IRS Bitcoin tax nonsense, OpenLibra, Hong Kong, Zuckerberg hearing coming soon! Privacy stablecoin?

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even when it’s Yom Kippur alright where
are we all right so this is
inspirational tweet right here
and before I read it let me turn this
light off I want to turn this light off
yeah that light off let’s turn this got
all sorts of lighting issues okay Dan
held says it’s no wonder some crypto
people deride holding their minds have
molded by Kenzie Kinsey an ideology that
they find it inconceivable people would
stave instead of spend currency that is
a very professional way of saying that
80 percenters are gonna do what 80
percenters are gonna do I don’t know how
many of them have heard of Keynes but
Society has been influenced by that
Keynesian philosophy that ideology of
spend over save so that was a nice way
of putting it I have always said stave
overspend and pound that like button one
two three notes go pass do you ever
think there will be a situation where
the dollar inflates in a single 10% in a
single year hmm not hyperinflation but
this might freak some people out and
drive them into BTC I it’s not
impossible not impossible that that’s a
10% inflation rate we’ve had a ten
percent inflation rate before I can’t
say never again I know I I don’t at this
point I don’t see it happening in during
the next decade will it happen again
in the future what it could happen it
could happen but I’m not holding my
breath and I’m not worried about it at
all dude III don’t think it’s I don’t
think it’s very likely in the next
decade and I’m in Bitcoin anyway so if
that were to happen it would it would
definitely would wake some more people
up to get in the Bitcoin if the United
States dollar if we suffered a ten
percent inflation rate during a year if
there’s really official statistics oh
yeah it would bring some up it would
bring some Bitcoin into Bitcoin yes Adam
almost 12 a.m. here there is no di’t
there is no night in Bitcoin yeah I
don’t think there’s no there’s it’s
always a day for me man I’m always it
doesn’t matter what time it is yeah it’s
it is midnight here on the East Coast
here in Baltimore I like this suit man I
like I like this I don’t you get to wear
a suit for you guys but this is what I
was wearing at
I was wearing this all day so I didn’t
take it off I came straight to this
undisclosed location and where I come
where I am on Yom Kippur this is where I
am at the undisclosed location and there
obviously are kids around here somewhere
aren’t they I think they’re sleep okay
moving on let’s let’s move on though
let’s move on what do we have here
once there is a lot of news this IRS
stuff is absolutely ridiculous and I
didn’t find out about any of this until
I get home you know so I took me like
two hours to prepare for the show
because I had to read all the news but
you got to stay up-to-date with news
people pound that like button and when
you watch this show you don’t have to do
all the research I do it for you you
click on the links below you you learn
for yourself
Jake J sure Vince key said the SEC has
rejected big wises Bitcoin etf proposal
while the outcome is no surprise the SEC
went beyond the call of duty issuing an
excruciatingly read detail a hundred
twelve page order that needs that reads
like a darning indictment of bitcoins
market instruct structure notice how I
didn’t say the D word
oh yeah no cursing on this show yeah
they spent a hundred twelve pages
detailing why they weren’t approving
this etf now that’s not a shotgun on
improving the ETF 112 pages that’s
ridiculous of course I read all hundred
twelve pages rip no I didn’t didn’t read
a page of it yeah seems like they cared
a lot about this one what could I say
they they’re getting more interested in
Bitcoin if they spent one hundred twelve
pages on it but yeah no shocked that it
wasn’t it wasn’t approved so I thought
we I’ve always said that I’ve said in
the past that SEC that Bitcoin is just
you know they don’t really care that
much about it clearly they’re starting
to care a little bit more a little bit
more about it I still don’t think it’s
that big on their radar but a hundred
twelve pages you know it’s it’s more
than it was in the twenty sixteen let’s
put it that way so here’s a tweet from
Alberg who has a very interesting
website I forgot the name of it but you
know click on his link you go to the
website a lot of people are talking
about it lot of stats on it he talks
about the Hong Kong that recently in
Hong Kong it’s that the Hong Kong dollar
has clearly been used a lot more to buy
Bitcoin and he’s gotten this information
from local bitcoins calm but a lot of
people were saying this is because of
the political situation there but he got
insider information and by the way this
is your home a Bitcoin insider
information found that like button this
very channel he got some insider
information that he’s pretty sure is
true that fit that it was one big trader
that caused this tremendous spike in
Hong Kong dollars flowing into Bitcoin
which i think is great and he didn’t and
again the person didn’t care at all
about the politics there they just were
buying Bitcoin because it was cheap hey
I think that’s a great side there’s
somebody in Hong Kong spent a lot of
unkind dollars on Bitcoin just because
it was cheap
not because of political situation there
so I just got sent $4.99 in this super
chat by Dan Williams Thank You Dan
Williams and he said the hoist of og
bitcoiners no fancy graphics but a sharp
looking suit pal matte like button gold
and hold count your wealth in Bitcoin
dude yes value your wealth in Bitcoin
Dan Williams thank you for the 499 Zac
Bandera also said looking sharp buddy
yeah maybe it should I wear a suit every
time no come on I’m a t-shirt guy you
know that you know from my private
school days how I craved to get into
college to wear a t-shirt yes that’s why
I wanted to go to college because in
high school in old school we were not
allowed to wear t-shirts at my
undisclosed private school pound that
like button elite private school oh yeah
you better believe in Baltimore you want
to go to elite private school enough
public schools whoa
all right I think he meant the gist of
the og bitcoiners or I’m the what’s the
oyster mean Oh ist am I am I like am I
too fasted out to not know what that
word means I don’t know
hey hey Dan Williams thank you Dan
Williams dead all right we’re getting to
the IRS
maybe I’m wearing this suit because I
just want to look good for no you think
I want to look good for the IRS no way I
want to look good for Hashem today okay
when I went down to shul no I mean you
you wear a shoe you wear a you wear a
suit when you’re in sure you wear a tie
on Yom Kippur it’s you know the holiest
day of the year come on all right
IRS all right so the IRS you’ve heard it
by now it came out with some supposed
clarifications of the tax situation with
Bitcoin but in fact when it came to the
crypto dividend aspect of it
it wasn’t very clarifying in fact it
added a lot more confusion in fact it
revealed that they’re pretty confused
about what a freaking fork and an
airdrop are in the first place it did
remind everyone that you shouldn’t be
playing in their realm you shouldn’t be
getting into the fiat realm there’s
clearly they don’t understand the
Bitcoin realm but they do understand
that Fiat realm so if you’re one of
those big spenders and likes to turn
your Bitcoin in the Fiat in the back in
the Bitcoin and back in the Fiat and
then back in the like Oh in that back in
the Fiat and this then the other your
that’s not good they understand that
they all understand this crypto dividend
thing okay so I’d link to their actual
press release I linked to Jeff bandru
jr. the accountants interpretation of it
I would like congressman Emmer for
Minnesota to get some more clarification
on this he he wanted this in the first
place I don’t know if this is what he
exactly wanted was is not much
clarification the best tweet that I
found about this situation was from
he said best luck enforcing that so
here’s the issue one of the
interpretations is that
if you own Bitcoin or aetherium and all
of a sudden there’s a Bitcoin fork or an
etherium airdrop I mean I’ve gotten
aetherium address okay big and I have
seen over time all these crypto
dividends appear there I didn’t walk
them but according to this tax
information but they were just airdrop
there he theorem it’s really easy to
airdrop tokens onto aetherium addresses
really easy there all sorts of I talked
about them on past shows well according
to this IRS thing one interpretation is
you have to pay taxes on that ridiculous
absolutely ridiculous
people can’t people they got be gold
have to pay taxes on the value of be
gold at its height because you know when
V gold first came out it was worth
hundreds of dollars
you know BTC bene pointed that out you
know they don’t know what they’re
talking about over there
how is it going to be enforced indeed
best of luck enforcing that as vortex
and that is the best tweet so they don’t
know what they’re talking about
there but I’d say this if you’re worried
cut contact congressman Emmer in
Minnesota tell them to get some
clarification think though I think it’s
it’s not a clarification at all what
they had what they have let loose it’s
creating Fudd I think maybe what they
want to do is just have people
self-report have people report
themselves overpay do whatever there’s
there’s there I don’t think they from
what I’m reading here for their lack of
understanding do they have a bunch of
people dedicated to tracking down who
got B Dimond and who turned to be
diamond into a Bitcoin and how much the
B diamond was worth when they did you
know or or if you got B dot are they
tracking down every single person who
got B diamond and didn’t do anything
with the B diamond and they’re going to
have to pay taxes on the B diamond I
mean it’s the same so I agree a vortex
good luck enforcing that we shall see
how this progress is
they got they got bigger uh they got
bigger issues to deal with over there I
mean they got bigger they’re they’re
they’re they’re big fish that they can
they can get okay again if they want to
get if they want to tax crypto people
you know coinbase that that gives them
all the information namely they need
what’s the darn saying I’m even looking
for I don’t know you know it all right
yeah the only clarification how stupid
they are yeah that’s pretty much it you
know Chris black says it’s pretty clear
that they simply don’t understand how
hard Forks work particularly that anyone
can hard fork at literally any time and
that’s the thing people make jokes out
there yeah I’m gonna create a crypto
dividend now and I’m gonna and then I’m
going to send my private keys over to
everybody at the IRS or the specific
political figures so now they’ll be
responsible for it they’ll have to pay
taxes they can control the private key
alright um so yeah what is that I think
what’s the saying that I’m looking for
about people saying bigger fish to fry
uh the having show sent fifty Norwegian
kroner thank you dude
Bitcoin stock the flow ratio in 2028 is
yeah one to two hundred forty eight is
it that oh yeah it is
I think it’s that high you know that’s
Bitcoin t-nuts was talking about this on
that this we could pick only show so I
advise everyone get the specifics from
mattis link to below one to sick a goal
there’s only one to sixty could Bitcoin
market cat grow four times as large
larger than gold in 2028 love from
Norway well yeah basically you’re saying
what a Bitcoin Tina sound Michelle I
don’t know if you watch through this
week in Bitcoin show or not it’s a long
one it was one and a half hours played
at 2x but he was specifically almost
said word for word what you said in this
maybe you’re quoting him I don’t know
but thank you very much for the support
check out the having shows channel he’s
a big fan of having x’ everyone should
be a big freaking fan of having x’ 20:28
he’s talking about hey man we’re almost
at 20/20 here
uh hey Adam I missed you man oh you
didn’t say anything that guy usually
that’s the first sentence you’ve ever
said that made sense dude
thank you found that light button first
sentence that guy’s ever said that made
any sense was what I just read thank you
very much for making progress okay um I
don’t know how it dude missed me I’m
here every day remember that I’m here
every day if you missed me you just you
bookmark this channel you can come here
at any time all right we talked about
all right
strong hand wild day ahead of us people
I I read on coin desk of all places CEO
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to testify
before Congress over Libra
cryptocurrency the House Financial
Services Committee announced Wednesday
that was today that Zuckerberg will
testify mark this date people I will be
in a Sydney Australia on this date
October 23rd during a hearing entitled
an examination of Facebook and its
impact on the financial services and
housing sectors Zuckerberg will be the
only witness so people it doesn’t matter
what Mark Zuckerberg says in terms of
Bitcoin but people are going to freak
out that day it could pump bitcoin it
could dump Bitcoin mark it on your
calendar October 23rd
Maxine Walter waters and all her friends
who knew nothing about Bitcoin or
cryptocurrency will be harassing Mark
Zuckerberg to no end will be virtue
signaling trying to show all their 80%
are constituents but they’re beating up
will the mean old billionaire who wants
to create his own currency and you know
you gotta be a CEO you see uck and love
the US dollar only only we have the
right us uh you know US Congress people
to say what should be money oh yeah so
you should hate on Zuckerberg who mate
who was a creative and a genius and made
and made
a company that changed your whole
freakin lives and made your lives better
and even made our lives better but we
want votes so much we’ll just attack the
rich whenever we want to and we don’t
know what we’re talking about all right
so yeah that’s what the hearing is about
and the markets are gonna freak out and
so maybe they won’t but you gotta be
prepared with your strong hand don’t
come running me on October 20 thirsty
and what the heck is going on what the
heck is going on is it because your
ex-girlfriends birthday was October 24th
how do I remember these things that that
the Bitcoin prices don’t yell no it’s
because of Zuckerberg not because of
that yeah all right
so cavil varus – Valda Chris nice
illusion value Ralphy Bitcoin not in
redhead ex-girlfriends pound that like
button don’t you think it’s odd that the
IRS wants to see our records each year
but 80 percenters don’t ask to see the
report of where our tax dollars are
going no I don’t think that’s odd at all
I think that’s 80% are gonna date for
centers don’t care
with the Garmin does for their money
they would we want to be in a situation
there would it be Bitcoin 80% are scared
with the UH with the government with
their body with their tax money
they’re such see you CK’s they just
picked they are addicted to the welfare
dollar so they’re addicted to whatever
the IRS is gonna do all right
okay that guy now the guy’s not making
sense anymore the person the I said it
was making sense beforehand for the
first time 80 percenters are gonna do
what they’re gonna do get gamblers don’t
make sense I mean that’s it’s totally
irrational behavior so when a gambler
says one thing that’s coherent you you
you pointed out all right will you wear
the Ted DiBiase suit when it moons I
mean what’s your interpretation of when
it moves
I wear the Ted DiBiase suit this suit
this is not a Ted DiBiase suit that I
didn’t pay very much money for this Ted
ah see where’s a freaking Gucci suit of
course from like 1987 or something like
that and and you know it would be a it
be a $3,000 suit in 1987 he’s attending
Aziz got great promos if you want to
waste your time on YouTube watching
wrestling out promos from 1987 or 88 or
whenever he did them I don’t know
anything uh one two three dusk but so
this is it this is this suit what does
this cost me like a hundred bucks or so
I forgot what it cost me now it was
cheap I got it at the warehouse or
whatever but it looked nice I needed a
new suit
you know I treated myself to one nice
thing semi nice thing and I’m still
cheap about it please you got a safe I
want to know what is I want to get any
gucci ted dibiase thing but but going
back to ted dibiase a great character a
great a great name to name your Tresor
you know I know some people have done
Slough stuff like that and no I when it
next time it breaks the all-time honey
I’ll be wearing my t-shirt dude
I gotta be down I’m the maid I’m Adam
Meister I don’t dress up I don’t dress
so much okay I was able to get a bit one
two three no skip says I was able to get
point one five Bitcoin for my be gold oh
great you just told that the rx1 had a
hard time tracking down those
transactions also thanks for the advance
about cryptic advice about dividends it
was well worth it found out like button
dude this is where you get that insider
information ah please don’t FOMO an alts
brother Tavel said I don’t know who he’s
saying that to but yeah don’t don’t FOMO
that’s one of the themes of this show if
you’re FOMO not alts you’re gonna lose
your Bitcoin dudes value your wealth in
Bitcoin alright so let’s go back to
Libra and the great duty in Israel who
no doubt was having a very relaxing time
on Yom Kippur everything shuts down
there on Yom Kippur people don’t even
drive people were telling me how amazing
it is maybe one day I’ll be there for
you I’m Kippur you never know but he
said he was talking about the leap
there’s a there’s these people that want
a fork Libre Libre doesn’t even exist
yet and people want a fork Libre they
want to create something called
Libra and aoudi rightfully points out
the only leap the only thing Libra has
going for it is Facebook without
Facebook it is nothing so here we go the
the article link to below new Libra fork
will create permissionless stable coin
free of corporate control that’s such a
gimmick 30 different blockchain
companies and nonprofit organizations
plan to fork the Facebook LED crypto
project to build their own permission
land permissionless version dubbed open
Libra dudes
it’s nothing without Facebook you take
away Libra from Facebook what’s the
point really that Libra with Facebook
they’re like gonna give it out to
billions of people you create your own
Libra if people are saying well you
didn’t and the things that people are
building on Libra they could build on
the fork of Libra also yeah so what
think that most of the people receiving
the Libra okay that are going to be
loving it are gonna be loving it because
it’s entangled with Facebook they’re not
gonna care what you can build on it
they’re gonna be like Facebook money
Facebook is printed its own currency
so you fork y’all what’s what is that
like a fake facebook facebook currency a
fake centralized Facebook currencies
it’s for duty has a good is great I
agree but hey let people experiment if
they want to fork it off well saying
that they’re going to fork something off
that does not exist yet hey maybe put
some more pressure on it actually
existing and I want it to exist I won’t
leave her to exist and it’s just amazing
that people are talking about forking it
already and it doesn’t exist and it’s
amazing that people are you in Israel
planning the build so much on it and it
doesn’t exist now get it they’re
building stuff on it purely on it okay
that that’s a little different than
saying we’re gonna fork it off and then
we’re gonna build some stuff on that
fork Eric lund brought brazo has this
tweet here I want to make sure I’m not
thing well yeah this is a good one the
term scam by the way I see that tonight
ties n has has tweeted something out
with my name in it with tech ball in it
and its controversial I guess I’ll talk
about that tomorrow
now going back to an eric Lombroso
lambreaux italian last name that that’s
the term scale lacks nuance i propose
instead something like hubristic lunacy
I love that dude for crypto projects
that may have started with good
intentions but went way over their heads
and are now heavily oversold on promises
they cannot deliver like yeah one day
this Libre fork Oprah leave open Libre
will become hubristic lunacy it’s not a
scam it’s your mystic lunacy
all right that’s a great word for it
because a stamp is brick connect that
was a hubris igloo see that was a scam
but most of these other things say
they’re gonna take over the world
they’re gonna be the next best thing
since ice cream yeah it’s it’s a lot of
hubris there and his frickin lunacy
hubristic lunacy
someone said he’s in Baltimore they must
be talking about me cuz yeah I’m in
bother for now I’ll be in Australia on
the 17th
so yeah the cool thing about the time
zone changes I’ll leave Baltimore on
October 15th and then I’ll land on
October 17 I won’t have in October 16th
which is actually the birthday of if a
few people I know someone that’s a close
relative of mine all right
don’t want to say but oh three years I
bet plenty of people born October 16th
is very interesting and it sticks in my
mind because usually around October 16th
or 13 14 15 and 16 there have been
tremendous rainstorms in Baltimore and
when I owned a house it would freak me
out because it would cause lease in the
roof and I am so glad I don’t have to
deal with roof leaks around October 13th
14th 15th and 16th and I do want to say
another thing my father of blessed
memory was
born on October the 19th so that’s
another another good reason I remember
October 16th because my dad was born
October 19th which is a a good day to be
born I’d say anyway moving on and I I’m
not gonna say telling you too much about
October dates I had another close female
born October 18th but unlike my
ex-girlfriend that that close female was
actually my age instead of being eight
years younger than me oh yeah you gotta
go younger most of the time but again
don’t value your wealth in fact value
your wealth in Bitcoin I’m telling you
about a past time all right
now what are you gonna do I mean yeah if
you’re a young dude interesting the
ladies and stuff it’s better to be and
have a few eight years on them it’s the
younger ladies like older guys and
that’s why you make it happens you gotta
be patient in life you gotta be patient
you get older eventually you get some
years on them you know when you’re when
you’re 20 when you’re 21 you try to get
a 21 year old it doesn’t work out too
well you’re 29 you try to get a 21 year
old there that’s it works out pretty
well now moving on where are we all
right the Tour de music but Val you’re
wellthen big coin but again if you’re 86
year old and you have some Bitcoin yeah
you’ll get some 19 year old step now tab
that nut Bitcoin all right pal bat like
button about that Bitcoin core dead oh
this is uh don’t even have to talk about
this this next one was this in my title
now talk about ossification next time
this is show has gone along I want to go
to sleep soon privacy stable coin I like
this prediction from Nick Carter we
haven’t had that gimmick yet a natively
private stable coin will likely emerge
to challenge the transparent ones out
there privacy gives traders a genuine
economic advantage in this instance dude
like stable coins at all but you you’ve
got your finger on the pulse
they are dude yeah why not create a
Manero style stable coin a Z cash stable
coin why not all these people in the
stable coins in trading why not have a
product otally private one it’ll happen
nick is a smart dude good prediction
there I had not heard of that gimmick
yet a private stable clone why combine
all the gimmicks because guess what you
combine all this dick gimmicks bitcoins
still the next Bitcoin one Bitcoin
equals one Bitcoin and I’ll leave it off
with this tour to mr. tweets holy I
thought my computer froze I wouldn’t be
shocked it’s an old laptop you know I
don’t pay you know when I remember when
I was in Colorado and the guy in Denver
we were at the event and like Thomas
Hunt was there and vortex was there and
they were just laughing when people see
my laptop that my guys where you do your
show yep alright found it
finally finally you’re getting all sorts
of personal information tonight
and by the way Saturday’s show I’ll I’ll
share a lot of personal information
because it’s it’s been a very
interesting time of year here but off
going on obviously tomorrow’s the last
day I say cottage for my father so that
will be very interesting traditional in
busy the morning that part of the
morning period will be over the cottage
period so traditional torna mr. says
traditional investors need to see this I
say I say that turtle investors need to
see this graph that van act came out
with that tour de Meester has put out a
small allocation to Bitcoin may
significantly significantly improve
portfolio upside illustrated in 0.5
percent 1% and 3% scenarios so what I
just did the portfolio word that’s a
dirty word for me because again I don’t
believe in crypto portfolio but what
he’s alluding to here is that
traditional investors do have portfolios
made up of all sorts of financial
instruments ok and
Grethe the chart from Vanek shows that
if you you just have a small allocation
of 0.5% 1% 3% Bitcoin this is not much
it can make a big difference it can yeah
it significantly improves your
traditional portfolio upside and as
bitcoiners as people who are trying to
attract gold and holders here or stock
and stock dudes here whatever you want
to call the traditional people we should
have spread the word about this tweet
about this chart this is something they
can understand there’s a lot of them
really what the heck’s Bitcoin I don’t
understand will you tell some of these
dudes this is a way to significantly
improve portfolio upside without taking
that big of a risk there you go look at
this chart dudes dalit why not Alec 8.5%
why not 1% 3% why not dudes that’s how
you that’s how you tell so I like that I
like that a line of thinking together
they’re gonna come eventually they’re
gonna get in here eventually there’s
traditional guys and because you have
the insider information because you feel
comfortable before them you get you you
you get in now you don’t want to get in
after those dudes wake up to the fact
about you put 1% in Bitcoin all of a
sudden it could be worth 10% of your
portfolio and you’re a lot wealthier
alright elite goodbye my elite friends
goodnight my elite friends i’m adam
meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt
meister I’m not ted dibiase but some say
I have some something in common with him
pound that like button bang that bow
button check out all the links below
click on those squares that you see
check out yesterday’s show it was really
short do that right now before you go to
sleep if you’re awake wherever you are I
wonder what the score in that playoff
game is right now I’m gonna go check
that why not
I value my wealth in Bitcoin but you can
take one second
for baseball just to check the score
don’t waste your time on it though bye

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