Merge Folding CureCoin & Foldingcoin: Make a Difference Earning Bitcoin Alternatives

Oh yes, the dreams of a digital currency lifestyle.
Free flowing Champagne.
Private jet airplanes.
Exotic Sports Cars.
Luxury vacations.
Beautiful people without a care.
But wait! Is this all just a dream ?!
The global costs of treating cancer are $286 Billion per year (source: cancer progress)
The global antimicrobial resistance is growing exponentially.
Viral epidemics threaten the global community.
The global costs of treating dementia is $604 billion (source: MIT)
What can you do to help change this ?!
Start folding proteins, mining, trading, spending CureCoins.
Help scientists research new cures for over 15 diseases.
It’s much easier than you may think!
This is your opportunity to be part of a solution
Do it for your loved ones.
Do it for yourself.
Do the right thing, while still keeping your digital currency lifestyle dreams.

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