Hello everyone today, we are looking at the future
manufacturing on the blockchain with productivist at IC o dot productivist
Comm and this is the first peer-to-peer network that connects private professional
manufacturers to their clients by mapping global
Manufacturing capacities this IC o—- in pre-launch so you can enter your email here and hit subscribe
You can also download the whitepaper and download the presentation
What is the main goal the main mission behind productivist?
It’s literally to launch the next Industrial Revolution
And this is done through a new standard for smart manufacturing
by using the blockchain and productivist open ecosystem it will create a
decentralized way of production resulting in a remote secure and effective solution for
Manufacturers making sure that clients data is not only secured, but it’s transparent as well and the productivist
Ecosystem aims to make engineering success a reality on the blockchain
With several features that they offer efficiency in all processes, it’s inexpensive to source
There’s full IP protection
it’s manufactured in the same region and real-time progress tracking making it an effective and
most importantly a way to create smart manufacturing
for the future as their eco system is designed to be adaptable for solutions for all sectors of
manufacturing some examples include 3d printing CNC packaging lasers
wood 3d modeling engineering IOT bio technology and deep technology
to name a few so
How is the smart contract?
created the prod scoring system works on an AI
first a buyer
Submits a project through the productivist app and it does the due diligence on the client evaluates the project and the needs of the project
through protected IP secure transactions track records and transparency
Then the right manufacturers are selected and they’re offered the opportunity to bid on the project with the best price and the best
deadlines may this effective for smart manufacturing for clients and
Manufacturers alike this is why it has services leading the way
Two examples are happy 3d which is a 3d printing company and the 3d repair parts company?
Also, open wood which is a co-op initiative? Which shares resources and facilities?
amongst carpenters both big players in the
Manufacturing world there’s also free lobster comm which is a 3d printing platform putting those who need 3d printing
Contact with the owners of 3d printers
So prod is looking to help both clients and manufacturers
They can use prod every marketplace based on the productivist blockchain purchase smart manufacturing
modeling and design and consulting and
For manufacturers, they’ll be incentivized to pay and prod product tokens
Which will be securely stored in wallets and will be tradable on exchanges or used to buy materials in machinery?
And they already have partnerships with multiple suppliers of O
W a armor and
Master print and this is all done through their great and effective team which you can meet on LinkedIn
The project team has built around expertise of free lab stirs founders it has grown and developed in technical knowledge
Making it today a highly proficient team of blockchain experts and industry
Specialists you can connect with them on LinkedIn
and learn more about the Industrial Revolution on the blockchain as
Always, this is not financial advice do your own research on your investments and
Choose the right IC o—- and the right cryptocurrency for you
Thank you


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