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into this right now first piece of news
I want to go over before we talk about
the altcoins
is that a diamond industry the diamond
agency partners Giants partner with
blockchain start-up to tokenize gems wow
that was for some reason I couldn’t read
that title basically two leading diamond
industry players have agreed to work
with a blockchain start of d12 tokenize
diamonds and this is only the beginning
they obviously are going to look into
tokenizing gems not just diamonds and
this is big because we’ve seen this be a
really good use case for cryptocurrency
and I think we’re gonna see more of this
coming in the future
so cognizing not just gems but also real
estate assets so on things like that so
I’m very excited to see this I’m very
excited to see when we can actually
tokenize real estate I think that’s
gonna be very cool and I want to see how
that works out but this is just the
beginning and I think it’s a very good
step again in adoption I do like to
share with you guys when I see a news
article like this that is talking about
adoption I think it’s fascinating and I
think it’s great to see so this this
right here very big thumbs up to see now
let’s look at the cryptocurrency market
I don’t want to go over too much news
because there is a lot of news with it
all coins to talk about mark is at 335
billion dollars Bitcoin comments at 38
point to the theory was actually having
a pretty good day of 3.4% while bitcoins
only up point 0 2 so bitcoins basically
neutral that doesn’t even count within a
matter of one click of the refresh
button it could be down point 5 so who
but iOS is up 7% well what what else do
we have is a decent move everything else
does it really look like it’s moving a
lot of Bitcoin privates
19% now keep in mind John McAfee did
promote this and I don’t know if he
actually believes in it or I heard a lot
of people actually like Bitcoin private
so that might be that might be good it
might be an honest and honest promoting
but that is why it is up so much because
of how much of an influence he has Mixon
is up 17% don’t know too much about why
so I’m not gonna comment on it the
overall a lot of green now not anything
significant in the green very very
little significant in the green we CEOs
have good Bitcoin private had good but
overall very small gains point 17% point
zero 2%
not a lot now I do want to go over some
all Queens because cos firstly is up
almost 7% oh it’s very close 111 billion
dollar market cap ranked number five in
market cap size and it’s having one of
the better days today now why is that we
are leading up to the main net launch
and I wanted to talk about this again
because I want to emphasize to you guys
to go and check what you guys have to do
for in order to claim the EOS when it
does have its maintenance and everything
it stops me near C 20 token and goes
over to the EOS block she makes sure you
guys are taking action with what you
have to do I’m not a hundred percent
sure where the specifics are at the
moment but make sure you guys are
reading up on it and you do do that
because I don’t want you guys to lose
your EOS because it says right here that
um that an unregistered address will be
worthless once the snapshot occurs after
being frozen on the etherion plumb
platform so the EOS token holders are
currently holding and trading their ERC
20 tokens on the etherion blockchain
hence AOS aetherium receiving actions
are currently the same after the launch
of the EOS Maina US will have its own
completely separate blockchain for its
users so guys similar to the Tron
maintenance coming out now Tron is
simpler just as to leave it on in
exchange that supports it so make sure
you guys check out which exchanges
support it and see which one
we’re using that way you can do what you
need to for Tron and AOS very similar
guys I do recommend going to read what
you guys have to do now it’s gonna be
depending on what you guys are using
it’s gonna be different so make sure you
guys are reading up on it I don’t want
you guys to lose your EOS because it is
very good and I think AOS could have
another huge run this week because I
love it leading up to its maintenance on
it a lot of people are expecting to see
the price have a very nice run and long
term I think we can see EOS hit that
forty dollar mark even by the end of
2018 that would cut be a little bit
under for x3 and a bit X bringing it to
almost a little bit under forty billion
dollar market cap guys as long as the
market continues to grow then that is
very possible and a lot more could
happen if a OS does accomplish what it
is trying to do and if it does turn out
as good as people think it will be
another point I want to talk about is
Tron I know you guys are big fans are
showing a lot of a lot of Tron fans on
this channel so guys wanted to share
with you guys that the trunk has a new
partnership now obviously China is a ton
of partnerships with almost everyone
nowadays it seems like China’s a ton of
parties but they do have a new one with
vsport a powerful alliance to leverage
blockchain technology for solving issues
in these soccer and sports industry so
if you guys want to read up more about
that go ahead and check out V sport see
what they’re doing see how Tron can help
now like I said Tron has a ton of
partnerships already now it’s time to
see these partnerships take action I
think with the start of the main net
which is gonna come out very soon at the
end of May there’s nothing which is
another reason why people think Tron is
going to have a very nice run as well in
long term I think a lot of more people
are bullish on Tron than they used to be
Shaun used to be something that was
talked about just as hype but now we are
seeing it happen we’re seeing a lot more
people get on board for the actual
fundamentals which is something I’m very
happy to see it is ranked number nine
solidly in the top ten now been in there
for some time
it’s chart doesn’t look bad some solid
price increase but guys a long term I
think Tron will do very well at a four
point six billion dollar mark cap it has
a lot of room to grow
and the next week or so should also as
long as the market allows should be
pretty good
due to the main net coming up now I am
excited to see when that does happen
when the main net does happen I’m
excited to see how all the partnerships
are gonna start you know taking place
and how they’re going to be helping how
we’re gonna see results from it I think
it’s gonna be a very big one so let’s
hope Tron doesn’t fail us does it does
live up to the hype I think it will so
hopefully hopefully things do well now
iota also has a new partnership in
Iona’s partnership with the partnerships
with the United Nations agency so the UN
o-p-s a service and technical advisory
arm two of the United Nations and
cryptocurrency giant a cryptocurrency
project Iona pretty much a giant thing
it’s ranked number 10 right now have
announced a partnership that will seek
to help UN o-p-s benefit from a Oda’s
open source distributed ledger and
tangled technology to improve processes
and cut down on middlemen which
basically essentially saves time so what
cryptocurrency is meant to be used for
cutting down the middlemen saving people
time this is very good to see now they
do share a similar vision they say we
share a vision where machines devices
sensors and people connect and
communicate to each other it’s the world
of industry 4.0 harnessing technology
that allows for these processes to work
simultaneously without the need for in
the without the need for basically a
middleman which is what we were talking
about will help expedite our mission as
an organizational expedite again make
things go faster guys this is what
cryptocurrency is meant to be used for
and I’m happy to see this actually work
look at us getting a notification for
guys joining the cryptocurrency all
starts perfect time to plug you guys
want to join our Facebook group full of
information always up to date full of
technical analysis we have some great
people in there with a lot of knowledge
make sure you check out the link in the
description and in the comments to join
the Facebook group it’s 100% free and I
guarantee you guys you will get value
from it but this is only the beginning
for IO IO now they had several parties
before and I think their technology is
one that stands out and I think it’s one
that’s going to be used in the real
world again why I think it’s going to
continue to do well and why it does
have a spa a spot in the top ten in my
opinion or even just the top 15 keep in
mind as the market grows then the market
cap for iota should grow and the price
should increase as well I think iota
will have no problem continuing to grow
as the market grows I’m pretty bullish
on it I don’t have a lot of iota so
disclaimer don’t have a lot of Iona I
just can see where it’s going to be used
in the real world and I’m excited to see
it happen now all right guys so now
let’s talk a little bit about card da
know because card donnaught has had some
pretty big news as well the creator of
card on o io HK introduced VR tool to
explore bitcoins blockchain now this is
huge because it’s going to help educate
people on bitcoins blockchain on
blockchain technology not to mention I’m
big on education how we should be
reforming the education system but
that’s the story for another time now I
just like to see people educated people
getting more educated on the blockchain
and understanding why it makes sense and
why it should and will continue to grow
so apparently so it says here they have
it has a commitment to both education
and design and this kept in this
captivating a complex data visualization
is the perfect combination of both it’s
beautiful as much as it is functional
and our hope is that it will help make
blockchain truly understandable for a
whole new audience now don’t forget if
you want to see the market cap continue
to grow that’s something we have to have
we have to have a whole new audience we
have people in cryptocurrency right now
that’s great they can keep putting in
money every once in a while maybe you
know dollar cost average that’s gonna be
great but in order to see the market cap
have that huge growth like you had at
the end of last year we’re gonna have to
see a lot more people come into
cryptocurrency who are not in crypto
currency I don’t have any money in and
they bring their money over now this is
gonna be a mix of individuals but also
institutional investors and some very
big players once we see regulations
happen but this is only a start to teach
the younger generation now this is not
going to only be for younger generations
but obviously this will help start
teaching people maybe in school about
blockchain what it is it certainly
should fit in a computer science class
or in an engineering class where you
have to learn coding and stuff like that
the blocks change in depth
be something that you learned there as
well so hopefully this will help that
out now again I would say reform of the
education so I think it’s very outdated
we have to add new things into it I know
cryptocurrency is so new blockchain is
so new but that’s not an excuse to not
be looking at adding these things into
curriculums but even for older people
institutional investors don’t understand
how things work or just anybody because
I know a lot of you guys know how this
feels well you talk to someone about
cryptocurrency and they give you the
blankets look and think that you are
crazy guys that happens to me too but
this hopefully is to help that now card
oh no guys ranked number eight 5.2
billion dollar market cap
I think card dongs gonna continue to
grow 20 cents is very very cheap in my
opinion for Cardinal long term I think
it’s going to do very well one that I am
very bullish on so hopefully it does
continue to grow and this does help
bring more people into the blockchain
space each of the cryptocurrency space
now let’s take a look a little bit at
some Bitcoin technical analysis I found
an article that pretty much summed up
everything really well I was gonna draw
it all up for you guys but I decided to
give credit to the article and share
with you guys what they’ve been shown
that is something I’ve also noticed
through my technical now so I’ve seen a
lot of other people point out as well
basically long term Bitcoin for the last
five months or so has been in this long
term triangle the day you guys can see
right here it’s been trading within that
now it looks like it is coming to a
close so eventually bitcoin is going to
have to make a decision now obviously
bitcoin does leave the market if Bitcoin
goes up the market will go up if Bitcoin
goes down the market will go down but
overall so this is getting very close
and big was gonna have to make a
decision from the analysis on the market
we can expect to see the resolution of
this triangle during the trading period
of either June or early July so is
coming up roughly within the next month
hopefully we’ll see Bitcoin have another
run up I think that it’s due for one I
think that is the direction most people
expect it to go but obviously with
cryptocurrency we can’t be too certain
now looking at the short-term they
actually did a short-term analysis as
well which I thought was really cool
they did the Fibonacci retracements and
showed that there was support
significant point seven eight six
Fibonacci retracement level this was
basically the retracement from the
previous bullish move experienced in in
April up until early May so you guys
remember when I was saying in April
everyone was like Oh where’s the big
run-up where’s the big run-up now say
guys since early April all the way till
early May we’ve had over two and a half
X in a lot of all coins that we were
talking about in the channel and that
was amazing now things have gone back
down obviously but things aren’t looking
terrible in the short term it is looking
like Bitcoin might continue to fall
especially the since it isn’t trade it’s
trading between the support and the
resistance right here now it did break
under the support of 8000 kind of
trading in between so I wouldn’t be
surprised if we do run down and test the
seven thousand dollar mark do I think we
will trade sideways on here
probably not I think what’s possible is
we’ll have a few sideways days of
trading you’re right at the retracement
level we’re at right now but after that
possible for us to touch it and have a
long wait I don’t think it’s gonna last
for several days though we will see what
happens and then obviously consider
trade within that triangle now guys if
you are looking to make some short-term
trades maybe take a look at the triangle
I showed you and start buying at the low
point and selling at the high point
since that is the pattern that Bitcoin
has been following and if it does
continue to fall that you can make some
nice gains within that so within that
spirit the space so obviously not just
waiting for the market to go up if you
are interested in trading you can make
money even when the market is kind of
trading sideways and unsure what
direction is gonna go but guys hope you
did enjoy this video if you guys did
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