Roll Hunting Nickels – Rapid Fire Finds!

fresh off of my live stream with seeker
and Raven the other night I had an extra
box of nickels already opened that I
couldn’t use it was already open for the
stream and I felt like you know what
let’s do a nickel hunt…
Hey everybody this is Rob with Rob Finds Treasure and like I said feel like
doing nickel hunt today I had a third box
that I didn’t use for the livestream and
you know what I was thinking to myself
what if there’s a V nickel in here what
if there’s a buffalo nickel in here what
if there’s more silver in here what if
what if what if and I thought forget it
let’s get it done get my nickel mat out
get the box hunted let’s do we got we’re
still on the quest for more silver more
buffalos and more importantly my third
ever v nickel can’t believe I’ve only
found two out of over 350 nickel boxes
yet I get posts almost every week from
other subscribers and viewers that have
found V Nichols in their boxes fingers
probably wishful thinking but I’m ready
to get hunting that being said show me
something good first fine of the box is
gonna come from Rule three pretty common
but it is a 40s nickel 1941 minted in
Denver same rule another 40s nickel 1940
Philadelphia rule number six is gonna
yield looks like either a foreign or
penny figured I had lay it out plug it
before and it’s a little bigger than a
penny and it is but it is a penny anyway
one penny will take it all day though
what year is that 1989 very nice roll
number ten is gonna have a dandy well
hopefully but I noticed this really nice
1962 and when I set it down to take a
look at the reverse I caught a glimpse
of an older one and sure enough it’s a
1939 will it be a 39 d or s for a key
date and it’s not so let’s check it for
doubling on the word Monticello and on
the words 5 cents so obviously there’s
some damage on it but I am not seeing
the marks of any doubling on the reverse
would have been nice to find one let’s
just double check that mint mark
or time absolutely nothing there I’ll
take in 1939 Philadelphia minted nickel
and actually three finds of the Bucks 39
40 and 41 in the first 10 rows nothing
else well I guess we have a fourth find
but only three Jefferson so far and
again they’re all on order roll 13 guess
I’ll show the 50s in this hunt 1959
Denver same roll 1949 Philadelphia still
the same rule and we uncovered in 1958
Denver and since I have you here I
flatten out the roll and exposed another
1940 out of Philly as well roll 14 we
have a 1946 out of Philly and I thought
I caught a glimpse of maybe another old
rim here I did 1947 out of Philly as
well rule 16 1957 Denver same role and I
guess we’ll add a 59 out of Denver as
well roll 18 1946 Philadelphia roll 21
looks like we’ve got a 1952 nickel
minted in Denver roll 25 and check it
out another 39 another 39 Philly but
let’s look for a DDR just in case and
I’m not seeing any DDR and confirmed a
39 Philly second 39 of the Bucks roll
number 28 1956 out of Denver rule 29 and
check this out another 39 and I’m not
seeing a mint mark at all but we got to
definitely double-check
yeah no Midmark and despite the damage I
don’t see any doubling three 1939 just
over halfway through the box roll 32
who’s got ourselves a 1955 is it minted
in Philadelphia it’s not it’s a denver
not a semi key date roll 34 1947
Philadelphia roll 35 a 1953 San
Francisco roll 39 and we have a toasty
1958 Denver roll 42 you get another 1959
from Denver same roll and we finally got
our first 2009 but it’s always from
Denver in my area rule 43 we have a
Canadian 1987 roll 44 is gonna have a
1958 with a little darker tone it’s not
a black beauty but it’s a 58d
nonetheless with a darker appearance to
it I’ll take it roll 46 has an old ender
it had the reverse showing so I knew it
was old but I thought it’d be a 64 and
instead it’s a 54 d same roll another
1958 Denver 147 my second 2009 of course
from Denver again row 48 of 1958 from
Denver roll 50 is gonna give us a 1941
out of Philly well that’s all she wrote
for that box and that hunt we had 14 in
the 50s 9 in the 40s I did keep one
pretty nice 1962 nickel for my
collection and we had to 2009’s to
foreigns as well as
three 39s none in great shape not any
key dates there and no double died
reverses but still a fun hunt I tried
something new this time I wanted to go
rapid fire on the finds I wanted to show
every fine from the box let me know if
you guys enjoyed this type of hunt or if
you prefer the other way either way
hopefully had fun I know I did
we should would have scored a buffalo
didn’t happen was we’d have found silver
didn’t happen which would have found a
be nickel didn’t happen but we did plot
some goodies and we did find some finds
if you guys did enjoy the video I’d
appreciate a thumbs up and as always
everyone happy hunting and thanks for


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