Ripple in 2018? ⚡️ CEO of Wyre Michael Dunworth offers his opinions on the coin’s future

So Ripple is I get it I know the team
we’ve got a great relationship we’ve got
mutual investors had a pretty long
relationship with them as a company we
were one of the first companies back in
2014 to actually put Ripple in the
wallet so you can buy bitcoins, buy LiteCoins, buy Ripple with like the first
multi-currency wallet at the time to
sort of include Ripple I think Ripple is
going on a different route they’ve had a
bit of an identity crisis and it feels
like now they’re coming to light in
terms of everyone’s sort of saying oh my
Ripple is it’s gone up 100x I need to
buy into it and they’re getting really
attracted by the price but I think it’s
really important to look at the
fundamentals underneath Ripple so what
is if everything gets taken away
who is gonna use Ripple and what are
they using it for right now it feels
like it’s being capitalized on a ton
with arbitrage for like the Korean
market so I think if you look at the top
markets that are trading it I think
Korea is number one by up with a silver
bullet but Ripple will get listed on a
bunch more exchanges and they’re gonna
get a lot more partners integrate you
know Ripple into the exchanges which is
a better approach a Ripple
originally said let’s create Ripple
gateways all over the world and what
they were said to do is and this is you
know two or three years ago that was the
idea of we won’t use the digital
currency like bitcoin exchanges will
create our own gateways exchange
basically that was a bad move but
they’ve come to light to say well we need
to list Ripple or XRP on all these on
all these places so coming full circle
I think Ripple I think this year a lot
of people are going to find out whether
or not there’s big banks and all those
big headlines are actually using it to
the best of my knowledge they have
captured a lot of mine share through
like really good marketing headlines
like Santander did a test transfer to
Barclays but then you’ve got the guy who
led the project at Santander say on a
panel at a blockchain conference you
know two months ago say oh we did it but
it was useless and you know how many of
those little
soundbites are gonna come out where
people go oh this actually isn’t as
exciting and you know people are
thinking of it like bank coin basically
it’s the coin that all the banks are
gonna use. So you think it can replace
Swift? It can but if you look at the
people that it’s competing against so
it’s competing against Swift so Swift
has got their own digital currency
initiatives and Ripple has got their own
but you’ve also got things like R3 which
is a private consortium R3 if I’m trying
to replace Swift I am probably gonna
want to get everyone on Swift on board
with me and then we’ll let’s all do a
handshake in a room and say right we’re
overhauling our systems with a system
upgrade to this new digital currency
version. R3 to me seems like they’re in a
better position if that was the route to
they’re probably in a better position
than Ripple to execute on that so I
don’t think they will replace Swift not in 2018 they they will have
a very hard time doing that or getting
close to doing that in my opinion


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