How much are 2011 $2 worth

so hello fellow coin collectors going
this is Glenn and today we’re going to
have a look at eBay sold items 42,000
you live in $2 coin so we need to put it
in Australia $2 to 1 1 so that’s calling
the go look for and here we have some
items that are actually listed what I
liked actually goes is Louis first and
then you need to filter put the category
in coins coins
don’t worry about notes Australian and
see the search results can be stuffed up
cuz these 20 cent coins we’re not
looking for but if you look at the two
dollar coin you see that they actually
start at 6:50 / Dave best offer and they
go up as you can see search well so he’s
not perfect so seven dollars seven
dollars if we want to see what they
actually sell for then we go filter
again and go to soul items so this one
sold for 350
so dollar fifty probably make fifty
cents profit on that and I probably a
dollar profit actually if it’s free
$56.95 Evan 95 seven dollars so probably
that free 50 is a one-off so probably
about seven dollars per coin so why are
these coins so special well if you want
to check what these coins are worth
okay so don’t worry about that I am on
new mister and then you can go to scope
back those from the last video
Danny crowns goat territories you go to
Australia so go to Australia put in a
new – and should give this a list of
coins that were issued in that year so
not worried about those not worried bit
page for $1 still got so many one dollar
commemorative coins mice of them are
actually junk
okay so din gone no all right so it’s
not gonna work not a thing in life goes
away you actually want it so then we go
two dollars so this is a waiting game
got a page 20 and you see what
denomination is that are still 50 cents
ago 40 there’s a lot of commemorative
coins so if you want to actually reduce
it go down below coin types get rid of
all and it’s like that non get rid of
all the coins you don’t actually once so
we just want standard circulation coins
and search then go to paid for and the
extra $2 should actually come up now
there you go
see those it’s got the new effigy but we
want the one with the IRB in effigy and
if we go down so as you can see it has
all the mintages and this is actually
better than the Royal stream Inc because
you got so these 2004 you got the normal
circulation got the Koala baby proof
specimen wedding koala you know soca
datasets but we want
2011 as you can see 1.8 million so a
pretty alignment coin and when you’re in
sunny 40,000 sets 15,000 proof so that’s
why that coin is actually feed the way
it is and you look at 2012 5.9 million
but it really doesn’t get the same value
its Ohio minted coin and if you go down
you can see they’ve been actually put
the ever mintage figures from the every
years maybe all will fix that up but
that is why that coin is actually worth
as much as it is you know it circulate
greater public getting that a higher
value and I wouldn’t worry about the
values actually numerous stoked because
a lot of the time they’re actually a bit
misleading because you get I’m very fine
coin so a low value they’re not
circulate coin safe really but if we
have a look at greater coin so ms 65 so
this is a nice coin and as you can see
PCGS is graded this and I’d say this one
probably would have come out of the set
I circulated sentence why it’s actually
graded so high and number one so in as a
greater coin you’d be paying 40 woody
$45 I’d say that probably would have
made absolutely no money from grading
that coin so it’s really not worth it I
reckon great coins only woofer if the
over $100 so we see mister there you go
this one graded six I this is a proof
coin 69 so PR start me into proof deep
not too sure if they actually made any
money so those are the values of 2011
two-dollar coin take average circulated
probably five to seven dollars and a
greater coin from an uncirculated said
about $40.00 you know from here Proof
Set was how much was it 17 Oh No
here’s another proof graded as 68 and
that was 42 so that’s a proof coin
in that olden greater proof coin if
that’s the actual there you actually
gonna get just bit off just keep it in
the sentence on it so anyway I hope you
liked this video if you found it
informative and I hope when you have a
coin and you want to find out the values
you use this coin video as a reference
to go to ebay and check out the values
you can also go to PC – yes for slab –
coins which this whole case is a slab
and you can check out the how many
actually in a population PCGS doesn’t
actually have the prices for Australian
coins only and the United States coins
which are they actually followed quite
intensely so anyway thank you very much
and have a nice coin collecting time
thank you in bye-bye


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