South Vietnam’s unissued Liberation banknotes

so welcome back people this is Glenn and
today I know amazing adventures of
banknotes and coins you couldn’t have a
look at some Vietnamese currency so
Vietnamese currency what currency did I
use well currently they use deep Dom so
here it is don’t ever know if that’s how
you pronounce it is it DOM and he’s got
hey so that just means to in Vietnamese
and these piglets were never issued why
would I say that
well these are the issued that were
produced by the Viet Cong and the Viet
Cong were the rebel group in South
Vietnam that wanted to overthrow the
Republic of Vietnam government so the
government supported by the United
States and they actually they don’t
always fool themselves I was saying yeah
we kind of win we’re gonna win so in
order to prepare for that takeover they
produce their own currency and this is
the first version that was actually
issued it was never issued because a lot
of it was actually captured body
Americans and in that case when an enemy
actually Kerry captures your currency
you’re like yeah we can use that because
we don’t know if we print more money if
the Americans are just gonna flood our
currency and the people would lose faith
in its value or you know the Americans
might just print counterfeit currency
so yeah they decided not to actually
print those but these are actually in
nice series to get they actually did
issue a second currency so this one was
actually used in 1975 up until 1978 when
they actually or Viet and I’m actually
introduced to a reunification care
currency for all of Vietnam and this was
had an exchange rate of 20 South
Vietnamese dong it goes one new
Vietnamese of services 20 of the
Republic of Vietnam don’t in a chicken
see the currency diem blows and there
were never issued this one was the one
that was and the differential knows it
has going hang Vietnam don’t even
outright pronunciation this one has a
ban tongue Oh rotten one no I know
Vietnamese come again oh my god he
butchered bad language oh well I don’t
speak Vietnamese don’t you don’t you
so this is the one I was not issued this
one was so let’s have a look at some of
the other bank notes that were actually
we’re not issued so so a reverse of this
side this one it’s actually quite a nice
banknote so the lowest denomination I
have easy 10 – and this would have any
looking over that probably like one dime
or ten cents or if you’re in Russia
Tinka pegs if in China one jail so it’s
just 1/10 of a Dom that has the
Vietnamese or the Communist star which
represents be it now and as you can see
it’s actually quite a simple bank now
there is no watermark or security
features you just got this our
patination in the back and then on the
reverse you just have looks like type of
patination more like a Chinese type
patination could say days even out out
communist they still kept their language
and customs and then I don’t have the 20
and 50
– but I do have d1 and – intend on
so this one is consecutive seriously go
to seven – eight – nine so you can still
get this thing at second you serious and
I prefer to actually buy and consecutive
sues and if you can see even I wasn’t
circulated it’s got a lot of water
damage and that’s pretty common for
these banknotes a lot of water damage
and some folding and as you can see it’s
got people harvesting wheat in a weak
field and if we look on the other side
you can see it’s got education so it’s a
pretty common theme with communists some
banknotes so you’ve got industry
industrialization or agriculture which
sometimes they have medical in our armed
forces but and we should actually see
some of those on these bent nose
actually so that’s a one dong this is
probably the most common banknote you
can get then we have the two dong
so he’s – dong this all consecutive as
well for one for two for free in for
four Oh
first I’ll say the prices of this one so
this one in this grade you’re probably
looking at between five and ten dollars
for that the 20 and 50 is probably
probably between 2010 and 2030 it this
one being most common probably probably
about five dollars for I banknote of
this quality for the one done and let’s
have a look at the tea doll as you can
see has people I decided gathering looks
like bananas or something and probably
180 hill tribes was surprised a prize in
Vietnam that I own all speak Vietnamese
there’s actually a lot of different
ethnic groups in Vienna
and that’s pretty much common for a lot
of countries outside most countries and
and then are homogenous which means just
one ethnic group even Japan’s not
homogeneous and on the reverse we’ve got
people fishing so this is probably might
be on the Mekong
although Vietnam does have a lot of ever
rivers but once again these have no
water marks and no security thread so
they would be easy to counterfeit
especially today but back then you know
I’d say it’s could have printed these
quite easily and another thing you’ll
notice is that they don’t have any dates
on them so there’s no date on that side
no date on that side they are dated to
1964 anyway and maybe they’ll producing
that year I’m not too sure and here’s
the highest denomination I have is
depend on the highest denomination is
actually issued was 250 and that’s
actually very expensive this banknote
probably question about twenty to thirty
if you want to get a higher grade then
this you’re probably looking about fifty
two hundred dollars so there’s actually
not very common 150 dong you’re probably
looking at all probably a few hundred
dollars for that because it’s very very
rare or not rare very scarce and here’s
the type of security feature up here so
if you have a look at that for like a
cheap watermark I’ll take it out because
of that plastic is reflecting so as you
can see
beautiful paint no and I did make a
boo-boo this one’s actually from the
serious that was issue for circulation
1966 so I don’t have to attend on but
this one the price still stands for this
one this one’s actually very hard to get
but yeah they’re actually quite a nice
series of banknotes to get this lot of
these and as you can see 1966 series
actually has the date on it on is 66 and
the designs are pretty separate
initially and see this one there’s a
Vietcong flag so the Vietcong is
different from the Vietnamese flag in it
the bottom has a star on the med center
but the bottom ears are red the top is
blue which is a different than the all
red flag of Vietnam of these days and
nice bank note but really to think notes
you probably want to get is either of
these both of these I’m trying to get
all of them but this series is probably
a lot easier to get for most of
banknotes in this series is a lot harder
to get especially 5 10 and 50 dong and
the 20 and 52 which I’ve been able to
find at a good price because the
yin-yang coin shops eBay sometimes their
prices are a bit high and it just
doesn’t want you encourage you to buy so
anyway I hope that confusion in the
future so there were two series one 1963
at the date in the 1966 which was issued
in 1975 for circulation but they are
both pretty hard to come by well I say
thank you very much for watching my
awesome banner collecting timetable
thank you and bye bye

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