The 1 Bitcoin Show- Crypto publicity stunt in NY will hurt the state, MoneroV update, Bdiamond

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get this show out early yesterday’s show
was very popular by the way and maybe
that was because I talk about my narrow
V maybe it was because I forgot to
mention something actually I said that
bitcoin is the answer when everyone’s
trying to take away everything from you
but it’s the answer to a lot of
different predicaments you can get into
and you just have to be creative that’s
how powerful Bitcoin is I was about to
say it’s the answer to everything I mean
it’s not the answer to why that pipe is
leaking or whatever but when you get
into problems involving social
engineering and people trying to manage
your life or just just all sorts of
predicaments you can get creative here
like we have all these people who are
stuck in their dead-end jobs or stuck
working in retail had they just gotten a
hold of some Bitcoin and just expanded
their mind
back back before be cash came out let’s
say right now I mean look how unique of
an asset
bitcoin is that it can produce something
like be cash that bitcoin people a lot
of people don’t even like but has this
value you get if you owned a Bitcoin
back then then all of a sudden you got
this free present in be cash which is
like what weren’t worth now on eight
hundred seven hundred dollars I don’t
even know but that is the uniqueness of
Bitcoin that is why it can solve
I mean it’s unpredictable when it’s
gonna it’s gonna be able to do in the
two years ago I could never predict it
that people just holding on the big coin
would get a free seven hundred dollar
coin I mean you again you could be
working at Target saved up all your
money for some Bitcoin back then two
thousand dollar Bitcoin and now you have
your Bitcoin you have your because you
have your B it’s just amazing and again
this is this is an addendum to
yesterday’s show that’s I’ve been
mentioned in the the title of this show
so let me move on but I am just always
so into knows what else Bitcoin is going
to bring to the table in the the in the
near future was we couldn’t have
predicted these crimp of dividends and
people don’t even even so be again be
fashioned was not even a friendly crypto
we live again and look what holders were
given there so speaking up okay not
speaking up there’s been some fight
obviously there’s been some fun today
and those of you who go crazy when the
price goes down in terms of fiat and you
do not pound that like button remember
pound that like button people check out
the DOS section below and subscribe to
this channel but the the price of
Bitcoin in terms of dollars dropped a
story out about the New York Attorney
General going after some exchanges by
name I think he mentioned BitFenix
finance it’s funny and when a thud
article comes out or a flood news comes
out and it mentions specific exchanges
that like you can almost guarantee the
price in dollars is going to go down
that the that the traders who try to
manipulate the price or who try who just
love the cell because they know how they
can manipulate people’s fear all the
weekends the people who prey on the weak
Anders and they’re very successful at it
may I add because 80% of you are like
weak Anders out there it seems like well
anyway whenever they have a whenever
news comes out about a government entity
going after specifically named exchanges
then you have what we we had today there
was a drop but Matt Matt Odell has it
really takes apart what is really going
on in this situation and that’s why I
even bring bring up this situation that
it’s just a crypto publicity stunt in
New York and it’s not gonna it’s not
going to hurt Bitcoin it’s going to hurt
the state of New York their tax revenues
and I guess that dad in the long run
that’s the the taxpayers of New York
that you’re taking away the ability of a
company to locate there comfortably it’s
going to hurt the the taxpayers will be
on the bill will be on the hook for all
those social programs that the state of
New York keeps on implementing but
anyway here’s Matt Odell’s tweet me he
has to actually and it’s about this
story about the New York Attorney
General saying that he’s investigating
or whatever he says he’s doing to these
uh these crypto currency exchanges
meanwhile it’s another reminder to those
starting new Bitcoin crypto businesses
to avoid New York and choose a
friendlier jurisdiction instead the
efficient the effect won’t be
immediately apparent but will inevitably
cost New York millions if not billions
in lost tax revenue in years to come so
again this guy is short term virtue
signaling he doesn’t know this attorney
general he doesn’t he’s not thinking
about the long term he just wants to get
elected or go up the higher office maybe
run for governor one day one for
president one day and its first using
was a publicity stunt and that’s Maddow
just not Odell is think the greatest
crypto Twitter out there right now he
really needs some more followers this
dude anyway his other tweet is this is
just and he gets to the point
Matt just guess what this is just a
publicity stunt under the guise of
protecting his constituents if any
regulations come from this it will only
hurt New Yorkers not help rather than
comply with the bitlicense
many businesses just blocked New York
users instead no reason to expect a
different outcome here any men Matt amen
so again people if you’re panicking over
this news New York Attorney General
mention specific exchanges it’s not
hurting Bitcoin it’s hurting New York
its first you’re signaling it’s all it’s
what politics is about and again the
answer to all this is just hold your
Bitcoin buy Bitcoin don’t worry don’t
sell your Bitcoin because some
government sociopath makes mention
specific exchanges again Bitcoin is the
answer to just about everything out
there and if you’re a weekend then I
mean what can I say you’re probably a
again think 2020 people and that hey I’m
really talking about weekends and how to
keep a hold of your Bitcoin today in Los
Angeles and probably you’re in Denver on
the 25th which is what next Wednesday so
come on out to that to that link is also
below be diamond volunteer hey say what
you will about be diamond I think its
price is going up lately actually um
there guy there be diamond volunteer you
can look him up on Twitter he sent me a
message today and he just want me to say
and you know the dudes in motion up if a
guy like that’s in motion again hardly
any of us who have be diamond or
entitled to it have split it yet because
it’s not been easy it’s not it financed
it’s been been annoying there I don’t
know if you can even sell it there again
but anyway the be diamond volunteer guy
said we will be implementing the
Lightning Network into the be diamond
ecosystem to improve our transaction
speeds and lower our transaction fees
okay that’s good that’s good you’re
you’re you’re doing some Lightning
Network so if you’re trying to be more
bitcoin like that’s good that’s good
that’s gonna make you stand out a little
bit more among all these Bitcoin cryptid
remember you heard about crypt of
dividends first here on this channel we
bring you all sorts of interesting proof
of dividend updates you can follow me on
Tech bought te CH B alt on on Twitter
and steam it bitcoinmeister I’m gonna
talk about steam it in a second I’m
gonna talk about some more lightning
Network stuff in a second that that has
to do with Bitcoin actually so I mention
Manero V yesterday that’s the fork of an
arrow that’s coming out on April 30th
that everyone is seems to be very
interested it’s controversial because uh
who knows why whoever seeks controversy
some of the Monaro uh oh geez are not
enamored with it but the Monaro V people
said they have this a link to it below a
really good fork update and it answers a
lot of questions it’s on their site
here’s a little tweet from it the open
source monaro V wallet that will be
published here on our website that’s
something that you should eventually
check out it hasn’t they haven’t done it
yet never insert your private keys into
any website closed source software
Google form or anything else except for
the official open source Minero V GUI
GUI wallet after the fork guys this is
me now after the fork after they fork
move your Manero okay move your Manero
to another private key and then with
your old private key
you you know recovery see whatever you
want to call it you can use use I’ll
explain this you can use their the
Monaro the open source website to get
get your narrow V and it looks like
manera V is gonna be on some exchanges
they have that set up so if you’re a
member of those exchanges you’ll be able
to sell it or at the very least you’ll
be able to safely split it up it appears
go to that link below and again again
I’m a very patient person so I will wait
until others are having positive
experiences using that Manero V wallet
that they say they’re going to put out
okay let’s move along to the Steven
article that was sent to me from the guy
who write it wrote it Bitcoin Bitcoin
salt he’s in motion I’ll link to it
below a super easy guide to making your
first lightning Network post-purchase
dude this guy goes into some detail here
so if you’re one of those lightning
network freaks fans not a freak if fan
freak whatever we’ve got different
terminologies out there and in the setae
but yeah check this out it’s it’s very
interesting he goes in the detail he
seems to know what he’s talking about
hey and he’s using steam and he’s trying
to you know he’s not selling you this
information he wants to make
cryptocurrency off of this information
turning the bit I hope he wants to turn
in the Bitcoin that’s what I when I post
this right now you’re watching this live
old steam it when I post on there I’m
just trying to get that steam to turn in
the Bitcoin and there’s nothing wrong
with that remember remember you don’t
buy anything you don’t use your fiat on
anything but Bitcoin okay I’m not
promoting all coins here I promote
Bitcoin and getting free alt coins which
you can turn into Bitcoin a lot of you
will still not understand a word of what
I just said and we’ll say that atom
promotes all coins which I do not but
your 80 percenters if you’re a 20%
you’re doing pretty well if you’ve been
following this show for a while you’re
probably doing anyway just being a 22-4
senator in general makes you less likely
to follow the herd and just use your own
head messi and the bitcoin part of this
show i want to talk about the
micromanaging social engineers out there
yeah the ones that bitcoin solves your
problems that you’re the problems they
create or the anyway fear makes people
like those social engineers want to
one-for-one exchanges on others okay
life is life is not about that type of
fair exchange where you’re it’s you mean
you try to be fair you try to give
someone value from their value but it’s
not always going to be clear that it’s a
for one transaction but you have all
these people are like oh that’s not fair
he’s a rich landlord and he’s renting it
at nine he’s running that place nine
hundred dollars a month but they’re not
getting nine hundred in value no no no
he should be forced to pay their water
bill he should be forced to charge them
eight hundred you know less okay it’s
not that simple
you learn you you’re given incentive to
move up okay sometimes when a
transaction is made between two parties
it’s not it’s not physically clear that
it’s equal but you’re getting knowledge
along the way and 20 percenters realize
that when they pay for something you’re
paying for the experience they’re gonna
learn something out of it and they’re
gonna from the experience and they’re
gonna take away and become better people
take away knowledge from the experience
and become better people okay so there’s
a guy human mcdowell who just had a
video about this I didn’t link to it
below as I am in a little bit of rush
and I didn’t have time to just find it
again but but again you’re T if you’re
on these side of an exchange where you
think you got ripped off you learn okay
you’re gonna learn but and if you’re on
the side of the exchange where you’re
giving up value yeah you are trying
you’re trying to make a profit for
yourself you’re trying to be fair
because you want to do business with
that person again that is life you
shouldn’t be forced by some all-knowing
government official to be fair because
life isn’t fair and transactions aren’t
fair to the naked eye anyway get you get
you some Bitcoin you won’t have to worry
about these type of things you can opt
out of the socially social engineer what
did I call micro managed system that you
know most people are just you know
they’re happy to be in it they’re happy
to be heard part of the herd and
whatever they’re Oh at the very last
second right before Adams gonna get was
gonna log off and say all his lines that
he always says uh then she’d Midtown Oh
ventually makes I said five bucks on the
super chat and I’m always happy to see
vention big town here
he says when Lambo when Lambo
now come on vention we’re long-term
holders at least and not until after
2020 don’t get yourself a Lambo man I
know you’ll be travelling around that
Lambo maybe in Eastern Europe dude I
think I like Eastern Europe a lot better
than Cambodia check it out check it out
bench invention he went to an adventure
in Cambodia because he’s done he’s a
long-term holder and he wants to retire
soon and he was looking in Asia and it
didn’t work out that well for him yet
but he’s gonna keel urge he learned from
that experience and that’s what you got
to do for transactions like that people
okay okay and i’m adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
remember to subscribe this channel like
this video share this video check out
the notes section below i’ll say hi to
you guys in the chat real quick and i’ll
say hi to my buddies in los angeles in
about two hours

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