Is it To Late to Get Into TronHives? [VLOG#127]

to be or not to be not to be ?
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what’s going on guys I hope you’re
surviving this big cooling fallout so
actually a couple things to talk about
this morning so number one we saw that
drop down to seventy nine hundred fish
and we popped back up we bounced to you
know eighty five and now this morning
it’s kind of falling down to 83 now
something really important to keep in
mind regarding this and that is the true
support level is set this around 78 so
you know as we talked before is it time
to buy Bitcoin well it’s always time to
buy it it’s it’s accumulation time would
I make a super large purchase no again I
would just accumulate as always to build
your Bitcoin up but I can’t stress look
at what happened to the old you know
even if Bitcoin goes back down to 78 79
and touches that resistance line again
the alter gonna drop hard you know I had
national boy day dump your 8 points and
that was true you know who’s a chance
now would I be buying any hoax probably
not I would probably get some alts if we
touched back down at the 7800 level
now what else am I like it well I’m like
and Raven just the standpoint that you
know Raven one Tron
to Tron will buy you one Raven right now
and that’s a pretty that’s a pretty
solid deal actually I’m surprised Ron
has held up as well as it is that’s
really fantastic I thought we would have
been down to a hundred SATs by now at
this BGC level but you know it’s holding
pretty strong now opportunities
yeah so I might flip some of my divs for
some Raven doesn’t like I said I’ve
always liked Raven and I really wanted
my Raven bag of 200k you know I should
have never sold to begin with just long
term I love ravenous project because I
do think stos will be used in the future
anytime soon I don’t know but for sure
it’s a great project it’s decentralized
more so than a lot and it’s a solid
project now everything the title of the
video is it too late for behind well
we’ve just had b mania the contract
topped out in around five million
dropped back to four million and now
there’s some big moves and some FOMO and
push the contract up to about five three
five four
my current status of my hi I’m in about
Tron and a day and it’s a almost five
Toronto minutes as this contract bounces
around now do I think if you’re totally
new to the hive it’s time to get in I
would say it’s very risky to get in at
this point but you don’t know you don’t
know if the devs are pumping the
contract you know if you do the math the
devs are probably sitting on probably 15
to 20 million TRX from all the wax and
the upgrades that they’ve collected so
could they pump the contract to keep the
pump up going they could would I know it
dropping 100k into an ROI that
ultimately will will go to zero I don’t
I don’t know it’s like I said I think
it’s really really risky now
could you throw in a thousand five
thousand ten thousand and you know roll
the dice you could you could if you do
that some basic strategies are I would
buy the first first or second
purification levels are not that
expensive from a waxing standpoint as
you get up into a bigger hive the
purification is kind of a scam like even
if I was making ten thousand TRX a day a
hive upgrade like the high level
upgraded 235,000 which is like almost
5000 tron you’re only going to get an
increase of 200 TRX a day so I just it
would be hard to recoup that if you’re
assuming you basically a lot of my
strategies assume that the contract is
topped out as going down now is that
true nope
when someone dumps in a whole bunch more
it definitely pumps a contract but keep
in mind the larger hives are getting
probably of being every every you know
1.5 to 2 days so that increases their
output by quite a bit and if you get
into those 125% bees wow I don’t even
know I’m at the second from the top top
B and each one of those bees is 15,000
and that gets you about 250 more drones
a day and your current purification
level so you know
if I can get out of these and into the
final stage of the mega super bees 125
70s those would be pretty pretty amazing
especially considering that you’ll
probably get almost two of those bees a
day and your output is just gonna go
bananas but so those are some strategies
like I said I wouldn’t go hard on it at
this point it’s very high risk it is an
ROI which it is it is working you know
to the people that say the bees are a
scam well it’s a smart contract and it’s
working as designed and it’s been
audited it’s going up it’s going down
people that get involved know what it’s
going to do it’s running us program
there hasn’t been any glimpses of exits
or anything like that
so it’s definitely been a legitimate
project thus far so yeah so with that
you can get in but so is it too late to
get in yes if you’re going hard I would
think but if you’re just kind of
throwing it in to see what it does then
you know
go for it give it a try but do your own
research understand the contract it is
an ROI it will eventually go to zero
this that’s what they’re programmed is
to – so other than that patil your
points have a great Wednesday some
updates for the weekend I will be going
out of town so I will be broadcasting on
periscope I’ll try to get that link down
below I’m going to load our life in
Kentucky which is a big rock concert so
I’ll be doing some pop-up broadcasts on
periscope here and there and a lot of
that is because of copyright YouTube
obviously ultimately mutes your video if
it has any music on it so you know it’s
kind of stupid but what are you gonna do
so I’ll get that periscope link down
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