Liberland News Programme Episode 7 – Free Republic of Liberland

Greetings from the Liberland News Programme!
I am Michał Czekaj of Liberland Poland.
Today is another portion of information from the Free Republic of Liberland.
We have been running the Liberland News Program in English
with a translation into Polish, Serbian, Croatian, and Spanish.
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Information from recent days:
On August 19 President of Free Republic Liberland Vít Jedlička presented
an update on development of blockchain governance at Web3 Summit in Berlin.
On August 23, the Belgrade Crypto Community meeting was held to discuss Liberland activities.
The link to the Belgrade Crypto Community Fan Page can be found below
On September 6, in Kiev an important event took place hosted by Yanick Dols.
Presenters iscussed : “Why Blockchain Will Be Bigger Than The Internet”.
The link to the event can be found below
On September 6, President Vit Jedlicka had a birthday.
On this occasion, the entire editorial board of the Liberland News Programme wishes you all the best!
On September 12 was Tokenization Night.
Liberland team met many experts in blockchain technology field and president Jedlicka was the keynote speaker at this event.
On September 14 Liberland representative office in Ukraine organized a major event in Kiev.
Startup Nations Conference was a big success!
Great organized and very well cover by media.
We invite everyone to read an interesting article written by Jillian Godsil in The Irish Times
about the latest Liberland Floating Man Festival.
Year Zero of the Liberland Music Festival Floating Man was full of surprises.
We had great speakers, artists and lot of fun on the water.
Dates for next year’s festival are already set!
ee a short photo gallery of this event.
During the Liberland Floating Man festival Christopher Grabski gave an interesting lecture
on US citizenship vs. nationality. The link to the lecture can be found below
President Vit Jedlicka had an interesting interview with the Crypto Emcee fan page.
See this video at the link below
Become a member of Liberland Chess club.
For more information, please visit Liberland Chess club site below
Liberland Financial report for 2018 has been published.
If you are interested in Liberland finance, you can view the report in the link from the description of this video
Consul Bheki Sibiya representative of Liberland in South Africa
and Olivia Miremble Musisi had productive meeting in Johannesburg South Africa
Liberland representative in India Mohd Nusrat Hussain had a productive meeting with Mr Kamal Parvez
Indian Senior Diplomat served as 1st Secretary in Indian Embassy in Czech Republic, Sweden & Pakistan
Representatives of Liberland India Mohd Nusrat Hussain
had presentation an NBC News Chanell about upcoming opportunities in Free Republic of Liberland
We invite you to read the article about the Ghostbuster team projects
DAG of the independent nation of Liberland. The link to the article can be found below
Liberland Aid Foundation provides humanitarian assistance on behalf of Liberland’s supporters
and is guided by the philosophies of freedom, voluntarism and charity.
The Liberland Aid Foundation serves as an outlet for freedom-loving people
to channel their generosity into needs-based humanitarian assistance and other benevolent endeavors.
This program also provides an excellent opportunity for the supporters
of Liberland to directly participate in building trust with our partner nations,
while at this same time alleviate human suffering.
Your donations will help people in crisis situations obtain the relief they desperately need.
The Liberland Aid Foundation is focused on providing humanitarian aid, disaster preparedness,
food assistance, water sanitation and hygiene, education and training, with an emphasis on environmental standards, conservation and sustainability
The Liberland Aid Foundation is a U.S. registered not for profit organization
and all donation are tax deductible for US citizens and green card holders.
Most Recent Events
On September 19-21 Liberland mission in the United States.
President and Liberaland delegation has attended very important ACAP conference in Cleveland.
On Septtember 22-23 In Chicago, our team has met with key players
in the insurance, finance and motion picture industry.
n September 24-27 In New York our team has attended several important
high level meetings and also has presented couple Liberland projects before members of the UN General Assembly.
Wedding, birthday party in Liberland? All possible now!
Liberty Houseboat for rent in Apatin, Serbia.
Click Airbnb Link below and see this beautiful boat.
I have nice curiosity for You. It simple. What is the right answer?
We give you the right answer in the next episode.
Here is the situations of leading cryptocurrency of the market.
The current bitcoin rate is $ 8 290 and is in a slight minus over the last 24 hours.
The total capitalization of Market Cap is $ 223 billions.
with increasing Bitcoin domination over 66%
That is all for todays episode. Thank You for watching Us.
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