Koin Fisik Litecoin Lapis Perak / Physical LTC Silver plated BTC Bitcoin

Hello, … come back with me for a coin review
which is sold at innovativestore
this time we will review a coin, silver litecoin
ok we just go to the detail video
The technique used for coating is not dip coating, so the coating is more detailed and precise. Original Silver Shiny color glows, not Doff
this time we will close the silver litecoin
in my opinion, of the many designs and qualities that are very good for silver litecoin.
very shiny, until my face is on the coin
sorry there was the sound of a train passing by
for purchases you can click on our booth link in the description [Tokopedia or Bukalapak]
for its diameter, 40mm or 4cm
thickness of about 4mm
ok I think it’s enough to be satisfied to see the details of a silver litecoin

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