INWESTOWANIE W ZŁOTO, nieruchomości oraz złotówkę. Kredyty hipoteczne i kryptowaluty

Systems fell, nations fell, there were wars, currencies were delegalized, tens of thousands of paper currencies disappeared along the way, and gold…
continues to have the same value.
And that is the beauty, you see, that is the beauty of storing a part of wealth in gold.
Part because it’s not about exchanging everything for gold.
Understand that if someone has half a million, a million, two million, ten million, he begins to think what to do with it.
And begins to have this problem that if he turns it into zlotys and hides in the couch, and they delegalize these zlotys or they will be worth a couple of sausages…
these zlotys from his couch, because there will be hyperinflation, that we had, for example, at the end of the 80s…
he begins to think how to transfer it, for the next generation, for his retirement, transfer it for himself, 20 years later.
I would like to be able to transfer this value.
With paper zloty it is hard to do it, with zlotys on an account doubly hard:
not only because it is zloty but they’re also able to take possession of it, remotely.
Selected cryptocurrencies, gold bullion, which is 99% gold, not like what you wear on yourself.
99.9, this is gold bullion.
Not suitable for jewelry crafting, not suitable for use, suitable for thesurization which means securing wealth in time.
Burying it in the forest.
It has huge advantages over paper money, for example in the form of zlotys, because with zlotys we can get up on Monday…
it actually happened on some occasions over the last 100 years, that people got up on Monday and learned that their zlotys were worthless.
In contrast, gold cannot be delegalized.
For thousands of years gold has value, roughly the same. Because in ancient Rome, for ounce coin, you could buy a belt, dress, dress up…
from head to toe… a man could get dressed and same today.
Ounce coin is 1,300 US dollars, so it’s 4000 with today’s exchange rate…
a man, a gentleman with style, he is able to dress from head to toe for 4000, maybe even buy some watch in addition.
Systems fell, nations fell, there were wars, currencies were delegalized, tens of thousands of paper currencies disappeared along the way, and gold… continues to have the same value.
No government is able to say that your coins you have buried won’t be worth anything tomorrow.
And that is the beauty, you see, that is the beauty of storing a part of wealth in gold.
Part because it’s not about exchanging everything for gold.
Probably it’ll go to the moon soon and it’ll go big.
Maybe not like some cryptocurrencies, where there was several million percent of growth, but these 200, 300 percent is totally realistic on gold in the next three, five years.
300 percent is a good return in three, five years, this is a very good profit.
It was stable for a sufficient time, so now it needs to go up?
Yes, and in the meantime, lots of money were being printed and when these money will seek cover in the real things, then that can be found in gold,
especially that the bubble may burst… It already started… in Norway, in the UK, we have for a few years the first price declines.
In Oslo, in London. The bubble is popping there.
Why? Because the Fed raises rates, it is a very simple mechanism.
Fed raises rates, so soon the Bank of England will also have to raise rates, soon the real estate bubble will pop.
Someone has 10 million, 5, or 1 million, and wants to protect it and multiply it.
Here with the answer come cryptocurrencies, precious metals and eventually real estate in interesting jurisdictions,
preferably after the bubble bursts – in 2-4 years, that is.
But if someone needs now, well, it can be done now, so as not to lose.
In a good jurisdiction. Where there is certain law and little democracy, simple law – little democracy – with good demographics.
And political situation?
Convenient political situation, which is little democracy because when problems begin in a democracy, then people demand to take from the rich, so it’s not too good then for the rich.
So far it always ends up in such a way that the poor take from the poor. The rich, due to intellectual and other reasons, are able to resist, so the poor from the poor…
sometimes the poor from the middle class because the middle class does not have enough mobility and intellectual, financial powers to prevail,
so sometimes they even devour the middle class, which is tragic socially. Because if the middle class is drained of resources, it is tragic socially.
In Poland, is there a middle class? Or just the rich and the poor?
It was supposed to be born but it didn’t happen entirely. What would it be, Polish middle class?
Maybe Wilanow town, maybe that. However, that middle class, they are…
intellectually, yes, it is the middle class, but financially, these are large mortgages very often.
Exactly, so it would be the poor.
There is nothing wrong with this as long as rates are stable. The era of stable rates ends, there will be a lot of drama.
Therefore, if anyone can, pay up as soon as possible.
On the other hand, we can’t be too negative because it’s not like everyone inherited a legacy of his father and can build a house on their own plot of land, often do not want to because it is just time consuming.
Today we want it quickly, conveniently. We want to pay, we want to live, so I do not know, you need to find an alternative but at the same time a place to live…
And saving? Saving money?
So, in the simplest possible way.
Yes, working hard for 10 years and saving money.
And how do you explain this to modern 20 year olds who take up loans just for mobile phones?
Exactly, exactly.
If they are unable to save a thousand or two thousand zlotys, buy a cheaper phone, they take it on credit, how do you explain it to them, to save 300,000?
There is no harm in this Anglo-Saxon form of a loan. Where there is a fixed interest rate.
You agree to 3% and no doubt it will be 3%, plus a margin.
Why aren’t they talking about that and why everyone says that apartment is OK, take up a loan and live on your own, and no one will say straight…
Because a drug dealer does not tell you about bad consequences of drug use. When they sell them to you..
They want you to look at the bright side and buy.
It is the same with the banking system and their product – mortgage. They do not speak about the potential negative consequences of all this, they talk about the positives.
Besides, for them it is even better, because it may be that many people will be paying for 10-15 years,
then it will come to a dramatic increase in rates, they won’t be able to handle payments three times higher so these properties will return to the pot, return to the bank, will be repossessed by the banks.
That’s why installments are designed like this, first you repay the interest, interest, interest, and little of capital, so when you experience trouble after 15 years…
you will have nothing covered for the capital or very little – very little – so in the final resolution… for 15 years you have paid but you have nothing.
Of course it affects people so they work hard and the system has use of them, and they run for these digits, generated by central banks…
Only it shouldn’t be about that, to run and to repay the loan…
Because they have a knife to their throat.
Only they put this knife with their own hand, in a way.
And it is the brilliance of this system – from the point of view of its creators.
It’s hard to make a complaint at the moment when, you know…
We made a signature, a pact…
Does this system really need to be based on loans and function in such a way?
It will fall soon, it won’t be in such form as we know it, in a few years… and we will move to cryptocurrencies.
Because we won’t begin to settle transactions with gold anew, we won’t go back to barter.
No, this is not for the era of the Internet.
We need a currency with features the best cryptocurrencies have, it will be a way…
Only you know, there will be a lot of confusion at the same time, it won’t be so smooth…
Someone will become very rich on it and some others will fall, again.
Someone will become significantly richer, someone will become significantly poorer.
Exactly so, Olga. That’s exactly how it’ll be.


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