ODD TV | Cartoon Ball (Official Music Video) | Flat Earth ▶️️

[Music] what you’re seeing here is the move a lie is a lie and it don’t matter around me need those people to leave it in the truth is the truth hiding right out in plain sight until people don’t see you and the shigani hate it and I will stop til they delete our being defeated they keep us disease about everything that we think is they keep it a secret what we’re taught us not consistent with reality being paying evolution in there’s gravity tell the truth until these motherfuckers laugh at me telling me the earthís Photoshop because it has to be from people except intersection happily but what they’re doing to a solve is a tragedy God created the heavens and the earth universe but we’re living in a super super guru they say we’re monkeys on a ball flying through outer space but there’s no proof it seems to have vanished without a trace that’s the end of their agency falling down from graves when you can take that bullshit pseudoscience and get out my face I’m the antisocial type you’re a government prototype that’s why you make it a point to tell me that I’m crazy every time you angry because you don’t want right I’m standing outside the house the cars about to watch it fall no more living on a cartoon wall or Byzantine horizontal indoctrination is awful because your topic lavon’s ever it’s all follow rapists and murderers liars decent Sun worshipers saying we can’t be cartilage sure cuz we’re all it’s never been proven they say we’re ripping and shooting the earth is spinning and moving oh no no not that it’s a criminal enterprise where deception intensifies nestlé’s goddess all lives in life what you’re seeing here is the wrong they say that we went to the most six times but your BS is the way that smells another tool enough that we can still lick the planet because of the Van Allen radiation belt yeah okay sure Nessa what’d you buy in for you lying now you lied before I can’t take this anymore the only thing they could do space is your imagination which fake aliens are coming now they have you waiting we need to do something about it no procrastination trying to cause the masses to awaken that’s the type of taking but you can see if you check all the participants so many people have incarnated isn’t it but that’s what happens at the loss if you’re innocent can you get involved with all of this wickedness they try to do all the humans this way so are they just idiots who is to say conditions by the television that makes your decisions opinions and you just obey doctor the material domain of Satan for everything in each and every day is taken man they love that because the game is changing we’ve been waking up another cave shake the earth is flat and that is the universal fact if it is intact then tell me where the fuck the curve is that they tell us that we can’t see it because we’re all too small and now we’re spinning on a tartan ball alright disease for indoctrination is awful because your topic Lamacq ever it’s all good all the rapists and murderers buy your season sun worshippers saying we can’t be curvature cuz we’re all oh it’s never been proven they say we’re ripping and shooting the earth is spinning and moving hold although not at it’s a criminal enterprise where deception intensifies NASA Goddard’s our lives in life it is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you hunters like everyone else you were born into bondage born to [Music] you’re staying here you’re staying here we accept the reality of the world with which we’re presented it’s as simple as that

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