Litecoin Node Installation on Linux

Litecoin Node Installation on Linux
This video will demonstrate how to install a Litecoin node on Linux using Ubuntu.
Use the following commands to install the BerkleyDB package.
Install the required packages using the following commands:
Create a directory to the Litecoin node software and download the package:
Compile and install the Litecoin node on Linux:
Now, let’s create the Litecoin.conf configuration file.
Add the following lines to the Litecoin.conf configuration file:
The virtualcoin username and kamisama password are just EXAMPLES, you MUST replace them for a username and password that you desire.
Start the litecoin service as a daemon.The litecoin service will start to syncronize the blockchain after a couple of minutes.
Use the following command to verify the status of the synchronization.The blockchain synchronization might take days or weeks.
You are now a proud owner of a Litecoin node. If you want to stop the service, use the following command:


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