How to Access Heaven’s Unlimited Riches | Patricia King | Something More

DC: Welcome everyone to
“Something More.”
I’m Donna Chavis and we’re
going to be talking about
accessing the riches
of Heaven with our
very special guest
today, Patricia King.
Hi Patricia!
PK: Hello there!
DC: So nice to see you.
PK: Good to see you too.
DC: Now, tell me a little
bit about accessing the
riches of Heaven. The
first thing, you know,
people’s mind is going to go
to oh, riches, money, money.
What are we talking about?
PK: Well, definitely.
Riches can include money,
but the thing is Donna,
is that money is an
earthly currency.
You won’t find it in Heaven.
So, when we’re talking
about riches in Heaven
we’re talking about
yes, provision.
The provision that we need
every day but things
like the wisdom of
God in abundance,
everything in
abundance, right.
The Peace of God in
abundance, His health,
His strength, His goodness.
Everything that you can
even imagine or think
about that we see
written in the book as
far as all the promises.
All of that are the riches
that we have access to.
DC: Yes. So, it doesn’t
exclude money because
that’s covered in provision.
PK: Exactly.
DC: So, so much more.
PK: So much more.
DC: I love that! Now, I know a
little secret about you. But
don’t worry I’m not going
to tell anybody. [Laughs]
I know a little secret.
You love to watch
crime shows on tv.
PK: I do.
DC: How does that
relate to accessing?
PK: It’s true Donna,
I love crime shows,
mainly because of the
justice element in it.
I even find myself
interceding through
some of them, it’s funny.
But, um, I was watching
this one crime show, this,
this time and you
know the scene is,
scene is a little bit
typical actually but the
agents were going into a
bank because they needed
to you, know get
something taken care of.
And when they got in
there, they didn’t have
a warrant. So, the
person in charge
wouldn’t let them in. So, they
went and got the warrant,
came back with the
warrant and then the
receptionist was the only
one left there, says,
“Well I don’t have access
to the vault. I can’t let you
in there because I don’t
even know the code.
You have to get, you
know, the, the big guy.
The manager has the code.”
So anyways, long story
short, they were tenacious,
and they were going to get
rid of every hindrance.
You know, if they
needed the documents,
they got the documents,
if they were going to get
into that vault
even without a code,
they were going to find
their way in, and they
got rid of every hindrance.
And of course, they blew
up the vault and you know
it was a big dramatic
scene and they got
what they needed.
DC: [Laughs]
PK: But the reason why I
think that’s important for
our subject today is
because we’re going to
talk about hindrances
to accessing these riches
that are available to all
of us, is that we have to
remove those hindrances
just like those agents,
they had to get rid of
the hindrances to get
what they needed. And
so, God has offered
us in His Word this
full access into all
the riches in Heaven.
But a lot of times, we are
not able to handle them or
enjoy them or have them
activated in our life
because there’s
hindrances in the way.
So, we want to identify
hindrances so that we can
blast them out of the way.
DC: Absolutely. Absolutely.
Well, let’s talk about some
of those. I know you’ve
got an entire chapter in
your new book,
Accessing the Riches of Heaven,
on hindrances. “Let’s get
them out of the way.”
I love the way you said that.
Let’s, let’s figure out, let’s
recognize what they are, and
get them out of the way.
Let’s talk about some of those
and I’m sure our viewers,
you will probably really
relate to some of those.
I know I did. I know
I really did.
So, let’s talk about
the lack of revelation.
How can that be a
hindrance to life?
PK: Right.
Well Donna, revelation is
what brings us faith, right?
DC: Hmm-mm.
PK: So, you could
hear, let’s say,
a lecture that is
based on scripture.
And so intellectually
you’re hearing the word,
go, and you’re saying
yeah, yeah, yeah,
but it’s not revelatory yet.
The light isn’t going on,
on the inside. It’s
not the revelation
that produces faith.
So, for example,
a number of years ago
the Lord gave me a
revelation on how
that we are seated in
heavenly places in Christ.
And I thought, wow,
all of a sudden, the light
went on. I thought this
isn’t for when I die
and go to Heaven.
This is now. Now, I am
in Christ, now.
I’m seated in the heavenly
places in Christ in this
full download came to me
about that I can access
Heaven now because
I’m already there. Right?
DC: Mmm. Yes. Yes.
PK: So, I was teaching
it right after I got that
revelation, I was sharing
it with, with some people
in a meeting. This gentleman
came up to me afterwards.
“Oh, Sister Patricia I’m
so concerned about you and
what you taught tonight!”
I said, “Oh,
please tell me what, I’d be
interested in hearing.”
He said, “Well, you’re
telling people that, um,
they’re seated in
heavenly places.”
And I said, “Exactly! That’s
what the Word says
right here in Ephesians.”
And he says, “Oh yes, yes,
yes, my dear. But that’s just
you know, that’s just positional
theology.” And I said,
“Well, I’m not quite sure
what you mean by that.”
He said, “Well it’s,
it’s just your position.”
I said, “Exactly.
That’s our position.”
DC: Exactly, exactly!
PK: He says, “Yeah, but it’s
not for now.”
And I said, “No, it says
in the Bible that we are
now in Christ, seated in
the heavenly places in Him.”
And he says, “Well, I can’t
see it.” And I said to him,
“Aha, if you can’t see
it, you can’t have it.”
DC: Oh. Oh. That’s good.
PK: “But, I see it, and
I have it and I’m encountering
this because the revelation
is in my heart.”
So, he said, “Well, I just
think you’re, you know,
you’re, you’re off there,”
and he walked away.
And I, I just felt such
compassion; he was
the sweetest man and I
felt compassion for him.
And I started praying that
he would get the revelation.
That’s what makes
the difference.
DC: Because he had it
here. We have it here
sometimes when we read it,
PK: And, it was a block!
DC: But they
didn’t have it here,
it wasn’t, it wasn’t
revelation to the Spirit.
PK: He didn’t understand
the full revelation of that
scripture. What was
inside of it for him.
DC: Yeah, Yeah.
I remember reading a
scripture one time
“Blessed are those who hunger
and thirst after righteousness.”
And you know, I must have
read that scripture all my
life and I’m thinking I
always saw it as blessed
are those who are righteous.
And then one day,
I read that scripture and
it’s like, “Ah! No!
It’s those who hunger
and thirst after it.”
PK: [Laughs]
Hunger, yep.
DC: Oh, that was
revelation to me!
That was a revelation.
PK: And, that’s
what we need Donna,
for accessing what God
reveals. The scriptures
are full of promises that
are already ours.
But we need
the revelation,
we need it brought
to our heart.
So, when we spend
time with the Lord
and when we spend time
reading the Bible,
we can ask God for that
revelation to be given.
Because when, that
when that light goes on,
on the inside that’s when
you actually have it!
DC: So that’s huge.
We need to get
revelation and lack
of revelation would be
a hindrance to us for accessing
the riches of Heaven.
Let’s talk about one
more really quick.
We’re going to have to go to a
break in just a moment.
So, wrong core beliefs. If
our, if our core beliefs are
wrong is that a hindrance?
That’s a hindrance.
PK: Absolutely! And
some people grew up
in the church believing
for example that the
Holy Spirit’s gifts are
not for today,
speaking in tongues is
not for today.
The supernatural is not
available in this life.
So, they grew up with those
core beliefs. They’ve been
taught those since being
a brand-new Christian.
Well of course that’s
going to hinder you.
DC: Yes. Yes.
PK: Because it’s going
to block so that when the
Holy Spirit’s trying to
take you into an encounter
you already have settled
it in your own heart,
“No, that’s not true that
can’t be true,” because
it’s not what I believe.
DC: Mmm-mm.
PK: And so, we need to
work through that and
again go to the Word.
Study out the
Word on the subject,
asking God for revelation
that will then move the
core beliefs into a new place.
So, it’s aligned with the truth.
DC: Yes. You know what
we’re going to go to break.
But I love what you said.
Patricia is saying,
let’s figure out what these
hindrances are.
Just like in her story they,
they, they got past every
hindrance and that
gained access for them.
DK: So, we’re going to
talk some more about
hindrances that keep us
from accessing the riches
of Heaven with Patricia
King in just a moment.
So, don’t go away.
DC: Welcome back everyone
to “Something More.”
I’m here with Patricia
King and we are talking
about hindrances that
keep us from accessing
the riches of Heaven.
Patricia, this is
great information.
And as you
talked about earlier,
revelation that will
actually change our lives.
PK: That’s right.
DC: That will
change our lives.
I wanted to talk
about a few more of these
hindrances and I
loved what you said.
Let’s talk about them,
let’s recognize them
and let’s get them
out of the way,
PK: Let’s get
them out of the way.
DC: Exactly! Ah, failed
attempts from your past.
PK: Right.
DC: Whew, huge hindrance.
PK: It’s huge for many people,
DC: Yeah.
PK: And even myself! I’ve
had to fight these things,
I’m sure every
believer has!
You know, sometimes I
hear about people who have
tried to receive the
fullness of the Spirit with
speaking in tongues and
although they’ve been
prayed for a number
of times at the altar,
they don’t receive it.
And so, they’re afraid
to, to go back to it.
I had a situation a number
of years ago that just
about stopped me from
believing in the supernatural
because we know that
one of the things that
we can access in Heaven one
of the richest, is healing.
DC: Yes.
PK: I mean, it’s very
clear in the scripture
it’s for, it’s for believers
today. And we were
praying for a little boy
who is fighting leukemia.
And we’ve done a lot
of fasting and prayer.
His parents were in faith.
A little boy was in faith,
just a precious little boy.
And we were just
standing, believing,
as far as we could
tell we didn’t have any
unbelief or anything that
was hindering in that
way. And we were just
standing there,
and you know right to
the very last breath
that little boy was
believing and yet,
he didn’t manifest
the healing in the
earth. He passed,
DC: Yeah,
PK: Without manifesting
the healing. And we were
really shaken over
it. I’ll just be honest.
We were very shaken, we
had all the questions,
Well, what happened?
Why? You know, we,
we thought we were
believing everything
that You told us to believe
in and everything that
we were to do we did
and what happened?
And so, it just shook us
up and I remember thinking
at the time, “I don’t think
I can pray for healing anymore,
because I’m devastated,
and I failed. And I don’t know
why, and I don’t think I have
the confidence now to
pray anymore.” And the
Lord spoke to me at
that time, and He
said, “You cannot stop.”
He said, “You don’t
have the answers,
but my Word is true.”
There is there is truth
in the Word that you can
stand on and not waver and
just continue and put your
disappointment on the
altar as a sacrifice of
worship. And so, I began to
just worship Him and say,
“God this disappointment
is probably the most
costly gift I’ve ever
given you. But I give
it to you.” And I just feel
like there’s someone
watching, is that
you’re in this place,
you re thinking, I don’t
know if I can believe for
the supernatural, when
it talks about accessing
riches in Heaven.
I don’t know if I can
even go there because
I’ve had failed attempts
and I don’t know if I
can trust myself.
I don’t even know if I
feel I can trust God,
but the Lord is saying lay
those disappointments on
the altar and give it
to me as an offering of
worship and just
continue to go on,
believe His Word,
His Word is true.
Right now, we don’t
have the answers, we
don’t have all the answers
but one day we will.
We’ll understand
it fully then.
DC: Yes, yes. But
in the meantime, we
just have to keep
going on the Word.
DC: Hmm-mm. Hmm -mm.
Another one, a big
one. Fear! Yeah.
PK: Yeah. Especially fear
of the supernatural.
So, if we’re talking about
accessing the riches of
Heaven, that the heavenly
dimension or the unseen
dimension it’s, it’s unknown
to us, it’s invisible.
So now, we are wanting
to access this invisible
realm but it’s completely
unknown so many people
have a fear of
it. And of course,
fear will always hold you
back, fear operates the
opposite of faith.
So, fear and faith
don’t operate together, in
the same breath for sure.
So, one of them
has to win out.
DC: Yeah. Yeah.
PK: So, we have to deal
with our fear, and we
have to say even though
I don’t understand what’s
ahead of me I don’t
understand the
unknown totally.
I’m going to trust Holy
Spirit and I’m going to
believe Him to lead me and
guide me into all truth.
I’m going to believe
the Word, even
if it’s scary to me. I’m going
to believe the Word,
I’m going to overcome my
fear I’m going to overcome
the things that stand in
the way, blast them out
of the way, so that I can
experience God.
DC: Yes. Yes. That is,
that is so good.
You know I love the word
expectation and when I was
reading your book
and I saw this list of
hindrances that keep us
from accessing the riches
of Heaven, And I saw like
a lack of expectation,
what are we talking about.
PK: It’s true because
expectation is your
catalyst for miracles and
your catalyst for bringing
you into a place of
faith that can receive
everything that
God has for you.
So, people who
lack expectation,
they’ll say, “Well, I’m
not going to set myself
up to be disappointed.”
It’s really what’s behind that.
DC: Right.
PK: So, they don’t bother
stirring expectation.
But I have discovered that
if I find myself without
expectation that I can
intentionally stir it up.
So, I can say, “God, I’m
expecting you to speak to
me,” I’m going to read
my Bible today and I’m
expecting you to speak
to me as I read it.”
And, sure enough every
time I unlock expectation,
it connects me to that
realm that I’m believing for.
And it’s just beautiful.
And especially in miracles,
you’ll find miracle
environments are full
of expectation.
DC: Yes.
PK: And that’s
why Jesus even,
when He ministered, He
would set people up to
believe He would put
expectation in their
hearts so that they could
believe for their miracle.
DC: We’re going to go to
break in just a second,
but I would love for you
to just speak to the folks
that are watching right
now and and declare and
exhort them to stir up
that expectation within them.
PK: Absolutely. Absolutely.
Especially for those
of you that have
had disappointments.
So, you, you feel I
would rather not be
disappointed, so I won’t
bother expecting anything.
I just break the power of
that lie off of you right
now in Jesus Name and
I release into you a
stirring of expectation by
the Spirit of God so that
you can believe
for the miraculous,
you can believe to
enter in and engage in the
in Jesus Name.
DC: Amen. Amen.
Well, we’re going
to take a quick break
and we’re going to be back
in just a moment with more
from Patricia King.
Stay with us.
Welcome back everyone
to “Something More.”
I’m Donna Chavis.
And again, I am here
with Patricia King and
we are having a
wonderful time talking
about accessing
the riches of Heaven.
Now Patricia, we’re
talking about hindrances
that keep us from getting
there. Why is it so
important that we
recognize hindrances?
PK: Well Donna, a
hindrance is going to
keep the way blocked.
Right. It’s like let’s say
you’re traveling down a
road and you want to
go into a driveway.
But there’s a big rock
there or a gate that’s closed.
DC: Yes. Yes.
PK: You’re not going to
get in that driveway until
that hindrance is removed.
And so, in the Spirit,
when you get rid of the
hindrances, you gain
your access into the
supernatural, into that
heavenly dimension that
has our name on it.
DC: Yes. Yes.
Well these are so, so
exciting and important
to know. Ah, one
of the other ones,
let’s talk about before we
have to go today,
let’s talk about
the lack, oooh, of
perseverance and endurance.
Nobody wants to
hear; nobody wants
to hear that you just
got to hang in there!
but that’s so important.
PK: It is so important Donna,
DC: Yes, yes.
PK: Because on a number
of levels, first of all,
we need to endure with
the promise of God,
the promise of God is
true. And regardless of
what we feel or
experience, it is true.
So, if we stand on
that promise, we are
going to have our
breakthrough and I think
of my husband, nine
years ago, when we
first stepped out of our
secular careers and
went into full time
preaching ministry.
We were told by the Lord
that we were to live by
faith and with no visible
means of financial support.
But just to believe Him.
So, we stood on the
promises and we did
everything the Word told
us to do but it didn’t
manifest right away.
The blessings didn’t
manifest right away,
in fact, for five years
we were in, in a
season where we had
to endure with the
promise of God.
And we just kept
going back to the Word,
and we said, “Lord,
your Word says yes,
and you do not lie.
And we are lining up
with your Word we’re
doing everything your
Words saying to do.
We don’t doubt You.
We’re standing and
we’re persevering,
and we have no plan B.”
DC: Yes. Yes.
PK: Now, after five years
we had a breakthrough,
and the breakthrough that
we have then we’re still
living in today. Abundance
was our portion five
years ago when we
broke through all those
promises that we
stood, stood on all of
a sudden were in full
manifestation to this
very day. And we’re talking
about 30 years later.
Thirty-five years
later, and so it’s really
important to endure
because the enemy will
come and block the
way. He will try to hinder.
He’s nasty.
DC: Right. Right.
PK: But, but the truth
of God is, is there.
It’s eternal. It is unwavering,
it’ll never fail us.
So, we can stand on
that and persevere on
the promise. But I really
like what you’ve added
to that, you know,
endurance, perseverance,
but you endure with
the promises of God.
PK: Exactly.
DC: So, adding that to it
completely changes that.
So, I love that. Yeah.
All right.
Here’s a big one.
PK: Right. Well, even Israel,
when they went through
the wilderness, they
were so negative. Okay.
So, so, God has delivered
them by a mighty hand.
This is supernatural
deliverance out of
Egypt, right. You know the
Red Sea folds back.
I mean we’re seeing
heaven on earth there.
Okay. Then they go
into the wilderness.
They get more
Heaven on earth. Okay.
The Heavens
open up every day,
pour out manna
from Heaven.
Bread from Heaven
which they eat.
They had water
pouring out of the rock.
All of that was happening.
They had the glory of God
in the pillar of fire by
night, the pillar
of clouds by day.
They had the tent of
meeting eventually set up
there where they could
seek God face to face.
I mean it was phenomenal.
The wilderness was
an amazing place,
but they lived in negativity.
So, even though
God was moving,
and they were actually
experiencing it,
they didn’t see their
negativity kept them from
even, even acknowledging
what they actually had,
right. They were
experiencing it.
DC: Or, even seeing
what they had.
PK: Exactly. They were
actually experiencing it,
but their negativity
kept them from
acknowledging that.
And so it will do
that for us today
too, if we have a
negative mindset about
anything, we’re going
to block the Spirit of
God from moving and
it’s going to block
our ability to see what
we’re already, enjoying
what we already have.
DC: Yes. So, what, what
would you suggest
to people, how would
you tell them to turn
that negativity around?
PK: Well, first of all
choose to have a positive
attitude towards
the things of God.
Now, in Philippians four,
there s a scripture that I
love, and it says set your
mind on things that are,
“Good and lovely,
of good report.”
In Colossians three, it
talks about, “Setting
your mind on
the things above,”
where Christ is seated.
So, if your mind is set
on those things it’s hard
to be negative.
DC: Yes!
PK: Because it’s so
positive. God is positive.
DC: Yes.
PK: He just has come to
set us free from sin,
from bondage,
from all of that.
And He wants us to live
in that realm of freedom.
He wants you to live in
that realm of freedom.
DC: And, and not
just setting your mind,
but I know, you teach very
strongly about actually
speaking it out with our
mouths, with our words.
PK: Exactly.
DC: The power
in our words.
PK: In fact, I found that
even at times I’m fighting
fear or negativity on
something, because an
assault comes into
your life or something,
that even if I don’t feel
it, if I take the Word
and decree the truth, it
starts to change the
way I feel and I
get positive just by
standing on the Word
and decreeing that Word.
DC: Let’s try to get
one more in before we go,
PK: Okay.
DC: We’ve just
got a minute left.
If you are doing this
and if you’re recognizing
these and getting them out
of the way so that we can
truly access the riches
of Heaven, we’re going
to experience some warfare.
But we can’t let that
stop us, right?
PK: No! In fact, when you
have warfare and I feel
that a number of you
have that, you’ve been
standing on the Word,
and the enemy is just
giving it to you, both barrels.
I’m saying, stand your
ground because the Lord
says, “That He has given
us power over all the
power of the enemy, and
nothing shall injure us.”
And so, we can take the
Name of Jesus and demand
that the enemy retreat
and we can actually say,
“You’ll be sorry you
ever tried.” That’s what
I like to say to him. “You’ll
be sorry you ever tried;
you’re messing with
the wrong person because
you’re going to repay
sevenfold what you’re
attempting to steal.”
DC: Yes.
PK: “And, I’m going to
plunder your house.”
DC: Yes. So, if they’re
experiencing warfare,
your advice is resist
it and keep on going.
PK: Exactly.
DC: Dig your feet in
and dig your heels in,
resist and keep
moving forward.
PK: And, don’t move
from the promises of God.
DC: Yes, Yes.
PK: You are a heavenly
being living in the earth.
You know we’re not
earthly beings trying to
get into Heaven. We are,
when we are in Christ,
we are, we are heavenly
beings living in the
earth, we have this
connection to that realm.
And so, God wants us to
live in that realm by faith.
DC: Last thing, would you
pray for our viewers that
they would be able to
resist every hindrance
and gain access to the
riches of Heaven?
PK: Amen. I want you to
position yourself just before
God right now and yield
your heart to Him as I pray.
And Father, I thank you
for the Spirit of Wisdom
and Revelation coming into
each one of our viewers
right now, that they will
see and behold the promise
that you have given them
for full access and that
every hindrance has
moved out of the way.
Every bit of warfare,
everything the enemy or
circumstances in life,
would bring to hinder.
We just blast them right
out of the way, right now.
In Jesus Name. Thank You Lord,
that You are fortifying each
and every one of our
viewers, fortifying them
in their faith.
And so that they will
move forward to take
full access,
in Jesus Name.
DC: Amen!
Patricia, thank
you for being with us,
PK: Thank you!
DC: And thank you for
being with us again for
“Something More.”
We’ll see you next time.
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PK: When Jesus came, He
didn’t come to give us a
lean life, or a poor life.
He came to give us
an abundance life.
>>Through Patricia
King’s brand-new book,
Accessing the Riches of Heaven,
you will receive a new and
divinely inspired set of
guidelines for you to
begin living in God’s
abundance. Through
this book you will
receive supernatural
keys to experiencing
God’s lavish provision.
Understand that you don’t
have to wait until you get
to Heaven to begin
experiencing God’s blessings.
Discover what impedes
your access to God’s
supernatural provision.
Understand how to
Access the Riches of Heaven
by faith and
through praise and worship.
PK: Many people, when
they hear the word rich or
riches say go right away
to the subject of money.
There is wisdom,
there is health,
there is provision.
There is goodness of God.
There is everything
that you can imagine.
>>At the end of every
chapter there is a summary
and questions to ponder,
to help you thoroughly
absorb this revelation.
Also included are powerful
anointed prayers
of declaration for you
to pronounce over your
life to help you access
Heaven and all that God
has for you now.
You will also receive
Patricia’s three-part
audio CD teaching series
“Heaven’s Abundance.”
Now, through this series
she reveals what it means
to Access the
Riches in Heaven.
The kinds of riches
that are in Heaven. How
to receive your spiritual
inheritance. What is
keeping you from accessing
your heavenly abundance?
How to Conduct
Kingdom transactions.
What it means to prosper
as your soul prospers.
Keys to work in the
miracle realm of abundance
and so much more.
Patricia also prays
over you to receive God’s
heavenly transactions,
and a fresh encounter
with the glory of God.
Plus, you will receive
this exclusive reference
card which you can
keep in your Bible.
It includes the
revelation of the
“Four Realms of Abundance,”
and how to access all
that God wants to give you.
PK: Heavens abundance is
for now,for every believer
to experience the
goodness of God while
they’re still
living in the earth.
>>Don’t miss out on getting
Patricia King’s brand-new book,
Accessing the Riches of Heaven
and her powerful three-part
audio CD teaching series
“Heaven’s Abundance Now.”
Plus, this “Four Realms of
Abundance” reference card.
This is an exclusive
offer for our
“It’s Supernatural,” audience.
Yours for a
donation of $35.
Shipping and
handling is included.
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