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Well I’m here it’s pretty busy
Here’s Dylan over there @anarcotech – “Hi how you doing? oh he’s doing good.
Hi Stephen, Hi Mike. That’s Stephen Kendall.
Here we are
at the London investor show steem is just about to be discussed. Good crowd.
Hi there. “You’re in there”. Hello Steemit promo UK. Yeah!
@tomasgeorge Tomas George he is the man.
We are all users on the platform, blogging site called steemit.
And today we are going to talk to you today about social media, Bitcoin, Block chain, cryptocurrencies,
steemit the blogging tool and steem the cryptocurrency
The advent of Bitcoin which was the
creation of blockchain technology fast
forward to 2016 and last year in March
of 2016
steemit was launched which does the
blogging tool on a first in the world
decentralized system the difference
between a centralized system and a
decentralized system as far as social
media goes is that on a centralized
system Facebook Twitter Instagram
YouTube in they’re all owned by
shareholders and the content creators
who actually post onto these blogging
sites don’t get paid on Steemit there
is no shareholders in theory all the
content creators who are creating the
content are shareholders in their own
right or therefore now I’d like to take
you over to Dylan who’s going to run you
through the system steemit and steem
the cryptocurrency that was the
audience-participation bit hello nice to
see you all so how does it feel to go on
Facebook and post something really cool
and everybody presses like and all your
likes go up and you see them happening
and you see shares occurring and you
feel good about yourself yet a hundred
likes fantastic it’s never gonna pay you
a penny it doesn’t matter how long you
spend making that post creating that
content whether it was words or a video
or music or anything the only person
who’s ever gonna get paid is Mark
Zuckerberg okay but what if you got paid
for it what if you actually got
reimbursed for your time
not because somebody was coming along
and giving you a load of money for doing
it but because the users of the
community actually thought that what you
have provided in that moment was
worthwhile they recognized that you to
spend time you’d spend energy you’d
spent your personal time on this and
they could reward you for that
financially gets even better what if you
could also earn some money not just from
posting content just not everybody wants
to post loads of content but you could
also actually earn for clicking like
that’s what steemit does steemit is
revolutionizing the way that social
media works but it’s not just about
social media. Steemit is gonna transform
so many different industries which could
potentially be the music industry where
musicians like me don’t get paid a penny
for releasing our content on soundcloud
or any other platform we get nothing and
we could have spent days weeks months
sometimes even years making great
quality content we get zilch nada not a
zip now the question normally arises at
this point all right so you can get paid
for blogging you can get paid for
putting music or films or you know stuff
that you’ve done online
the money come from? Who gives it? it’s a
great question and the answer is that Steven alluded to
it earlier it comes from the blockchain
now that’s a big term who here has heard
of the blockchain oh that’s some savvy
people okay who hears heard of crypto
currencies yeah phew
who’s heard of Bitcoin who’s using
Bitcoin okay use Bitcoin if you’re not
using Bitcoin this market called the
cryptocurrency market which includes not
just Bitcoin is growing at an
astonishing rate in the last 12 months
it’s grown into a hundred and seventy
billion plus dollar industry give you an
example of how you compare that that’s
twice the size of PayPal that’s a third
of the size of Microsoft and Amazon and
it’s done that in one year. Steemit is
very different to any other social media
network you see all of these other
social media networks not only do they
not monetize you do they not really pay
you okay YouTube does a bit if you get
10,000 views on your posts if you’re
lucky enough to be an influencer already
and you’ve spent years grinding it out
you might get a few pence from YouTube
steemit rewards its users immediately
you don’t need to have a following you
can get paid from your very first post
the first time I ever went on Steemit
I made about $40 just for saying hello
bonus on just about every other social
media network you have issues with
licensing who owns your work
who owns the content it’s not so on
Steemit the content is always linked to
an author and it’s written into a
blockchain and for those that understand
Blockchain and you’ll know that a blockchain
can never be reversed it can never be
undone and it will never go away it will
always be yours. If you’re the first
person to put that content up you’ve got
a great opportunity to claim copyright
on it you can prove it
on just about every other social media
network you will never get paid a penny
but more importantly you’ll never be a
shareholder either not unless you go and
deliberately buy some shares right from
the get-go with steemit you are a
shareholder and you can continue to be a
bigger shareholder if you’re interested
in investing or more importantly if you
just keep blogging earning rewards and
reinvesting them in the platform which
by the way is done automatically for you
if you choose to. As I’ve said the the
blockchain the steemit blockchain is
immutable which means you can’t change
it it’s unrestricted on all the other
social media platforms there are
problems for many content providers with
censorship and shadow banning shadow
banning is where you get so big and then
suddenly your reach is deliberately
restricted by Facebook or Twitter or
whoever until you pay them money this
happens this will never ever happen on
Steemit because it’s impossible to do
so for those of you that are interested
in security that are interested in
privacy and this has been a big question
over the last few years particularly
with the releases that people like Ed
Snowden have brought to the world you
can be completely anonymous on Steemit
you don’t have to provide all your
personal data and more importantly
you’re not going to be tracked so
corporations aren’t going to be
profiling you as a potential customer
and for people in more as we say
authoritarian parts of the world they’re
not going to be worried that their
governments are tracking what they’re
imagine if the Arab Spring had been able
to occur on Steemit nobody could ever
shut it down ever a finally steemit is
decentralized which means there’s no
single point of attack the network is
basically as about as secure as it can
ever get because nobody owns it there’s
no central server database there’s no
data farm
for hackers or for malware to attack it
just doesn’t work like that
so the question of course is how is the
money made where does it come from those
of you that have indicated that you
understand about Bitcoin and blockchain
and cryptocurrency you may have a fair
idea about this already in a blockchain
cryptocurrency is a virtual currency
that kind of pops out of the blockchain
as it’s what’s called mined I’m not going
to go into the technical bits if you
want to understand it and it is quite
technical just go and do a Google search
you’ll find loads about it it’s
absolutely fascinating for those that
have got that nice techy mindset on the
Bitcoin blockchain bitcoin is a virtual
currency a store of value it’s
absolutely huge one Bitcoin today is
worth how much is it worth right now
about five and a half five thousand six
hundred US dollars it it’s how much does
it hit six hurray Bitcoin has hit six
thousand dollars a new all-time high
fantastic that feels good so those of us
that are holding Bitcoin are smiling
right now by the way about a year ago
not even a year ago Bitcoin was a
thousand dollars that’s some growth and
on the Bitcoin blockchain when new money
is made when when new Bitcoin pops out
it pops out because the miners the
people that run the network they get
paid it for just running the network
okay you’ll never get paid it the miners
do and they’ve got enormous data farms
all over the world particularly in
places like China that are mining
Bitcoin constantly Steem works in a
similar way with one major difference we
don’t call them miners the people that
run the network they aren’t the people
with the biggest pockets and the biggest
data centers they’re elected by us the
community and we can deselect them as
well if they don’t do their jobs and
more importantly on the steemit
blockchain about 75% of the new
cryptocurrency that’s created is
distributed to the people that post the
content but not only to the people that
post the content and make the new
– the people that upvote it that curate
on it that make the comments so by being
active on Steemit on this blogging
platform you make money and the
cryptocurrency steem is what we use to
calculate how much you earn and the
cryptocurrency steem has a real-live
value it’s tradable on open markets it
fluctuates up and down a little bit like
all currencies do at the moment it’s
pretty stable and has been for some time
and our expectation is is that as the
steemit gains popularity that it’s rise
will go from around currently about one
dollar u.s. dollar to around ten US
dollars in the next few months hopefully
so it kind of works like this every time
you make a post some of the new
cryptocurrency that’s created is paid to
the author the author could be a blogger
somebody like myself that writes posts
writes about my life writes things that
people might find interesting
I write on all sorts of different topics
from computing to psychology to
sometimes I just tell jokes and they
don’t get very much money sometimes
we’ll put pictures on so there’s plenty
of people on the steemit platform that
are traveling around the world being
paid to travel around the world purely
from blogging how cool is that
that’s a job sometimes it’s about making
music sometimes it’s about making videos
but whatever content you choose to put
on there when people click that like
we call it the up vote button you will
get a share of the new steem reward
that’s created by the blockchain and so
will they you’re gonna get about 75
percent of the entire post reward the
people that click oh we like that
they’re going to get about 25 percent
the people that comment they’re going to
get a share of it too so the whole
platform is basically incentivized for
you to be active on it okay now
that’s great from a user’s perspective
what about from an investor’s
perspective well if you’re investing in
steem if you’re wanting to be an
investor the first thing that you’re
gonna want is some of the steem
cryptocurrency and then you can simply
invest that you can do what’s called a
process of powering up is one button
click into your wallet and that gives
you huge amounts of influence on the
network the more you have the more
influence you get on the network which
means the more your vote is going to be
worth in terms of the payout for the
user but also for the person that
clicked up vote as well which includes
yourself so the more power you have the
more steem that you’ve you’ve brought
into the network the more you’ve
invested in the network and investment
by the way is not a long-term lock-in
it’s actually only 13 weeks it’s not a
huge locking to make some rewards and as
that’s occurring you’re making money
every time you click up vote every time
you comment and every time you post you
are pretty much always gonna be making
money especially if you’ve got some
investment in there now that sounds
fantastic if you’re an investor not only
can you invest some money into the
cryptocurrency but you can earn more of
that cryptocurrency
and as the platform starts to grow so
does the value of the cryptocurrency so
if you buy a thousand steem today at $1
and you are active within a few months
you’ll be at 2,000 steem and the price
has gone up how are you feeling now much
better than just getting those likes on
Facebook huh? now some investors are
going to sit there and go well that’s
great but I don’t want to be sitting
there clicking upvote all day on a
blogging site that’s a waste of my time
of course is the nice thing about the
steemit platform is it also allows you
to delegate your influence
other people so people like myself who
are nerds and do live in the crypto
space and are online pretty much every
second of every day we don’t sleep it’s
true right we’re quite happy to let you
delegate your influence to us we can’t
touch your money we can’t pull it out
and steal it from you all we can do is
use your influence on your behalf and
continue to make more money as we go so
as a as an investment that you can then
be active in without you having to
physically do it it makes a lot of sense
now that’s brilliant that’s pretty much
how steemit works okay I was hoping to
be able to show you we are having a
little technical trouble actually
getting on to the Internet
believe it or not here we are in 2017
can we can we show the steemit platform
is it up there? it’s been one of those
days okay okay so this is the steemit
platform this is me hello this is this
is my blog here as you can see these are
some posts that I made now some of them
make a few a few dollars yeah there’s
one at the top there that made what $7
79 if you could just scroll scroll down
slowly you can see one there that made
$44 $13 32 feet about 10 minutes to
produce and just keep scrolling down we
got $65 there keep going a little bit
further a little bit further keep going
and you can see just about every post is
making money there’s a nice one £113
pounds 22 that I made for simply taking
some pictures and spending a day talking
to people that was nice so as you can
see all of these things you can talk
about anything you want and I don’t
really ever get a post where I don’t get
paid and anybody can have one of these
how much does it cost to have a steemit
account? it costs nada zero zip thanks
very much go back to the thing thank you
so here’s the big kicker what’s that
yeah well I’m feeling good about that
now I’m telling the world so so here’s
the kicker not only is the steemit
platform they’re making money for people
but you’re able to develop on it as well
if you’re so minded there are some new
developments in the steemit world
here’s one of them dtube is going to
rival YouTube
so what Dtube is doing is exactly what
YouTube does you upload your videos but
this time instead of waiting till you
get your 10,000 views it runs on the
steemit blockchain and you get paid
instantly as people like your videos how
cool is that
bloggers video bloggers are moving to
this platform today because they’re
realizing that YouTube is never going to
give them what they want and one of the
most exciting things and this is a real
reason that you should think about
investing is that there is now a white
paper out for something called Smart
Media tokens and Smart Media tokens
basically allow you to monetize your
website in exactly the same way now
imagine that you’re running the Guardian
website or the BBC News website 20,000
30,000 comments every day what if the
people that were commenting could get
paid for their comments that’s what
smart media tokens will allow not only
will they allow that on the big media
sites that allow that on your site too
so if you’ve got a reach this is why you
should think about this platform so I’ve
talked for probably longer than I should
I’m gonna hand over to Matt.
Hello everybody yeah hello would you all be able to do me a favor?
Do you reckon you can all give me a wave while
I take a selfie is that alright?
Ready?… Whee! awesome thank you very much
I wish. Okay welcome everyone thanks
for listening to us so far one of the
things that I want to go through is the
investment case for steemit so
unfortunately I’m not going to be as
funny as Dylan is over there but I’m
going to try and explain to you in
simple terms as an investor in steem
what my returns have been and how my
experience has been just to reiterate
that we are all three users we’re not
paid by steemit we’re not working for
steemit we’re just users on the
platform yeah so there’s no hidden
agenda here or anything we’re just happy
to tell you about our experiences on the
platform so with steemit everyone’s
asking sort of you know one of the first
things that people ask is where does the
money come from right how do we get paid
this money? What steem does is it
creates nine percent nine and a half
percent new currency every year yeah and
it produces that on a continuous basis
and then based on the upvotes of the
blog’s so hopefully the one with you
guys waving in the back that should
receive quite a lot of upvotes because
we’re talking about steem so the
community should like that and I should
get distributed some of that nine and a
half percent of the steem okay and then
the idea with with steem is that they
will slowly over time deflate the
currency so this year it’s nine and a
half percent and as time goes on they’re
supposed to be taking naught point five
percent a year off in the in terms of
the creation of new steem so you don’t
get an inflationary currency so it’s
very similar to Bitcoin except as Dylan
said the miners in Bitcoin get paid the
new Bitcoin on this the content creators
get paid the new Bitcoin is that clear
for everyone we’ll move on to the next
slide and so the this is this is how the
payouts happen at the top there are
budgets gone from the most involved to
the least involved essentially so the
the at the top you’ve got the network
supporters they’re the guys that secure
the blockchain they have servers in
their houses and they run them 24/7 I
have to guarantee 24/7 uptime so the
network doesn’t go down they get paid
26% of the of the new steem the
content creators such as Dylan and
Steven they get paid 55% because of
course they’re the people providing the
value to the platform right they’re
producing the new stuff the the new
content for in their time and effort in
secure the platform and then people like
me I’m an investor in steemit so I
curate which means I go on and I find
the new content that’s really really
good and I upvote it to say I like this
and then it’s hopefully spreads around
the rest of the platform and gets more
likes and as a result of that I get
rewarded currency because I’m liking
their content and anyone else’s content
there’s an incentive built into the
currency to get me to keep liking
people’s content every day so it builds
in an interaction into the platform so
that’s 18 percent of the new steamer
paid to those guys so what I’m going to
show you now is this is my returns as an
investor in steem right so I hold 63
just under 63,000 steem back about 18 weeks ago now I started that and why what I do
then I go and I find content that I
think that I support it it’s it could be
anything you want right as long as you
think is going to be popular as long as
you think it’s high-quality content and
it’s going to achieve some some goal
right I try I try to vote people who are
in in different countries especially
place like Venezuela where they’re
struggling at the moment so I’m able to
charitable you give to those people as
long as they’re doing something that’s
useful right and so I have a lot of
followers in Venezuela who I’m helping
everyday by upvoting by using my upvote and what happens then is the
platform rewards me for upvoting that
eighteen percent we saw earlier so my
steem has grown you can see 17 weeks
later I now have just under 65,000 steam
and you can see that the line isn’t
constant there because it sort of slopes
off at the end because I actually change
some of my voting habits I voted for
slightly less profitable things but
things that mean more to me so I’ve made
less steem but I’ve sort of got a
clearer conscience if you like so that’s
sort of steemit from an investor’s case
and then I’ve gone on to project that
through a full 52 weeks year so I’ve
just interpolated that curve and
essentially I’ve worked out that I’ve got
an eleven percent annual gain and
actually for us to go if I was to use
that steeper curve and stay on my
original voting patterns I’d probably get about 13
percent a year annual return in steem
just from upvoting people and holding a
lot of steem so certainly better than
bonds or anything like that that you can
have and I think that’s about it from me
so I’ll hand back over to Stephen.
Thanks Matt can you can you bring up before we go into the questions and answers the
my blog yep the reason why I just
wanted to show this particular blog and
I just wanted to make it clear and I’m
not quite sure whether it came across
and about ten years ago and I contacted
somebody when I realized the the Bitcoin
was released and I said saying what
would happen if a social media site
actually jumped onto the blockchain and
four years ago I actually set out to
actually look for it and in August last
year I became a blogger and started to
blog on the way down heading down to
London to the London investor show blog
day I’ve got $11 if you go into the
wallet I just want to just share with
you it’s fully transparent you know
everybody can see everybody’s blog
everybody can see what everybody’s
earning and everybody knows what
everybody’s voting and just click on
that and go down to that 31,000 steem
I’ve actually earned that by blogging
and that 32,000 is actually what has
been earned by pure blogging in one year
and a lot of people think that’s crazy
you know people just don’t believe it
and that is real money what I’ve done is
I’ve actually powered up because as
far as I’m concerned this is a seven
year blog site for me and this is you
know I’ve been waiting ten years for
this and there’s no way I’m going to
jump off it so I just wanted to make
sure that that was clear Matt mentioned
earlier on that he’s an investor and he is
an investor and Dylan is a blogger I
blog a lot of technical analysis and
trading signals and no one else he’s
doing it so of course I found a niche
and that is real money I just wanted to
go into questions and the questions
section now yeah there’s a lot of information, a lot of information here and I
just want to ask if there’s any
questions fire anything out at us and
anybody who asks a question gets a free
t-shirt so it’s as simple as that
yep. How do you actually monetize the steam into dollars and cents? A great question if
if you’re familiar with cryptocurrency
and with steem you actually have to go
through an exchange obviously in the UK
you would go through an exchange in the
UK and then through an exchange in
America now of course we can’t advise
who you use but if you google exchanges
you can take sterling to Bitcoin and
then bitcoins are steem and then on the
reverse so when you saw that 31000 which
was powered up if I powered that 31000
down I could transfer it back to Bitcoin
and back to effectively sterling sorry
just just one thing there’s a lady here
who I’ve never met before but I’m
definitely gonna become friends with her
now on steemit. She’s just shown me her
steemit account which was opened at
roughly the same time as Stephens and
just so you know hers is currently
holding thirty thousand three hundred
and forty seven dollars in it so just to
show you that Stephen is not a one-off
this happens for many many people did
you just, did you power any up did
you actually invest in it’s all powered
up so you didn’t actually put up any of
your own money in that’s in one year
thank you for that and you’ve taken some
out as well she took about ten grand out
so she’s done better than you who is she
there is this woman? Wow
So where does
actually the money come from Matt’s sixty
thousand dollars he put into the system
or what what happened when when the
platform was first launched last year
there was obviously a seed seed capital
a seed investment and the way that it
the best way to explain it really is if
somebody put in 20 million and the
effectively bought 20 millions worth of
steem if they’re not going to sell that
steem then in theory whoever comes along
next to buy the steem we’re gonna have
to pay a bigger price and I put out a
video blog on YouTube not long ago and I
I think it’s it’s something like about
five and a half thousand views and I
actually predicted that steem the actual
steem ecosystem and and you’ve got to
try and understand that steemit the
blogging tool is a tiny tiny tiny part
of the overall picture that the steem
ecosystem has a potential to become 500
billion 500 billion dollars within the
next decade and at the moment it’s trading
in at around about 230 240 million and
the way it works
I’ve got thirty one thousand steam
there’s not enough money in the world
that will pay give me that would
actually for me to sell the steem and
it’s that’s the way it works that’s
where the money comes from that as far
as I’m concerned if you lock it in and
it goes up you know somebody actually
asked me a while ago would I sell my
account for hundred thousand no no not
at all and that’s where the money that’s
where effects of the money’s coming from
it’s purely because people are saying
I’m not going to sell I am NOT gonna
sell what’s your relationship with Dtube I’ve got two questions so Dtube
is is a video blogging platform so what
some some of the content creators on
steemit decided to do was go across to
create video content they could store on
a blockchain right on the steemit
blockchain but the steemit blockchain as
it turned out didn’t quite work to store
the actual video data that’s what they
do now is essentially store the
reference on this thing we blockchain
and they have a separate database where
they centrally store Dtube and then
when you vote for the Dtube video it’s fed
through the steemit blockchain so the
upvotes go the same so it’s coupled
with steemit but it’s not on the
blockchain of steem itself but it’s
essentially a video platform.
Sorry I’m I’m still
struck is that working sorry I’m still
struggling a little bit I think my
question is where the same as the
previous two you talked mostly about
blogging than a moment ago you’ve just
said that the blogging is only a very
small part that the overall valuation of
the platform of steemit so I’m just
not clear what the rest of it is and
the monetization is actually really coming from because because what you’re describing
at the moment is your creating
cryptocurrency and then distributing
amongst yourselves so I’m not clear if
there’s a business underlying it?
when they put the blockchain together the
steem blockchain the actual steemit the
blogging side was always going to be a
very small part and in theory you’ve
got the the engine which is the bit
that’s the clever bit that fits behind
it and steemit which obviously is the
blogging blogging tool there is
basically just one part of the overall
potential ecosystem you know you got
steem host steem video steam TV it could be anything and there was a massive
announcement and it’s been touched on
before there was a massive announcement
and that we’re going to be launching
Smart Media tokens and this is going to
totally revolutionize social media
absolutely totally revolutionize it way
beyond the imagination of even some of
the smartest people I’ve been speaking
to so when as far as we’re concerned
steemit you know what we are obviously
talking about the blogging side is just
the tiny part of the overall ecosystem
for the future. One more question I think you spoke
about the white paper when would that be
say integratable with say our own
platform because I run a big car website
called planet auto and we’ve seen this
as a perfect introduction for blogging
you know earning and curation and so on
okay the answer is the white paper is out the the ecosystem is going
to be released sometime in the first
quarter of 2018 that’s our expectation
I’m on the dev that the dev Telegraph
platform for the smart media tokens it
doesn’t mean I’m I’m actually involved
in in building them yet but my plan is
definitely to be going to businesses
like yours and go hey can we monetize
your business for you so that you don’t
have to I’m sorry guys but that’s going
to have to be it and thanks for coming
I’d like to again just say thanks for
Matt thanks for Dylan and Thomas and
Ashley cheers guys

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