Good Australian banknote worth $$$

so get a fellow banknote like this zoom
out new so anyway I have been circulated
Kindle all night
these are been out for about one unit
three months and they are still probably
about 50% of the money supplies so you
still get the old banknotes but they’ve
quite quickly been withdrawn from
circulation and this one I got today
took it out of my wife’s purse but it’s
actually did ask prefect so the first
prefix is a a in a is the last one means
there is no eb e ced and there is no f
hij prefixes as well and I seen on eBay
the lowest price you pay for and
uncirculated one is $20 so I’ll keep
these but these are actually not as
really that collectible as the previous
version so with the previous version if
I take out those numbers you have seven
numbers so that means there is two
million five hundred and fifty eight
thousand five hundred and ninety-six
banknote in the last prefix so that is
actually quite a lot in which in a
previous banknotes
you only got up to the hundreds of
thousands so you theoretically could
have got 1 million banknotes added first
last prefix of the previous series and
this one you can get 10 million so
that’s actually quite a lot and I would
say the price of these initially were
probably too high when compared to the
previous series because there is 10
times the amount of banknotes that can
be issued for circulation
so what is the actual printing of these
or the number of banknotes are actually
printed well 48 a 2e a 17 they start at
one so there is no deceiver a zero and a
finish at five million three hundred and
eighty five thousand four hundred ninety
five so if we have a look at the the
serial number information on the Reserve
Bank of Australia just show you in a
so here it is so if you get a Reserve
Bank of Australia it’s up here
and so Bank you go resources click the
serial numbers so click those serial
numbers and then the serial number
information goes all the way to 1992 and
if you see here you can see that the ten
dollar finishes at five million eight
three hundred eighty five thousand four
hundred ninety five you can see it is
also one hundred dollars are printed
last year doesn’t have 2018 because
we’re currently in that year and now we
will release that information next year
so while it is a good to actually
collect the first and last prefix this
one is a problem in which there’s a
scratch there and it actually is a
scratch deer as well a bit on the other
side yeah there you go so this is this
is caused by probably circulation
probably going in and out of something
but I’m not too sure German ladies don’t
come in at ATMs because here we only
usually get twenty and fifty dollar
banknotes so this will take the value
out of it quite a lot a lot more than
the actual creasing on the banknote so
at the moment this one’s only worth face
value but I’ll keep it and always see
how the market is gonna fare but anyway
I’m actually grown to expect less
actually like him a lot better than you
one’s birdie all the paper maintenance
actually the best anyway I like to know
if you’ve actually got any of these
first last prefix of the new series and
what do you think the value of them it
would be just leave a comment down below
and have awesome break that clicked in
time people bye


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