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this Bitcoin Lifestyles training, I’m going
to show you how to get and use a Ledger Nano
S hardware wallet.
First, why don’t start out by explaining to
you why that you would want a hardware wallet.
Well a hardware wallet is something that allows
you to be able to store your cryptocurrencies
in a way that they can only be accessible
via an offline device.
Meaning that you have to have a hardware wallet
handy in order to plug in and access your
cryptocurrencies and there is no other way
that you can connect to your money other than
if you have the wallet and whatever codes
are associated with that wallet so that you
can get into your funds through the hardware
And so this is basically unhackable, because
it’s a device that’s basically constantly
disconnected from the internet until you plug
it in, and the way that these hardware wallets,
the way the really good ones are designed,
the way the one I’m going to show you today
is designed, it actually has a little screen
on it so that when you do connect it to a
computer that the hackers can’t even hack
into the device at that point because it requires
you to press buttons on the device in order
to confirm commands and access.
So today I’m going to show you about the Ledger
Nano S, because I researched the market for
hardware wallets to figure out which one was
the best and I determined that the Ledger
Nano S was the most robust and had the best
features as well as allowing us to be able
to store multiple kinds of cryptocurrencies
and having the ability where they are expanding
with more cryptocurrencies over time.
Okay so right underneath the video find a
link in the video description that you can
click to follow along with this video.
And you can also give me credit if you choose
to buy!
And I would thank you for that.
Right to the Ledger website.
To the Ledger Nano S page okay.
It cost 58 euros and you can pay with bitcoin,
alright we’re just going to go through some
of the features here.
The Ledger Nano S is a bitcoin, ethereum and
altcoins hardware wallet based on robust safety
features for storing cryptographic assets
and securing digital coins, it connects to
any computer through the USB and secures and
embeds a secure LED display to double check
and confirm each transaction with a single
tap on it’s side buttons.
This is the latest generation of hardware.
When you own cryptocurrencies you need to
protect you confidential data and access to
your funds.
With the Ledger Nano S, secrets like your
private keys are never exposed, sensitive
operations are isolated inside your hardware
wallet with a state of the art secure element
locked by a pin code.
Transactions can’t get tampered with, they
are physically verified on an embedded screen
with a simple press of a button.
You can pay and authenticate the Ledger Nano
S includes functionality for bitcoin, litecoin,
ethereum, ethereum classic and other cryptocurrencies
you can even enable 2 factor authentication
through Fido Universal, which works through
your Gmail and some other services.
When you pick up the Ledger Nano it’s very
simple device it just comes with a USB cable
to plug it in.
Instructions that takes you through a few
simple steps to get it up and running.
It’s really easy to get it going and it comes
with a recovery sheet, which is basically
the great thing about the hardware wallet,
let me explain this to you.
Is that the coin doesn’t actually exist on
the device.
It exists on the network that is accessible
by the device, so basically you have this
recovery sheet and it is for 24 words.
When you set up your Ledger Nano S for the
first time it’s going to give you a 24 word
security phrase so if you ever lose the device
or if the device becomes destroyed or if it
gets stolen all you have to do is get another
Ledger Nano S use your recovery sheet with
the 24 words and you’re going to be able to
recover your cryptocurrency wallets that were
stored on your previous ledger nano S. Or
stored via your previous Ledger Nano S. So
that is the beautiful thing about the hardware
wallet, is that no matter what as long as
you have your recovery phrase stored, even
if you lose it, it gets destroyed or it gets
stolen, your money is going to be completely
So you can actually bring this hardware wallet
with you anywhere you go with full confidence
just make sure you have your recovery phrase
backed up in possibly multiple places, just
so you are insured about that.
Alright, so that’s the really awesome thing.
Another thing is that every time you turn
your Ledger Nano S on you have to enter a
pin code, and if you enter it wrong three
times in a row it has an awesome security
feature that it will automatically wipe your
ledger, and it will require a security phrase
if you want to recover access to your wallets
via the device.
So basically those are the features of the
device and if you would like to purchase you
can go ahead and scroll up here and click
add to cart.
Then you can click, checkout.
Then on this screen you can enter your postal
code in this little form here.
And then scroll down and just enter in your
address information.
Alright just fill out those fields and then
you’ll have to accept the terms check this
important notice about the clearance fee for
customs, whether it applies to you or not.
You don’t have to subscribe to their newsletter.
Then you just select your shipping speed,
you can select group or UPS express which
is a little bit faster.
But it comes to you pretty quick with the
standard shipping speed.
I had a good experience with that.
Then you can pay by other credit card, paypal
or bitcoin which is obviously their preferred
method of payment so, you select bitcoin and
I’ll show you in this example.
Just click continue.
Then you can click confirm and pay on this
screen here.
And you are going to have to enter your contact
and refund email.
Then click continue.
And then right here you can simply take your
bitcoin wallet device that you would like
to pay with and you can scan this QR code
and it will enter in the wallet address that
is encoded to this QR code and the amount
of bitcoin that must be sent in.
Which is this 0.064949 bitcoin.
Worth $61.76 worth of euros.
And it’s as simple as that or you can click
copy right here and you can simply copy the
address from beginning to end, and then go
to your wallet online and paste it into the
receiving field and send the required amount
of bitcoin, that’ s not here in.
And as soon as it gets sent in then your order
will go into processing and they’ll ship it
out to you as soon as possible.
This is the box of the Ledger Nano S. It’s
pretty nice it’s packaged very much like an
Apple product.
Zoom up on it a little bit for you, see it
a little bit better.
You can see it has this screen right there,
so it’s compatible with bitcoin, ethereum,
2 factor fido authentication.
Very much like an Apple product, a really
high quality production here.
And of course we have the actual Ledger itself
that has a very nice kind of chrome plated
finish that you can just kind of slide it
out and there’s the device, very simple.
you see it has just two buttons on the side
right here that are used to confirm transactions
and go through the menus of the device when
that you are using it.
But basically to start using it you have to
plug it in via the USB and so I already have
this USB plugged to my computer here.
And so I’ll just go ahead and plug it in,
as you can see the screen comes up and it
asks for my PIN code.
And you can just kind of see two buttons you
can use the buttons to make the numbers go
up and down.
I’m going to zoom in a little bit more right
See you can enter the number and then you
can press both buttons to accept that number
and go on to the next number, and so on until
you fill out your PIN code.
Now I just put some of the wrong numbers for
my PIN code basically, now if I fail this
three times in a row it will wipe the device
and basically I won’t be able to access my
cryptocurrency wallets through this device.
But that is okay because I have the 24 word
security code that I can use to restore access
to my wallets through this device.
Whether they are, I lost it by not remembering
my PIN or losing my PIN, or if Iost the device
or the device got stolen or if it got destroyed
or anything like that.
Okay so I’m just going to feign like I finished
entering the code, its wrong, see it says
invalid PIN code.
So I’m just going to take a moment here and
off the screen just enter in my actual PIN
Okay now I’m connected, now as you see I have
a settings menu, you can access the settings
of the device.
Then you have the bitcoin wallet, your DASH
wallet, Dogecoin, Ethereum, there is the Fido
2 Facto Authentication security settings.
and basically what you would do is have you
computer here that is connected via USB and
you just go through the Chrome browser, there
is a chrome extension that you would download
in order to access your wallets through the
Chrome browser when that your device is plugged
So I’ll show you that real quick how you can
access your bitcoin wallet and of your other,
you now I have some dogecoin on here as well
so I’ll show you how I access my bitcoin wallet
and my dogecoin wallet right through the chrome
browser and manage those wallets, everything
you’d want to do from sending to receiving
funds, requesting funds having a transaction
Only accessible via this offline hardware
storage device here.
The Ledger Nano S. When you first get your
Ledger Nano S, the simple instructions that
come packed in the box are going to have you
download the Ledger Manager app from the Chrome
web store, it’s a free app that just installs
right into the Chrome browser that allows
you to manage the wallet apps on your device.
You can also download the Ledger Bitcoin wallet
and the Ledger Ethereum wallet.
Those links will be available, right through
the instructions that you receive with your
Ledger Nano S in the box.
So I already have it installed, so I’m just
going to go to my apps section of my Chrome
web browser.
And I’m going to click on my Ledger wallet
for bitcoin.
That basically opens up this screen here this
is my ledger wallet application that opens
up through Chrome and it asks me to connect
my Ledger wallet real quick and activate it.
So I’m going to do that.
I’m going to need to take a moment to enter
my PIN code.
Then I need to select my bitcoin wallet on
the device and click the two buttons.
And there it is, it’s opening the wallet.
And you see real quick, we are now in the
Ledger bitcoin wallet, and you see up here
it displays how much bitcoin I have in the
wallet, .275, I just popped some in here earlier
See here is my transaction history, bitcoin
address that some bitcoin came from.
You can actually have multiple accounts on
your Ledger, accessible through your Ledger.
And so this is just the one account I have,
so you can click here, you can add accounts.
If I click here it will just give me a bigger
view showing my bitcoin and the amount of
dollar value.
And from here you can actually send bitcoin
to other people, by clicking send.
And you can just type in the amount of bitcoin.
And paste in the address, or you can scan
in a QR code and you can send it.
Or you can request to receive, if you click
receive you can get your QR code, this is
what you can use to get some bitcoin from
somebody, or if you have some bitcoin in another
wallet, like blockchain or coinbase and you
want to put it on your Ledger Nano S hardware
Well all you have to do is open this right
up, like we just did.
And then you can scan your QR code here or
you can copy your address and you can simply
send some bitcoin into your wallet here.
It’s as simple as that, it’s like really really
easy to use, you gotta love this wallet.
So another thing I’m going to show you real
quick, is how to access some Dogecoins.
My Dogecoin wallet, because I actually also
have a little bit of dogecoin on my Ledger
Nano S that I put on here today as well, so
I’m just going to close out this bitcoin wallet,
go back to my apps page.
Then I’m going to on my Ledger Nano S I’m
going to quit out of the bitcoin wallet app.
I’m going to move over to the Dogecoin app
and select it.
Then I’m going to open the Ledger bitcoin
wallet icon here on the Chrome browser because
you would actually use the same one to get
the dogecoin, the same icon anyway.
But on the app, or on the device here, I selected
the Dogecoin.
So on the device first I selected Dogecoin
and now I’m clicking at the bitcoin wallet
That will let me into my dogecoin wallet.
And there it is! you see it, there is my Doge,
I have 55,000 doge I just uploaded into here.
It works the same way as the bitcoin wallet.
Of course as you saw, Ethereum has it’s own
icon out in the app section and I’m sure other
cryptocurrencies will probably have their
own icons and some of them will work kind
of the way dogecoin worked here.
Ripple is supposed to be coming soon, I don’t
know whether that one will work similar to
how this one worked or if it will have it’s
own, I think because it’s such a different
currency it will probably have it’s own app,
because Dogecoin is actually kind of a similar
technology to bitcoin so that is probably
why they are using the same application.
Yeah so that is how you access your wallets
via the Chrome browser.
I hope you found this video useful, and have
fun getting your Ledger Nano S and securing
your cryptocurrencies away from the hackers
securely offline with this amazing device,
definitely use the link underneath this video,
make sure you go through the process order
it, buy it with bitcoin, it will get to you
within a week, it’s worth it!
Alright, Caleb Wright here signing off, and
we’ll catch you on the next Bitcoin Lifestyles
Club Training.


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