Take your blockchain innovation further

– [Narrator] Blockchain
technology is transforming
how the world does business,
but how can you take your
blockchain innovation further?
How can you move ahead with
innovation, transparency,
agility, flexibility, and performance?
When you combine IBM Blockchain Platform
with IBM LinuxONE, you get the synergy
of two powerful systems working together.
You get scale, strength, and security.
The ability to implement
on your choice of public
or private Clouds, and a combined system
that protects your most sensitive data.
Get up and running faster with fewer staff
and take advantage of the
ability to encrypt 100%
of your application data
at rest or in flight.
Are you ready?
When you wanna scale quickly,
start the IBM Blockchain Platform
on LinuxONE in the public cloud.
Or when you need to control
blockchain applications
behind your firewall, or
locally in your geography,
you have access to an advanced
on-premises solution with LinuxONE.
The IBM Blockchain Platform
on LinuxONE empowers you
to build, operate, govern,
and grow your blockchain business.
Deploy an open source
hyperledger fabric solution
chosen by companies around the world.
Access the best of both
worlds: enterprise-level scale
and transformative blockchain innovation
with the IBM Blockchain
Platform on IBM LinuxONE.
(upbeat music)

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