Old Spanish banknotes

hello people and
today I would like to show you bank
notes them Spain this being that’s quite
nice because the design is actually
quite well integrated and also the heads
some variation in color as you can see
from these fun pink known as picture I
felt the second or Spain or felt the
first of Portugal using blue and has a
monastery in green and the rest of the
bank neck Cena up like ish tight color
also has some yellow and all that just
makes a variation you know the actual
design if you look at this so many other
bank notes from this time period
basically just one color guess I’ll be
on has variations in color but pretty
soft that’s a good design actually in
one from China this red 1940s let’s do
it these are all nice designs the worst
designs of this period is probably
united kingdom now what’s a go at five
pound note no buddy keep could made that
okay this is why i like it this is the
reverse it has a painting i’ll fill up
the second by LOL violates these are all
spanish painters from the Renaissance
for these bank notes / have a painting
or building on the back in contrast
between the borders is quite nice ok one
thousand suppose this one there’s a
front of a building I’m still quite nice
design integrated well okay 25 also nice
design bought a contrast with the
painting which is good
50c has a nice design so insane portrait
on the back end up painting also has a
59 31 this one’s a bit better like the
colors contrast a bit more on the back
he has a painting as well which is not
mono color but has two colors yellow and
blue and black that’s quite nice
actually we have over 100 percenter and
omamori on this one makes the banknote
quite attractive but it still integrated
into the rest of the bank next time all
these banknotes have to seek for serial
numbers in the back and generally one on
the front this is another painting
always show / religious or nationalistic
connotations and generally refer to a
famous person of the same bank note
here’s another 100 and if everyone this
would have been issued also during the
republican era another painting produced
in the united kingdom and now we get to
the later period in which our banknotes
pretty much evil one or two colors and
when contrast with these ones then it
seemed quite attractive let’s do one
fastest that this was a high spent
mountain to 1970s oh no Billy I’ll prove
make up and find out find it yourself
another painting through during the frak
are you still kept to the same type of
design there’s this guy’s name here and
some type of
Bishop of the Kappa check now they have
to to serial numbers on the front and
none on the back this one has a building
a memorial statue to a guy on the front
dan just got religious themes inside as
well yeah 1100 pattern on 70 this is
when it is on not as good as the 1920s
and this is the Summer Palace in Granada
if you ever go spain should visit in and
last one is a 1000 per set of 1971 need
sciences play sir of dollars and bank
building on the back and some of these
pain I succeed during the republican era
and they way better than euro banelings
now okay i hope that you enjoyed looking
at these banknotes and if you have any
questions or if you like a specific
topic talked about you can please just
let me know in a message detection also
subscribe i like to actually make new
videos every week thank you bye

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