Man’s desire to become the first trillionaire will prevent Bitcoin’s price from dropping below $100

hey everyone in it the bitcoins
there and my sister here it’s been a
little while I was at the Bitcoin
in Prague Czech Republic with a
beautiful country
in a beautiful city and I had a
beautiful time leading
all some people from all over the world
were still with DTS take about that
point in fact
I might just let declined tell me where
to go
way to travel now like they’re they’re a
bunch a big point conventional
encompasses coming up
I might just put a crimp in mind I am I
just go wherever
wherever the bickering is conferences
that’s where I might go
Solon Rd I’ve already started and yes I
went to South Africa because everyone
went to you
probably because there was one sure that
that’s for the joy of pink one
really gets me smart people from all
over the world
and of course I wanna talk about
bit coin and that this is not men’s
to become the first trillionaire
real not allow a bit corning’s
price to drop below a certain level
and the there this is in heating and
the topic that I think I brought up with
before but I heard discussed very much
on G in in
the three society in the free world
were rich want to become richer and
there’s an ego thing out there and get
he is this race to become the first
and very few ways to the Commish home in
mean maybe yours asteroid mining through
of 47 new concept but and this is a big
if you believe in cryptic currencies and
that pic 11 game will be more
thousands of dollars and I’m not saying
it’s going to be wearing a
down article on Monday but if you
believe that and there are very welcome
people who believe that
if you get the chance to buy be calling
on fail
you’re going to buy just for that one
reason is here already are
more millionaire or a billionaire okay
and the price should be corny I think
drops below
200 chock full o 175 I don’t know what
the magic number keys
that their he’s a magic number or some
very wealthy people
try to buy at I should be as humanly
strategist in Casey
ever is worth a lot more he will become
the first show in its owner
an act to be released it will be away
to become incredibly well so with that
in mind
lead to get much is the rent lease a he
drops below 150
and somebody out there is like oh my god
it’s on super sale
I am buying it all right now well
there’s not enough
out their own the market debt in Dubai
$1,750 and 150 but that the man but then
go up again
it they would run but only amount to
pick one up there
said you see room talking about here it
might go
low but then all the sudden wanted low
people to start buying it so quickly
that he won’t be able to stay in los at
he is a magic low I don’t know what a
day in
it appears now that around 200 ran out
about 225 peace
and its not a gun Wednesday to go below
one them
by visiting don’t get close to them
I’m anyway to think about that for a
again the only way I believe decrying
can him some people out there gonna ten
your finger fifty dollars the passion
when I’m
the big dollars somebody help their work
show sacrificed so much today they
merely go back up in price
the only way than 150 no-good
hero before workers that pic and the
only thing to do is European Sony
find a mathematical flaw he’d be which I
believe is
not gonna happen at all okay several
your options
either EP gets this low where that man’s
desire to become a trainer
comes to back up again or
and this is a very slim chance that by
the technical flaw which makes it
put your with so that I can add much to
the big crime i striped hope
this with me or maybe you’d and you can
bike the naysayers who say oh it’s going
to ten dollars
it’s not gonna be 10 if not every twenty
on another thing on the people stay the
people who stay
0 I like the block chaining I don’t care
about the point they have no idea
what they’re talking about I that’s just
some like
rain will saying that’s kinda cool and
trendy it makes no sense
have a good day


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