Play Quake 3 in your Browser for Crypto – NanoQuakeJS

CryptoSlo cryptocurrency news and
investing crypto slo with more crypto
games instead of gains today so I was
checking the news this morning getting
ready to work on blockhead and I found
this super cool release urn and nano
playing quake 3 with free free to play
nano quake j/s so someone ported quake 3
over to the web and it plays totally in
your browser now how do you earn the
Nano well they actually have I’ll leave
the link below they have a registration
form but if you just want to jump in and
check it out you can actually just load
the game so checking out the
registration form
what’s your name and your nano address
and that’s it
super easy to get registered so I
actually will go ahead and get a nano
address nano volts dot I was this let’s
check this out ok ok so looks like at
nano vault you can go ahead and create a
new wallet which is pretty cool yeah
yeah so I’ll double check that too but
let’s get into it and see if this thing
actually delivers so this is the demo
but you looks like you can just go ahead
and click in and load up and play so
let’s just see if this is sweet
so it’s supposedly multiplayer uses your
mouse and keyboard deathmatch
yeah looks dope so
so wow it’s exciting I am not that good
but it looks like at the quake J s page
you can actually play and configure bots
so you can kind of you know practice to
try to get a little better and here’s
the online matches doesn’t look like a
ton of people playing maybe a lot of
people just don’t know about this but I
thought this was definitely worthy to
share with the community
so check out quake J s and possibly earn
a little crypto having fun this is
crypto slo for not talking gains then
we’re not talking

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