GX presents: (MULTIPLE LANGUAGES) Interview with Dr. Kshitij Adhlakha in Dubai March 2019

Hi, I am Dr Kshitij Adhlakha. I have been working in the cyber security field for the last 10 years.
I started my security journey long back in 2010,
and within 5 years we became top 5 cyber security companies of the country India
In 2015 we went into top 5 cyber security
companies, 2016 top 5 cyber forensic companies, 2017 we went into 25 fastest tech growing companies overall and in 2017 we got
awarded by the vice president of India
So we started our blockchain journey in 2016 and recently I got a doctor degree in blockchain
for the work that I have done.

So basically the idea of Quick X came when we saw that there is a lot of problems with the
current existing blockchain Eco system
we are not able to use crypto currencies in our day to day life
we call Bitcoin and other crypto as currencies
but we are not able to use these as actual currencies. We are treating cryptos as a share
right now.
so the main motive we started Quick X was to change the status of cryptos from a share like
object to a real spendable currency
were we tend to solve the problems of time, speed, cost, scalability and interruptibility and
we are manly focus on mass adoption of cryptocurrency and our major focus is micro payments, so that you can use your cryptos in
a store near you
to buy coffee, to buy cloth and you can use a crypto currency just like a normal currency

So we launched one of the slimmest, easiest to use and securest hardware wallet available till now in the world. When i say it´s the slimmest,
yes you can see it, it´s very slim just like a credit card or a debit card
you can put it in your pocket, when we say it´s
the securest, this card chips are being manufactured by Samsung, it is EAL all 5 star, it is KCMVP test passed, FIDO 1 Certified and
FIDO 2 certified.
This is the only card in the world that has a FIDO 2 certification.
And when i say this is easiest to use, I’ll just show you how exactly we can use this card
ill touch this card on the back of my phone
and it will open a screen, and it will ask for the password
Ill authenticate it with my finger once I authenticate it, it will ask to re-verify the card, once i re-verify the card
it says the card is loaded and detected and the currencies are being loaded, so it will take less than a minute time
and all the currencies that i have will be shown here so this is the easiest to use hardware wallet in the entire world
We have multiple currencies Bitcoin, Etherium, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Bitcoin Gold, Quick X and many others.
Apart from this: Even if I want to add any more currencies, i can simply go to the wallet option, click on the plus sign and add any currencies
that I want to add
So let’s go to the home screen the balance is updated and once the application is properly
open ill see all the balance on my home screen
So this is the easiest to use hardware wallet till now, which you can carry in your pocket
and some people say this is not only the easiest to use, slimmest and securest, this is the sexiest hardware wallet available in the
market too.

Right now we have the solution available, only for the people in the Quick X community, which is the MasterCard / Prepaid Card within you can
load the Bitcoins directly
you can load the crypto currencies in this card and you can go to any store in the world, you
can go to any online shopping store in the world, a physical store or you can go to any ATM and can withdrawal cash and can spent through this
card. So this is the only working card right now globally that can be shipped to people all over the world
and this is exclusively available for our investors, Quick X investors.

When we talk about the future, undoubtedly we have a lot of things planned to come up here
We committed our communities that we will
come up with a payment gateway solution by the end of 2019
And we are here in the month of March, just the
first quarter of 2019 and we´ve already made our payment gateway live
So any company in the whole world can directly
implement our payment gateway and can start accepting crypto and we will convert it back into FIAT and the FIAT will be transferred to them.
If the vendor wants to keep the cryptos they can keep the cryptos
So in 2019 our major focus is to have multiple
vendors globally having crypto payment gateway , that is the first part we have After that we are planning to launch our test net for crypto
currency swap in 2019 Not only this, with the products that we have already delivered we have almost completed the road map, which we
committed to people
But we are not taking a stop here, we have more products coming for the people, very exciting
products in 2019 One of them is the unique solution that is a crypto mining watch.
So right now people are using just smart
watches to see the time and to see how much calories they are burning and to have better access they don’t want keep the phones out
every time, they can use it through the watches.
So with the Quick X smartwatch the more calories you´ll burn, the more crypto you are
going to earn, so that is a product that we are launching in the next quarter Along with that, by the end of 2019 we are coming up with a
blockchain phone right now 95% of the market is being dominated by android, iOS and Windows phone, but when talk about security,
when we talk about having crypto assets safe
We are coming up with the blockchain phone by the end of this year

By the way we were working, we expected the token price will reach a dollar, but when i say this to my investors, i used to say this to my
investors long back during the token sale, when the token price was less than a cent.
They used to say, if the token price reaches
even 5 cents we are more than happy and right now it is already getting traded at 13 cents in the market And now the question comes when
is it going to be 1$? Yes, our target is to make sure that in the next 3 month the token price should reach 1$
This is how we are working, our focus is to have more and more vendors globally and to increase the utility of the Quick X token at different levels
and to have a more user base growing community globally And if we are talking about this year end: We target to have the token price
at 20$

When internet came into existence a lot of people said that it’s a bubble and that it’s going to burst Now we see how internet has affected
our life, can we imagine our life without internet? the answer is no. But if we talk about few years ago, we would´ve said these things nobody
would have believed it, if I give an example few years ago from now If on a stage i say with a plastic card you can go to any vendor in the
world, get a swipe and money will be transferred to them, nobody would have believed it.
But now when we talk about virtual currencies
people are not believing it that it is going to be the next big thing But yes cryptos and blockchain is going to be the next big thing and
it is not late Right now less than 1% of the entire world population knows about cryptos and blockchain, so this is the right time to enter into
the blockchain industry. I’m not talking about Quick X here; I’m talking about the overall blockchain industry Any project with a good
team, a beautiful idea, probably the idea should be a phys able one, a good brain behind it and a good team of advisors; definitely you should be
a part of that project

Thanks you – thanks you very much for having me here.


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