are hiding anything
I’m not do I’m not talking any
conspiracy stuff out here
it made alone with your country there’s
collateral they’re gonna want something
when your corrupt leader who stole all
the money and is not gonna be able to
pay them back it’s hey that’s business
dudes welcome to the burger the big boys
play and the Chinese are big boys and
they don’t have feelings like Americans
do okay thank you facts the fact is your
corrupt leader made a deal with the
Chinese they’re gonna come back
eventually might not be the 2020s might
not be the 2030s they’re gonna come back
for that
and for this for you and the
implementation of the control grid so
that so that it’ll be too crowded in
China by then so they’ll be able to live
among the natives of the countries that
are the money
okay that was unplanned so maybe that
should be on Bitcoin but whatever if
you’re a big coin dude you don’t need to
worry about that kind stuff if you’re in
a country that gets control grid you can
leave your outside that system they
can’t confiscate it they won’t bother
someone once you three knows kept said
there’s really no difference between
tether and the Fed printing let the
market decide yeah no there is no there
is no difference no there’s no
difference what the Fed printing says
we’re printing this dollar for the most
powerful country in the history of
thus it is worth what it’s worth tether
is thing we’re printing this coin it’s
used for trading Bitcoin in all corn and
there’s no kyc involved it’s worth what
the market says it’s worth alright so
moving on talked about in the midea the
maybe it was I joined my time in the
media I enjoyed it what was that what
was it was listen to me it’s City there
I can’t I can’t forget it’s got the
German name and there’s there’s Germans
there there a few Germans like to go on
vacations in uh I’m so sorry I can’t I
can’t remember the capital of the MIDI
his name that’s that’s where I was and
somewhat someone in the chat say the
capital of Namibia for me right and I’m
sorry I cannot forget that glorious
city’s name but it has some it has some
nice European architecture in it some
old German churches and such yeah I’m
just I’m trying to jog my memory
moving on uh-oh here so enough of
Facebook coin I think you guys get the
get the take on it we it will be
interesting tomorrow and it’s all part
of a bigger picture and it is all good
for a Bitcoin in the long run now
speaking of the long run here are some
charts by Martin DVD the current
multi-month rally in digital assets is
different than 2017 with all coins
trailing and relative performance yet
all coins you’re learning at the Hartley
CME Group futures volume surging and a
relative lag in retail interest all
pointing toward increasing
institutionalization of the asset class
yet dude the the people out there I
don’t know what they’re waiting for
they’re not buying it for themselves
retail hasn’t grown it hasn’t been going
up but guess what the institutions are
buying the Bitcoin and guess what the 80
percenters will be crying real soon oh
it’s on family history currents gotta be
in it before me dude you can get it in
it now there’s no one stopping you you
can get on coinbase and buy it but no at
the chart show that people aren’t
following on all coins like last time
and it’s not a bunch of newbies coming
in buying it it’s a bunch of
institutions that are helping pop up
this up Bitcoin price and I believe also
people throwing in the towel on those
all up coins
alright win hook of course how could I
forget win hook oh my god I’m sorry we
milk perhaps I shall return what I
couldn’t find anything Bitcoin related
they’re the first namibian Bitcoin
related thing I encountered wasn’t until
about two years later when I was in
South Africa at the conference and I met
a guy from Namibia it’s a small country
very it’s a desert country very small
population and that’s part of the reason
they’re able to get away from just
printing out this Namibian dollar I’m
saying it’s worth around and it is okay
to pound that like a button though dudes
tour de Maistre has a great tweet out
there alright alright this is the skank
controversy or a little bit of italic
here the talaq proposes to store
aetherium blockchain data and this is
only a temporary solution by the way I
read data on Bitcoin be cash terrible
idea in my opinion nobody uses be cash
and it has the same mining algorithm is
Bitcoin making it extremely vulnerable
to 51% attacks okay that is what Tour de
Meester said about that apparent
proposal but then Vitalik said I think
if you’re in classic could could be a
great choice for this and better than be
cash due to its short block times if it
flaw ID client support and call data
gas cost reduction okay don’t even know
what that second thing means don’t even
care what’s going on here is that the
etherium blockchain is getting crowded
and he’s the body some plan or suggested
a plan to use the space that’s on the be
cash chain or they use the space that’s
only a theorem classic chain here you go
guys this is why things cannot this is
why all coins can randomly pump if this
actually happened and I don’t know if
that’s even really up that’s fine I’m
the positive thing but again I talked
about in the I talked about in the past
I’ll talk about in the future all coins
are gonna partner up there are going to
be all coins that partner up perhaps
this is a foreshadow of this perhaps
this is the first major partner a
top-tier altcoin partnership that would
be pretty big right there that would
that would make a lot of 80 percenters
say all of this is not important that I
buy better by aetherium better by be
cash better by etherion classic who
knows just the thing to remember is
Bitcoin doesn’t company to partner with
anyone because bitcoin is the next
Bitcoin and one big point equals one big
point and remember hold your own Bitcoin
you get crypto dividends you get
interest on your Bitcoin you get these
Forks like be cash why buy be cash when
you can get it for free when if yet what
I had a Bitcoin at the time the fork and
of course the member win will coin
airdrop is coming the last it registers
in the 19th check out past shows or just
go to w MW c MW and you can ask chris
all the questions in the world about
that airdrop if you haven’t registered
and of course i’ve registered of course
i get i want to get my free my free
crypt of dividend and turn in the big
point of course of course value your
wealth in bitcoin baby so let’s talk
about top tier coins but let’s talk
about marketing because when you are a
centralized top to your coin you can
market yourself by partnering with NFL
teams oh my lord Miami Dolphins select
litecoin as the official cryptocurrency
the Miami Dolphins and NFL team for
those of you who don’t know has settled
has selected litecoin as the official
cryptocurrency of the team like coin
I’m gonna help be able to advertise
directly to fans at Hard Rock Stadium
formerly known as Joe Robbie Stadium I
added that because I remember that in
Miami according to a press release oh
oh wow so yeah just Joe IV hey if you’re
gonna remain atop to your knee you’re
gonna have to do marketing gimmicks like
that they’re gonna get a lot of
attention will this help litecoin will
people in Miami actually start buying
like home because of this probably not
probably not not to make a substantial
difference but it makes a noise it makes
some noise
it gets the litecoin brand out there
some more in the future when people in
the Miami region really wake up to
Bitcoin and cryptocurrency they’ll
probably remember this and this might
help like point day and again there are
a lot of good eyes in the Miami area
that I met over a year ago that were so
kind to me that came to my speaking
event that let me stay at their place
and hook me up with another place you
guys saw a rock perhaps you’re uh you’re
watching right now and I hope your hands
are as strong as ever and that is it
wait some people did say some stuff in
the chat shout out from Logan Utah says
Lance Robinson dude I have only been in
Utah or other than the airport once I
camped out there when I drove across the
country as a youth and it is so
beautiful we camped in a stand Utah
State Park just east of Salt Lake City
and I think that part of the country is
beautiful and there are a lot of good
people out there don’t hear much about
cryptocurrency from Utah I think you’re
one of the first people ever to shout
out from Utah in all the chats that I’ve
ever seen and I’ve done many of these
shows so Lance thank you for that and I
do hope to visit Utah one day he said
Ann also Lance says I got registered and
my coins off coinbase thanks to you dude
that is awesome
that is awesome Lance that that that MWC
helped you get your coins up like any
gay this should be getting airdrops
that’s it that should be a catalyst for
you to get
your coins off accordingly like it was
for Lance all right Lance you’re awesome
up in Utah UK big my master says thanks
again bitcoinmeister and I say everyone
check out Bryan the UK big coin master
show he had a good one today I just you
find him UK big coin a star on YouTube
it’s easy
I didn’t link to below because I forgot
to link to it but I will talk more about
another one of his shows very very soon
he’s gonna get a special shout out on
this show we had to delay the shout out
now explain why all the nice – alright
kind of like when bang that bail bond
I’m Adam I seen before mushroom disrupt
meister remember subscribe this channel
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