Roger Ver – Bitcoin Cash: Maximalism, Censorship & Nouriel Roubini reaction

it seems like you’re not a maximalist
like many people these days and speaking
of which I’ve never been even even like
back in 2011 people said well what if
somebody makes something better than
Bitcoin I told my I hope they do because
then we all get to use it but Bitcoin
itself is amazing right now today so if
something else comes out it’s gonna have
to be even more amazing so that’s a
great thing why would I be sad about
that I’m I’ll be happy and if something
even better than Bitcoin cash comes
along I’ll be happy because then I’ll
get to use and promote that
that’s a good clap it’s pretty good yeah
dear crypto community and blockchain buddies
across the globe welcome back to season
two of Cryptonites, live from the CC
forum we had some crazy crazy talks and
one crazy debate and we’re here with one
of the biggest movers in the decentralized
movement and of course founder of
Bitcoin cash Roger ver thank you so much
for being here today thank you but I
have to correct that I am no more
responsible for the creation of Bitcoin
cash than I am responsible for the
creation of Bitcoin itself so I’m just
a fan of both of them and was late to the party for
both of them as well but earlier than
most people yeah you were definitely
here in the very early days and if we
could go back I mean first of all you
you actually released a video recently
about your experience in jail and the
sufferings and how you know centralized
prisons all that really brought you
through some dark times and the
community reacted really well they loved
the fact that a strong guy like you, you
know can share such emotions and stuff
like that but if you don’t mind telling
us about what led you to really want to
be a part of this movement our community.
I guess I played back to studying
economics and the more economics I
studied the more I realized that anytime
anybody buys or sells anything with
anybody both people are richer after the
trade happens otherwise the trade
wouldn’t happen so anytime you buy you
know anything from Starbucks if you buy
some coffee from them it’s because you
value the coffee more than the money you
pay them and Starbucks values the money
that they get from you more than they
value the coffee so after the trade
Starbucks is richer because they have
the money that they value up more than
the coffee and you’re richer because you
have the coffee that you value more than
the money that you gave them so both
people are better off after the trade
happens so if we can build tools and
systems that allow more people around
the world to be able to trade with more
people everybody becomes richer after
the trades happening otherwise those
trades wouldn’t take place so when
Bitcoin came along I saw it as this tool
to enable more people to be able to
trade with more other people around the
world well that makes everybody all over
the entire planet richer it makes the
entire world a better place for
everybody so who doesn’t want to live in
a better world than the one we have
today well the best tool to help make
that happen is
it’s digital currencies and
cryptocurrencies that can be used for
payments to buy and sell things for
people around the world and that’s why I
got involved you know way back in 2011
when Bitcoin was less than $1 each
that’s amazing and you know like so
first of all you inspired my brother as
well he really looks up to you and I
think a lot of the people don’t realize
how important of a role you played in
this space you know with Internet these
days people jump to fast conclusions and
you know make decisions based on very
little information sometimes which is
sad but obviously in your times in New
York and all your activity like what
were things that fascinated you in terms
of Bitcoin and want to propel that
message to the community before moving
to Japan yeah so I’d already moved to
Japan before Bitcoin had ever even been
invented I’ve been there like 15 years
now but I’ve been involved in Bitcoin
around nine but here here it is finally
this is the tool to empower every single
person on the planet to have 100%
complete control of their own money
that’s a good thing for every single
person on the planet so I had already
had some assets from my own business tag
started in in California and so I took
the money from that used to buy some
Bitcoin and then used it to start
investing in all the first generation of
Bitcoin and cryptocurrency businesses so
it’s you know the things that are kind
of household names like today like
things like Kraken and blockchain calm
and bitpay and on and on and on and I’m
a fan of anything that works and I want
to invest in anything that helps makes
people’s lives better because that’s how
we make the world a better place and I’m
living in this world just like everybody
else that is super cool and a great
message and it’s in terms of Japan
itself a lot of people would say Japan
would not be into Bitcoin and
if it were not for Roger Ver they
would have just gotten to it later in
2011 one of the very first things I did
there’s a guy that was working for him
there was like I speak Japanese pretty
well but like really good you do and you
all a lot of people don’t realize this
but if you’re working working as a
translator always translating from your
second language back into your native
tongue and so like Japanese is not my
native tongue but I had a guy that was
working for me that it was and so I paid
him to translate the entire Bitcoin
white paper into Japanese and when he
took the name Satoshi Nakamoto he just
chose the
most common Chinese characters for the
name Satoshi Nakamoto and just put that
on the white paper and then years later
they’re a bunch of people so like where
did this kanji come from for the name
and their kind they were trying to
figure out like is this the real kanji
for the Satoshi and it’s like no my the
guy Makoto is his name the translator
all he just chose the most common
spelling for it and in Japanese but we
translated the entire Bitcoin white
paper and the entire Bitcoin dollar
website into Japanese back in 2011 and
so we did that and it’s also kind of
interesting Jihan wu the founder of bitmain
another giant Bitcoin cash
supporter today he’s the one that are in
I think 2012 translated everything into
Chinese and spread Bitcoin into China so
it’s kind of interesting the guy that
brought Bitcoin to Japan and the guy
that brought bitcoind to China
we’re both now big giant Bitcoin cash
supporters because we view that as the
crypto currency that’s most closely
resembles the Bitcoin that we fell in
love with back in two thousand eleven or
twelve and we see it as the one that has
the best chance to bring more economic
freedom to the world and it’s not to say
we don’t like the thing that everyone’s
calling Bitcoin today we’re just even
more optimistic about Bitcoin cash and I
want to ask you a question based on that
but just before oh no first question I
want to ask you about jujitsu okay is
that cool no problem you still practice
oh yeah my friend was at carpet game oh
tensley things though I know Dan for
since we were both the Triforce yeah no
way did he get his black belt recently I
think he’s still brown belt or brown
belt – I think we’re getting pretty
close to black oh really
did that whipping thing hurt really bad
this is so funny there was in Japan
there’s something for those who do not
know it’s called a go cone where you go
on a double date or you bring friends
the guys bring their buddies
yeah quite the same in unblinding here
right well I think he’s like hopping
from table to table right yes yes
speed dating difference be dating is
yeah I like group dating I guess getting
to everything confused but you’re right
it’s like a group right and I heard that
there was one girl who was really into
you and the first thing you told her
well the first thing you told her was
have you ever heard of a Bitcoin and you
started like actually you got her to
download I think it was a Bitcoin cash
wallet and you started transacting and
showing her and it was really funny
because everyone’s like you know Roger
doesn’t give a damn about the girl he
just wants to you know educate people
talk about Bitcoin to be a good pick-up
line right you can tell okay excuse me
have you heard of Bitcoin and that can
break the ice as well but that’s that
story I’m sure it’s true and I’m sure it
wasn’t the only time either was that
your your most successful tool to you
know kind of push mass adoption Japan is
getting people to download a wallet that
still might my tool today everybody I
meet I make sure they have a Bitcoin
cash wallet and before we’re done with
this interview I’ll make sure everyone
in the room has a Bitcoin cash wallet if
they don’t already thank you so much for
that so going back to what you were
talking about Bitcoin cash so this is
like kind of a big event in the
cryptocurrency space and I would love to
hear from you obviously there’s there’s
politics going on both sides there’s
some issues with maximalism and stuff
like that but what what kind of made you
feel like I don’t like where this is
what was the turning point for you was
like okay now it’s time to create what
you you find is the real Bitcoin in that
sense yeah I was actually pretty quiet
on the scaling debate and I had my
opinion and I definitely leaned towards
the the big block side but I was real
quiet about it just watching and
absorbing all the information and trying
to learn exciting I know I’m not the
smartest guy in the planet or even
necessarily in the room and so I was
quiet listening and just trying to learn
and observe from everything and then all
of a sudden I saw one side engage in
massive censorship or they were banning
and anybody that had a different opinion
than their own and deleting anybody’s
post that had a different opinion than
their own and when I saw the censorship
start I said well one side supporting
free speech the other side supporting
censorship I know which camp I’m gonna
plant my flag with and of course it’s
the side that supports free speech and
free expression and free you know
expression of ideas and that’s the big
cash camp and even to this day the
Bitcoin cash community embraces
free speech and free discussion it
breaks my heart to say it but the
Bitcoin core the BTC camp the thing
everyone’s calling Bitcoin the online
discussion platform for it are super
heavily censored your posts will
literally be deleted if you post
something that it’s not towing the the
party line and it’s really sad to see
that because bitcoins supposed to be all
about free speech and free transactions
for people in the world and instead it’s
this giant censorship infested cesspool
and it’s it’s sad to see that if have
happened but to be very honest with you
I was censored before yeah so so
disheartening right it just breaks your
heart to see this community that was
supposed to be all about free speech and
free expression of ideas engaging in
censorship and it’s been going on for
years now for years yeah
so you had the idea of the technology
the bigger block size suppose what made
me speak out yeah like I already felt
that way inside but I was like oh I’ll
just be quiet and watch what do I need
to stick my neck out for that then when
the censorship started said boom it’s
time for me to stick my neck out and
it’s been really really disappointing to
see other people that I used to really
look up and with to in the space people
like Andres Antonopoulos he’s silent on
the censorship like where is he why
doesn’t he speak out about that and I
think he should and it’s disappointing
to see see people not speaking out about
it more strongly even even if you think
that restricting the block size is a
good idea
you should still support free speech and
free discussion about that topic and and
sadly that hasn’t been the case within
the Bitcoin community over the last
couple of years so now it was really
like a value or principle that you
disliked you’re like every speech is
important yeah if you don’t have free
speech and free discussion of ideas how
can the world move forward how can
people be exposed to new ideas that
brings me to a bigger topic which is
Donald Trump because biggest are the
biggest topics right because a lot of
people say that if you ban if we try to
ban Bitcoin Bitcoin cash like cornets
hiriam you’re actually impeding on
freedom of speech and obviously you know
the American people we grow up with you
know pledging allegiance and everything
is about freedom freedom freedom
everywhere right I would argue that
pledging the allegiance is not about
yeah yeah brainwash people thank you
the truth but uh do you think we will
arrive at one point if you know Bitcoin
cash or cryptocurrency grows enough
where they think okay this is not the
local drug dealer anymore this is a
bigger threat to our economic system i
monetary policies do you think the US
would ever ban it or they would never do
it because that would go against one of
the core values of I hope they would
never ban it but if they do try to ban
it that’s a even stronger sign that this
is something worthwhile and that the
world should have so but you know
there’s different politicians with
different views and hopefully the smart
ones will realize that they should
embrace this technology because it makes
the world a better place rather than
than Chenin was moving on to today’s
debate that was so cool that was one of
the best debates I’ve ever seen and now of
course really I’ll have to watch it yeah
it was really good I think you
represented the the crypto community
very very well… Decentralization is
not the goal Decentral… well I’ve
been involved in this place pretty
deeply and I’ll tell you
decentralization is not my goal
decentralization is the tool that we
used to enable censorship resistance for
cryptocurrencies and you need just
enough to centralization so that you
can’t be censored with in your
transactions and I don’t know anybody
that’s having their cryptocurrency
transaction censor because you can
literally use it to send and receive
money with anyone right now today and
that’s why websites all around the world
are using it for payments right now
today you can book any hotel in the
world with crypto currencies you can
book any flight in the world with any
airline with crypto currencies you can
buy just about anything you want and if
you shop on Amazon you can save 15 or
20% off your Amazon purchases by using
Bitcoin cash on that’s a
real reason for real people that aren’t
terrorists and aren’t selling
firecrackers on eBay you see the
commercial that was good it was a great
commercial that’s one of the reasons why
people can use it so this is real money
and a real tool that are improving the
lives of real doubtfull around the world
today if you don’t like it don’t use it
it’s just that simple
what were your favorite moments were
your the things that you liked about it
disliked about it how did you feel in
that actual moment I think my favorite
moment was when Roubini started
complaining that I sold firecrackers on
eBay and that I’m a felon
which is true and has absolutely nothing
to do with whether or not
cryptocurrencies are useful to the world
or useful tools it’s like the fact that
he had to devolve into attacking me as a
person rather than debating the merits
of cryptocurrencies shows you that he
absolutely lost the debate on on every
point otherwise he wouldn’t have started
attacking me personally for when I sold
on eBay 20 years ago so so that was
pretty funny he was he was making a bit
personal right like you were focusing on
the big picture and he was attacking you
which just shows like he like what does
that have to do with cryptocurrency he
lost the debate if he has to attack me
personally oh that right away you
thought he lost he lost
I think clearly right yeah yeah it’s
called ad hominem right attacking the
man you attacked me personally rather
than the ideas of cryptocurrencies which
is what we were supposed to be debating
are there any other things that you
agree with Nouriel Roubini on what he
was saying or is it just complete no
I like a lot of it I actually did agree
so he said probably people all over the
world are using PayPal and WeChat and
Alipay and this and that to pay for things
because those services are useful he’s
right they are useful but more choices
are a good thing so people in addition
to WeChat and Ali pay and this and that
and Venmo, let’s let people use Bitcoin
cash you know – Monero, Dash Zcash
and like take your pick Ethereum and
like there’s a zillion tokens out there
more choices are a good thing the more
choices people have better imagine if
the entire world the only thing that
people could drink was coca-cola yeah
how boring would the world be and the
same is true of cryptocurrencies let’s
have that wasn’t script of currencies
and people can choose whichever one they
liked the best for the things they’re up
to and then they can use it and if
someone likes a different one than you
don’t be mad at them if someone likes
drinking a different soft drink than you
that’s fine – don’t hate on them for
that so let let everybody enjoy their
own cryptocurrency let it everybody
enjoy their own soft drink or hard drink
for that matter yeah and I think your
outro the speech that you gave right
after the debate was where you really
want everyone over you got actually a
bit of a standing ovation here and there
I think this is a bit of an example of a
just a difference in world view in a
difference in philosophy so I’m
incredibly excited by the idea of
empowering each individual to have
choice have choices in their own lives
they can choose which form of money they
want to use they can choose which
financial institution they want to deal
with they can choose what investments
they want to invest in I think having
more people with more individual
choices is a good thing for the world
and from Nouriel we’re hearing no nobody
gets to do anything unless they use our
our our fiat currency from central
bankers and controlled everything with
everyone all the time well that’s not
exciting that’s an interesting variety
it’s a spice of life so let’s people
let’s have people get to choose if they
want to use Bitcoin cash or Bitcoin or
Litecoin or Etherium or Dash or Monero or the US dollar, the yen or the
euro or if they want to you know traded
ameritrade or etrader if they want
to invest in risky ICOs, let’s let
people have the freedom to do that and
that’s the exciting part about
blockchain technologies because it gives
everybody on the planet a level playing
field in which they can all participate
in the economy and they don’t have to
get permission from people like Nouriel Roubini
and his friends in order to do
so you just mentioned many many
different cryptocurrencies, Ethereum itself like some people have lost
little bit of faith some people think “oh no, DeFi and all these..” Are you supporter
of some of these platforms as well do
you want to see them succeeding do you
believe in Ethereum as of today with
the virtual machine or the smart contracts… I’m a
fan of anything that works and obviously
Ethereum works right it’s the second
most popular cryptocurrency in the
entire world with a bunch of different
tokens and all sorts of things happening
and if it wasn’t being useful to people
people wouldn’t be using it so like I
said I’m a competition maximalist I want
to see the most people using the most
number of things and and it’s just like
this Darwinian evolution of
cryptocurrencies and the more
competition there is the better the end
product is that we all get to use and so
that’s a good thing for everybody
awesome thank you so much and and so
moving on to obviously there was a
Bitcoin & Bitcoin cash and then we had
Bitcoin cash and then Bitcoin SV yeah
it seems like I wish the Bitcoin SV
people good luck with their project yeah
that’s great i Drock mention that
remember that at the end of the panel
that makes a lot of sense
yeah or do you have like when you think
about this are there any regrets in
terms of like how things played out or
do you ceiling are you still in good
terms with all these people or I’m the
the Bitcoin SV people are busy censoring
everybody and the Bitcoin SV
discussion platforms are completely
censored so they’re not supporting free
speech so to me it makes it not an
interesting project I’m not interested
in lawsuits and I’m not interested in
censorship I wish them good luck with
everything except for their lawsuits and
except for their censorship so for me
it’s not a project I’m interested in
personally but I wish them good luck
with like I said everything but the
lawsuits in the censorship great
but it seems like you’re not a
maximalist like many people these days
and speaking of which I’ve never been
even even like back in 2011 people said
well what if somebody makes something
better than Bitcoin I told my I hope
they do because then we all get to use
it but Bitcoin itself is amazing right
now today so if something else comes out
it’s gonna have to be even more amazing
so that’s a great thing why would I be
sad about that I’m I’ll be happy and if
something even better than Bitcoin cash
comes along I’ll be happy because then
I’ll get to use and promote that so that
makes a lot of sense and you you created
this video the other day which was about
maximalism and I will never forget one
of the analogies and I was really
touched because you talked about how
in politics there’s always a spectrum
you can choose between you know being
liberal extremely conservative and
religion also we have extremists and
then you have the people who just don’t
have religions and stuff like that but
he’s Maximalism close to that side to the
extreme right side in terms of it’s my
way or the highway
or I’m not open enough to accept other
projects or is it a little bit different
in your opinion yeah I think recently I
compared the Bitcoin maximalist
anti-shah yeah and they just like don’t
want people to even be able to have
ideas in their head that doesn’t conform
to what they want the world to be in
like that’s not the world I want to live
in I want to live in a world with like a
diversity of not only cryptocurrencies
but a diversity of ideas and then people
can argue and debate and sharpen those
ideas and we can figure out you know
what the the most effective ideas and
thought processes in the world are to
make the world a better place for all of
us but like imagine if everybody had to
think the exact same thing how boring
would the world be and we’d never we’d
never be moving humankind forward I’m
very happy to see that your so open-minded so in terms of Facebook for
instance you know losing some of their
best buddies recently obviously it seems
like you don’t wish any ill-will to
anybody and you’re very open minded I’m
very happy to see that you’re such a
good person but do you feel bad for them
or some people are like yeah you know
you guys lost this partner PayPal you
lost this partner no I think that’s
disappointing so we’re talking about the
new cryptocurrency Libra that yeah Libra
the no longer new cryptocurrency the
abandoned the abandoned currency I think
that’s sad because it’s it’s more it
would have been more competition they
would have to make you in the Bitcoin
cash and a theory and everything else
step up their game to compete with this
competition leads to better results for
everybody every
the fact that we have McDonald’s and
Burger King means that both of those
companies hamburgers are better than if
we only had one of those companies and
the same is true with the cryptocurrency
so I was really sad actually to see
Libra just disintegrate into every and
the way it disintegrated there was the
really scary part is the politicians
basically sending threatening letters to
these companies saying you better not do
this or we’re gonna make your life
living hell how is that them being our
representatives right that’s not a
representative that’s like a slave
master bossing everybody around so I
don’t think that’s cool either yeah that
makes a lot of sense I’m glad to hear
you say that because people are actually
celebrating almost like whoo I know
these guys so that’s really really good
to know in terms of investment platforms
and stuff like that how how have we
evolved if we want to purchase Bitcoin
cash like in terms of the early days of
being able to purchase Bitcoin cash –
now are you happy with evolution and how
the accessibility has come and it’s
getting better and better every year but
there’s still a huge amount of work to
do so one really cool tool that we built
recently is a local debit coin comm and
it sounds like sounds like local
bitcoins what’s exciting about that but
we’re using using smart contracts on
Bitcoin cash we made it so anyone can
buy or sell Bitcoin cash in any country
for any payment method with no kyc it’s
direct person-to-person transaction but
we’re using what’s called a self
custodial escrow so the Bitcoin cash is
locked in an escrow so no party can run
away with it but the platform itself
never touches the money so like the
platform itself never has to do any kyc
or any sort of nonsense on that so it’s
a really powerful tool that’s really
getting more traction all over the world
and I’m excited about that as a way to
allow more people to buy and sell not
just Bitcoin cash but any cryptocurrency
on that platform because you can then
you know buy and sell Z cash or – or
whatever you want with Bitcoin cash
being the other side of the the trade
they’re using the the self custodial
escrow so it’s a really cool platform
over it local Bitcoin comm is that that
platform and we built that and it’s our
own product but it’s awesome if I do say
so myself yeah I mean speaking of which
you actually in terms of regulation and
and KYC nml you gave a really powerful
speech at Dev Con just a week ago I saw
the article roger ver and then I have
the article in there but I heard that
you you gave a very emotional pitch on you
know why this is BS you know we
shouldn’t have this KYC / AML stuff do you
mind just just telling us what you
talked about and hopefully they can find
footage of you actually making that
speech yeah although I found out
afterwards apparently they didn’t film
it or that wasn’t supposed to be filmed
and I my heart was bad they say I had
the same reaction when I found that out
cuz I think I think I did it gave a good
talk there so maybe someone somewhere
has it I would love to see it myself but
if they have it they tagged you on
Twitter so yeah but like the main point
like you hear a lot of these companies
talk about like you know we’re compliant
for this and compliant for that and
compliance compliance compliance and I
told people every time you hear a
company talking about compliance change
in your mind the word compliance to
obedience because that’s really what
they’re talking about they’re not just
talking about any kind of obedience
they’re talking about being obedient to
a bunch of strangers living in a far-off
city that they’ve never met and have
never met them and probably don’t even
understand anything about the business
they’re they’re engaged in and if you
change the word compliance to obedience
in your mind and you look at it from
that point of view you see just how
silly all this nonsense is they’re
you’re bragging about being obedient to
a bunch of strangers you’ve never met
living in a far-off city that’s nothing
to brag about that’s not marketing
that’s not good marketing material for
you for your business that’s just blind
in your hands right why would you be
obedient to a bunch of strangers that
don’t even understand what you’re up to
yeah I don’t even know what matters to
you and them doing anything about your
business why would you be obedient to
those people if you sent them a letter
in the mail saying that they had to be
compliant with your demand they’d
laughing you say who are you alright
same thing to them there’s just a
stranger a stranger as a stranger is a
stranger even if they wear fancy suits
or and work in buildings with flags out
in front like why are they any more
human than you or I why do they have any
more right to boss your eye around them
we have a right to boss them around and
I think the answer philosophically very
clearly as they don’t the practical
answer is they have a lot more guns in
the heart you if you don’t obey them but
don’t think of compliance is a good
thing just think of it as obedience
strangers and arbitrary Authority very
interesting compliance is obedience and
just now you’re talking about features
that we still lack in terms of investing
in cryptocurrency well what are the
things that you would like to see in the
future to make things easier for
everybody or so it’s not
things that I would like to see I look
at the things that I would like to see
and then we go out and build them and
we’re trying to make them tools that
people can use and so historically in
humankind we’ve had such a thing as
anonymous bearer shares and governments
have really kind of clamped down on
those and made it really hard for people
to have anonymous bear shares and we
also have lots of companies that pay
dividends historically there have never
been anonymous bear shares that could
also receive dividend payments well we
built that on Bitcoin cash you can now
have Bitcoin cash tokens that act just
like anonymous bear shares but they can
receive dividend payments right there on
chain that’s an incredibly powerful tool
for the entire world and really really
exciting and I’m sure we’re gonna see
more and more security tokens building
on top of Bitcoin cash and using this
dividend payment tool to pay dividends
directly to their token holders around
the world that’s an exciting powerful
tool that is really cool that it’s
taking utility is it no it’s not even
it’s taking utility so you’re just
basically every Bitcoin cash token just
sits in a Bitcoin cash address so you
can scan the blockchain to see which
which tokens are sitting at what
addresses and you can send whatever
dividends you want to those addresses
the dividends can either be in Bitcoin
cash or other Bitcoin cash tokens so a
really cool example of this is the
biggest stable coin in the world right
now is tether right there’s like four
billion dollars of tether floating
around the world on a couple of
different block chains and the Ted the
company behind tether they’re earning
some interest with the dollars that are
in the bank account somewhere they don’t
share any of that interest within any of
the token holders of tether out there in
the world
well what if using this tool that we
built now the stable coin issue or that
issue is a stable coin on become cash
they’d then share the interest from the
bank directly to all the token holders
but the token holders still have 100%
complete control their cryptocurrency
you can have it offline in your paper
wallet you know buried under the shed in
your back yard but the interest payments
still show up every month so you cannot
have stable coins that are an interest
on chain but you don’t have to give up
your custody of this table coin that’s a
really really powerful tool so I think
stable coins are gonna wind up being on
the Bitcoin cash blockchain more than
any other because of their fast cheap
reliable transactions and because you
can pay the dividends or the interest
directly on chain to the stable coin
holders I think that’s a big deal that’s
really cool so is that the kind of like
your definition of how you can actually
give a use case for financial inclusion
distribution as well yeah I guess my job
as an entrepreneurs look for problems in
the world and then find a way to solve
those problems or look at current
solutions that people are using in their
and figure out a way to make that
solution even better or even more useful
and that’s what I’m busy doing plus the
jiu-jitsu and the jiu-jitsu that’s how I
keep healthy and mind and body so for
when the black belts Roger I got a I got
to win some more tournaments of brown
belt so hopefully I’ll be able to make
some time for those tournaments and the
I think now the the the line has been
crossed but for up until fairly recently
there are probably more videos of me on
YouTube competing in jiu-jitsu
tournaments than there were about me
talking about Bitcoin there’s a lot of
videos on YouTube with me competing it’s
not just you a lot so that’s really
really cool just so yeah in terms of
jiu-jitsu do you watch UFC as well I
used to watch religiously and pride for
those that remember that yeah yeah now I
know rego me right yeah it says position
Sakuraba was one of my very favorite
fighters for anyway that remembers that
I got to meet him recently through my
Bitcoin involvement to know that was a
real honor to do that but now I’ve been
a lot more busy with the
cryptocurrencies stuff so I haven’t had
as much time to to follow that but yeah
I still love all that stuff of course so
that’s so cool that’s so cool so people
can actually watch videos of Roger we’re
doing it see I said up TJ Dillashaw a
few months ago I ran into him in Panama
and said oh my gosh Wow symptoms of
Bitcoin caches I did it was their first
stem-cell treatment on his shoulder and
I was there first and so treatment on my
my ACL on my knees so yeah it’s really
just absolutely awesome but thank you so
much Roger for today my pleasure thank
you so much and you’re just gonna guys
she must be there sure I know you’re
doing lots of good stuff in Japan and I
know a lot of people who personally have
never got into the space without you
because you created the biggest
community through Bitcoin cash meetups
and I think there’s no bit quite meetups
starting back in it yes 11 in both Tokyo
and in Silicon Valley and yeah around
the world
I should still active oh yeah the Tokyo
double is incredible back for every
single Wednesday there’s dozens of
places in Tokyo that accept Bitcoin cash
now there’s far more than accept BTC at
this point and we have an awesome
community every single Wednesday so
anybody that winds up being in Tokyo
join us Wednesday for Bitcoin can we can
I meet you there as well if I’m in town
I always go it’s fantastic you will love
it and if you don’t start a Bitcoin
cache made up in the town where you’re
and you’ll meet all sorts of interesting
smart wonderful people it’s a great way
to make new friends thank you so much
for influencing hopefully all the
viewers out that will understand that
you know you’ve you’ve been in space for
a long time even pushing the message the
word for a long time and done lots of
good so hopefully you know people will
resonate with that type of message and
look forward to having again hopefully
in next season or kryptonite’s can’t
wait if we want to follow you where are
your the most active if wants to get in
touch with you is it coin calm is the
right place whether I focus on all my
time and energy and effort into building
amazing tools to bring more economic
freedom to the world over a Bitcoin calm
thank you so much Roger and for those
viewing out there don’t forget to Like
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share with a friend please guys don’t
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