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Alright, with that claim I got 50,2357 Satoshi
and you can see, it is fast and instant
withdrawal to my Binance wallet.
Hello everyone my name is Aiza Mercado
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Eearn Money with Aiza where I’m going to teach you
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Alright in this video I’m going to teach you
how to make money online using an Airdrop.
Definition of Airdrop in cryptocurrency
it refers to the free distribution of
small amounts of a certain virtual currency tokens
to its community members
either for free or for performing a small task.
Explaining in Tagalog (Filipino)
I will be sharing you this website called Zen Faucet.
If you want to participate with their airdrop
please check out our video description for the
link and where to register.
Start now by creating your account
simply go to this register button
and fill out this form. Enter your first name,
your email address,
take note only gmail accounts are allowed
then your password and repeat your password.
And it is also required to
register with their newsletter.
After you click this register button
please check out your email to confirm your account.
Just be reminded that
you can’t create multiple accounts here.
There are two ways of earnings
how to get Zen cash for free.
Number one, we can get zen cash for free
with their free Zen faucet.
Get free Zen every day and all we have to do
is to enter our Zen wallet address
and slide this button to complete the puzzle.
And the question is what crypto wallet
are we going to use to get our Zen cash address?
Alright, I’m going to use
to get our Zen wallet address and if you
don’t still have your Binance account
please check our description for the
link and of course you can register right now.
And with your Binance dashboard,
I will be teaching you how to get your Zen wallet address.
Simply click this deposit button
and here you can select your cryptocurrency
then look for Zen, Zen means Horizen
and you can select it.
And your Zen wallet address will appear.
Simply highlight this wallet address and copy or simply
click this copy address.
We got now our wallet address and now we proceed
back to our Horizen faucet.
Alright from here, paste here your Zen wallet address
you copied earlier, then
we need to slide this to complete the puzzle.
Then click the claim button.
Alright, with that claim I got 50,2357 Satoshi
and you can see, it is fast and
instant withdrawal to your Binance wallet.
Here in our Binance account, our horizen tokens
will be deposited after 24 network confirmation
so please give them some time.
You can also claim him daily
bonus here with their zen faucet.
For each consecutive days we used their faucet
we may able to get a rewards for a bonus multiplier.
For Day 1: no bonus,
Day 2: 1.2x
Day 3: 1.4x
Day 4:1.6x
Day 5: 1.8x plus a bonus round
where you can earn up to 1 zen bonus
and Day 6 we can claim double bonus.
Alright, for the second ways of earnings
let’s proceed with their referral program.
It says here, invite friends
and earn a special bonus round for every referral.
Each bonus round you can win up to 1 ZEN.
So how to invite friends simply by
copying this invitational code or this referral link
and send it to your friends, your family
and share it with your social media accounts.
But still we can get free horizen tokens
by simply claiming here with their zen faucet.
After a couple of minutes, I received now
my free zen tokens here in my Binance account.
And if you will ask how to convert Zen to Bitcoin,
simply we will proceed with our exchanger.
Go to exchange then click advanced.
From here you can click this drop down option,
go to BTC and look for Zen.
Zen tokens are paired up with
bitcoins and with Ethereum.
For beginner traders,
we can use limit orders or market orders.
For market orders
if you want to sell your zen tokens right away,
you can select amount from 25% 50% 75%
and 100% of your zen tokens.
And if you want to sell right now
you must have at least 1 zen token.
For now i can’t do that demo coz I only have 0.00052357
zen and pretty sure I will do more faucets claim
until I’m able to sell now.
But anyway using market option
you can sell your zen tokens right away.
No need to wait for a buyer
or seller to sell your zen tokens.
And with this limit option,
you can set here the price you wanted to sell your zen.
for example the value now of Zen Token to BTC
is 0.0004209 btc, you can set here the target price
you wanted to sell for example 4300 satoshi
then the amount of your tokens 25% percent
50 percent 75 percent or 100 percent
and the total BTC you will get
will appear here
and after that you can place now your orders.
And once you sold your zen tokens to bitcoins
you can now proceed with your wallet.
Now if you wanted to transfer your BTC from your
or any Bitcoin wallet address
simply click withdraw
and from here you can paste your wallet address
and the amount you wanted to withdraw.
Please take note that every withdrawal we made
there is always a transaction fee,
it costs like 0.0005 BTC or 50000 satoshi.
In Coinmarketcap you can look for Zen
and as you can see the current price of 1 Zen is $3.41.
We all know that this price can go up and may go down
it depends of course with the market.
You can check also here
more exchangers or more market like we can
trade it on HOUBI global, Bitrex,
Okex, Upbit and many more.
So i will be putting this link in our description
so you can check this too.
This is my short video tutorial how to make
money online using this Zen faucet
and with their free airdrop
and yeah I hope this video helps you
how to make money online for free
and without investment.
Don’t forget to like this video,
comment down your PHP wallet
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Thank you again for watching,
stay cool, stay payaman!
My name is Aiza Mercado
and see you on the next video!

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