Take the Leap || Journey to 100k

[Camera clip] Okay.
So I don’t know if I’ll ever post this video,
but something it promised myself is to always
document my, journey.
[Instagram stories clip] Public…
It is public!
[Instagram stories clip] By the way, I woke
up this morning and I was so happy because
I got 60 subscribers and even if I had zero,
that’s totally fine.
[Instagram stories clip] Good morning everyone.
Happy Monday.
[Camera clip] If I ended up posting this at
some point, and you’re watching this and you
have a dream and you can see it so clearly
in your head, but no one else can, including
your family, including your closest friends,
including just strangers who may be judging
you or whatever for pursuing something that
they can’t see right now, then I want to remind
you that you’re not alone and hopefully I’ll
be in a lot better place when this video,
if this video is ever sees the light
in public.
[Instagram stories clip] Hello!
So I just got off work and I uploaded my YouTube
video for the week and I am so excited because
it took me so long to make this video.
[Instagram stories clip] What’s up guys?
So starting this week I’ll be posting two
videos every Sunday and Wednesday.
[Instagram stories clip] So here’s the Facebook
group that I just launched.
It’s called the Fearless Boss Network.
So anyways, I really hope to see you in the
You can request access.
I just need you to answer three questions
so that I can understand how I can best serve
you and yeah, it’ll be fun.
I’ll see you there.
[Camera clip] But I’m so grateful and happy
that I was able to find the courage and the
strength to leave a situation that was totally
not serving me and to get over my fears and
ego and to just take leap.
You have a dog too.
Yeah, but we never feature him LOL.
What’s up everyone?
Welcome back to my channel: The number one
place for new coaches, content creators and
Is that good?
What’s up everyone?
Welcome back to my channel.
I remember when people were doubting me both
in high school and a university.
It definitely felt really demoralizing.
See, I felt
like people were really judging me by the
cover of a book and not necessarily thinking
I was smart enough to do certain things.
I just remember not going to parties, not
doing a lot of things near the end of my high
school year.
Just to get into this one school that I had
set my eyes on.
The reason why I’m saying all this is because
I’ve always been this underdog type of person.
I’m really grateful to have had people doubt
me in the past because what I have today would
not have been built if it had not been for
the amount of people that didn’t really believe
in my capabilities, both in school and even
when I started this business.
So when I got my dream job that I worked so
hard for for like four plus years from high
school until university, I really felt like
my life was set basically the first few weeks
it was euphoric, so proud of myself and for
awhile I was like wearing it like a badge
of honor, just feeling like, wow, I’m in this
fancy, you know, fortune 500 company, killing
So Insta worthy.
But deep inside behind the scenes, I was literally
dying at that job.
Like it was a lot with school.
It’s so easy to want to work, hard to want
to grind because you know that it’s going
to be over soon.
So, for example, in high schoolers, four years
and then in university there’s like four to
six years, but you know that there’s going
to be an end to it versus when you’re working
in a nine to five there is no end.
And it was really upsetting because I remember
just feeling like waking up in the morning
for my work and not wanting to wake up at
I was in a situation where I would always
tell myself once I nail this project, then
I’ll be okay.
Once I get this raise, then I’ll be okay.
But even then after getting all those things,
I realized I was still unhappy at my nine
to five and I remember I had worked my ass
off for this performance review because in
my mind I was like, okay, once I proved to
this company that I am special or that I’m
really good at my job, then maybe I’ll get
a promotion and maybe I’ll get a raise and
then all of my problems will suddenly go away.
And at some point they told me, Oh, here’s
your raise.
And it was like, thanks.
Something like 4% they told me, yeah, you’re
really lucky that you got 4% most people only
get 2% and then I calculated that and it was
like peanuts and so that’s when I realized,
okay, enough is enough.
I’m going to set the date.
This is happening.
It’s go time.
I wrote up my resignation letter and I remember
when I was writing up that resignation letter,
I was scared shitless.
I was like, Oh my God, this is this really
happening here.
I felt like I owed it to myself to blow it
all up and do something completely different.
Explore other things I hadn’t necessarily
explored because for the whole time in high
school and in university, I deprived myself
of just exploration.
It felt really empowering to just be like,
here’s the truth.
This isn’t what I want to do.
As scary as it was, I was like trembling and
I was crying.
I was a mess, but afterwards I remember just
feeling like, Oh my God, I did it, and just
with that one letter alone, I changed my life.
I expected a lot of people to be disappointed
in me, especially managers, VPs, GMs, all
these people that were higher up.
And then I remember on my very last day of
work, one of my higher ups, so my boss’s boss’s
boss actually had a heart to heart to me and
said, I’m jealous of you.
I wish I could do what you just did.
That was like mind blowing to me that someone
who was higher up was congratulating, genuinely
happy for me, that I took belief because he
never was able to do that himself.
And unfortunately, that’s going to be the
reality of a lot of people who don’t follow
their intuition, who don’t, you know, have
the courage to actually say no to the things
that they don’t want in their life.
Because a lot of people, they’re afraid to
say no, they’re afraid to quit.
They’re afraid to be called a quitter.
But in fact, for me, what I realized in that
situation is when you actually say no to things
and when you actually quit things or opening
up space to say yes to other things in your
After quitting my job, it felt amazing.
It felt really scary, but it definitely felt
like absolutely liberating.
Finally feeling like, wow, I have no plan
And I felt like I had all these big wild ideas
of what I wanted to do.
But then eventually a month later, that’s
when I realized, Oh my God, I actually don’t
know what I’m doing.
and it was up for me to actually create something
of myself because at first it’s like super
cool to quit your job because you were like
that person who went against the grain and
did something different.
But then eventually the questions go from
being like, congratulations, what’s next to
being like, so seriously, what’s next?
And so eventually what I did is I ended up
taking a job as a barista at a coffee shop.
And so at that point I was telling myself,
really it’s now or never, I’ve always wanted
to start YouTube ever since I was in high
school always.
But I always told myself, you can’t make money
on YouTube, like only losers go on to.
But I remember really vividly when I was working
my graveyard shift, it was like 4:00 AM 5:00
AM I’m outside literally sweeping the floors,
picking up cigarette butts with my own bare
hands because I didn’t know how to use the
And I remember just like looking up to the
sky and being like, what the fuck did I do?
and I just asked myself, why did I do this?
Like why did I do this?
How did I get here and how do I get myself
out of it when I quit my job?
I also felt like I had a lot of insightful
conversations with other people who are in
the similar age range as me that also hated
their corporate jobs, but they were too scared
to take the leap.
And as someone who actually took the leap
and realizing that it’s not so scary after
all, I found it to be really sad that so many
other people like me were still stuck in that
hamster wheel and not feeling confident enough
to actually tap into other areas of their
And so that was the story that I really wanted
to share with everyone else because I knew
fundamentally that there were so many people
who don’t get to the stage where they realize
this and when they do realize it, they’re
already tied up with a mortgage with kids.
And so to get to the place where I was finally
getting some comments trickling in and when
I was finally, you know, seeing people that
I didn’t even know of like strangers on the
internet really resonating with my story and
even some people telling me because of your
videos, I quit my job and now I’m doing these
amazing things that was literally like magical.
[Instagram stories clip] Hi friends.
I just posted my second video on YouTube.
I really would love to have your feedback
and also sound off if you have any suggestions
for topics that you want me to talk about.
Eventually as I was building up that YouTube
channel, Oh went from having like one or two
people trickling into a lot more coming into
my DMS into my comment section.
And so that’s when I knew that I had essentially
created a mini community.
And so that’s when I created my Facebook group
and it was called the fearless boss network.
I wanted to really add more value to people
and what I ended up doing was creating these
coffee chats with Vanessa and people could
sign up to actually talk to me, um, so that
I could help them go through the transition
of quitting their jobs.
But because of all the traction that I was
getting from other people, people just asked
me if I could coach them.
And that’s when I decided, okay, there’s a
demand for this.
People want this from me, so let’s just give
it a shot.
Because like I said, I really gave myself
this period of time to just experiment.
I think by going back to humble beginnings
really also taught me how to eradicate the
ego and just work for free.
I don’t have any experience.
Why should someone pay me?
And even if they did pay me, like what can
I even offer?
And so that’s when I decided to work for free.
But then as I started to work with people
and realizing that I could get them results,
that’s when I realized, okay, I think I can
actually make a living off of this.
And then eventually I ended up doing a collaboration
with someone and it came up with an idea of
doing a video about Instagram, something that
I had skills in but wasn’t necessarily confident
in my skills.
I had never done a video about Instagram or
social media and so to me it felt a little
bit weird, but I did it and then that’s when
the channel really started picking up as well.
Like it was already slowly growing, but it
was that one video that really took it to
a whole nother level.
it started to become bigger than myself at
some point and I knew that I could only help
people one on one for so long and that’s why
I decided to create BOSSGRAM Academy, which
is my course that literally packages a lot
of things that I know that have gotten me
to this point to give it to people so that
they can really learn the ins and outs of
using Instagram and starting a business online
and monetizing it the whole process because
that’s what school never taught me.
I remember my goal was just to get maybe 50
people and then when I saw hundreds of students
enrolling in the first week, I was absolutely
I had never seen six figures in my life.
I never thought that it was going to be possible.
[Instagram stories clip] I’m so honored and
happy to announce that my business has officially
hit six figures today and a year ago I was
in the cubicle asking myself how I could get
to this point.
I’m sorry- I didn’t feel, I didn’t think I
would cry.
I actually interviewed some of my students
in my course now and I asked them, you know,
why did you buy the course?
And they were like, we just believed in you.
You spent so long on your channel giving free
value that we wanted to give back in a form
of purchasing your course.
And I don’t know a lot of course creators
I can say that of why someone would buy your
course is because they want it to support
you as a person.
Like that was so crazy for me to realize like
I have created not just a YouTube channel
that has a 100,000 subscribers like anyone
can do that.
But I created a community and I think that
because I had spent so long just doing the
groundwork of getting into a deep level with
my audience that translated eventually to
an amazing course launch.
This is the bedroom that I started everything
I started my channel in, I remember I was
like sitting on the floor just right there
filming videos.
Um, this is where I launched my first course.
This is where I took on my first few clients.
Now we’re a place where not only are we behind
more team members and we’re scaling, but we’re
also changing the environment that I’m working
in and actually having a legitimate office
now and not necessarily doing work filming
videos right next to my bed.
Cause there was a handful of people that have
followed me from the very first video.
And I owe it to these people to show that
when you actually put your mind to something
and when you actually make the decision to
commit to, you know, making your dreams or
your vision happen, that there’s so many more
doors that can open for you.
And for me, by moving into this new space,
it shows to me that I am moving forward and
that I am progressing and then I’m not just
stopping here and that there’s so much more
that I can achieve.
I remember my biggest goal for 2019 was to
just hit a thousand subscribers.
And so now fast forward today, we’re two weeks
ago, we hit 100,000 subscribers on YouTube.
It’s just unreal to me.
Oh my God.
[inaudible] this is amazing
Where a lot of people go wrong with wanting
to do YouTube or wanting to start a business
is that they’re always only thinking about
the money and they’re only thinking about
the external factors of success rather than
just taking the time to be humble to get close
to people work for free like I did.
Having those one on one conversations with
people, that’s what’s truly going to make,
not just your products and services more elevated,
but also make this journey a lot more meaningful
because it was months of me talking to people
one on one and listening to what people wanted
and then delivering on that by packaging.
All these questions that people were asking
me into this one course and I think that for
so long I always thought that you had to be
someone that’s super special to hit 100,000
or a lot of people that have over a hundred
K subscribers have this like je ne sais quoi
factor to them or some sort of like cheat
code of getting there.
But from my experience, it’s just been me
authentically putting myself out online and
just sharing the things that I think would
be helpful to other people and only focusing
on how many people can I actually help through
my content.
[Vanessa puts the 100k play button on a shelf]
So after a year later, I now have a six figure
business, 100,000 subscribers and a team of
And I think my story is proof that even in
this day and age you can still make it on
And more importantly, overnight success is
not real.
And so now that we’re headed into this new
chapter of my YouTube journey, I’m excited
for all the things that are ahead.
And I think that my story is proof that even
though what you want to do in your life may
not be conventional or may not be normal,
you can still do it so long as you put your
mind to it.
And while it’s not easy to let go of a job
that you went through four years of schooling
to get, and it’s not easy to go against the
grain of what society is telling you is normal
or not normal.
You just have to listen to that voice inside
of your head that’s telling you that you can
achieve more.
You have to trust that you will be successful,
and only you can create the life that you
want to live.
But more importantly, you just have to take
the leap.
[Old camera clip] Okay, so that video cut
off and I’m feeling a lot better.
I guess what I was trying to say is that future
Vanessa, if you are watching this video, then
just know that you got this.
If you ever fallen sadness again because of
what other people think of you, then watch
back this video and see how far you’ve come.
And if you’re not Vanessa and you’re watching
this video, then I hope it shows that you’re
And even if I’m crying, I believe in my fucking
dream and I believe in my potential.
And I know I got this.
It’s just debilitating and depressing when
other people don’t see it, but I know they’ll
see it soon.
I know they will.
[Text on screen] To everyone that has been
a part of this year long journey, just know
I did not do this alone.
WE did this.
WE are living proof that anything is possible.
Thank you for supporting this channel and
my journey.
And thank you for changing my life.


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