Indochina banknotes values

so hello fellow corn collectors are you
going this is Glenn and today I have
some of my latest additions from
Indochina so this was only a test
purchase because these banknotes
actually come from Vietnam daily issued
during the French Indochina periods so
up into 1954 then the French lost the
Vietnamese and they just quit all of
your dough China all together so the
lowest denomination I have at is to 10
cents so this is the 1942 issue and this
would have been used up until 1945 46
when they actually issued really should
these and aluminum coins from the nickel
ones they used before hand and first
thing you’ll notice is that this one is
actually a lot darker the actual
printing in this one’s more in the field
so obviously the plate that’s been
engraved is pre been worn down a bit
from printing and as you can see this
one is more detail this one has less
detail and as you can see this early
issue BM and SM so these are actually
printed in Hanoi so the capital Vietnam
now and it’s also the capital of the
northern part of Vietnam but the generic
I believe this might be a Phoenix up
there to Phoenix’s and as you can see
this one’s cut pretty haphazardly so
bottom of the another note on the top of
this note it’s been cut off and these
are actually pretty common errors so I
don’t think they actually add too much
of a premium to these banknotes you’re
probably looking at are we nice gray
probably bit five dollars that he spent
but if you look at this one on the back
you can see the damage at the top so
this is probably being stuck on
somewhere and it actually device
maintenance here’s the other side so
this is the uncut one and as you can see
the back of this one is actually a lot
darker so because these were printed by
just a normal printer that actually
prints a lot of our stuff the quality of
them any shading actually varies quite a
lot as you can see look at all the week
lots of weight and if you see the
informations in French so this is the
Penal Code this is in Vietnamese Chinese
Cambodian and now which other language
spoken in er Indochina lots of China is
actually a good day Oh another thing I
actually forgot to say there’s two
issues so this is first issue for just
did two letter prefix the second issue
had a number in front of the two letters
so we had a number of prefix as well
that is the actual second round and none
of these are actually very read actually
very easy again sorry Nick slaughter
nights these issues so this is the
Pompey esta
so one PS they’re equals 100 centimeters
and this design was first in 1932 and
last issued in 1949 so if we look here
the signatures and all pretty much yep
the same signatures but I’ve got five
banknotes all varying degrees of where
so the right differences that you can
see in these banknotes so to turn it
over you’ll see how it has its cambodian
know as little cambodian pin no means
the first issue is missing
the Cambodian part of it so any of these
the first issue I’m sorry no that’s Lao
so the middle ones Lao and I’ll get to
know this all the second issue so the
second issue also comes in two versions
so this one has the new Lao so I
remember the first issue is missing this
little script the that’s got new Lao you
know but if we look at this one this one
actually has old Lao hold our script so
as you can see this lettering here’s the
same same here so the thing that looks
like a Jane but the last character is
actually different so that is that the
new and old loud a that is a differences
that you can actually find also another
difference is you can get them without
the dot under more so as you can see
here this one has a Montfort dot
underneath this one it does not have
that type of variation oh they’re not
these variations are not pretty rare
actually quite common you can see
they’re actually not too big and you see
this money is actually the same but this
one has darker printing so color even
though it’s actually bit more worn so
the first issue was um
the earliest issue you can’t really tell
the date but if you look at the
if you look at the sea serial numbers
they’re all over the place so you can’t
really tell her that over just gonna
have to go on whatever a catalog
actually says and so on this now we have
a temple I’ve not been able to identify
that looks like Vietnamese type temple
and then we have a woman she actually
looks like it might be how long will our
person on the back someone with
Vietnamese high pants Vietnamese person
you have dead Chinese character and then
we were Vietnamese now Cambodian in the
watermark is it looks like Hermes all
the watermarks are actually the same but
the clues are they French I’m surprised
these actually have in the Chinese type
of people and then we have one lineal I
just you know my native banknotes who
actually got back so this is the 100
don’t sent key Esther’s and this is
issue between 1947 9 and 54 and as you
can see has mercury here which is
actually quite nice I’ll quite like that
and this looks like a tombstone actually
we’ve for the information on it the
watermark is probably the indigenous
person probably one of the ethnic groups
and on the back we have elephant in that
person then look Cambodian to me hmm
and we have elephants which are endemic
to Indochina and Asia and there is a
difference in that there is an old and
you know
hex looking at here can you see any
difference so this one seems to have the
old Lau and that one seems happy louder
sip it and get a better one you go over
to see it better
Alden you now so I’d won him the old
lowers actually in the earlier Bank
night I’m lumped in new La Mesa a later
series so probably no 47 or 49 for the
old Lau then the new Lau we’re talking
about now for the rest of the period
I shouldn’t say as a rib so what I have
a use of these banknotes well what do
you want PS though we’re talking bear in
his grave for you bet five dollars per
if you want to uncirculated put we’re
looking a bit probably 50 to 100 dollars
and these 100 ones well there’s actually
vary in this one probably looking at
five to ten dollars these are all
damaged five ten dollars this one’s
ripped but if you want one in the better
grades so this one prevent ten to
fifteen dollars to want one inside
uncirculated you’re probably looking
about two to three hundred dollars
really so I just want to see what extra
type of ink notes I actually got we know
actually purchase these and yeah I’m not
surprised actually pretty library
because they’re probably just selling
them just get rid of a circle of stock
anyway well I say thank you very much
watching my opinion I’ll leave a link
down below to Indo Chinese bank notes
and I hope you enjoy this video and it
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Thank You amber bye


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