INSANE! Conor McGregor Attacks Bus Full Of Fighters, PewDiePie Under Fire By The Guardian, And More

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Fantastic Thursday welcome back to the philip defranco show and let’s just jump into it the first thing. I want to talk about today is
We have Conor McGregor in the news for not great reasons
news came out Conor McGregor’s at the Barclays center after media day
That’s exciting Conor McGregor knows how to put on a show he’s probably angry at the UFC for stripping him of his lightweight championship belt
You know maybe he’s in a show of have a war of words get people hyped about him coming back
Well the video that was captured of him. There is crazy. He picks up a guard rail
He attempts to throw that then tries to throw something else at one point
and it’s unclear who exactly does it if it was Conor McGregor or someone else someone throws something that slams into the front of the
Bus that bus reportedly filled with UFC fighters. According to reporters on the scene McGregor and his entourage
Swarmed that bus there’s also a video from inside and outside the bus of Conor throwing a dolly into the bus
[unintelligible speech, and then glass breaking]
And in the midst of all of this one of the fighters suffered a laceration
Across his forehead as far as what happens next when Dana White was talking to media
he wasn’t even talking about the scheduling of fights he had this to say there was a warrant out for Conor McGregor’s arrest and
and, um, uh
They’re looking for him right now his plane cannot take off he cannot leave the state of New York
With this warrant they’ll be grounded, and I’m assuming eventually if they don’t catch him. He’ll turn himself in
You can imagine
he’s gonna be sued beyond belief and
This was a real bad career move for him despite Dana White saying that a reporter by the name of Marc Raimondi
He tweeted just spoke to a spokesman for the NYPD. There is no warrant out for Conor McGregor’s arrest at this time
He said they are though looking for him and want to speak with him the spokesman said no one has filed charges against McGregor at
This moment they’re also people in social media saying Conor McGregor most likely did this because of something khabib did the other day
specifically, the interaction between khabib and another fighter and friend of Conor McGregor kind of on that know Dana White said,
Listen, you don’t like khabib? and you don’t like what happened or whatever? then fight khabib
You can come in here, and you can do it legally
shit this fights happening Saturday
We could have talked and made the kabhib fight right after you can do whatever you want it to khabib
within the limits of the rules of
You know, fighting
but you want to grab 30 fucking friends and come down here and
And do what you did today, it’s disgusting. That’s where we are right now obviously well
We’ll stay on top of the situation see what happens Wow I don’t I don’t know what to make of it
I mean I am I’m personally a fan of Conor McGregor. This is just pure insanity especially for a guy
That is in such a fantastic position in his career. Then, Let’s talk about the really not so surprising update
We got around the Cambridge
analytica and Facebook scandal, the original estimate came from whistleblower Christopher Wylie who said that 50 million people their data was used by Cambridge
Analytica, but yesterday Mark Zuckerberg told reporters on a conference call that 87 million users’ data may have been shared with Cambridge analytica
well, it seems like the reason that we’re seeing this shift in numbers is primarily that the estimate
Yes made a number of people that granted the app permission. That was at the center of this situation that survey
It was previously two hundred seventy thousand people
But now it’s being reported that was three hundred five thousand people and so those are the numbers were getting now from Facebook after they
Did their own internal review however
Cambridge analytica is giving the public of different stores tweeting out Cambridge analytical license data from GSR for 30 million individuals
not 87 million
We did not receive more than 30 million records from research company GSR so essentially they’re trying to distance themselves from the number the narrative
Seeming that GSR may have gone 87 million, but we only got 30
But all of that said I haven’t even gotten to the best part
it came out that one of the main sources of
Vulnerability for Facebook was its search option it allows you to look up anyone if you have their email their phone number whether you show
Up or not is supposed to be an opt-in feature
But in the security settings it was set on by default
so in a blog post from Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer in regards to this
He said malicious actors have also abused these features to scrape public profile information by submitting phone numbers or email addresses
They already have through search and account recovery even the scale and sophistication of the activity
We’ve seen we believe most people on Facebook could have had their public profiles scraped in this way
So we have now disabled this feature and then during that conference call that I mentioned with Mark Zuckerberg
He said I would assume if you had that setting turned on that someone at some point has access to your public information in some
Way so that’s great now to be fair to Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. He is very much now owned the mistake
Also, seemingly being realistic about Facebook while they’re there making changes now
He’s saying that it’s going to take years to properly fix things and also and I get a lot of us are just like beating
on Facebook right now
But it’s moments like these that we also need to remember other situations like remember when Equifax in what has now come out as a pretty
preventable hack lost
147 million
Americans personal information including a bunch of Social Security
Numbers right like a situation that has led to god knows how much fraud and there still seemingly thriving as a company
And then we looked at Facebook, which that is still a problem, but having seen and obviously the situation can change the reactions
We’ve seen from the government in both situations it almost feels like they’re gonna go after Facebook more
I’m not trying to make a what-about-ISM right. I think that both situations need to be handled properly, but it is interesting
It’s just something I wanted to share that’s been bugging me not sure if it adds the story, but in general
I’d love to know your thoughts on this one from that. I want to share some stuff
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Links as always are in the description down below and let’s talk about the Guardian who appears to pride themselves on good solid
independent journalism
Taking a shot at Felix PewDiePie of course Felix one of the largest creators on the platform has been for a very very long
Time he has had his scandals
but for the most part a lot of that has gone by
Today the Guardian put out an article title what’s up?
PewDiePie the troubling content of YouTube’s biggest star childish offensive and immensely popular the YouTube star whose real name is Felix
Kjellberg continues to command a huge audience, but what does he really say?
I love that because the only thing it’s missing from from corny local television is find out tonight at 10:00 could be a child watching
PewDiePie give them cancer find out tonight
If I know the little line underneath the main headline that initially read childish
Bigoted and immensely popular then they decided to pull back a little and what’s weird is a lot of the article is not
actually negative towards Felix
it’s not about Felix starting a book club how that is normally a
Really hard thing to get people involved in but his video is when he’s doing that still get 3.5 million views
They say on YouTube how he has bigger numbers than Justin Bieber CNN Nike and coca-cola
they mentioned his past scandals, but then say outside of that
He’s not really usually written about he talked about how he has several shows house
Part of it kind of emulates TV shows how over the years
He evolved from just a little baby creator who was awkward in front of the camera to someone that’s incredibly comfortable and has a man
Beard then towards the end we finally get that shift that gave us that headline talk about him using
Pepe the Frog how he gave a positive review to a book from Jordan B
Peterson he showed me memes of Neil deGrasse Tyson Barack Obama having different names under their picture
And then finally it ends on the note to call him an alt-right agitator would perhaps be
Unfair as he is never publicly identified with the proto-fascist movement, but he shares much of their culture and amplifies
it across the world people should pay PewDiePie more attention if the beginning of your sentence you say it would perhaps be unfair to
Blank and after the blank you include
But it appears pretty apparent that you are trying to connect those dots
For your reader because they end the article that way it feels like they’re trying to say that the other content
It’s just stuff to throw people off the scent like next month
He’s gonna try and sneak in Mein Kampf in to the book club and so the whole article to me
Just seems weird and scummy I think you can definitely connect a Felix to an anti PC movement 100%
And I am personally on board with a lot of that like the the mention of Pepe the Frog it became a fun way
To mess with people who wanted to say just blanket statement all uses of Pepe the Frog
racist to then try and connect dots because
He likes trolling and then some people that you’re trying to connect them to they also troll and fuck with people that connects them
Disregarding so much more of the real situation, that’s ridiculous obviously I do want to note here
I am going to be biased with this story. petty shots like this from main stream outlets rub me the the wrong way. That’s it
I do want to pass a question off to you
What are your thoughts about this is this a petty shot because they’re trying to get views no the person writing the article they have
A valid point whatever you think I want to hear about it, and then let’s talk about an internal conflict
We’re seeing at Google right now yesterday
It was reported that employees at Google began circulating an open letter demanding that Google stop working with the Department of Defense on artificial intelligence
And reportedly that open letter has been signed by more than 3,100
Google employees now dissent over the partnership actually began last month after it was revealed in an internal memo that Google had begun working with
The Pentagon’s project maven. and maven if you don’t know as a push by the Pentagon to more actively use AI in the military’s everyday
functions and in April of
2017 during the internal announcement a project maven then deputy defense secretary Bob work said as numerous studies have made clear Department of Defense must
integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning more effectively across operations to maintain advantages over increasingly capable
adversaries and competitors one of mavens first projects was to use machine learning an AI to help scour hours of drone footage and identify objects
Of interest for the military this, because there’s so much footage of human analysts
Just can’t get through in a timely manner it maven tackles this issue by using Google’s tensorflow API to identify and track up to
36 different category of objects and these known objects reportedly things like when vehicles or people go from location to location
And so the Pentagon’s hoping that this can really help humans, but of course still keeping humans in place
The head of project maven sang-hee hope people and computers will work symbiotically to increase the ability of weapon systems to detect
Objects eventually we hope that one analyst will be able to do twice as much work potentially three times as much as they’re doing now
That’s our goal, and as far as Google’s involvement with maven. It’s part of a pilot project also considering
We’re talking about the Department of Defense here
This is relatively small and scale reportedly maven is only planning on spending 70 million in its first year
That’s that let’s jump back to the letter after resigned by over
3,100 people it was sent to the CEO of Google
Sundar pichai the letter starts off pretty blunt reading dear Sundar we believe that Google should not be in the business of war therefore
We ask that project may even be canceled and at Google draft publicized and enforce a clear policy stating that neither Google nor its
Contractors will ever build warfare technology they point out one of Google’s core tenants
Which is don’t be evil but also on that know Google’s parent company alphabet. They removed that motto back in 2015
I’m not saying that was a moment. They’re like no let’s start being evil, but just random thing
I wanted to share letter also responds to a statement from Diane Greene that was meant to calm fears over the program when it was
First revealed last month saying recently Googlers voice concerns about maven internally and green responded assuring them that the technology will not quote
Operate or fly drones and quote will not be used to launch weapon well this eliminates a narrow set of direct
applications the technology is being built for the military and once to deliver it could easily be used to assist in these tasks and they
End their letter saying building this technology to assist the US government and military surveillance and potentially lethal outcomes is not acceptable
After this the CEO of the company Sundar Pichai released a statement
But he just doubled down saying that maven was specifically scoped to be for non offensive purposes
but he didn’t reveal any text from the
Contract or really give anything on top of that to verify that this would be the way it worked
We also saw a Google spokesperson try to defend the company as well putting either the programs being used by the military were quote
Open-source recognition software available to any Google cloud customer also saying that the database scour is allegedly only on unclassified data
It’s used to flag images for human review, which is intended to save lives save people time to having a new highly tedious work
But I would say on that final final note it really doesn’t address the concerns that yes
We are building it for this one purpose, but right now
It doesn’t appear that there’s any way to stop the military from using it in the ways that we are concerned about
But that’s that even if it was in a contract
it’s the
Government they they’re gonna do what they want with it when it was such a big deal when back in the day when Apple said
They would not unlock a phone the whole big argument was yes
You’re saying you want to use it in this way
But it opens up for a lot of really sketchy situations and obviously that’s a simplified version there are more concerns
But you know you get the idea, let’s talk about these teacher protests. We’ve seen in Kentucky and Oklahoma
We’ll start with Kentucky where teachers are protesting due to changes to their pensions, Kentucky lawmakers had a bill that was focused on sewage
But then also included reforms to teacher pensions and a lawmakers passed the bill but governor Bevin has not signed it yet
Although he did tweet support for saying the members of the House and Senate voted to not keep kicking the pension problem down the road
Adding anyone who will receive a retirement check in the years ahead
owes a deep debt of gratitude to these 71 men and women who did the right thing now as far as the pension changes
Reportedly that cut benefits for new teachers
But preserved them for most workers the pension plan reportedly would phase out defined benefit pensions replace it with a hybrid
retirement plan long story short and
oversimplified many teachers in the state including the Union were not happy with that feeling like they were being left behind and screwed over the
teachers in Kentucky ended up calling out sick on Friday on Monday all the schools in the district were closed that said 75 percent of
The schools were on spring break
but also the rest were
To allow teachers to attend a rally in addition to the pension teachers demanded more funding in the state budget for textbooks
Technology school program it teachers popping on TV explaining their stories of that they were actually having to spend their own money
For things in the classroom, but also on Monday
We saw the State House and Senate pass a budget and revenue bills that included a six point two five percent cuts almost every part
of the state government besides education
the bill included increases in taxes like a 50 percent tax per pack of cigarettes sales tax on various services a six percent sales tax
That’s going to be put in place on services that are previously
Tax-free also three tax incentives were suspended
And this reportedly increased spending for the main funding formula for k-12 schools
It also reduced individual and corporate taxes to five percent now after this passed the governor released a statement
Criticizing the bill saying a fiscally responsible budget does not contain
Unfunded mandates and does not intentionally create budget shortfalls in the future a fiscally responsible
Budget does not kick the can down the road as previous. Governors and legislators have repeatedly done
I am very concerned that the current proposals from the General Assembly may not meet these basic standards of fiscal responsibility
That said where we stand right now is Bevin has not signed either of the bills that have passed not the sewage bill that would
Reform teachers pensions and not the new budget plan and so will be very interesting to see what he does
Next and how teachers react to it, and then let’s talk about, Oklahoma
Where on Monday around 200 of the 584 school districts in the state were disrupted by a walkout reportedly more than
30,000 educators walked out for some class cancellations for around 500,000 of the state’s
700,000 public school students
We saw many educators traveling by bus to the Capitol on Monday where we saw people
Protesting inside the Capitol building and in Oklahoma teachers are seeking better pay and increased
education fund many complaining that they have to work multiple jobs if they also want to be a teacher to kind of give you an
Idea of how bad it is according to a 2016 report from the National Education Association
Oklahoma teachers pay is on average 49th in the country the average starting salary for a teacher. There is 30
1919 dollars some districts also reportedly impose a four-day school week because they do not have the funding for five
Also as far as things like the books
They give the kids
Teachers have been posting pictures like this to show what they’re working with some including history books where the current president in the book
Is Bush and so the state’s teacher union is demanding a $10,000 raise for teachers over three years?
5,000 raise for support staff and 200 million in education funding last week we saw the state legislature in Oklahoma vote for
provide teachers with an additional raise of 6,000 per year or 16% depending on experience that then including
$1,250 for support staff and fifty million in state education
Funding governor mary Fallin signed that into law to pay for these raises politicians agreed to increase production
Taxes on oil and gas and institute new taxes on tobacco and motor fuel was a whole
450 million dollar revenue package designed to avert this strike and actually according to reports this was the first new revenue bill to become law
In Oklahoma in 28 years, but still you have the teachers sticking to their guns demanding an additional 75 million
That’s seeming to be a compromise from their 200 million
And they’re also holding out on their pay demands then let’s talk about the reaction yesterday governor mary Fallin released a statement saying just like
Oklahoma families we are only able to do what our budget allows
Significant revenue raising measures were approved to make this pay raise an additional school funding possible you must be responsible not to neglect other areas
Of need in the state such as Corrections and Health and Human Services as we continue to consider additional
education funding measures look forward to continuing to talk with legislative leaders and teachers as we forge a positive pathway forward for
education but on that note of not having the money in the budget teachers criticize the House and Senate leaders for passing a measure that
Actually repealed a $5 night hotel and motel tax saying just that could have increased the package by 45 million dollars
And so now we’re seeing in, Oklahoma
Is that more than a hundred people including teachers and supporters announced on Wednesday that there only to be marching from Tulsa to Oklahoma City
Importantly it’s a six-day March going to cover 110 miles
And they are calling it the March for education so in the state we saw districts cancelling school through Friday
But they’re also doubts on how much the governor is actually willing to work with teachers this because governor mary Fallin said this about teachers
In an interview teachers want more, but it’s kind of like having a teenage kid that wants a better car
It’s an interesting
negotiating tactic to call the people who their their whole premise is that you don’t respect what we’re doing enough to actually pay us a
Living wage your response is, they’re being entitled greedy children, but ultimately like so many of the situations that are going on right now
It’s a wait-and-see to who blinks first you’ve got teachers who even with the smaller increase feel underappreciated
Underfunded not able to do their job properly
Then we’ve seen several examples of people in power who think that they are asking too much that they are being greedy that they’re being
Childish, so we’ll have to wait and see and that’s where I’m going to end today’s show and remember if you liked this video
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