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hi today from the exciting hot sunny Acapulco in Mexico today I will meet an extraordinary man the first investor in cryptocurrencies companies a visionary who went all-in who put all his life savings into Bitcoin and into crypto world as soon as he recognized the potential of this technology and he was instrumental for the success of the pioneers of the ecosystem like blockchain dot info or like kraken his driving force was freedom yes you got it we are talking about Roger girl she is a crypto legend an amazing guy and a wonderful human being please meet with me the one and only whatever [Music] let’s start withdrawing the winners of the contest in the last crypto video in the video Q&A bite ball and medallion I promise to give away some bite ball bites to the people who provide the Bible address in the comments and I remind you only the non trivial comments comments that contribute to the discussion are eligible for the drawing until now I have given away above $10,000 in bite ball 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7-5 3 I congratulations to you 10 million Bible bytes go to you correlations to all the winners for you and for all the others stay with me till the end of this video there will be again an opportunity to win real money hi guys from Acapulco today I will interview one of the crypto legends reservoir the first investor in crypto companies and a legend in encrypted universe called Bitcoin Jesus Roger tell us how you got into to crypto I read an article about a man called narc who made you aware of this technology can you tell us the story behind this and about your first steps in this in this world right so mark is actually also in attendance here at NRK poco but I think it dates back a little bit before mark to be honest when I was a kid I was reading all sorts of science fiction books where they talked about you know cyber cash and digital money that you know you could use anonymously on the Internet and that sort of thing which of course as a kid was super interesting to me and then my hobby from a young age have been studying economics as well so then when I heard about Bitcoin for the first time thanks to mark on his radio show called free talk live and I heard about it I thought this is it this is the science fiction money I read about when I was a kid it’s finally here this is gonna be amazing if people are gonna use it all over the world so my first step was to go out and buy some bitcoins or the next step was to start investing in businesses to make them more easily usable by people around the world so that was things to mark over a free talk live for introducing me to it for the first time in I think weary of 2011 okay it was so what was the most compelling reason for you to get into this pace what I understood the characteristic Bitcoin that you could send and receive any amount of money with anyone anywhere in the world instantly basically they’re free and there’s nothing that anybody can do including government’s to stop you from sending receiving those funds of course people are gonna use that for money right what sort of person doesn’t want to have control of their right of course people are gonna use it around the world you were talking about the books on economics Austrian economics and about money you have been reading in your New York what is the let’s say the best book on Austrian economics or let’s say the economic freedom you have you have read or which you would recommend to read for for people to get really defeating of that topic there’s there’s a lot and they’re all kind of Interlochen but like one really great place to start there’s a book called the economics in one lesson by Henry Hazlitt and okay it’s a free online and it’s a fantastic book and you if you read that book it’s not a hard book to read but you’ll see the world much more clearly and you’ll understand all these economic and efficiencies that are being caused by government’s intervention interventions and the economy into that it’ll be a real eye-opening book for anybody of any age and could you say what is freedom for you your inner freedom conference so what how how how is your take on on freedom what is what what does it mean for you the simplest way to boil it down to the non-aggression principle and that’s don’t use aggressive violence against anybody else and that’s how everybody lives their daily life everyday all the time with the exception of like robbers or muggers or rapists or murderers and governments and those are the only people that use aggressive violence against peaceful people and everybody knows that murderers and rapists and robbers and muggers are bad people they shouldn’t do those things yet somehow when people put on a costume and work in a building to the flag out in front and they commit the same exact acts that would be appalling if committed by somebody not wearing a costume and working a big with a building with a flag in front of it hmm they get a free pass and as a voluntary estai don’t think they should get a free pass it doesn’t matter what kind of clothes you’re wearing or what sort of flag is in front of the building you’re working in you can’t no amount of you know magic costumes and flags can take an immoral act and turn it into a moral act and uh robbing raping pillaging stealing and using aggressive violence against peaceful people is wrong no matter who’s doing it and how do you see the role of cryptocurrencies to cure that that evil power from traditional robbers and rapers and murderers but it strips it away from governments as well now thanks to the invention of cryptocurrencies every single person on the planet can have 100% complete control of their own money and there’s nothing anybody including these robbers rapists and murderers in government can do to stop it so what a wonderful thing for all humankind if you believe in humanity and believe in individual rights and individual self ownership you should be screaming from the rooftops about how wonderful crypto currencies are yeah I was watching this very emotional interview you gave for some TV station where you were moved by now by the ability to take away the power of some governments in the world so to decide about lives millions of lives of other people who are not connected to them at all right and so this is a very powerful part of this of this movement you know my channel is a lot about entrepreneurship about taking responsibility for your for your life taking your fate in your in your hands and you are also for me a excellent entrepreneur you have invested in several companies you have used several companies in the crypto world and outside before that you were you had also very successful on my shop so what are they what is let’s say the best lesson you have learned in your career as an entrepreneur all any businesses is taking things from where they’re worth less and moving them to where they’re worth more whether it’s physical products or a human labor or anything like that so go and look out in the world there and see what resources can you move somewhere in the world from where they’re worth less to where they’re worth more and that’s what everything is whether it’s Starbucks or IBM or Microsoft or Bitcoin comm they’re moving resources from where they’re worth less to where they’re worth more very wise words okay coming back to the crypto how do you see the future of crypto we have we have had a major correction and you know many people were screaming you know this is the ad of Cristal head of Bitcoin and so on how what is your take on that and how do you see it like developing the last in the next month maybe in the next years the future is brighter than ever before I remember when Bitcoin made it to $1 per Bitcoin for the first time and then there’s a correction and people said oh this is there’s no way Bitcoin could ever be worth a whole dollar how did it ever get that high this is a bubble Bitcoin was $1 today Bitcoin core is about $10,000 a Bitcoin cash is around $1,500 right and they both you know have the say mortgage to their so even even the current prices are still low compared to what it’ll be but the thing that makes the price the higher is adoption and people using it in commerce if the coin isn’t being used in commerce or doesn’t have some actual use I’m not bullish on the future but if the coin is usable in commerce of course the price is gonna go up and more money from Eugene that’s fine much more the noise okay and now we are coming to the topic Bitcoin has Bitcoin you are known as a great supporter of Bitcoin Cass what is your straight strategy against Bitcoin this you started to elaborate on that but what is he like let’s say a very concrete strategy because I was hearing of you focusing on India or and undeceive developing countries where there is really a need for cryptocurrency like first first hand need as well can you elaborate on that what is this strategy of between castes sure what we’re focusing on everybody but the idea is right now if there’s two versions of Bitcoin Bitcoin corn between cash Bitcoin core is slow expensive and unreliable Bitcoin cash is fast cheap and reliable you don’t have to have an IQ of 200 points to figure out which one of those versions the bitcoins gonna be more popular and actually just yesterday to hear it in our cocoa there are a bunch of people from Venezuela and one of these Kim people came up to me and said Roger I just want to apologize to them like I’m even no you don’t need to apologize no no I want to apologize to I had been brainwashed by the core supporters and their censorship and their propaganda into thinking that Bitcoin core was the real Bitcoin but then the fees got so high that the fees were a whole months salary in Venezuela and we can’t use that we can’t afford to use that now we loved it coin cash and we’re promoting Bitcoin cash because it works and it’s useful for us and we can’t even afford to use Bitcoin core they actually made me a special Bitcoin cash t-shirt with their exchange logo and a Bitcoin cash logo and my name on it and they brought it all the way from Venice way it was a real emotional present for me to receive that from them and here these people that they they fought for themselves they look at the evidence Bitcoin caches useful Bitcoin for is not and I think we’ll see more of that okay I mean for for companies who were based I mean who were accepting Bitcoin it’s probably pretty easy to switch to Bitcoin cash because I mean the protocols they are very similar they are not much change you have to make a new implementation almost all these businesses are busy switching over at the very least integrating in parallel Bitcoin cash so all these businesses that used to be Bitcoin only before the fork a busy integrating Bitcoin can actually have coinbase blockchain that info bitpay Bitcoin comm of course like all these businesses all over the world are busy integrating people in cash because it actually works for payments and at the end of the day a cryptocurrency has to work for payments or it’s not even a currency what was the price of Bitcoin when you started investing or accepting you actually didn’t buy Bitcoin right you you you accepted this what so what was the price of the day I know it’s yeah so I sent a wire to change when they were well under $1 and then mount Cox was the exchange they didn’t credit my my my wire transfer toll is about $1 okay okay so it was 2011 right you probably lost a lot of that in when Marco expressed my advice this entire times always been so he didn’t lose anything just a little bit I lost a lot in a previous hacked at a lot of only the old-timers will remember bit Quantico and I had money on deposit at the clinic and I lost a fortune there okay but generally you were very successful with your picks in in until now in crypto in crypto what you invested also in some winners everybody remembers the successful page right they forget about the ones that weren’t successful there were quite a few that weren’t successful but at the time I just wanted to germinate the entire ecosystem because there wasn’t anybody else willing to invest in any syrup so then you invested in Bitcoin you you own the the domain between the dot-com you invested in so the big ones that people will remember today of course are cracking calm their auction that info bitpay actually a lot of people don’t know but I put up the seed money to start ripple and mostly run heads but riddle has been really gaining a lot of traction recently as well at the time the idea behind her goal was just to make a version of Bitcoin it didn’t require mining and okay let’s give that a truck to is kind of my reaction so sometimes like people like to think that oh this person’s a genius like sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good and in the case but you were birthday I mean you have independently of if you if you were like you’re not you have this experience probably one of the longest experience in the with trading or let’s say investing in crypto world in on the planet right now so I would be interested in seeing what metrics you look at when you’re when you invest in cryptos completely not maybe in companies but in encrypted projects what what are the metrics you look at what how you decides what to invest in so the safest bet I think is to buy the current system directly because if any one of the businesses that are being built on top of that term successful that currency will be success absolutely and the characteristics I look for when buying currency fast cheap reliable unsensible of course and private and this whole scaling war with Bitcoin really had privacy be put on the back burner and that’s a real big problem okay take a look out there and look at the currencies going to have those and the ones that are bottom line is it has to be useful in commerce if it’s not useful in commerce if it’s not okay I mean this is as far as the cryptocurrency but there are a lot of blockchain projects which have different functions the other projects that I’m most interested in I think will have the most interesting impact on the world of the prediction markets that are out there because prediction markets not only can they be used there’s like a window to where you can see into the future they can also be used as a tool to influence the future but it’s like the futures in the let’s say in the traditional files between like a time machine that you can reach in and either view the future and figure out what actions you should take today to achieve specific goals or results tomorrow or you can decide what results you want to see tomorrow and take actions today to make sure that those results happening so don’t underestimate how powerful the tool prediction markets are and those are coming being built on a couple of different blockchain so there’s Bitcoin hivemind of course and then there’s no sis and augur and a couple other ones and if even one of them are are successful that’s gonna be another really powerful world-changing invention okay in the beginning of 2018 I made a small video a short video about predictions what I it’s a kind of game of course nobody can predict the future but you know to say like five non-intuitive things that may happen in 2018 do you have such things that we would like to share maybe that you think could happen 2018 that are absolutely non-intuitive I don’t know how non-intuitive is for people who are paying attention but for Bitcoin core believers this probably be intuitive for them I’m I think it’s very very likely that Bitcoin core will no longer be the top cryptocurrency in terms of market cap it’s already lost its top space in terms of network transactions per day by the end of this year clearly Bitcoin core will no longer be the top cryptocurrency what what about as the topic of adoption do you think we are that far that let’s say top players like eBay or Amazon we’ll start at the excepting crypto there’s already a fantastic website called I pay you that I own that allows you to transfer your Bitcoin cash directly into Amazon store credit write your Amazon account and then we just saw some really interesting pieces the puzzle announced recently that looks like looks like eBay’s in the process of getting ready to set up accepting cryptocurrency so that would be a pretty big deal as well so do know which cryptocurrencies are they’re gonna accept um I don’t think it’ll be a big point for because it’s not usable as a currency I think it’s likely to be Bitcoin cash maybe atheria maybe – okay okay the very last question if you just had one message to share with with my viewers at the preneur oil people people interested in the crypto vault what would it be study the underlying first principles the first principles are incredibly important for you to be guided in the rest of your life so if you understand the root principles that can guide you to the rest of your life and I guess if I can recommend one additional book up pick up and read the law by Frederic Bastiat it’s only maybe 70 or 80 pages it will change the way you looked at the world you can read it in a little over an hour that’s the law about figure Basquiat absolutely fantastic interview thank you so much I wish you a lot of success with your ventures and with you thank you thanks thank you I hope you liked this interview if yes give me a thumb up and subscribe below this video keep the belly button in order not to miss the upcoming videos with other crypto legends please comment on the topics we have been talking about with Roger below this video what is your perspective what do you think about that how do you see the advices he gave don’t forget to provide your Bible address with your comment if you don’t know what Bible is go to Bible org don’t know the wallet and provides your address I will give away again some Bible bytes to some of the addresses you provide but please don’t spam the comments on the comments contributing some thoughts well participate in the drawing share this content share this video with your friends with your loved ones they will thank you for that I talked here about cryptocurrencies about my experiences in investing with cryptocurrencies I talked here with the most impactful people in the crypto world with the crypto legends the movers and shakers of the ecosystem I interview also self-made billionaires around the world and share the knowledge about how they think and how they act so if you liked this video you will probably like my other videos here you will find some of my best videos that’s it for today thank you and see you from the exciting Acapulco


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