NAVI 9impulse – Гайд на Crypto (Обзор нового героя Apex Legends)

Hey, this is Pkmk. I am a Natus Vincere player.
Crypto is an exclusive, fashionable character, unusual for the battle royale.
He has his own unique mechanics, like a flying drone, which sees everything around it.
Along with the new map with a lot of skyscrapers, it can be extremely useful for peeking into the windows.
Among his tricks is the combination with Gibraltar who can shield him or Pathfinder with his hook.
I’m going to show you a cool trick.
Demonstrating the real teamwork between Gibraltar and Crypto.
I missed.
This is the sound that the drone makes, that’s what it looks like broken.
That’s how he switches to the drone mode.
It is also worth noting that the drone has a maximum range.
Meaning, it can’t flow up far from the character.
That’s how it highlights everything, really cool.
The approximate effective range is 150, or rather 200 meters.
It allows you to gather information. It doesn’t have a speed boost, but it can open doors.
I spotted Bangalore.
I don’t have my ultimate yet, that’s what the icon looks like at 80%.
You can taunt your opponents like that.
Every time you look at the banner in the drone mode, it shows if there are enemies 200m around the banner.
It’s not that useful in competitive probably as we haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but nobody picked him in scrims either.
Well, the character looks nice, but I don’t see him being used outside of ranked matches at this point.
You can ult from a long range.
Wow, I stunned somebody.
His ultimate isn’t used much against strong players because it can be countered by dropping armor, like that.
Let’s play out a situation, Artem.
Okay. I’ll help you, colleague.
As you can see, my armor is full and so is Artem’s.
Let’s imagine the drone that’s supposed to stun is incoming.
I’m using my ultimate. He drops his armor, my armor breaks whereas his is intact.
That’s how it works.
It doesn’t deal any HP damage, even against an enemy.
You can deploy the drone here and then get back to its original position.
Or set it up like this to get intel on the enemies that it detects up to, I think, 30 meters.
Hide by the door, or better yet, at the reception, let the guests come in and switch to Drone.
The surveillance allows us to spot someone’s coming from the outside.
– Hello. – Hey. – What room would you like?
I need a double room for me and my friend Octane.
Sure, here you go.
I’ll show you to your room.
One second, I’ll make sure there’s nobody else outside.
– Delivery has arrived. – That’s mine.
What’s in there? Mhm, purple helmet.
– Let me walk you up to your room. – Okay, sir.
This is your bed, over here is your chair. Sorry, it’s a bit untidy in here.
Well, that’s how it is.
Click Z or whatever key is a default (H) to recall your drone.
This is how the gun fires.
That’s how the enemies react to it because we just simply annihilated that fatty.
Dude, help me.
Here you can enjoy a nice view of the mountains.
Dude, help me!
– I can hear Gibraltar’s ultimate. – Help me!
– How many you got? – 3.
Holy crap.
That’s what it looks like when you get disconnected.
Crypto is a good counter to Wattson.
Because he breaks her electrified fences.
Though that’s pretty much all what he is now as he doesn’t deal any HP damage with his ultimate.
Looking at every hero’s impact, Wattson still looks strong and better than the new character Crypto.
So he probably won’t make it into the meta.
Though his ability to gather intel is really amazing.
You’re absolutely right, colleague.
– Thank you for watching our guide. – Thank you, bye.


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