Ok these diamonds and there’s money but what
about Grading?
So how could you maybe use blockchain to like
validate what somebody knows and be able to
trust that they know something
The diamond industry of course, certificates
are used as a baseline for authentication
and value and what we saw in November last
year was the HRD which is in Antwerp invoked
a laser removal service so they can literally
remove the laser inscriptions from the girdle
or the crown of the stone which is great for
us because we have the thumbprint so it doesn’t
But in our industry what we find is we have
resubmissions of gradings of diamonds so you’ll
have a diamond that will be submitted into
a house in America and if the value of that
diamond is extracted which mightn’t be the
value that the person wanted for insurance
purposes or even for trade.
They would retake that diamond and resubmit
it to a completely different certification
house and then that might yield a different
Now given that we have the baseline with immutability
around an identification around the object
We are able to detect those sorts of transactions
or those sorts of misgrading atrocities so
potentially that could be something as well

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