Friendster: The Future of Social Media [Platform Overview Update] | Bitcoin Lifestyles Club

Hello my friends, Caleb Wright from Bitcoin
Lifestyles Club getting back to you with an
update on the newly developing Friendster
social media platform that is bringing some
serious competition to the Facebook platform
with it’s decentralized approach and lack
of a focus on collecting your user data, on
top of having cleverly gamified the usage
of the platform with the native Friendster
token, that trades via decentralized exchanges
on the Tron blockchain.
It’s been a while since my last video, because
I wanted to see where the development was
going with the platform.
It’s the end of October 2019 that I am shooting
this video, and my first video overview was
back on Sept. 7th.
And in that short span of time, a lot has
changed with the platform.
and in my opinion the user interface has become
significantly more robust and user friendly
than when I last presented it to you.
It now has a more Facebook -esque feel going
on with it, in terms of the looks, functionality
and organization of the platforms features.
I have also become a member of the overall
Friendster team, a group of people from around
the world who are pioneering this platform
to compete with the Facebook’s and Instagrams
of the social media universe.
So with this video today, I am going to give
you another guided tour around Friendster
land, so you can see what you have been missing
out on if say, you haven’t joined the platform
yet, or if you took my advice and joined it
a while ago, but have not logged back in,
in a while.
I’m going to get you back up to speed with
I am currently at the page where you can login
to your account, so I will just do that real
When you first login to Friendster you usually
start on the newsfeed page, but for the purpose
of this video I am going to start it on my
profile, by clicking my username here on the
left column…
As you can see we have the typical navigation
bar at the top of the screen, and you can
use the upper right most navigation option,
where you see my profile pic icon, to access
a sub menu that gives you further options.
From here it will show your profile username,
and wherever you are on the site at the time,
if you click your username right here, it
will bring you back to your profile page…
just like the platform we have all been very
used to.
Except notice a difference now, that you see
I have a number of tokens under my name, to
the tune of 47966 Friendster tokens.
These are tokens I have earned by simply using
the platform and referring other users to
join me on the Friendster network.
Looking further down the menu here, Boosted
Posts and Boosted Pages, will basically show
you all your posts and pages you have boosted,
if you chose to participate in the ability
to market to the audience of the Friendster
Having clicked through to my boosted posts
so you can see, here are some of my most recent
boosted posts.
Notice the little rocketship icon next to
my verified icon next to my username here…
This shows that I currently have the post
With my personal account options that I have
optionally chosen to purchase because I am
a social media marketer, I have the ability
to unboost this post at any point that I want,
and I can boost a certain amount of my posts
and pages at any one given time.
I know this is going to be extremely powerful
for me as an early adopter of this network
as it continues to grow exponentially over
time, as good social media network platforms
ALL do, as anyone who has been paying attention
to the social media industry over the past
10+ years would clearly know…
As you can see, I do have people interacting
on my post from within the network even now
as it stands… this is powerful stuff my
friendsters, seriously….
Now lets get back to the other options in
the sub menu at the top of the screen here.
From this menu, you have the option to log
out of your account.
And you can also change the color theme of
the site from the default night mode to day
mode if you want, and it will give you a lighter
colored brighter design that is more like
what you are used to with Facebook.
Next we are going to get into some of the
deeper options of your account by clicking
‘edit’ from this drop down menu, and that
is going to take us to where we can edit the
details that appear on our profile, like your
first and last name, you can write a little
introductory something about yourself, add
whatever location you want to represent, your
school, where you work, your company website,
personal website and relationship status…
you know, all the typical stuff you would
expect basically.
now going back to the profile icon menu, we
are going to check out the General settings.
This is where you can edit your account username,
and change the account email, enter your phone
and birthday if you like.
notice how nothing is mandatory, you can do
what you want, nobody is forcing you here.
You can
enter your country and define your gender.
And of course it will show your membership
status on the platform.
I am actually an FIO Partner member which
is something I paid to become before I was
actually invited to be on the team that is
working to push this platform forward.
I decided to invest in the platform, because
it was doing something I believed in, and
I really liked the people I had networked
with who were working on it.
So I decided that I would like to be an early
adopter of the paid marketing advantages that
could be leveraged on this growing platform
that I could see as one day being massive…
Keep in mind its free to use this platform
as a regular everyday member and you have
all the access to all the same stuff on the
site as a paid member, you just don’t have
the ability to boost your content in front
of the overall global audience only the followers
of the network you build with see your content,
and of course if they interact with it likely
their followers will notice that as well,
which is still extremely powerful for organic
marketing no matter which way you look at
This is going to grow into a massive social
media platform, I can just feel it, and see
it in the growth I have observed over the
short 6 months or so I have been on it.
as you can see now on the right here, we have
an additional assortment of menu options for
your account.
Including ‘security’ which is going to
allow you to adjust your accounts ‘privacy’
settings, change your password and also look
at the data behind the login sessions of your
account, which will show what times, locations
and IP addresses have accessed your account
so you can make sure no-one hacked your account
and used it.
Then you have social links, this is where
you can add your usernames to the other major
social media platforms, so that users of Friendster
can find you on there as well.
This will help drive traffic to your other
social media efforts.
With the Design option, you can actually upload
a background for your profile, which is really
I still have not experimented with this one
yet… the background is going to be whats
behind the posts, just to let you know so
you don’t get it confused with the profile
cover image, of which I have added one to
my profile that has my Bitcoin Lifestyles
Club logo, as you saw earlier.
so apparently you can upload it as either
an image file or a css file.
I’m going to have to get back to you on
this one with a video about how to do it,
once I figure it out.
And the rest of the options on the menu to
the right are pretty self explanatory.
Blocked users lets you manage Friendsters
you have blocked.
notification settings lets you adjust exactly
what you get notified for via the notifications
Earnings is going to give you information
about the Friendster tokens you have been
earning by using and referring users to the
If you click ‘My Affiliates’ it will bring
you to a page that shows how much Friendster
tokens you have accumulated in your account.
At this point I have personally accumulated
several hundred thousand friendster tokens
by referring users and using the platform
over the past months.
Its not hard at all!!
You earn 1000 friendster tokens per a user
that you refer, so yes you are going to earn
way more friendster tokens by referring users,
but you are able to earn tokens quite easily
and hands free just producing the content
you would on Facebook or other platforms everyday
also on Friendster, because when users interact
on your content with thumbs up or the other
emotional reactions that are available, they
are actually also tipping you friendster tokens
at the same time… so you could make a serious
income in the future through this platform
once it expands exponentially globally to
a massive user base and you have killer content
that thousands or more people love… [and
I feel like I may be thinking small there,
since this platform is not going to limit
your reach of how many people can be in your
network, like Facebook limits you to 5000
I think you get my point.
so as you can see here, you can get your referral
link on this page as well, which appears right
under your profile image here.
And it also gives you some easy linking options
to the other social media sites to make posts
about Friendster…
even though I will let you know in advance,
that platforms like Facebook are actually
blocking the links to the Friendster platform
because they are scared of the competition,
so your best bet if pulling people from Facebook
to Friendster is to either make a page on
one of your websites, with a friendly action
taking type of message that includes your
referral link to Friendster, or to simply
to make posts on Facebook letting people know
about the new platform but asking them to
comment for more info or simply message you
asking for more info, that you can then provide
to them via an email.
Facebook can’t stop you from sending emails
off of their platform, and they are not advanced
enough to keep track of all links that you
post from other websites which may also be
linking to Friendster.
There is alway a way around for those who
are clever.
Scrolling down a little bit more the platform
will list the people you have referred, and
you can click through and follow them pretty
I believe that soon enough the development
will make it so that when people join the
platform through your link they will also
be automatically following you, and then you
can have the option to follow back or perhaps
will initiate a family [or what you might
be more familiar with as a] friend request.
I have made the suggestion.
Now in the menu to the right we will check
out the My Wallet area.
From here you can make your withdrawals.
All you need is your Tron Wallet receiving
address and to enter the amount of Friendster
token you would like to withdraw.
It does not show my previous withdrawals here,
as the platform has updated significantly
since I last made them, and I guess that past
data is just not available, but once I make
further withdrawals the info will be listed
From my experience, withdrawals take about
24-48 hours to hit your Tron Wallet.
I would recommend to use the mobile Tron Wallet
phone application, as its the best Tron Wallet
hands down.
I have recorded a couple of videos about that
wallet that you will be able to find on my
Youtube channel.
I am actually a bit overdue to make an updated
video about Tron Wallet, which has also come
a real long way it its development and improvements,
its my favorite cryptocurrency wallet in the
crypto market hands down.
The next option under earnings is transactions
and that is going to show any transactions
you have made on the friendster network using
friendster token.
The My Information option in the menu here,
will give you the ability to download your
profile’s content, including your overall
information, or segmented by file according
to posts, pages, groups, following and followers.
This is useful!
Facebook never gave us this.
And the last option in the menu here gives
you the ability to Delete your account, if
the need were to ever come up…
I don’t think you can even do that with
The Zuck believes in keeping your data forever.
Now looking back to the top navigation bar,
I’m going to click back to the Friendster
Newsfeed by clicking either where it says
‘home’ or the Friendster logo in the upper
left hand corner.
Both take you to the newsfeed.
Like Facebook, this is where you are going
to see the content of people you are following
on the network and that of posts being boosted
by paid members.
You can scroll through to see what the latest
happenings are.
But just real quick let me finish clarifying
the navigation bar at the top… and this
is so elementary most of you are already going
to know this, but when you click the notification
icon here that looks like a little bell that
is next to your profile icon, this is going
to give you a list of your latest profile
of course the little message box icon, gives
you access to reply to messages that people
on the friendster network are sending you.
You can click the icon to see the latest messages
that have come through and choose to click
through to them and reply, or you can click
the ‘see all’ option at the bottom of
this little drop down and it will take you
to a dedicated page for message communications.
Now you can do that, or you can also just
use the message navigation that works very
much like Facebook that you see hugging the
right and bottom sides of the screen.
using the chat area on the right here you
can scroll through the active chat users,
and click through to message any of them.
You can also use the search box at the top
to search for a specific user, you will be
able to find them whether they area active
or not.
you click any of these users to message them,
their little message box will pop up from
the bottom of the screen, just like you are
used to… and as you can see, you can manipulate
these conversation boxes to open and close
at the bottom of the screen, just by clicking
the blue part at the top of the message area
And of course, when a message is open you
have the ability to do an audio or video call
or set other chat options, by clicking the
three little dots that appear next to the
X on the blue frame part here,
other than making those types of calls you
can also open the conversation in another
window or change its color.
And the message function works just as you’d
expect, in that you can type your message
in the bottom here, add emoticons using this
emoticon icon, or send different types of
files, voice messages, gifs or stickers using
the plus icon.
I think you must be getting the point, that
the developers working on this project mean
business and they are hungry to succeed with
this platform… things are coming along very
Now looking back at the navigation at the
top of the page, there are two more little
icons I haven’t explained to you yet.
We have this icon that looks like a couple
of people.
This is going to show your any ‘family’
requests that have come in.
This is the Friendster equivalent to a Friend
On Friendster people can follow each other
and add each other to their families, which
is meaningful in that there is more to the
relationship, they know each other and are
communicating at some rate.
Then you have the plus icon to the left of
that, and that will just give you some easily
accessible options to create a blog, event,
group or page.
Lets also not forget the search feature of
the platform, that is symbolized by the little
magnifying glass that you see here.
Just click it to gain access to a field you
can use to enter keywords to search for users,
groups, events, or pages on the Friendster
Now back to the overall newsfeed page layout.
On the right side of the page, you have access
to the latest stories by yourself or other
the next panel below that shows which hashtags
are trending, and how many posts that entails.
You can click through to see the posts that
are containing those trending hashtags and
see whats going on.
The next panel down is going to feature the
PRO members of the platform, its a benefit
for people like me who decided to invest in
the platform rather than just use it completely
for free like most people will.. and there
is nothing wrong with that.
Not everyone is a social media networker or
But that was an appeal to
me personally.
Next panel down shows promoted posts, then
you have suggestions of people to follow,
pages you may like, suggested groups… you
know pretty much the gamut for what you would
come to expect from a social media platform
Then we have an additional navigation on the
left hand side of the page, which gives us
the options of clicking to our profile via
the top link here, the newsfeed, your
picture albums and saved posts.
The next set of links are all about Community,
and let you check out the kinds of events,
forums, groups and pages that are being posted
and built on the platform.
Next we have the BLOG option, which is really
You can earn 500 Friendster tokens per each
blog post that you create no matter what!!
And social media networks end up ranking high
in the search engines like google, so for
any of you who is a content producer, this
is going to be a great place to post your
content and not only get paid per a piece
that you produce, but also from the tips that
the users of the platform will give you, if
they love your quality content! and If you
provide value, they surely will.
Next we have the marketplace, where you can
list items for sale and get paid in cryptocurrency.
Obviously, this is going to be a global marketplace,
and will be so much more powerful in reach
than a social media platform that limits its
markets to national borders.
You can also list your digital based / information
products for sale here.
Then lastly you have the Explore options.
You can look at the most popular posts that
are happening on the network, you never know
it should be interesting!
You can access all sorts of Tron DAPPS via
the games area and play them right through
your browser.
Then you have the explore and find friends
options that basically give you options for
searching the member base for people to follow
or add to your family network.
Just a
quick little run down of what appears on your
You have your cover image at the top, which
you can change by clicking the little pencil
icon to the right of it.
the little menu at the top of your posts area,
will change the kind of posts that are going
to display underneath in your timeline as
you are personally looking through it.
You can look through your photos, videos or
recent liked posts, and with the little options
menu with three dots you can even get further
options to look at your groups, people you
are following and your followers.
Of course right below that you have the area
where you can make your next post, with options
to upload images, video, create a poll or
Looking to the left, you see the information
of your profile and profile image.
I showed you earlier where you can edit this
information via your account settings.
People who visit your profile will also be
able to check our your other social media
presences, by clicking the icons below your
profile info, that will only appear if you
add your appropriate account usernames under
the social media settings of your account.
If you click Activities, its just going to
show what you have done with your account
in chronological order.
Things like liking or commenting on posts
and etc.
And as you scroll down you have access to
your photos on the left column.
And the right most column has panels with
access to your following, followers, likes
and groups.
Now that concludes my latest platform overview
for the Friendster social network that pays
you in cryptocurrency for simply using it,
and doing what you would be normally doing
on the other platforms that use and sell your
data for financial gain while paying you nothing
in return….
If you would like to follow me and join my
network on I would love for
you to join my growing family on there!
Just click the link below this video in the
description if you are looking at this on
YouTube, or above in the post if you are on
Facebook or some other platform.
Feel free to also reach out to me via message
if you need any help with Friendster or anything
cryptocurrency or social media related.
I am always here to help my fellow bitcoiners
and crypto enthusiasts of the world, we are
more powerful when we work together than when
we go it alone that is for sure.
And also, whether you are interested in just
getting started with bitcoin and cryptocurrencies
or if you have already been dabbling with
the market for some time but not having the
success you want or KNOW you can do better…
I would suggest to take a serious look at
investing in yourself to become educated and
empowered with the knowledge and community
support provided by my video based Cryptocurrency
Trading & Mining Education Platform and 24-7
running mastermind chat group on the slack
mobile application.
We have been following the market closely
since 2015, and we are always ahead of the
curve of the masses when it comes to the happenings
and overall direction of the bitcoin / cryptocurrency
market that are important to understand so
you can maximize your profitability and not
be left in the dust, like others who just
don’t have access to the right information
and people to work with on a daily basis as
we live through and ride the wave of crypto
market history.
If you are finding yourself on the path to
crypto wealth or even just looking at the
path, there will also be a link below this
video that will provide you with more information
about my crypto wealth education and mastermind
platform Bitcoin Lifestyles Club.
Be sure to check it out, and I look forward
to see you over on Friendster, where you can
pop me any questions you may have about Friendster
or how I can help you succeed with the crypto
markets with Bitcoin Lifestyles Club.
Caleb Wright signing off until next time.

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