Shout out for new banknotes

hello people here going and have a look
at these beautiful Hungarian banknotes
this one’s issued under the communist
system as you can see the coat of arms
of our communist Hungary and these ones
were sent to me by Gio galaxy gatea
anime I’m not sure if this is exactly his
name so I’m not too sure even if I actually
pronounce that wrong or right so Geo if
I pronounced that wrong let me know
please thank you very much
so here I addresses or nearly all the
collection I just need the 1000 forint
there’s 100 500 and a 10 tens learning
gu cognition but it was suit my purposes
of describing its back next for you now
one thing I didn’t expect to get those
are these two Egyptian banknotes from a
Geo Union you have a picnic up heavy to
the Sam 50p esta and ish in see they all
have mosques on one side because it is
called the Arab Republic of Egypt and it
has Arabic on it as well and on the
reverse has Egyptian motif and
information so this one represents the
Nile lad and all the food that comes
from it not too sure daddy’s I could
look that up and looks like some type of
Egyptian god and if you ever see an
Egyptian writing in this circle here it
means that that is a king’s a Pharaoh’s
name because barrows always have this
circle around it so it’s new information
that I hope that you didn’t know before
and this one has looks like the crowning
of a pharaoh
these two gods here as the can’t
remember which is which one crown like
here’s one crown is another crown each
represents upper and lower egypt and
when you put them together represents
all of Egypt here’s a war chariot
they used mainly against the Hittites
here is another picture with two gods
probably either some top Nazi sure and
this is one of the crowns Egypt in here
is another Pharaoh with a crowd of if
either upper or lower egypt so that’s
quite good but when i get the whole
collection of Egyptian banknotes so give
more information
okay so thank you use the Geo gate a for
sending me these banknotes and I hope
you get your once soon – okay bye bye


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